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South Downs

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Many of these were taken on our 18 mile walk along the South Downs Way in Southeast England. It was a very diverse countryside filled with breathtaking cliffs, meandering rivers and the odd cow or two. We spent the morning walking along the chalk cliffs from Eastbourne to the Cuckmere River Haven, which included the famous Seven Sisters and Beachy Head Lighthouse. Along the way we found an oasis of red in the form of a poppy field and a seemingly never ending series of sharp descents and steep ascents. The afternoon took us inland from the Channel, through wooded hills and gorgeous fields of green. We walked alongside the lazy flow of the Cuckmere River past immovable cows and curious calves to the quaint village of Alfriston. From there we went up the long hillside leading to the top of the chalk figure, Long Man, which offered views of the surrounding valleys. During our walk, we had the great pleasure of coming across a wonderful man by the name of David Dimbleby who is hosting a beautifully created series called Picture of Britain. It's a fantastic series that celebrates the British landscape as seen through the eyes of artists, writers and composers. And of course we should meet him on a country lane in Sussex walking with grandson collecting flowers.

We have since added some more photos of our visit back to Beachy Head and the surrounding area in July 2012. Although it was a month later in the year than our original visit, the weather was not nearly as nice but it allowed for some nice cloudy atmospheric shots. Hope you can travel with us on our journey through the photos below...
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