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thailand 21-Jan-2011 17:19

your website is good,think you verry much this website show
you about thailand see you again from
Dan Greenberg11-Jul-2010 09:32
Thanks Kevin for visiting my galleries, mostly because it has given me the opportunity to see all the wonderful things you do with a camera. You really are a phenomenal artist.

All the best,
Chris 27-Nov-2009 16:53
Excellent site
C 25-Mar-2009 09:32
Hi Kelvin
Very nice work. Very impressive. A site.
May I take it as my wallpaper?

Guest 16-Dec-2008 16:11
It was wonderful going through your images again, Kevin. It's been way too long! Though I spent a good amount of time here, there are still so many photos I haven't seen. I'll save that for another day when I'm in need of some really fantastic work for inspiration.

David Yu02-Dec-2008 21:05
Hi Kevin,
You're take many many nice photos. You have sense of light that I can tell of your work. I have lots to learn it from you.
John Armstrong01-Dec-2008 16:36
Vany thanks for taking the time to comment on my picture from Namibia

Best Regards John
John Stevenson17-Aug-2008 22:51
Wonderful galleries. I really hope one day I could have one fraction of the talent you have. Thank you so much for your kind words and happy shooting, friend.

Albert Lin 31-Jul-2008 04:24
Hi Kevin. Just want to make sure you got my email - I'm interested in getting a print of this photo: /littlebabylon/image/47454000/original

Please let me know if you still have it. Is 16x24" possible?

Albert Lin 28-Jul-2008 19:40
Hi kevin. I really like some of your pictures. Can I buy a print from you?
Alex Glickman 09-Oct-2007 18:25
Many, many truly emotional images, Kevin - a rarity!

Thank you for sharing!
Guest 09-Jul-2007 01:25
Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:51
Words can't describe how impressed I am of your work.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:18
Some true talent here :)
Guest 28-Nov-2006 00:05
All I can say is "WOW"! Kevin, you take some awsome pictures! I am very impressed with your commercial work and the images from A Taste of Art are simply stunning. Thanks for the visual feast! Clifton 25-Nov-2006 12:31
Cool site. Thanks:-) find bride 25-Nov-2006 12:31
Cool site. Thanks:-) find bride
Rachel 29-Oct-2006 23:27
Yes, Kevin!
those are the new pictures I took , i'm glad that you like it.
Rachel 12-Sep-2006 15:16
Thanks for your comments.
I'm glad that you like my pictures.
Marie 10-Aug-2006 18:02
What a great site
Guest 20-Jun-2006 22:32
Thanks for your visit, come back always!!!
Paul H10-Jun-2006 22:17
fantastic work!
maga 01-Jun-2006 14:22
Nna make una tel ngbada jo make him pay money 23-May-2006 15:38
Unbelievable! Liam O' Keefe
muuguu 06-May-2006 08:58
Nna make una commot from site ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19-Apr-2006 09:19
Fabulous site.
Aliosha Popovich 25-Mar-2006 05:27
Thank God there's still such a nice projects as yours.
Eddie Ling23-Feb-2006 16:38
very impressive gallery!
MaiNhia 07-Feb-2006 19:07
I like your work. They are very eye catching and beautiful.
fetreqqqq 07-Dec-2005 13:38
you have a great site...
ahmet_kara 25-Nov-2005 13:09

chan 24-Nov-2005 12:05

Nice Website. Its a nice website. Keep updating it with new content..
Paul Teixeira20-Nov-2005 16:23
Kevin, just a quick note to say that I really liked your editorial work on display here.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
NEZ 20-Sep-2005 00:51
I really enjoyed your gallery. I think your pictures are wonderful. I just think, with KM 7D your pictures are going to be 10 times better.
Guest 03-Sep-2005 11:01
Your Commercial Work is very impressive.
Guest 21-Jul-2005 04:11
Hi Kevin,
I love your work. Your photos as well as your website is awesome! They make me feel as if I'm in the settings of your subjects. Pepper T.
Guest 10-Jun-2005 16:07
You are the best Kevin!!
paul yung10-Jun-2005 06:35
Nice work. Congrats!
Besati06-Jun-2005 14:09
Hi Kevin,

You've got very impressive images here in your collection, unique style. Please upload more of your excellent work. Thank you very much for your visit to my gallery and leaving your kind comments. I do appreciate it.

Best Wishes
ellaa24-May-2005 13:42
strong pictures and beautiful color, like your style.
Guest 24-Apr-2005 20:20
Really, why do people protest?
Guest 24-Apr-2005 20:09
SO why do people protest anyways?
Oleg Chermoshniuk24-Mar-2005 07:37
Hello Kevin ! Thank you vor visiting my humble galleries and leaving such a nice comments ! Love your work.

