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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2016 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2016

Photos taken during Autumn 2016, which officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada
at 10:21 AM EDT on 22 September.

Barn At Sunrise P1150255-61 CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150943) Rows Of Bare Trees In Fog DSCN01206 Train In Fog P1160082
Channel Marker In Fog DSCN01233 Train In Fog P1160070 CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1160033) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1160051)
CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150999) CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150925-7) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150767) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150812)
CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150752) CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1160024) Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150654 CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150726)
Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night P1150645-7 Foggy Park DSCN01050 Autumn Tamarack Needles & Cone P1150688-9 Christmas Boathouses DSCN01120-2
Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150670-1 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150648-9 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150664 Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150355-6
Late Autumn Harvest At Sunrise P1150605-7 Lone Canalside Tree DSCN00970 Perth Bandstand DSCN1066-8 November Snow DSCN01063-5
Day After The 20161121 Snowstorm P1150579-81 Foggy Night At The CPR Rail Yard Office Building P1150529-31 Streetlight In Snowstorm P1150545-7 20161121 Snowstorm P1150559
Turtle Island Bridge In Snowfall DSCN01030-2 Natural Neon Autumn Trees P1150168 Autumn Tree Faux IR P1140268 American Goldfinch DSCN00658
Foggy Night At The VIA Station P1150518-20 Upside-down Goldfinch DSCN00826 Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150360 Foggy Nightscape P1150494-5
Kingbird Calling DSCF21578 Otter Lake Loon At Dusk DSCN00913 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1150434-6 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150449-51
Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150346-7 Otter Lake At Sunset DSCN00915-7 Otter Lake Sunset DSCN00895 Sunset Cloud Bank DSCN00891-3
Wet Fallen Oak Leaf P1150323 Last Fall Foliage DSCN00485-7 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN00882-4 Sunset At The Swale P1150287
20161114 Supermoon Setting Over The Swale DSCN00784-5 20161113 Supermoon Rising DSCN00726.9 Robin Stare Down DSCN00705 American Goldfinch DSCN00561
Geese Taking Flight DSCN00443 Wet Fallen Oak Leaf DSCN00498 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150103-9 Starling On A Rusty Bridge DSCN00452
Three Geese Swimming DSCN00351 Lower Reach Ground Fog DSCN00387 Rideau Canal Fog At Sunrise DSCN00399 Early Riser P1140741-3
Autumn Tamaracks Among Pines DSCN00290 The 6.22 Train To Toronto P1150231 Lombard Glen At Sunrise P1150210-2 Autumn Tamaracks DSCN00272-4
Smoke At Sunrise P1150219 Blue Hour Timmy's P1130693-5 Autumnscape DSCN00179-81 Autumn Trees DSCN00191-3
Old Barn In Ground Fog P1150047 Nikon B700 @ 24>1440mm (DSCN00060.6) Turkey Profile DSCN00106 Turkey Profile DSCN00106
Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN00063-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150145-51 Trees In Ground Fog P1150005 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1150075-80
Night Clouds P1140672-5 Autumn Ice P1140930-2 Woodpecker At Sunrise P1140952 Autumn Rideau Canal P1140867-9
Why Are You Doing This To Me P1140806 Up An Autumn Tree P1140658-60 Half-Autumn Tree P1140762-4 Autumn Tree P1140744-6
20161025 Aurora P1140669 Autumn Big Rideau Lake Shore P1140410-2 Autumnscape P1140380-2 Autumn Otter Lake P1140346
Autumn Otter Lake P1140347-9 Autumn Ice DSCF23769-70 Autumn Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCF23766-8 Autumnscape P1140461-3
Autumnscape P1140314-6 20161025 Aurora (P1140667) Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF23694-6 Autumn Trees P1140655-7
Autumn Trees P1140604-6 Autumn Nightscape P1140550 Rows Of Autumn Trees DSCF23652-4 Autumn Back Road P1140536-8
Autumn Barn P1140293-5 Autumn Back Road P1140518-20 Autumnscape P1140464-8 Autumn Trees P1140437-42
Autumnscape P1140446-8 Autumnscape P1140314-6 Autumn Back Road P1140539-41 Roadside Autumn Trees P1140275-7
Autumn Tree P1140268 Misty Sunrise P1140028-30 Late Season Coneflower P1140220-8 Fence & Barn At Sunrise P1140136-8
Autumn Canalside DSCF23619-21 Day After The Full Moon P1140203 Autumn Back Road P1140163 Moonlit Mist P1140013
And They're Off DSCF23580 Autumn Ground Fog P1140070 20161013 Aurora (P1130990A) Autumnscape At Sunrise P1140118-20
Autumn Barn P1140145-7 20161013 Aurora (P1130995) Cloud Layers At Sunrise P1140049-51 20161013 Aurora (P1130993)
20161013 Aurora (P1130998) Jack Pine Trail DSCF23487-9 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF23465 Red Maple Leaf DSCF23422
Grasshopper Close Up P1130970 Gemmels Point In Sunrise Fog P1130877-9 Autumn Flowers P1130883-5 Upper Beveridges Lock P1130680
Autumn Barn P1130738-44 Autumn Farmscape P1130665-71 Hurricane Matthew Clouds P1130624-6 Autumn Lane DSCF23355-7
Overcast Landscape P1130292-4 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1130441-4 Autumn Rideau River P1130536-8 Boathouses In The Dark P1130436-40
Autumnscape Ground Fog P1130313-5 Autumnscape P1130337-9 Autumn Irish Creek P1130283-5 Equine Breakfast P1130262
Merrickville Lockstation At Sunrise P1120622-8 Foggy Autumn Back Road P1130219 Flowering Plant P1130143-5 Leaking Lock P1130136
Sunrise Ground Fog P1120757-9 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120696-702 Farm At Sunrise P1120862-4 Autumn Flowers Art DSCF23217-9
Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1130017-23 Wet Grass DSCF23184-6 Autumn Trees At Sunrise P1120952-4 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise P1120947
Autumn Wild Grapes P1130091-3 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1120745-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1130027-9 Pasture & Barn In Sunrise P1130036-40
Foggy Rideau Canal P1120955-7 Tree In Sunrise P1130003-9 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1120877-9 Autumn Irish Creek P1120773-7
Sunrise Ground Fog P1120763-7 Turkey Profile DSCF23126 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120717-23 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120703-9
Autumn Rideau Canal P1120663-5 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1120636-8