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Churches Gallery

Another of my favorite subjects, especially those quaint little country churches,
but including everything from cathedrals to centuries-old Spanish missions.

Wolford Chapel At Sunrise (iPhone14-E1491) Lanark Anglican Church DSCN75644-6 Autumn Wolford Chapel 90D07751-5 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise P1020182
The Blue Church DSCN00980 Autumn Wolford Chapel P1030027-9 Church In Misty Clouded Sunrise DSCN26943-5 Large Ornate Old Hinges DSCN19163-5
Church Dormer In Snow DSCN19139-41 St Peter's Anglican Church DSCN19130-2 Christmas Church Door P1280850-2 Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7
Trinity United Church In Snowstorm P1160750-2 St Thomas Anglican Church P1110581-6 Wolford Chapel P1040513-7 Church Doors P1020282-4
Wolford Chapel 29071-3 Trinity United Church At Dawn 46566-8 Wolford Chapel At First Light 20150421 Church Doors 20150329
St Peter's Anglican Church 20150209 Wolford Chapel At Dawn P1050628-30 Assemblies of God Church 20141211 Autumn Church Door P1010419
St James Anglican Church P1000974-5 Wolford Chapel In Sunrise Glow P1080918-20 St Thomas Anglican Church P1080581-3 Church Window 20140502
St James Anglican At Sunrise 41413 First Baptist Church 41306-14 Holy Trinity Anglican Church DSCF12313-5 St Francis de Sales Church DSCF11493-5
Trinity Church At Dawn 20131108 2013 'Supermoon' 35248-51 Church Doors DSCF00960 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00558
Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00554 Church Door DSCF00088 Unspired 01985 Trinity United Church 20130120
St Francis de Sales Church 20121218 St James Church At First Light 31677-9 First Snow Of The Season 31348 Wolford Chapel Steeple At Dawn 01712
St John The Evangelist Anglican Church 20121028 St. Columbkill's Church 29483 Christ Church 27635 Miminegash United Church 27252-4
Double Crossed 20120901 Baptist Church At Dawn 25333-40 Church Tower At Sunrise 24667 First Baptist Church 20120315
Blessed Sacrament Church 22024 St James Anglican Church DSCF03860 Trinity United Southwest Tower 20111229 First Significant Snowfall 2011/12 (20111123)
Christ Church 17791 Notre Dame Cathedral 17440 Notre Dame Cathedral 17401-3 The Blue Church 16204-6
Belfry Under Roiling Sky 20110901 St Peter's Lutheran Church 12604-6 St Paul's Anglican 08148 Baptist Church 06410-5
Snow Road Presbyterian 06139-41 The Stone Church 05683 Christ Church 20110209 St Francis de Sales Church 04606-17
Round Window 04143 St James Anglican Church 04138-40 'JOY' (04137) Winter Wolford Chapel 03059-60
St John Catholic Church 20101127 Church Door 01621 St James At Night 01040-5 Church Doors 01022.5
Church At First Light 20101031 Autumn Wolford Chapel 23913-4 Church At Autumn 20101004 St James Anglican Church 23382-5
St Edwards Church 23318 First Baptist Church 20100927 Wolford Chapel At First Light 20100819 Church Door 20100803
Emmanuel Anglican Church P1010521-3 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise 20100630 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise P1010264 St Anne's Anglican Church 16591v2
St James Anglican Church 20100521 St. Andrews Church 15232-3 Wolford Chapel 14992-4 Wolford Rural Cemetery 14985-91
Center Eardley Church 14701-4 Trinity United Church 14565 St. Peter Celestine Church 12466-7 Alight at Night 20091227
Alight at Night 12308 Alight at Night 12297 Alight at Night 12294-5 Alight at Night 12271
Alight at Night 12263 St James Church 11855 National Gallery & Notre-Dame Cathedral 20091028 Washbasin 06461-6
Kerosene Lamp 06452 19th Century Church Interior 06447-9 Pleasant Point Church 05398-400 Country Church 04459-61
Country Church 03970-1 Church Window 20090605 Knox Church 00329 Sainte-Félicité Church 48448-9
St Martin de Tours Church 20090320 Mission Espiritu Santo At Dusk 20090303 Mission Espiritu Santo 44433 Presidio La Bahia 44277
Presidio La Bahia 44256 Presidio La Bahia 44231 Mission Espiritu Santo 44144-5 Mission Espiritu Santo 44111
Mission Espiritu Santo At Night 44098 Mission Bell Tower At Night 44096 Shadow Tree 20090301 Mission Espiritu Santo 43938-9
Presidio La Bahia 43785 Chapel Interior 43735-37 Chapel Candles 20090227 Chapel Candles 43728-31 B&W
Chapel Candles 43728-31 Sepia Chapel Interior 43719-20 Mission Espiritu Santo 43685 Mission Espiritu Santo 43617
Mission Window 43553 Mission Espiritu Santo 43517-8 Mission Espiritu Santo 20090226 Mission Bench 43431
Mission Espiritu Santo 43376 Mission Espiritu Santo 43332,4 Mission Ceiling 33844-5 Mission Candles 33828
Open Door 33822 Mission Window 33815 Mission Room 33799-801 Mission Espiritu Santo 33771-3