Hubert Steed15-Feb-2005 13:27
Really love your work. Thank you for sharing.
Tony Yu28-Dec-2004 00:57
Hi Kevin
Thank you for your visits! I appreciate all comments and really like honest critiques./ Tony Yu
Guest 02-Nov-2004 14:52
Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for your visit & comment.

So many nice photos here, especially " The Lost Horizon"

Guest 05-Oct-2004 17:43
Just putting your gallery in my favourite list. Knowing you from hina's gallery. I keep learning from both of your galleries, so please allow me to call u 'SHISHOU SAMA'!!...just kidding.

Please visit my gallery and your comment will be highly appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

Silver29-Aug-2004 04:49
Excellent documentary images. I just got a Leica M3 camera and have a small gallery on my pbase site. Not nearly as impressive as your work.

Great shots!
Shing 20-Aug-2004 22:09
Hello, Kevin. You use a SLR camera to take these pictures. I prefer a regular digital camera. They are not so big to carry around. What are the differences between the two? Are there affordable digital cameras that come with a mount for a tripod? Do you use a zoom and wide angle len?
Guest 23-Jul-2004 13:23
Fabio 13-Jul-2004 22:06

I really love your BW, it's so geometric, kind of graphic work...

It's shoot digital or analogue ? I think analogue, but if it's digital I really would like to know your workflow...

Fabio - Italy
Guest 13-Jul-2004 09:38
hello kevin dai c!

thanks very much for your message in my guestbook!!! its my pleasure to have it there!! i would like to ask you to visit my pbase from time to time, and if you are free, pls give me some advice!!!! i appreciate any comment from u :-) i'll upload more photos soon. thanks again!!

from hina
Guest 10-Jul-2004 17:59
Hi Kevin,

Thank you for inviting me to write again; it is an honor. My true name is not Wiseman; Fu actually means Fool. After this message, you probably will not find me again.

My advice to the Hong Kong government or Mr. Tung Chee Wah is to form a ‘Think Tank’ immediately, comprising of the young and the very best to assist him to manage Hong Kong. This group must include local and foreign trained economists, political scientists, professors of all disciplines, communication specialists, and honest businessmen.

My advice to the people of Hong Kong is they must face the reality; they are not living under the pre-1997 days anymore, those days were gone forever. They must think globally, not regionally. They must understand that Beijing has given them enough freedom and “democracy” will be there only if they are matured enough, educated enough to cherish it. At the moment they are not. They have to be patient, they must not be narrow minded, they must not think of only money before anything else.

To the youngsters of Hong Kong, my advice to them is to improve their English skills. Be patriotic. Achieve a higher education whenever possible.

Regarding the future of Hong Kong, my view is that Hong Kong will be facing fierce competition from other cities of mainland China. Slowly but surely it will be surpassed by Shanghai, Beijing, followed by other cities like Dalin, Hainan Island, etc. (This is exactly how Mr. Tang Sui Ping’s ( the past Premier of China) 50-years-no-change policy works, because after another 50 years, Hong Kong will just be another ordinary city like the rest of China’s big cities/ports; there will be no differences). What is left for Hong Kong right now is not manufacturing industry, but service industry, like tourism, hotels, banking. If for some reasons, tourism industry does not flourish, due to rising cost of hotels and terrorist scare, or communicable diseases, Hong Kong will suffer immensely. When that comes, Hongkongers should not just blame the government, but to shoulder the responsibilities.

To you, my friend, keep up with your good work in photography. Please show “both sides of the picture”, the ‘pros’ and the ‘cons’, since photos are powerful communication tools. Please be truthful to yourself and please be truthful to the public.

Good-bye, my friend!
Guest 09-Jul-2004 19:50
Hi Kevin,

I highly admire your work and I highly respect your last message. You had made your point,loud and clear, and so did I. My intention with those comments were attempts to wake up the ignorant mass of the Chinese poplulation living in Hong Kong through your powerful pictures since one picture is worth a thousand word.

People in Hong Kong must wake up to face the reality. They cannot push Beijing too far, or they will face all sorts of consequences. It took the Americans over 200 years to achieve "Democrary", and HongKongers cannot expect China to become democracy over night. Even todate, the Americans are still not truly 100% democratic; look at the unjust wars they waged in Vietnam, in the MiddleEast, etc, the unjust treatment/detention of people in Cuba, etc.

It was not my intention to cross swords with you. If I appeared to have, my sincere apologies. I will leave your galleries alone and I will not put up any future comments.

Good luck in your career. Good bye!
Guest 09-Jul-2004 18:34
Mr. Kevin,

I admire every picture you posted up, but since they had political connotations, I did feel comments were warranted to alert other viewers. If you think leaving more than one message is irritating to you, then you should take down your pictures and not to have them up everyday. When you said "marchers go to the protest once per year", they why did you post up your protesting pictures day after day? As long as they are up, they will invite comments.

