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Cecil P Whitt05-Jun-2012 23:21
Thanks for the comments. I was able to view your galleries as well and although I shoot landscape 100%, I enjoyed viewing your work, probably because it's not landscape. Expanding light, C.
Barri Olson15-Nov-2011 18:46
TO ALL GUESTS:Other than PBase Members
Please note: Regardless of what PBase says: You can't post in the Guest book, please post in a gallery if you would like to contact me, or my email is Madlights at The Guest book only works for PBase members, and the admins HAVE NOT CORRECTED the information here...that you can't will seem as if it's accepting it then nothing. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience
rick bolt08-Nov-2011 14:34
Barri -

thanks for you kind words and attention regarding the shifting sands of Folly. The town made sure that the home owners/buildes signed disclaimers that the town had no liability if the land eroded and the houses crashed into the sea. The coastal consel won't allow anything other than rip/rap be placed at the base of the structures and that doesn't really retain the sand at all. I thought one of the houses would go in 2006 but the beach began to build back up again under it. This summer was bad for erosion on the ends of the island but not so much in the long middle section. The folks who built these woebegotten Macmansions flipped them to new owners, of course, and won't suffer the losses. Oh well.
Guest 10-Mar-2011 04:03
Hello Barri,

Thanks again for taking the time to come by my galleries. All of your comments are much appreciated, and sure help to inspire me in the search for taking more great exposures.

Jason G.
dang 24-Dec-2010 18:44
Always a pleasure visiting. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
jenifersharon30-Aug-2010 22:21
u want to know the current news of the day, to watch my blog
Guest 23-Apr-2010 12:05
Dear Barri, I bed to excuse my ausence till now, because I got a very,very slow line on the smallest Canary island, (21,6 kb/sec) and I have to spare the computer with my wife, who's a Pbaser too... But I will still have looks inside ur galleries, especially for the digi-paintings, I love them a lot!
Regards, Uli.
dblack 21-Jan-2010 04:21
i am artist with a background in design. i have some work that i would like to share with you via email, as my website is not up and running yet. please contact me at your convienence.
thank you
Jake McFee15-Jan-2010 17:29
Awesome display of work here Barri. i like the design of your galleries. You have a good eye for making ordinary subjects seem extraordinary.
Rob Miller 24-Dec-2009 10:26
Cool site.
Greg Little11-Oct-2009 20:05
Hi Barri,

Thanks for the nice comment on my Monochrome Visions gallery. Much appreciated.

Scott 10-Aug-2009 08:40
Dear Barri,

Thanks for the comments!

Scott "Genghis" Wong
Peter Zetner27-Jun-2009 17:37
Hi Barri. This is a belated thank you for the kind comments you've left in my galleries and also a belated expression of amazement at the outstanding quality of your photography. Fantastic work - keep it up! Best Regards, Peter.
Alfredo 29-Oct-2008 17:52
I'm from Costa Rica and I'm Studing Photography on the University of Costa Rica, I want to do a investigation about your Darkroom techniques, biography and projects, if you wanna help me I need your biography and other important topics orv things for you.

