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About me

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Iíd have the impression to sink into a muddy marsh of ridiculousness if I wrote a kind of self-biography in the third person.
Even though I were a pope or an emperor (and Iím sincerely happy to not be any of them)
I could not stay serious speaking of myself in the third person.
I confess I feel even uncomfortable in writing down these semi-ironical notes about myself, even though in a relatively hidden page.

So, if anyone has just arrived here, clicking casually on the only button which could lead to this place, here is all what they can found.

My name is Marisa and D. L. stand for the initials of double surname.
Iím Swiss and I live in Nyon, a very small town by Lake Leman, quite close to Geneva.
If you consider correct to call ďphotographerĒ every person who has a camera and likes taking photos, then Iím surely a photographer.

I have liked photography since I was very young and films or slides were the only way to see what one could capture with a camera.
As a matter of fact, most of young people are not supposed to have a lot of money, so I could not afford to waste my films at that time and I could only dream of the possibility that digital photos would have offered me.

I had adventurously learnt how to develop and print black and white films and I had created a kind of approximate dark room in the bathroom.
I had a lot of exciting experiences and fun in that perilous procedure; my parents first and my roommates later seemed less enthusiastic....
Mostly when they needed to take a shower or something like that.

When the digital photography age came to enlarge my horizons, I felt free to leave the bathroom to its original designation and to keep on with my personal research in the world of images.

Always for the sense of ridiculousness I mentioned above, I cannot call myself an artist, also because I have too much respect for art and I have also a rather solid sense of criticism.

Iím an artisan of images and consider photography a very amusing interest and also a means of indirect communication.

I donít get mad for very sophisticated gears, because Iím gloriously lazy by my nature and the simple idea of carrying around enormous bags full of precious and heavy equipment makes me lose the pleasure to take photos.
I deeply admire wild life professional photographer, who are able to stay hours hidden inside a camouflaged barrel to take a precious shot of an extremely rare golden whistling woodpecker of southern Manitoba dancing in its love parade, I sincerely admire them and I let them do their work, which is not mine.

All what I do is to have always a small compact camera in my pocket, which is like my third eye,
and to take with me rather often also my average DRSL, which allows me to take photos of better quality in rather more difficult conditions of light or particular circumstances.

When Iím really in the mood and I feel especially energetic I carry also a tripod and a telephoto-lens.
Iím faithful to Canon, which is the brand I have always felt familiar with, also in the pre-digital times.

There are people who can do a few things really well, and they are the talented ones.
Then there are people who can do one thing perfectly and other things averagely, they are the professional ones.
I can do several things, but all quite approximately, so Iím neither talented, nor professional, but Iím creative and fascinated by knowledge in many fields.
The result is that I can take rather interesting photos, but never really good ones,
Nevertheless my photos are not too boring.
I can speak four languages, but none perfectly and often I mix them up dramatically...
It means I can communicate more or less properly with a lot of different people, but I cannot master any serious literary language.
Iím a living example of the power of ďapproximationĒ.
Iím individualist in thoughts and in my approach to life.
I cannot stand common places, mawkishness and stereotyped good feelings expressed only by words.
I was already bad tempered as a child, you see. I donít allow anyone to take photos of myself.
I like using texts as support for images or images as support for texts, itís all part of communication.
I have published something, sold some photos...Iíd feel a bit ridiculous if I had to insist on listing that.
I occasionally offer my photos as a gift, if Iím in the mood.
I like graphic arts and literature
I have learnt by myself a little about style-sheets and HTLM language,
Also that approximately, as itís in my way.
Knowledge should always circulate to have a meaning.
I have been happy to help several people on Pbase to personalize their pages layout,
Always within my limits of knowledge, of course.

Feel free to contact me writing to my personal email address
for any request.
I donít check my Pbase mail box that often, but I look at my email a few times a day.
I'll answer all, as soon as it's possible.
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