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Texas Gulf Coast Gallery - Indianola

Indianola, on the shore of Matagorda Bay near Port Lavaca, Texas, USA was the first photo stop of my Photo Odyssey's fifth winter tour, which we spent in the US state of Texas, and more specifically, along the Texas Gulf Coast for most of the winter.

We setup camp 12 miles southeat of Port Lavaca in an area called Powderhorn, just around the corner of Powderhorn Lake from Indianola, Texas, which at one time in the late 1800s was one of the major gulf ports of Texas, but after being virtually destroyed twice by hurricanes during that same period of the century, the town was abandoned. The land it was on has been eroded by storms to the point it's now just a narrow strip of habitable land between Matagorda Bay on the Gulf side and wetlands on the mainland side and at the end of which is a small fishing village. What remains of Indianola is today classified as a ghost town, although it's actually inhabited by a few stalwart souls. None of the original structures remain on the original town site, since most of it is now underwater, but some of the those old original structures were moved inland and do still exist.
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Powderhorn Lake 20081121 Flock Of Roseate Spoonbills In Flight 26855
Sunrise Over Powderhorn Lake 20081122 Ibises & Spoonbills Foraging 26939 Powderhorn Lake Pier 26954-5 Powderhorn Lake Sunrays 26965
Powderhorn Lake Sunrays 26967 Powderhorn Lake At Dawn 27048-50 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27129 Indianola 27170
Dock At Sunset 27207 Sunset Rainbow On Powderhorn Lake 27222 Sunset Rainbow Over Powderhorn Lake 20081123 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 27265
Powderhorn Lake Sunset 27279 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 27287 Egret On An Old Tire 27354 Heading Out At Dawn 27371
Distant Clouds 27386 Sunrise Sunrays 20081124 Powderhorn Lake Sunrays 27469 Egret On A Dock 27484
Sunrays Over Powderhorn Lake 27524 Campground Cat 27566 The Egret Is Landing 27575 Sunset Over Powderhorn Lake Panorama 20081125
Docks In First Light 27670-2 Powderhorn Lake In First Light 27684 Powderhorn Lake At Sunrise 27696 Grackle At Dawn 27776
Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27828 The Egret Is Landing 20081126 Snowy Egret Hunting 27863 A Vision On The Rocks 27879
Birds Taking Wing 27888 Birds Taking Wing 27889 Roseate Spoonbill In Flight 27900 Rising Up Through The Clouds 20081127
Sunrise Over Powderhorn Lake 28028 Pointing To The Sun 28030 Powderhorn Lake 28034 Powderhorn Lake 20081129
Palmetto Frond Closeup 28059 Dewy Palmetto Frond 28065 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 28099 Boats On The Bay 28134
Palm Tree At Sunrise 28142 Rising Sun 28158 Sunrise Photographer 20081128 Sun Over Matagorda Bay 28193
Palm Against Sunrise 28201 Snowy Egret In Flight 28255 Ruffled Tern 28275 Powderhorn Lake At Daybreak 28336-8
Reflections 28361 Intensity 28363 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 28427 Snowy Egret Hunting At Sunrise 20081130
Dead Tread 28489 Sunset Clouds 28511 Powderhorn Lake Sunset Panorama 28574-5 Sunrise Reflection 20081201
Powderhorn Lake 28642 House On Stilts 28665 Marsh Dawn 28669 Here Comes The Sun 28704
Harbor At Indianola Panorama 20081202 Bird In A Rice Field 28767 Bird In A Rice Field 28768 Fowl Feeding Frenzy 28818
Rural Texas House 28862 Magnolia Beach In First Light 20081203 Magnolia Beach In First Light 28917 Morning Sunrays 29031
Morning Sunrays 29049 Egret Taking Wing 29078 Egret On The Shore 29115 Scarlet Lining 29143
Gulls In Sunrise 29180 Great Egret At Sunrise 20081204 Tiptoing Egret 29352 Kestrel In Flight 29373 (crop)
Turkey Vulture Wiping Its Bill 29451 Indianola At Dawn 29513 Dawn Heron 29521 Matagorda Bay Sunrise 20081206
Egret Between Pilings 29979 Fishing Powderhorn Lake 20081207 Heron Taking Wing 30014 Wetland Sunset 30035