Guest 13-Sep-2008 21:20
Really like the way you've laid out your galleries, Barri (and of course the contents).
kimene S12-Jul-2008 17:29
Beautiful galleries! A master behind that lens!
Thankyou for sharing your wonderful work Barri
Candy 07-Jun-2008 19:32
Just inherited and srt 102. Can't find a battery. Can you help?
Nancy Good29-Mar-2008 16:29
Enjoying your ideas, your photographic perspectives, and your "finished" (are they ever?) product. Nancy
anthony195720-Nov-2007 09:31
I appreciate the comments you left in my High Contrast B/W gallery. You have an amazing collection of quality images here. I will be dropping by often to do your work justice.
Guest 19-Oct-2007 02:06
I must return! Such beautiful work to view. Thanks for sharing your art!
Guest 25-Sep-2007 13:25
I have really enjoyed your galleries and also your presentation. It has given me a few ideas for my own gallery! Thanks for your compliments on my work.
Guest 18-Sep-2007 13:23
Hello Barri,
I really enjoy your galleries and admire your presentation. Dividing things by room makes browsing through your work less straightforward in some ways, but more fun, and it more closely mimics what it is like in a real gallery, when surprises may be just around the corner.
I admire your work and the variety of images. You obviously get a great deal of joy from your photography and I am happy that you are sharing that with all of your visitors.
Guest 28-Jun-2007 22:14
Hi - and thanks for your kind words on my gallery. You have a great selection of shots here. I'm glad you posted on mine cos it then brought me here! I'll have to come back again cos there's not enough time to check them all out in one sitting....
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:19
One of the best photo collections here.
Guest 11-May-2007 14:00
Thanks for your comment! Your photos are beautiful; I especially like the dog galleries!!
tomr-photos27-Apr-2007 23:55
Hi Barri. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Guest 10-Mar-2007 10:49
Hi Barri,
thanks for visiting and commenting on my gallery. Congratulations for your work, very creative and throughout well done. You are in my favourite list so that i will be back often to your galleries. Best regards
photokhan06-Mar-2007 10:30
Hi Barri!
Thank you for your nice comment in my Azores gallery. Much appreciated.
I had also a great time looking through your photos. I hope to keep dropping by for some updates. All the best!
Einar Johannessen23-Feb-2007 14:01
Hi, Barri,
thx for looking in to my Flying Legends gallery! And, yes, that is a P-51B with the more common P-51D. Add to that the sound of Merlins and you have a perfect day out in the English countryside!
Guest 21-Jan-2007 02:18
Hey Barri! How's it going? All is well here - good things happening - hope the same for you. Thanks for looking in and leaving footprints...
flowsnow13-Jan-2007 00:53
I have added you to my favourites so that I can follow your recent posts! I am amazed at your talent in capturing the special moments in your pictures. the word and awesome is how I feel about them. I am glad I come across your lovely gallery! Cheers.
Peter Bardwell20-Nov-2006 17:57
Barri - thanks for those kind words! I really enjoyed copying my old slides last winter. Perfect activity when you can't get out and about so readily, with the distraction of looking at all the old pictures!

I just checked DPReview's test of the 8080 and it looks ideal, with the Super Macro setting best for slide copying. It focuses just 5cm from the lens and I wonder if it's possible to make a slideholder from a short length of (empty) Pringles tube, adding tape round the interior wall until it fits snugly over the end of the lenshood perhaps?

Based on their figures for the area covered at that setting (they say 40x30mm on page 16 of the review), when a slide's 36x24mm image is centred in the viewfinder (to minimise the poor corner performance they mention) it should give an image of about 5MP - a bit better than mine which averaged about 4MP.
Good luck!
Roozbeh Shivayi19-Nov-2006 09:53
Thank you for your comments. I really enjoyed looking through your galleries.
Andrey Wagner26-Oct-2006 23:17
Thank you for stopping by, and the comment on my gallery!
I must say your work is very inspiring, like it very much, hopefully will find more time to review your images!
Sincerely Andrey!
matt_in_sha26-Sep-2006 12:29
Great range of styles. Get some more people into your shots (are you shy?).
Guest 18-Aug-2006 18:12
Thanks Barri for all your kind comments really enjoyed your work too, will return!
Carvell Photography30-Jul-2006 19:49
Barri, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I've just been looking around your galleries and your photos are on a completely different level, both beautiful, and thought provoking. Definitely not something that can be absorbed at one sitting.
Guest 25-Jul-2006 02:54
Hi Barri,

Thanks for sharing a great set of galleries. It has me looking at Madison with a whole new eye!

John Beck08-Jul-2006 16:38
Being a Madisonian myself and having taken a couple of pictures of the capitol, (prefer landscapes to buildings though), I appreciate the beauty you've captured here in your galleries. Keep up the good work.
Rene Hales07-Jul-2006 20:40
Barri, thanks so much for your recent comments on my flower arrangements. I appreciate you taking the time to look and leave a comment.--Rene
Guest 23-Jun-2006 13:41
Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!
Barri - you are so on - wow! You are very perceptive. After I got the hang of it, I took liberties and started playing around with spatial and temporal relationships to make new "realities". You win a prize - I'll send you a print!


Guest 20-Jun-2006 15:26
Barri, hello!

I know I've been a great big PBase slouch... (my excuses are that the site is blocked from the office, which is where I do most of my internet stuff and at home my hands are full and time is very limited), but I do appreciate you visiting from time to time and leaving a note to say hello. You are one of the people I hoped to catch up with...

nige5018-Jun-2006 16:57
Thanks for looking in and comenting, Nige
Guest 29-May-2006 16:23
You have quite a collection. You just gave me a few ideas for my next photo project. Inspiring!

