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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> Photo Odyssey Galleries >> Texas Coastal Bend Galleries 2008-9 >> Texas Gulf Coast Gallery - Goose Island tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Texas Gulf Coast Gallery - Goose Island

Goose Island State Park, on the northern shore of Aransas Bay near Rockport, Texas, USA, was the 167th camp of my Photo Odyssey and the second photo stop of its fifth winter tour, which we spent in the US state of Texas, and more specifically, along the Texas Gulf Coast for most of the winter.

Photos in this gallery are from Goose Island State Park and the surrounding region, including the Rockport and Fulton areas.
Prescribed Burn 39958 White Ibis With A Catch 39374 Aransas Bay Sunrise 39093 Reddish Egret With Catch 38797
Willet Spreading Its Wings 38094 Goose Island Fishing Pier At Sunrise 38662 Willet With Catch 38101 Copano Bridge At Sunset 20090128
Goose Island Pier 38234 Ibises In Flight 38268 Aransas Bay Sunrise 20090129 Goose Island Pier Under Smoke Cloud 38419
Smoke Cloud Over Aransas Bay 38454 Oystercatcher In Flight 38494 Oystercatcher Up Close 38518 Resting Curlew 38528
Aransas Bay Sunset 38580-1 Oyster Shell Reefs In Sunrise 38650 Gull Flying At Sunrise 38667 White Ibis Foraging 38683
Kestrel On A Wire 38687 Northern Cardinal 20090130 Reddish Egret Staredown 38795 Reddish Egret Staredown 38795 (crop)
Reddish Egret With Catch 38798 Roosting Vulture 20090131 Copano Bridge At Sunset 38974 Rockport Night Lights 38988
Aransas Bay Sunrise 20090201 Goose Island Pier Fishers 39143 Goose Island Pier 39145 Gull Landing... (39167)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 39178 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 39180 Female Cardinal 39264 Cactus Wren 39272
Cardinal Attacking Its Reflection 39307 Mockingbird On Tap 20090202 Ladder-backed Woodpecker 39325 Sparrow On The Ground 39347
Hermit Thrush 39407 Ducks In Flight 39455 Pelly On A Piling 39491 Turkey Vulture 39579
Tricolored Heron 39629 Distant Deer 39679 Pelicans In Flight 39778 Prescribed Burn 39850
Prescribed Burn 39867 Prescribed Burn 39931 Prescribed Burn 39988 Prescribed Burn 20090203
The Morning After 20090204 Oystercatcher With Catch 40052 Goose Island Pier 40162 Aransas Bay Sunrise 40181
Egret In A Treetop 40282 Black Skimmer Skimming 20090205 'The Big Tree' 20090206 Aransas Bay Sunrays 40443
Goose Island Bayfront At Sunset 40505 Sunset Sunrays 40516 Yellow-rumped Warbler 40614 Eastern Phoebe 40664
Eastern Phoebe 20090207 Osprey Perched On A Piling 40700 Large Flock Of Avocets 40709 Two Coots 40782
Pier At Dawn 40852 Tricolor Closeup 40925 Aransas Bay Sunrise 40927 Willet With A Catch 40931
Whooping Crane 41004 Polish Gull 20090209 White-eyed Vireo 41038 Robin On A Log 41046
Chipping Sparrow 41081 Dry Grass 41103 Get Off My Reef 41150 Pier Lights In First Light 20090210
Aransas Bay Sunrise 20090211