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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2015 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2015

Photos taken during Autumn 2015, which officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada
at 4:20 AM EDT on 23 September.

Sunrise Solar Pillar 47367-9 CP Holiday Train 2015 (47299) CP Holiday Train 2015 (47269) CP Holiday Train 2015 (47265)
CP Holiday Train 2015 (47160) The 6:22 To Toronto 47147 CP Holiday Train 2015 Departing 47136 CP Holiday Trains 2015 Both (47127)
CP Holiday Trains 2015 Both 47037 CP Holiday Train 2015 (46878) CP Holiday Train 2015 Box Car Stage Show (46844) CP Holiday Train 2015 Box Car Stage Show (46842)
CP Holiday Train 2015 Entertainers (46839) CP Holiday Train 2015 (46793) CP Holiday Train 2015 Arriving (46731) CP Holiday Train 2015 Gathering Crowd 46649
Otter Creek At Sunrise P1220803-5 Caught In A Crack P1220779-81 'Let It Snow' 46597-601 'Happy Holidays' 46581-3
Trinity United Church At Dawn 46566-8 Cornfield Sunrise 46530-2 'Yellow Peril' Harvard 46497-505 Country Sunrise P1220722-7
Moonlit Lower Reach P1220684-6 Snow On Ice P1220664-6 Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220617-8 'Hotel' P1220507-9
'Hotel' P1220470-1 Holiday Heritage House P1220404-15 Sunrise Shadows P1220399 River Rocks P1220321-9
Gull Taking Flight DSCF5536 Turtle Island At Sunrise P1220278-83 Star Trails 46471-91 Buck Lake Panorama DSCF5514-22
Kingston City Hall, Old Train Station & CP Engine 1095 (DSCF5505) Rideau Canal Southern Entrance DSCF5471 On The Side Of 'Time' DSCF5466B&W No Parking P1220199-201
Rideau Canal Sunset 46466-8 Rideau Canal Sunset 46463-5 Sunrise Landscape P1220188-93 Cornfield Sunrise P1220182-7
Rideau Canal Sunset P1220155-7 Departing Overcast P1220101-6 Equine Pal Posing P1220084 Canalside Bench & Tree P1210997-9
Remembrance Day 2015 (46400-2) Lockmaster's House In Fog P1210964-6 Fogged In Farm P1210958-60 Lockmaster's House At First Light P1210949-51
Fog Bank Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1210947 Star Trails 46378 Fogged Aurora 46377 Aurora & Taurid Meteor 20151109 (46366)
Gulls Off & On The Poop Dock P1210902,5 Night Sky 46354 Night Sky 46348-50 Night Sky 46351
Night Sky 46342 Floating Gull DSCF5436 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1210805-7 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1210790-2
Late Season Heron In Flight P1210741 Irish Creek Sunrise P1210711-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1210638-43 Hokey Pokey Geese DSCF5411
Keeley Falls DSCF5358-62 RC Model Yacht DSCF5343 Abstract DSCF5334 Stretching Swan DSCF5323
Preening Young Swan DSCF5308 Three Swans Arriving DSCF5298B Two Swans Arriving DSCF5298A Six Swans Approaching DSCF5295
Seven Swans A Flying DSCF5293 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1210465-7 Clouded Sunrise P1210462-4 Frosty Autumn Leaf On A Frosty Dock P1210444-6
Frosty Chain P1210407-9 Mist On The Water P1210377-9 Fog On The Water P1210365-7 Starling & Moon  DSCF5270-1
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210350-2 Red Red Raspberries P1210325 Departing Patricia Sunrise Clouds P1210311-3 Patricia Arriving DSCF5256-8
Backlit Autumn Oak Leaf Closeup P1210243 Autumn Trees P1210206-8 Autumn Tree In Sunrise P1210194-6 Autumn Rideau Canal P1210176-8
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210161-6 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210156 Sunrise Pasture P1210133-5 Otter Creek At Dawn P1210101
'Hotel' 46305-10 Interesting Sky DSCF5250 Lower Reach At Night 46246-8 Autumn Sunrise P1210021-9
Autumn Back Road P1210009-11 Otter Lake At Night 46242 Starry Night 46236 Otter Lake At Night 46233
Otter Lake Boat Launch At Night 46228 Starry Night 46225 Asian Lady Beetle P1200991 Asian Lady Beetle P1200965
Up An Autumn Tree 46207-9 Clouded First Quarter Moon P1200939 Cooperative Chipmunk DSCF5144 Leafy Stairs DSCF5138
Fence & Autumn Tree DSCF5114 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF5100-2 First Frost DSCF5092-3BW First Frost DSCF5092-3
Autumn Otter Creek DSCF5074-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCF5065-7 Cornfield At Sunrise DSCF5056-8 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 46167
Autumn Tree 46153-5 Turtle Island At Night 46139 Incoming Clouds 46116 Rideau Canal At First Light 46109-14
Vimy Memorial Bridge 46095-7 Autumn Clouds P1200833-5 Mass Takeoff P1200783 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1200737-9
Rideau Canal At Night 46085-8 Kilmarnock Autumn P1200704-6 Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1200683-5 Rainy Windshield DSCF5016
Rainy Day Along The Rideau DSCF5010 Rainy Roof DSCF4997 Rainy Headlight DSCF4996 Autumn Otter Lake DSCF4993
Autumn Otter Lake DSCF4974 Big Rideau Lake In Autumn Sunrise DSCF4955 Autumn Bend In The Road P1200441-3 Happy Thanksgiving Canada P1200411
Autumn Tree P1200399-401 Autumn Collapsing Barn P1200323-5 Crescent Moon At Dawn P1200296-8 Moon & Planets Conjunction 20151010 (P1200270)
Autumn Back Road P1200254-6 Autumn Back Road P1200254-6 Autumnscape P1200186 Autumn Back Road P1200169-71
Amber Droplets P1200113-5 Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 'Art' Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 Nightscape 46079
Nightscape 46074-8 Autumn Barn P1200056 Abstract P1200033-5 Abstract P1190992-3
Abstract P1190986-8 Flags At Night P1190850-1 Autumnscape At Sunrise P1190835-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1190803-5
Otter Creek Dawn P1190752-4 Autumn Trees DSCF4947 Autumn Landscape DSCF4942 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1190722
Otter Creek At Sunrise P1190710-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190643-5 Econo Lodge Reflection At Dawn P1190628-30 Mum Family P1190600
Preening Starling On A Rusty Perch DSCF4918 Phlox From The Ground P1190594 Blue Jay On The Ground DSCF4883 Pining For The Moon DSCF4874-5
Rideau Canal Sunset P1190555-60 Gull In Flight P1190518 Autumn Cornfield P1190503-5 Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190454
Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190425-7 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4867 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4854 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4849
Harvest Moonrise P1190410-2 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1190353-5 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1190347-9 Sunrise Fishermen P1190313-5
Sunrise Fishermen P1190310-2 Curious Cows P1190255 Canadian Shield Autumnscape P1190234-6 Edmunds Dam At Sunrise P1190171-3
Early Autumn Back Road P1190107-9 Old & Older Barn Architecture P1190104-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190083-8 Roadside Wildflowers P1190043-5
First Autumn Tree DSCF4823-5 Sunrise Ground Fog P1190006-8 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1180987-9 Abstract P1180977
The 6:22 Approaching In Ground Fog P1180966-74 Terran Eclipse P1010618-9v2