If you don't like comments, by all means go fly a kite, or go on to the street to protest or go take more non-sense picture to make yourself busy or happy.

Basically, HongKongers (protestors) had no reasons to be angry at the Government of Hong Kong/China. Were they angry because they lost money in their huge mortgages? Were they angry because the job martket was shrinking everyday? When they lost money, they should realize that they were gambling in the housing market; they were greedy on the onset, so it was all their own fault. When there were no jobs, they must realize that HongKongers were greedy, they moved all the industries into the mainland to make use of cheaper overheads (labour cost,fringe benefits cost,etc); HongKongers were to be blamed, not the government. Furthermore, wages in HongKong are unrealistically high, and so are the rents. So, who are to blame? HongKongers themselves.

When it comes to human right, liberty, democracy issues, don't forget that during the old colonical days, Hongkongers had hardly any, but they were completely subservient to the British rulers. Why? Because these rulers were white men, I suppose! Tell me, why didn't they protest to Britain to let them choose their governor before the governor was sent to rule HongKong? (If they did, they would be deported from HongKong immediately! Where was the "human right", "democracy" there?) Don't forget we are Chinese. We should be patriotic to China; we cannot afford to have Taiwan, HongKong, Macau, Tibet, Mongolia, etc separated from China as individual countries. We must maintain one big powerful country, because other super powers are waiting for a chance to destroy China. Beijing has come a long way to elevate China to equal to other super powers, and China has worked hard to raise the Chinese people's status/image/prestige in the international arena. Let us do our part to be a responsible Chinese. Just think about it!

You have a good day and keep erasing comments that you don't like to read.
Guest 18-Jun-2004 19:51

Thanks for taking the time to comment on some of my images. I've seen your work on the Popular Galleries page and have long admired it. I especially like your "exclusive and private" images. Great mood and great looking model!

Ivan 15-Jun-2004 07:34
Hi Kevin,
Nice work, all of them are lovely photos.
But I have a question, I am wodering why I cant open the photos which I downloaded from the website?
Craig Anthony 28-May-2004 05:33
Inspiring! Being the amateur photographer that I am, one can only hope for the day that my photographs can look as good as yours.

Craig Anthony, NJ USA
paul yung12-May-2004 06:33
A very nice collection of work indeed! Hats off to you!
john k 10-Mar-2004 07:28
very nice/impressive work!
Suzanne 19-Feb-2004 12:02
Your gallery is like a feast. I couldn't stop looking until I had seen all the images again and again. It was as if your pictures showed colors that I had never been able to see before. Thank you so much very much for sharing them.
Suha Derbent 19-Jan-2004 01:13
Nice pictures...

My regard,
Suha Derbent
Wildlife Photographer
Jerrry 05-Jan-2004 21:35
I very much enjoyed your pics. You seem to have mastered many different genres of photography. I just looked at your "Favourites" - the link posted on, but was very impressed.
Guest 25-Dec-2003 12:15
Nice work - from your pics I can see that you're based in HK. Keep it up!
Don Northup09-Dec-2003 20:19
Your "pearl of the orient" is simply wonderful. Great exposure with great detail. Someday I hope to make a nightscene so wonderful like yours. What an inspiration those shots are for me. Thanks and good luck.

Rybeck 07-Dec-2003 19:38
I was sweeping through Oly C5050Z user albums, and found very interests on yours. Differernt approach of framing subject, high contrast B&W, and well controlled female model shot made me believe you have pretty good eyes. Keep up good work...

From San Jose, California
Guest 24-Sep-2003 12:21
lovely work. I love the way you look and use colors. I love the way you see and use shapes.

Guest 09-Sep-2003 12:08
Hi Kevin, you asked (via my Guestbook) about some of the portraits in my India and Thailand galleries. Some of them are candid. The others were either obtained by bribing the subjects (with sweets :-) ), or by otherwise communicating with them via a guide or directly. I'm glad and honoured that you liked the pictures!
Georgiana Kwan Yu Chan12-Aug-2003 09:31
You did a great work in commercial and pure advertising galleries. Are you an designer or product photographer? Or you are struggling ahead to these professions?
Guest 30-Apr-2003 12:51
I enjoyed looking at your pix very much, they are brilliant :D
Guest 26-Apr-2003 08:00
i love ur pix!! good job.. nice color, composition.. etc..
i think ur images are very strong..
are u taking pictures for fun or are u a professional?!
Guest 08-Feb-2003 17:17
how come nobody visit yr guestbook gei???
let me be the first guest~