Guest 26-May-2006 22:49
Hi Barri, thank you for viewing and commenting on my gallery, it's very much appreciated. And thanks for sharing your fine work here, you have extremely nice work presented here. :)

Martha Albuquerque23-May-2006 11:40
Hello Barri! Thank you for all your support, kind words and votes! I love your work, so many galleries and great photos to admire and learn!
Warm regards,
Rene Hales23-Apr-2006 12:33
Enjoyed your galleries and images. I especially like your comment (image) on your profile page. It does seem like it should all be so simple, but then the complexities enter. Perhaps stripping back to the basics (colors, letters, etc.) re-grounds you.--Rene
Kathy Pilgrim21-Apr-2006 14:35
What talent you have! It is a real joy to visit your galleries. I found you because you commented on several of mine. I was so glad as I might not have found such an inspiring place to vist. I will return.
Chun Lo07-Mar-2006 04:27
Thanks for vising and your nice words. I posted some pictures about the lighting on my
macro & close-up shots in the end of gallery. Enjoy it and thank you again.
Guest 16-Feb-2006 06:52
hi barri,

thanks for your kind comments to my gallery. you have some very nice shots here especially the landscapes and nature photos. you are most welcome to drop by my galleries and share some advices with me.

Doria07-Feb-2006 10:36
Barri~ I get up at dawn with precious little time to prepare for work, I do plan on commenting at length later...for now: Thank you for browsing my gallery. Have a great day!
Guest 27-Jan-2006 13:13
Barri - thanks for your recent comments in one of my projects. Very insightful and postive feedback - and very much appreciated. You have some great galleries here. Both the classical and the creative. I also vote you as having the most interesting profile on pbase :). You're in my favourites now - will be back for more. Cheers, Lawrence
lorin niculae25-Jan-2006 10:45
First of all I'd like to thank you very much for your kind and inspired comments to my work. Feedback like yours helps me improving my photography.
Secondly, I visited some of your galleries and I discovered not only a beautiful work, but a photographic style focused on a rich communication using minimal means of expression. A hard task. A success for you. My congratulations and I hope to come back soon for the rest of your work and your updates.
My best regards,
Guest 18-Jan-2006 19:25
Great galleries,I enjoyed your pics.
thanks for sharing.
Richard Haas 17-Dec-2005 09:56
could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Michelle Rhea01-Dec-2005 23:49
Lots of intriguing photography in your galleries!
Harald Schillhammer24-Nov-2005 13:10
Barri, your site is truly overwhelming, a matchless diversity. Will take me a long time and many visits to go through all your galleries.
Achtung Achtungovich 14-Nov-2005 14:20
Super mega message with love...
Captian Henry Olrogge III 13-Nov-2005 00:25
barri I enjoyed your pics I especaly liked the one of the tugboat Forney. I was hoping you may help me find out somemore information on the boat. I have heard a roomer that it was for sale.

Thank you for your time
captian Henry olrogge III
geger 06-Nov-2005 11:53
AL05-Nov-2005 15:41
What an overwhelming collection - Thanks for sharing your breathtaking and inspiring works! Can't wait to see more and visit your galleries again... Hope you can find time to visit mine - Would love to hear your valuable comments :>
Guest 24-Oct-2005 21:58
Love your high contrast work - thanks for passing by my galleries too
Eric Pouhier21-Oct-2005 18:08
Thanks Barri, you have yourself an fantastic quantity of outstanding images .... thanks for sharing, ERic
paul yung19-Oct-2005 14:06
Nice work! Congrats!
Peter 15-Oct-2005 15:42
Hi! I ocasionally found your site and I think it is very informative. I've found very much interesting stuff for me... Thanks for your site!
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 12:50
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
Tom Beech06-Oct-2005 12:04
Barri, You have captured some very nice subjects in very interesting ways.. I'll be saving your galleries for return visits 8-)

Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography18-Sep-2005 10:41
thanks for you sharing.
Guest 06-Sep-2005 23:00
Hi Barri,
first, thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving those interesting comments there. I've made a short round in your galleries and you have some outstanding work!! Love your portraits a lot. I'll come back for more.
Best regards,
Graham Tomlin05-Sep-2005 18:51
thankyou for your kind comments in my gallery ,glad you liked them.regards Gra
Karen Leaf07-Aug-2005 03:27
Hi Barri,
Thanks for your kind comments tonight. I see your name frequently in Tom's gallery and have gone thru your galleries frequently; as it happens, just this morning. The tornado gallery is simply amazing, and I really like your Misfits :)
Keep up the good work.
Guest 15-Jul-2005 07:27
Thx 4 ur comments in my galleries. I'm trying to do my best. I will check your galleries. Regards from Spain,

