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Gulls & Terns of Ontario

Mostly Ring-billed Gulls (Larus delawarensis)
Mirror Mirror On The Water 20070807 Hey! You! Get Off Of My Raft!!!  20070812 Gull Stones Horde Of Gulls 20081016
Seagull at Dawn Gull Closeup 20100508 Look Out Below 13926 Two Gulls 20100407
First Glimpse Of The Sun 20090807 Fleeing Gulls 20100710 Water Runner 20060826 Gull In Flight 20080518
Count Dragulla 15367 Lake Simcoe Sunrise 04160 Gull Ripples 66374 Cloud Of Gulls 10480
The Gull Has Landed 20080731 Gull on a Railing 13848 Gull in Flight 13811 Seagull Taking Off
Always Room For One More Gulls At Sunset 18084 Cormorant & Gulls on Rocks 13503 Seagull In Flight 41588
Mouthy Gull 64615 'Bob' On A Raft Preparing For Takeoff 13174 Juvenile Gull Taking Flight 15523
Squawking Gull 14747 Gull On A Swimming Raft 64919 Seagull Taking Off Two Terns 59684
Gull With A Catch 13441 Gull In Flight 66744 Ring-billed Gull Closeup 87805 Gull On A Channel Marker 07687
Gulls on a Light Gull In Flight 15029 Squawking Gull 13261 Waiting For A Handout 16834
Gull At Sunset 69550-Uncropped Birds On The Beach 09278 Gull At Sunset 69550-Crop2 Gull In Flight 15030
Gull In Flight 66744 Bird on a Boathouse Gull At Sunset 69550-Crop4 Seagull In Sunrise Flight 64248
Gull At Sunset 69550-Crop3 Gull At Sunset 69550-Crop1 The Gull Has Landed 16957 Gull With A Catch 13438
Gulls In A Freshly Plowed Field 22898 Gull Closeup 48653 Gulls On A Dock 20111209 Gull In Flight 12521
Horde Of Gulls 22914 Gull In Flight 25098 Gulls On Ice 11439 Large Mouth Gull 25719,21
Heads Up 52929 Horde Of Gulls 22912 Gull In Flight 21999 Gull Closeup 54158
Coming At Ya 25096 Gull Overhead 25097 Caught A Stick 25102 Gull In Flight 25097
Caught A Stick 25101 Gull With Autumn Leaf 28348 Fifty Shades Of Gull 20120926 Gull On The Rocks 29758
My Fly's Open! 28289 Gull In Flight DSCF00764 Gull With Lunch DSCF00786 Gull In Flight DSCF03554
Dock Full o'Gulls 37152 Gull On The Rocks DSCF11415 Two Gulls P1040316 Biting Off More Than It Can Chew 20140715
Squawking Gull DSCF17918 Ring-billed Gull Profile DSCF21086 Gull & Sunset Clouds P1170714 Gull Taking Flight DSCF4707
Gull Closeup DSCF4687 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 (crop) Gull Flyby P1180621 Gull Taking Flight_DSCF4697.jpg
Gull In Flight_DSCF4696.jpg Gull In Flight_DSCF4695.jpg Gull In Flight_DSCF4694.jpg Gull In Flight_DSCF4693.jpg
Gull In Flight_DSCF4691.jpg Gull In Flight_DSCF4690 Gull In Flight P1190518 Mass Takeoff P1200783
Gulls Off & On The Poop Dock P1210902,5 Floating Gull DSCF5436 Gull Taking Flight DSCF5536 Look Out Below! DSCF6661
Mouthy Gull DSCF6715 Gull Photobombs Hooded Mergansers DSCF6693 OMG! My Fly's Open! DSCF8970 Red-bellied Gull P1080934
Gulls At Sunrise Breakfast DSCN1768 Hey You! Get Offa My Pole DSCN06396 Dock Full o'Gulls DSCN17182 Loudmouth Gull Closeup DSCN17223
Eyes Right DSCN19735 Gull With Sunfish DSCN30639 Gull Protecting Its Breakfast DSCN30674 Gull Landing P1010395
Ring-billed Gull Up Close P1020394-6 Flock Taking Flight P1020049 Gull In Flight P1020649 Gull Mass Exodus P1030211
Gull With A Bite Of Breakfast P1040412 Gull On Ice With Sunfish DSCN32839 Gull In Flight P1090546 Gull With A Catch P1090429
Gull With Crayfish P1120155 Gull With A Crayfish DSCN37309 Gull On A Channel Marker DSCN01593 Gulls Over A Berry Tree DSCN01945
Gull In A Berry Tree DSCN02330 Gull & Goose DSCN10321 Two Gulls On A Light Standard DSCN21725 Gull Swallowing A Crayfish DSCN29607
Ring-billed Gull Closeup DSCN33512 Herring Gull With A Catch DSCN33371 Gagging Gull DSCN58514-5 Ring-billed Gull In Flight 90D-00087
Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN72694 Gulls On Ice At Sunrise DSCN86304 Ring-billed Gull In Flight With A Catch DSCN86141 Gull Spreading Its Wings-Reflected DSCN86369
Ring-billed Gull With A Catch DSCN86150 (crop) Landing Gull DSCN86901 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull Landing DSCN86991 Ring-billed Gull On Ice With Breakfast DSCN91884
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D31174 Black Tern In Flight DSCN105815 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN109327 Gull In Flight DSCN108977
Misty Rideau Canal DSCN110194 Gull In Flight With Catch Being Chased DSCN110509 Ring-billed Gull On Ice At Sunrise DSCN117050.3.4 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN117029
Foggy Clouded Sunrise Beyond Gulls 90D89728 Ring-billed Gull Calling DSCN149335 Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN149596 Six Ring-billed Gulls On Ice DSCN152590
Ring-billed Gull In Flight With A Catch DSCN154685 Two Herring Gulls On Ice With A Meal DSCN160671 Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN161642