Presidio La Bahia 33753 St Bernard Catholic Church 26295 Church Spire 21545 Historic St Peter’s Anglican Church 20937
Historic St Peter’s Anglican Church 20932-3 St Paul's United Church 20845 Old Country Church 16196 Twin Spires At Sunset 16084
Domes & Crosses 20080422 Tumacacori Mission Ruins 84323 Ajo Catholic Church Dome 83397 Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel 20080115
The Church at The Mount 78644 San Xavier del Bac Mission Interior 74215 San Xavier del Bac Mission Bells 74207 Old Mission-Style Catholic Church 73575
San Felipe de Neri Church 72528 San Francisco Church 72450 Old Church 72403 Mission Doors 72393
Sherkston Church 20071021 Maple Lake United Church 67422 Steeple Reflection 61041 Steeple In Golden Light 61017
Steeple  Cloud 60452 St. Patrick's Catholic Church 9205 Mission San Juan 44609 Mission San Juan 44599
Mission San José 44475/6 Mission Concepción 44258 Mission Concepción 20061120 Mission Concepción 20061121
Mission Concepción 44238 Mission Concepción 44237 Mission Concepción 44228 Mission San José 44220
Mission San José 44218 Mission San José 44212 Mission San José 44205 Mission San José 44200
Mission San José 20061123 Mission San José 44184 Mission Concepción 44115 The Alamo At First Light 44103
The Alamo At Dawn 44102 The Alamo At First Light 44095 The Alamo At First Light 20061119 The Alamo At Night 44037
Mission San Juan 20061118 Mission San Juan 43981 Mission San Juan 43980 Mission Espada 43956
Mission Espada 43947 Montreal 43438 Montreal 43432 Quebec City 43176
Ile d'Orleans 43116 Ile d'Orleans 20061007 Ile d'Orleans 43072 Ile d'Orleans 20061011
Ile d'Orleans 43009 Quebec City At Night 42948 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 42531 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 42516
Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 42506 Quebec City 42124 Lévis At Sunrise 20060927 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41996
Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41960 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41955 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41945 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41940
Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41938 Basilique Sainte Anne de Beaupré 41935 Carmel United Church Pleasant Point Church
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Upper Canada Village 36930 Front of St George's Cathedral St George's Cathedral
Jim R at St Paul's Church Reformed Church Nuestra Señora de la Luz Church Pecos Mission Ruins2
Pecos Mission Ruins1 San Elizario Chapel1 Mission Windows Stained-Glass Window2
Open Door 20060317 San Elizario Chapel Interior Mission Door San Elizario Chapel2
Socorro Mission2 Mission Window Socorro Mission Interior Socorro Mission1
Ysleta Mission1 Ysleta Mission Interior Stained-Glass Window1 Ysleta Mission2
San Xavier del Bac Mission 20060305 San Xavier del Bac Mission 30598 San Xavier del Bac Mission30590 San Xavier del Bac Mission 30589
San Xavier del Bac Mission 30587 Mission Bell 20060303 Tlaquepaque Chapel 29841 St Mary's Basilica
Goldfield Ghost Town2 Church Door Palm & Steeple Yosemite Valley Chapel 23245
Chapel Door Mission Carmel Mission San Juan Bautista Arcade 20051209 Mission San Juan Bautista
Church in the Valley Banff 17856 St George's Cathedral Main Doors of St George's Cathedral
Dome of St George's Cathedral St Mark's Church Elora Streetlight & Spire Pleasant Point Church
St George's Church Copper Dome 20050511 St Francis de Paula Mission Church & Cloud
Contrabando Set 6924 Del Rio Church Del Rio Church Nightshot Alamo Village4
Del Rio Church Cathedral Doors Jackson Square at Dusk 3872 Manatee Church
Church by Lake Morton Moon & Church Spire St. Augustine Church St Michael's Church at Night
St Philips Church at Night Broad Street Christmas Lights St Philips Church Daytime Columns & Wrought Iron Fence
Steeple & Gaslight at Dusk Charleston Church Charleston Steeple Sweet Home Church3
Sweet Home Church4 Sweet Home Church1 Sweet Home Church2 Poley Bridge Church2
Poley Bridge Church Church Steeple Palmer's Chapel 6679 St Johns Church2
St John's Church1 Pioneer United Church St Paul's Church Rockport Catholic Church
Notre Dame Cathedral Mutter Gottes Kirche Mutter Gottes Kirche2 United Church
Medieval Window DSCN0428 Christ Church1 St Swithuns Church Upper Canada Village 37435
Winchester Cathedral 2 Winchester Cathedral 3 Christ Church2 Upper Canada Village 37176
Upper Canada Village 37093 Upper Canada Village 36572 Winchester Cathedral 4 Winchester Cathedral Door
Tavern Fence Rectory & Church Queen Street Winchester Cathedral 1