Guest 13-Jul-2005 23:53
Thanks for taking a gander at my galleries Barri! I enjoy your world,too.Especially the candids which rock serious.Decent!!!
Guest 13-Jul-2005 05:16
Hi Barri :-)

thank you so much for your visit to my galleries and the lovely comments you left.. i appreciate them so much.. :-) i've looked at your galleries and your work is so cool! just the kind of thing i like.. i'm going to be away for a little while but when i get back i look forward to being able to take a closer look and comment on your galleries!

thanks so much again and take good care,
BAS Photography11-Jul-2005 07:43
Hello Barri,
Thanks for visiting my galleries and commenting. I appreciate that very much!
I regularly browse through your galleries and found them very inspiring. You have a great eye and you do wonderful compositions. I can't wait to see more from you.
Guest 08-Jul-2005 14:06
hola barry
pasaba por aquí y...
he decidido quedarme a tomar cafe con tus padres
son geniales
Guest 28-Jun-2005 22:19
Hi Barri - just to say thanks for your kind comments on my "shadows light and shade" gallery - much appreciated. BTW enjoyed your tornado pics - not something we ever get here in the UK (luckily), and looks pretty scary!. Cheers, Steve H
Barri Olson28-Jun-2005 01:42
Hi Jerry
Thanks...and yep what a combo...guess opposites do attract.
jerry 27-Jun-2005 23:31
hi i partuculary like the conversation and coffee irsh and noregin what a combo
jerry 22-Jun-2005 23:15
misfits that could be me hi all
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp13-Jun-2005 03:38
Hi Barri. Thanks for your nice comments on my airplane gallery. Check out the beautiful colors in this new custom car show gallery. You have some wonderful photos. Keep up the great job.
jerry 31-May-2005 01:08
hope you had a nice memorial day
Jeanne Newman27-May-2005 03:23
Barri - Hey! So good to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed the Michigan gallery - I had never been there and so my whirlwind weekend in Detroit and Dearborn gave me a lot of opportunities to shoot. Been crazy-busy at work but hearing from you once again has me poking around your fabulous work!! What a great tour it's been! Hope all is well. Again, so good to hear from you!!

jerry 19-May-2005 23:42
hi there how are things going let me no
Marisa Livet16-May-2005 14:25
Hello Barri,
Visiting your galleries is discovering a different world and taking a fascinating journey, one feels like repeating many times, without finding any boring detail.
I appreciate your personal style and your liking for contrasts.
All my congratulations
Guest 28-Apr-2005 13:28
Hello Barri,
thanks for stopping by my galleries and commenting. I do appreciate that!!!
I regularly browse through your galleries and found them very inspiring. What a great eye you have. Wonderful composition.
Keep it up.
Regards, Isi
susan 21-Mar-2005 21:56
Please contact me regarding utilizing a photo of yours on our website. The Bridge in Janesville photo.
Thank you
Val Sharp20-Mar-2005 00:24
Hi Barri,

