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Geese of Ontario

Nearly all Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Flaps Down Landing Approach DSCN118974 Six Geese Taking Flight DSCN116932 Two Canada Geese In Flight DSCN116626 Two Geese In The Swale On A Misty Morning DSCN116771
Goose Flotilla In Dawn Mist 90D42447 Fog Beyond Ducks & Geese On The Rideau Canal 90D40793 Three Geese Swimming In Fog DSCN114712 Skein Of Geese Over Crane At Sunrise 90D38876
Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853 Two Canada Geese Taking Flight DSCN108113 Dewy Goose Feather DSCN101312 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D26834-8
Mist Beyond Geese & Swan At Sunrise DSCN97377 Backlit Goslings In Grass DSCN96733 Goose In Mist At Dawn DSCN95366 Two Goslings Playing DSCN95568
Five Goslings & Goose DSCN94655 Four Goslings Swimming DSCN94882 Geese Doing It In The Water DSCN93112 Goose Landing On Ice DSCN92521
Goose Spreading Its Wings DSCN91524 Snowy Goose In Falling Snow DSCN90264 Geese Flying Over Autumn Tree DSCN85300 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise 90D06173
Skein Of Geese 90D06173 Goose Taking Flight DSCN73339 Goose Breath DSCN71734 Gosling Train With Mid-DPU At Sunrise DSCN61188
Gosling Train In Early Morning Mist DSCN60776 Geese Flying Over The 2021 Flower Full Moon DSCN60305.25 Two Geese & A Grebe DSCN58728 Gosling On Shore DSCN56510
Gosling Reflected DSCN57121 Canada Goose On The Run DSCN57073 Canada Geese & Goslings At Sunrise DSCN57515 Gosling Sibling Dispute DSCN57797
Five Goslings DSCN56342 Four Trumpeter Swans & Canada Goose DSCN55678 Two Geese In Flight DSCN55675 Goosy In The Sky With Ripples DSCN54283
Three Geese In Flight DSCN54275 Goose Taking Flight DSCN53411 Two Canada Geese At Sunrise DSCN53592 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN52702
Snow Geese In Flight DSCN51616 Snow Geese Taking Flight DSCN51609 Snow & Canada Geese In Flight DSCN51622 Migrating Geese Stopover DSCN51253
Three Shot Bracket Of Geese In Flight DSCN51495-7 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN51148 Migrating Geese Stopover DSCN50969 Two Frosty Geese Resting At Sunrise DSCN43800
Trumpeter Swan & Canada Goose DSCN42659 Geese Taking Flight DSCN43478 Goose Making A Big Splash DSCN41541 Three 'Snow' Geese DSCN41373.5
Skein of Geese Over Rising Beaver Full Moon P1570589 Flock of Geese Taking Flight DSCN40466 Swan & Goose DSCN38011 Swans Geese & Ducks In Sunrise Mist DSCN39005v2
Geese Flying Above Autumn Color DSCN36896-8 Skein Of Geese Over Autumn Swale DSCN35646 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise DSCN34205 Geese & Heron At Edmonds Weir DSCN29198
Geese Taking A Dive DSCN23027 Goose Family On Misty Water At Sunrise DSCN20714 Storm Clouds Beyond Geese DSCN19537 Gosling Tasting A White Feather DSCN19282
4 Geese Riding Herd On 65 Goslings DSCN19965 Gosling Flapping Its Stubby Wings DSCN15963 Gosling Standing Tall & Proud DSCN15962 Gosling Up Close DSCN15787crop
Five Goslings At Water's Edge DSCN15959 Goslings DSCN15146 Wetback Goslings DSCN15438 Seven Goslings DSCN14715
Goslings & Goose DSCN14844 Three Goslings Swimming DSCN14891 Messy Eater Goose At Sunrise DSCN11305 Goose Family Squabble DSCN11232
Goose Spreading Its Wings DSCN11670 Four Geese In Flight DSCN10354 Goose Flapping Its Wings At Sunrise DSCN11200 Mouthy Goose DSCN10876
Goose In Flight DSCN10583 Migrating Geese At Rest DSCN10862.5.7 Incoming Geese At Sunrise DSCN10917 Field Of Geese DSCN10717
Mass Goose Migration DSCN10729 Goose On Wet Ice Honking To High Heaven DSCN10707 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1520431-7 Migrating Waterfowl At Sunrise P1020360
