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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2017 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2017

Photos taken during Autumn 2017, which officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada
at 4:01 PM EDT on 22 September.

Rideau Canal Under Dark Clouds At Sunrise P1280101-5 Rideau Canal Angry Sunrise P1280081-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1280064-6 2017 CP Holiday Train P1280015-7
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270973 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270954-6 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270924.27.32 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270916 (crop)
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270878 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270866 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270855-7 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270831-3
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270808 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270786-8 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270782 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN17898-900
Abandoned DSCN17883-5 Beckwith Street DSCN17847-9 Cloud Looming Over Barn DSCN17811-3 Sunrise Freight Train 49008-10
Crew Change At Sunrise 48984-6 Sunrise Freight Train 48963 Station Theatre At Sunrise 48939-44 Abandoned Apartment Building 48924-9
Abandoned DSCN17682-4 Rocks In Runoff DSCN17676 Female Hooded Merganser DSCN17620 Sunrise Landscape P1270734-8
Snowy Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1270689-95 Irish Creek Sunrise P1270640-6 The 6:22 To Toronto P1270610-2 2017-18 Winter First Snow P1270607-9
2017-18 Winter First Snow P1270601-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270552-8 Swans In Flight DSCN17388 Canal Lock Icefall DSCN17343
Heron On A Log At Sunrise DSCN17305 Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' B&W Autumn Leaf & Frost P1270485-7
Remembrance Day 2017 P1270458-60 Natural Abstract DSCN17273 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270439-3 Cloud Over Cornfield At Sunrise P1270436-8
Elephant Trunk Tree Limbs DSCN17247-9 Night Train P1270409 Night Train P1270395-7 Autumnscape DSCN17235-7
Loudmouth Gull Closeup DSCN17223 Waiting Train P1270383-5 Transparent Train P1270352.60 Autumn Canal Basin DSCN17217-9
Chippie On A Rock DSCN17202 Half & Half DSCN17187 Dock Full o'Gulls DSCN17182 Frosty Autumn Leaf DSCN17158
2017 Beaver (aka Frost) Moon Setting P1270310-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270272-8 Autumn Tamaracks DSCN17097 Mallard Scratching An Itch DSCN16996
Detached Lock Basin At Sunrise DSCN16986.9 Backlit Autumn Tree Beside Soccer Field DSCN16962-7 Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN16947-9 Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN16938-40
Autumn Tree In Sunrise Glow DSCN16930 Edmonds Lockstation At Sunrise DSCN16923-5 Edmonds Lockstation At Sunrise DSCN16923-5 B&W Brown Squirrel DSCN16870
Autumn Rideau Canal Basin DSCN16863-5 Old Log House & Farmstead P1270198 Prince the Horse P1270177 Prince the Horse (Happy To See Me) P1270177
Molly the Donkey P1270165 Old Log House Kitchen Sink P1270144-6 Old Log House Wall Hangings P1270141-3 Old Log House Place Setting P1270138-40
Bonnet Rack P1270135-7 Old Log House Foyer P1270132-4 Ground Floor Rocking Chair P1270129-31 Old Log House Upper Window P1270119-25
Old Log House Upper Window P1270112-8 Old Log House Candle P1270092.6 Old Log House Candle P1270070-6 Upstairs Bedchamber Door P1270064-6
Old Log House Dining Room P1270058-63 Old Log House Pitcher & Wash Basin P1270044-50 Art Old Log House Pitcher & Wash Basin P1270044-50 Aged Candle & Apples Still Life P1270034-6
Bowl & Lantern P1270010-6 Old Log House Table & Chairs P1260995-2 Old Log House Fireplace P1260991.4 Old Log House Windows P1260986-8
Old Log Barn & Shed P1260977-9 Old Log Barn P1260965-7 Old Log Barn P1260965-7 Aged Old Log House Shed 1260959-61 (fauxIR)
Old Log House Outbuildings P1260956-8 Old Log House Jars On A Windowsill P1260943 (crop) Old Log House Table & Chairs P1260933-46 Old Log House Butler's Pantry P1260927-32
Old Log House Bedchamber P1260923.6 Old Log House In Autumn P1260888-90 Sunrise Ground Fog P1260864-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260821-7
Singing Robin DSCN16809 Autumn Transmission Towers P1260768-70 Two Autumn Trees DSCN16802 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16797-9
Autumn Cross Road DSCN16783 Cross Road Wetland DSCN16758-60 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16687 Autumn Laneway DSCN16542-4
Autumn Watertower DSCN16494-6 Sunrise Shadows DSCN16458-60 Autumnscape DSCN16441.4 Autumnscape DSCN16413
Autumnscape DSCN16380 Autumn Heritage House DSCN16290-5 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260693-5 Great Egret On Weed DSCN16267 (crop)
Great Egret Profile DSCN16254 Keeley Falls DSCN16238 Keeley Falls DSCN16218-20 Egret With Catch DSCN16183
Autumn Otter Lake DSCN16155 New Canal Lock Gates Departing DSCN16105 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260658-64 Autumn Leaves DSCN16035
Autumnscape DSCN15998 Autumnscape DSCN15981-3 Autumn Color Beyond Pines DSCN15977 Autumn Back Road DSCN15955
Trees In Autumn Fog DSCN15939-41 Foggy Fall Colors DSCN15917 The 6:22 To Toronto Departing P1260581 Male Wood Duck DSCN15832
Wood Duck Couple DSCN15822 Female Wood Duck DSCN15816 Egret With Snack DSCN15742 Egret With Snack DSCN15742 (crop)
Egret With Snack DSCN15685 Egret With Snack DSCN15685 (crop) Egret Striking DSCN15684 Two Starlings DSCN15570
Harvest Moon Over The Swale P1260517-23 Heron On The Shore DSCN15507 Heron In Flight DSCN15495 Heron In The Weeds DSCN15489-90
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260377-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260371-3 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1260332-4 Preening Blue Jay DSCN5476
Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91 Roadside Grass In Sunrise Mist P1260256 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260253 Distant Fog P1260197-203
Misty Rideau Canal P1260150-6 Fiery Fog P1260087-93 Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1260084 First Red Tree Of Autumn IMG_0142
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260032-6 Clouded 20170928 Aurora P1260002 Clouded 20170928 Aurora P1250997 Roadside Trees At Sunrise P1250989
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1250981 Back Road On A Foggy Morning P1250973 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1250939-41 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1250900-2
Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7 Early Autumn Trees In Fog P1250876-8 Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise P1250852 Two Barns In Sunrise P1250692-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1250632-8