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Birds: Passerines

This gallery will house all of the passerines that I have photographed, and partners my other gallery containing the non-passerine birds. This gallery generally follows the taxonomic order of Clements, "Birds of the World, A Checklist". At present there are about 375 species represented here.
Ovenbirds & Antbirds
:: Ovenbirds & Antbirds ::
Tyrant Flycatchers
:: Tyrant Flycatchers ::
Cotingas to Becards
:: Cotingas to Becards ::
Larks, Swallows, and Pipits
:: Larks, Swallows, and Pipits ::
Cuckoo-shrikes To Mimids
:: Cuckoo-shrikes To Mimids ::
Thrushes to Old World Warblers
:: Thrushes to Old World Warblers ::
Gnatcatchers to Parrotbills
:: Gnatcatchers to Parrotbills ::
Tits to Shrikes
:: Tits to Shrikes ::
Corvids to Waxbills
:: Corvids to Waxbills ::
Vireos and New World Warblers
:: Vireos and New World Warblers ::
:: Tanagers ::
Finches, Hawaiian Honeycreepers, and Cardinals & Allies
:: Finches, Hawaiian Honeycreepers, and Cardinals & Allies ::
American Sparrows, Seedeaters, Old World Buntings
:: American Sparrows, Seedeaters, Old World Buntings ::
:: Icterids ::