Powderhorn Lake Marina 20081208 Racing Clouds 30051 Really Weird Atmospherics 30077 Red Cloud 30085
A Peek Of Sunrise 20081209 Sunrise Sunray 20081210 Downtown Port Lavaca 30216 Point Comfort Industry 30284
Theater Sign 30296 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 30331 Powderhorn Lake At Sunset 30452 Powderhorn Lake At Sunset 30479
Powderhorn Lake Sunset 30484 Hunkered Herons 20081211 Window In Blue Wall 30542 Prescribed Burn 30560-1
Snow Geese Flyout 30624 Snow Geese Flyout 20081211 Snow Geese Flyout 30623 Goose Head 30708
Snow Geese Flyout 30735 Pilings & Grass 30797 Moonrise Over Indianola 30867 Matagorda Bay Sunrise 30963
Sunrays Over Powderhorn Lake 31017 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 31043 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 31104 Clouds Over Powderhorn Lake 31151-2
Powderhorn Lake Sunrays 31206 Red Sun Setting 31249-51 Red Sun Setting 31254 Powderhorn Bayou At Dawn 31267
Indianola Fishing Marina 20081215 Indianola At Dawn 31284 Veiled Sunrise 31316 Snowy Egret On A Piling 20081216
Tis The Season 31417 A Dock & Foggy Night 20081218 Foggy Fishing Lights 31608 Formosa-Tejano Wetlands 31668
Cloud Over A Field 31697 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 31795 Fog Over Powderhorn Lake 31805 Fishing Pier In Fog 20081219
Little Blue Heron Hunting 31931 The New Pier Under A Foggy Sun 32003 Pilings In Sun's Foggy Reflection 20081220 Almost A Sunrise 32121
Great Blue Heron 32172 Clouds Over Powderhorn 32221-3 Clouds Over Powderhorn 32221-6 Powderhorn Lake In Fog 32322
Gull Taking Wing 32510 Powderhorn Lake Sundown 20081225 Roseate Spoonbill In Flight 20081226 Red Sun Setting 32797
Gull In Sunrise 32897 Sunrise Sunray 32911 Storm Clouds 32988-9 Storm Clouds 20081227
Storm Clouds Near Sunset 32996 Storm Over Wetlands 33036 Storm Over Matagorda Bay 33046 The Gall Of That Gull 33076
Shrimper At Dawn 20081229 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 33234 Roseate Spoonbills In Flight 33340 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 33356-9
Gull Taking Flight In Fog 20081231 Snowy Egret Profile 33495 We Have Liftoff 33507 Matagorda Bay Sunrise 33548
Indianola In Dawn Fog 20090102 Damaged Pier In Fog 33903 Kestrel With A Catch 33979 Osprey With Catch 34048
Clouded Sunset 34080 Tern Hovering 34263 Whitmire Unit 34267 Norther Blowing In 34291-5
Telling Tails 34355 Wet Rose 20090106 Belted Kingfisher 34489 Grackle On The Edge... (34541)
Sunrise Catch 20090107 Egret Flying Over A Heron 34680 Egret Spreading Wings 34683 House In First Light 34726
Matagorda Bay Dawn 20090108 Roseate Spoonbills In Flight 34882 Lounge Lizard 34946 Sunrise At Powderhorn Bayou 34994
Sunrise At Powderhorn Bayou 20090109 The End Of Summer 20090110 Moonset Into Sunrise Clouds 35389 White Pelican In Flight 35572
White Pelican In Flight 35579 White Pelican Belly 20090111 Powderhorn Lake At Sunset 35686 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 35719
Egret Convention 20090112 A Palm In The Sun 20090113 Geese Flying Over The Moon 35930 Heron In The Harbor 20090114
Wetlands Sunrise 20090116 Point Comfort In First Light 20090117 Matagorda Bay Dawn 36517 Sunrays Over Matagorda Bay 36605
Texas Moai 36736 Powderhorn Lake Dawn 20090118 Heron On The Beach 36926 Piling & Rope 20090119
Rail With Catch 36991 Moon Over Powderhorn Lake 37141 Sailing Off Into The Dawn 37182 Sailing Off Into The Sunrise 20090121
Egret With Catch 37269 Sandhill Crane Profile 37290 Matagorda Bay At Sunrise 37362 Sitting Armadillo 20090122
Powderhorn Lake At Sunset 37636 Rail On Sunset Tidal Flat 37643 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 37649 Powderhorn Lake Dawn 37682
Powderhorn Lake Dawn 20090123 Shellfish Sta 20090124 Interesting Old Building 37729 Cottonball Clouds 37880
Powderhorn Lake Sunset 37936 Boat In Sunrise 20090127 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 38021