Thanks for the comments on my site - and those comments mean even more to me after looking at your galleries here and seeing what a great eye you have for composition. I'll be popping in from time to time to enjoy more of your photos :-)
Guest 19-Mar-2005 04:40
Hey! Thanks so much for the great comments on my site -- I really appreciated them! Your photos are fantastic and I really enjoyed looking at them. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be coming back!
Guest 16-Mar-2005 09:03
Barri, I am so glad that you visited my gallery so I could find yours! Enjoyed very much, and will spend a lot of time here too! Dandan
Barri Olson16-Mar-2005 03:46
Hey Thanks Jerry. That 1/2 of me certainly appreciates that.
jerry 16-Mar-2005 01:00
everything looks good also happy st patriks day to my favorite irshman
danny o'byrne 09-Mar-2005 17:56
Thanks for taking time to look at my work and Ienjoyed you Gallery well done excellent work
Guest 03-Mar-2005 20:05
Congrats on your "Yardbird" Gallery, number 10 now. Well deserved! :)
Peter Chou28-Feb-2005 01:48
I really enjoyed your classical looking B&Ws and your portraits are outstanding! Do take a look at my gallery and I appreciate your advice and comments that would make me a better photographer.
Trevor Edwards21-Feb-2005 16:26
Hi Barri. Thanks for the kind comment on one of my galleries.
You have some good shots here. I especially like the nature shots.
I will have to look further and leave you some comments.(Oh! my arm aches.)
Cheers, TREV.
Guest 24-Jan-2005 08:51
Hi Barri,
Your High Contrast work provokes prismatic thought through limited spectrum. A unique,
and inspiring subjectiveness unmatched by others I've seen. "The flight of the bumble bee" would be a musicial companionate to your visual compositions. A true Artist with a lens, who's compexity of form is easily missed without proper attention to detail. I find myself returning time and again with high expectations, and always greated with an unexpected treat.
Thanks for sharing, Dang
Andrew Sandstrom17-Jan-2005 06:25
Hi Barri, thanks for your comments in my galleries. I enjoyed your Wisconsin pictures. I grew up in Milwaukee and went to UW Madison.
Un Espaņol 29-Dec-2004 13:31
La verdad es q supongo que no entenderás ni una sola palabra de lo que te voy a poner aquí, simplemente quiero que mis palabras lleguen a esos estupendos parajes de tus fotografías, q de alguna forma indirecta yo tb pueda star allí, espero que en alguna de mis futuras vidas lo logre.
Saludos y besos para el otro lado del charco.
jerry 29-Dec-2004 00:16
hope you had a merry christmas and will have a happy new year
EMangl27-Dec-2004 14:37
belated merry christmas
Vincent Belford27-Dec-2004 13:58
Hi Barri,
It’s one of those fortuitous events that you answered my virus question in the forum yesterday and I clicked on your galleries.
I like your work a lot, especially the Black and White and it’s interesting to see some of my faves in your guest book, I guess great minds think alike. Keep up the good work,
Vince Belford
Guest 23-Dec-2004 04:46
Hi Barri!
I see you are not afraid to experiment, break "rules", wander away from guidelines. You have an adventurous spirit. Your results are fascinating. I enjoy my visits.
Don Guo06-Dec-2004 06:00
Thanks for your comment on my gallery.
You did good job on your own!
Enjoy shotting Barri.

Don Guo
Dias dos Reis05-Dec-2004 12:13
Very interesting work, Barri.

Greetings from Portugal,
Antonio Reis
jerry 03-Dec-2004 00:50
lookin good hope the holidays are going well talk to you soon
Guest 23-Nov-2004 21:28
Thank you for checking out my bridge underside and liking it too.
Guest 23-Nov-2004 12:27
Thank you for you comment on my gallery.
jypsee12-Nov-2004 17:40
Hi again, and thanks, again, for the nice comments you left for me in my WINGED FLORIDA gallery. I love photographing Florida's wading birds and raptors and feedback like yours is always a treat.
Sergey Korolev31-Oct-2004 10:11
Thank you Barri for visiting and commenting my galleries. I love your "Trees in Shades of Grey". Thank you!
Guest 22-Oct-2004 07:05
Thank you for visiting my gallery.I look your gallery, they are very interesting,particular those black and white.
Guest 06-Oct-2004 08:04
It was a good thing to arrive to your site dude cos your stuff is great. Very creative, beautiful and... (don´t know the right words) "sensitive". I like the general idea a lot. I guess I´ll be seeing you more often now that you´re on my favorite gallery. For now I would recommend to visit: The Cherokee Marsh. ;-)
jerry amble 03-Oct-2004 18:05
i was watching the packers game lost interest will watch nascar race call me if you get a chance
jypsee28-Sep-2004 04:33
Thank you for the nice comment on my jage nagonan/family gallery. I'm having a wonderful time doing it and I know how fortunate I am to have the first I hesitated to make it public, but now I'm glad I did.
Barri Olson25-Sep-2004 07:19
Thanks very much Jerry
jerry 25-Sep-2004 03:19
lookin gooood
jerry 20-Sep-2004 23:39
slso they are really neat
Kelvin Tan20-Sep-2004 02:19
Thanks for leaving kind compliments on my galleries, Barri. I like your photos especially the architectural and landscape ones!
Barri Olson30-Aug-2004 00:40
Thanks Jerry, glad you did
jerry 28-Aug-2004 20:05
i find your pictures very interesting