Gull & Goose DSCN10321 Skein Of Canada Geese DSCN10349 Squabbling Geese DSCN10414 Six Incoming Geese At Sunrise P1520488
Injured Goose Beside Bridge Pier DSCN09423 Goose Swimming Amidst Ice DSCN09315 Four Swans Two Geese DSCN06849.51 Goose Flapping Its Wings DSCN06612
Goose On Ice Inspecting A Crayfish DSCN06226 (crop) Geese & Swans DSCN05922 Goose Flapping Its Wings DSCN04839 Swan Bullying Geese DSCN04780
Geese Going On Ice DSCN04688 Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Spreading Its Wings DSCN04564 First Ice P1480530-6 Channel Marker & Geese In Fog DSCN03717
Geese Flying Above Sunrise Fog P1430402-5 50+ Gosling Flotilla DSCN34103 Three Mouthy Goslings DSCN33466 Goslings & Geese DSCN33437
Two Goose Families At Sunrise P1150604-6 Goslings On The Rocks P1410060crop Geese & Goslings P1410045 Gosling Sticking Out Its Tongue P1130463
Checking The Chicks P1130092 Goose & Goslings Swimming P1130081 Geese Domestic Dispute P1110437 Geese Domestic Dispute P1110436
Eyes Right P1090420 Territorial Dispute P1090418 Goose Taking Flight P1090098 Goose Extending Wings P1090088
Seven Swans Aswimming P1080883.92 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1080836 Goose In Flight At Sunrise P1080752 Overnighting Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390271-7
Geese On Ice P1080689 Moon With Geese In Flight At Sunrise P1080594.6 Two Geese In Flight P1080558 Contortionist Swan P1080545
Goose In Flight At Sunrise P1080354.6 Migrating Geese Lining The Canal P1080106-8 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390226-32 Goose Spreading Its Wings P1080008
Giving Her An Earful P1080006 Two Geese On Ice P1040839 Splashdown P1030222 Splashdown P1020784
Stretching Goose P1010793 Mating Geese P1010788 Skein of Geese At Sunrise P1340439-45 Geese On Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28273-5
Geese & Goslings P1310471 Geese & Goslings DSCN22548 Geese & Goslings DSCN22545 Moon & Geese Over Misty Kilmarnock P1300577-9
Goose In The Swale DSCN20831 Two Geese On The Poop Dock DSCN20162 A Few Geese DSCN19946 A Few Geese DSCN19946 (crop)
Loosey Goosey Sunrise DSCN19935-7 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN19563 Ruffled & Snoozing Geese On Ice DSCN19496 Geese At Sunrise DSCN19475
Honking Goose DSCN17984 Gosling Flotilla DSCN08313 Guiding A Gaggle Of Goslings DSCN08308 Skein of Geese At Sunrise DSCN07450
Geese Swimming At Sunrise DSCN06831 Stretching Goose DSCN04687 Scum Swimmer DSCN04059 Migrating Geese DSCN03730
Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1190077 Low Hanging Clouds At Sunrise DSCN03530 Low Hanging Clouds At Sunrise DSCN03518 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN03515
Geese In Flight DSCN03459 Geese In Flight Over The Swale DSCN03458 New Arrivals DSCN03444 Six Swimming Geese P1180997
Geese On Ice DSCN03152 The Morning Stretch DSCN03149 Geese On Ice DSCN3103 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180627-33
Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180613-9 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180571 Geese Taking Flight DSCN03086 Mouthy Geese DSCN03082-3
Geese Taking Flight DSCN00443 Three Geese Swimming DSCN00351 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise P1120947 Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4
Geese On A Dock DSCF14459 Gaggle Of Goslings DSCF11262 Geese On Turtle Island P1070474 Gosling Flotilla P1070444
Gosling On The Run DSCF10488 Two Grazing Goslings DSCF10143 Gosling On The Rocks DSCF10140 Goslings & Goose DSCF9987
Gosling Snacking On A Dandelion DSCF9926 Geese & Goslings DSCF9427 Goose Taking Flight S0186828 Goose Taking Flight S0186829
Splashdown DSCF6674 Got Too Close DSCF6639 Wetback Goose DSCF6354 Goose In Flight DSCF6327
Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCF21472 Sunrise Geese Flyout P1030671 Ducks Geese & Swan In Fog P1030425 Lone Swimming Goose DSCF5625
Geese Leaving The Swale P1230229 Geese In The Swale At Sunrise P1230223-5A Hokey Pokey Geese DSCF5411 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210156
Geese In Air, Geese On Water At Sunrise P1170579-80 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunrise P1160697 Geese & Goslings On The Swale P1140266 Goose Train P1140245
Duck Taking Flight In Sunrise Mist P1130303 Goslings In Grass DSCF20378 Goose & Goslings At Sunrise DSCF4189 Curious Goslings DSCF20167
Floating Goose DSCF20009 Floating Goose DSCF20009BW Wet Goose Head DSCF01134 Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCF01071
Dawn Takeoff DSCF19177 The Morning Stretch 20150409 Goose In Flight 20150408 Retreating Geese P1100045
Three Swans & A Goose DSCF18797 Two Geese Together P1090451 Migrating Geese Layover At Sunrise 20141121 Migrating Geese Layover P1020981
Gathering Of Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1010955 Gathering Of Migrating Geese At Sunrise 20141030 High Flying Geese P1000951 Five Geese Aswimming 20140806
Gosling Flotilla P1050530 Gaggle Of Goslings 20140618 Goose Swimming At Sunrise P1030909-11 Swan At Sunrise 20140406
Geese On Ice At Sunrise P1010518 Three Geese P1010440 Goose & Two Swans DSCF14364 Geese & Swans P1000388
They're Back! P1000368 Dawn Geese Flyout 20131120 Geese In Flight 34567 Geese On The Canal At Sunrise 28713
Geese On The Canal At Sunrise 28711 Geese On Ice 20121201 One Huge Skein Of Geese 31568 Geese Flotilla On Misty Otter Lake 28423
Gaggle Of Geese 20120718 There's Always One 20120531 Small Skein Of Sunrise Geese 29129326 Canada Goose In Flight 26195
Taking The High Ground DSCF03144 Landing Gear Down 20111005 Goose Head 25943 Strange Goose 25939
Stretching Goose 25935 Goose & Gosling 20110512 Goose Head 20110516 Geese In The Swale 07520
Goose Call 06849 Incoming 02121 Geese In Flight 20101124 Geese In Flight At Sunrise 01618
Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726 Dripping Goose 53126 Jock Full o' Geese 20100403 Synchronized Landing 15156
Field Of Geese 20091202 Geese Taking Flight 20091121 Geese Flyout 10633 Countless Geese 10428
Retreating Geese 20091105 Geese Taking Flight 51928 Dawn Takeoff 20090908 Goose In Flight 51213
Goose In Flight 20090901 Geese In Dawn Flight 50458 Geese Dawn Takeoff 20090817 Dawn Takeoff 50034
Canada Goose 48987 Family Outing 48603 Geese In Flight Overlay 47887-92 Geese In Flight 22224
Geese In Flight 22225 Geese In Flight At Sunrise 20081007 Close Call At Sunrise 21477 Flying South At Sunrise 20081004
Geese In Flight At Sunrise 21317 Geese Flying South 20435 Dawn Geese Just Landed 19339 Dawn Goose Splashdown 19335
Dawn Geese 19204 Geese & Sunrise Sunrays 20080901 Goose In Flight 20080828 Geese In A Row 18513
Dawn Geese Flyby 17379 Goose Head 13777 Backlit Goslings 13716 Goslings In The Grass 20080528
Mother Goose 13688 Seedy Bill 13677 Goose On A Nest 13477 Duck & Goose On A Dam 13474
Stretching Its Wings 13273 Splashdown 13270 Goose Feathers 13269 Swimming Canada Goose 89173
Giving Me What For 88869 Goose On A Rock 88838 Stretching Goose 66830 Wingspan 20070917
Geese In Flight 20070903 White Goose 60918 Goose Head 20070424 Dawn Takeoff 20060823
Preflight Stretching Dawn Takeoff 40467 Churning Up The Water Taxiing For Takeoff
Goose Flotilla Dawn Takeoff 40417 Dawn Takeoff 40416 Preparing to Fly 20060903
Goose Taking Flight Swimming Goose Flock In Flight Dawn Takeoff 39568
Dawn Takeoff 39562 Drying Its Wings 20060812 Swimming Geese Goose At Dawn
Goose in Flight Mother Goose