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12th December - 12th day of advent - photography

This year I have really worked hard to improve my photography skills. There has been many an occasion that I have been driven to distraction with fury or frustration because I couldnít make an image in my head into reality. Equally, there have been many occasions when I feel as though Iíve achieved something remarkable.

Some of my favourite photos of the year have been ones where Iíve really struggled to get the image I want and MAKE it work for me. This isnít quite on that scale but it is one where I have struggled to get what I wanted. I had my camera on motor-drive and the studio lights couldnít keep pace with the shutter so this, the best composition of the evening, was massively under exposed. Iíve brought it back from the dead in Photoshop (something in which Iím woefully inadequate) with DMís guidance.

Mostly, my photos are taken and posted with little in the way of cropping and less in the way of PS manipulation. I have taken lessons well from DM about getting the composition I want, framed in the way I want it. I crop images maybe once or twice every month. Equally, I share his views (that he spouts vociferously) about heavy use of PS meaning that a pic becomes something other than a photo and I too see myself more as a photographer than a Ďdigital artistí so I keep clear of most of that stuff.

I have learned a few useful techniques in PS but on an occasion like this evening, I still needed to ask David to give me some guidance about how to resurrect my photo.

Anyway, I think Iíve learned a great deal and am pretty proud of my photography these days. My calendar is at the printers at the moment and will be mailed to 3,500 of our key clients during the next week. I canít say how honoured I am about that.

I love it when I hear people say that I inspired them for whatever reason but itís usually my words that people refer to rather than my images. Occasionally (very occasionally) I get a vote on a pic and earlier this year I got a no 1 gallery, which was a huge thrill. Sometimes I have started something that surprises meÖ the handbag thing Ė but I regard that photo as a pretty cack photo really, itís just peopleís natural curiosity that made it work and peopleís desire to reciprocate that has made the gallery so populated and hit so many times.

This time though, I take my inspiration from DM whose 7th December pic was, in my view, sublime and deserved to be voted for but was completely ignored for some reason (Iím about to fix that). We both laughed when we saw Jude, Angela, Jeanne and Ianís Ďtributeí shots so I thought Iíd get in on the act too. Mine is taking Jeanneís on another stage. The broken wine glass has appeared before and still happened to be laying around on the table when we got home to Sandhurst tonight.

Oh I wonder if Iím going to get flamed again by Mr Angry about PotD people vote-rigging? Ah well, if I do, itíll go the same way as the last oneÖ..straight in the trash can!!!

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Guest 16-Dec-2004 21:32
...well this is fantastic! the liquid smoothness seems somehow to soften the jagged edge...wonderful shot.
Reading your quotes of DM, i feel a little embarrassment...i hope i've been open about being a terrible photographer, and shamelessly the digital artist...
truth is i'm always amazed and in awe of the wonderful pictures here on pBase.
I wouldn't know where to begin to try to get this shot.
Still, i watch, and hopefully learn...great work! :)
Gary Blanchette13-Dec-2004 16:38
This one definitely gets a vote...
Guest 13-Dec-2004 13:32
this is amazing. i'd never be able to do that type of thing.
Karen Stuebing13-Dec-2004 11:28
This is wonderful! I love the smoothness of the pouring liquid into the jagged broken glass. It says something emotionally as well as photographically.
Larry Ahern13-Dec-2004 10:40
This is simply superb!!!
Steve Pepple13-Dec-2004 00:57
Excellent - great hues and wonderful setup.
Jude Marion12-Dec-2004 22:52
Linda this is wonderful! I like the edginess ... literally and figuratively ...
Very nice comp and concept!
Faye White12-Dec-2004 22:49
excellent! I love the dangerously sharp edges with the silky liquid spilling over them.
galerius12-Dec-2004 22:02
Nice one Linda. It is great to see you getting better and better at this art. That is why you are on my favorites list; I know that you (and DM) consistently put up images which are visual ideas made real through the camera lens. Good job. GH
Cheryl Hawkins12-Dec-2004 21:45
This is fantastic! I love the egg white pouring over the broken glass.
I think your photos are excellent. Sometimes I forget to mention it because
I'm too busy thinking about your words.
Guest 12-Dec-2004 21:40
by the way, this is REALLY a good capture of the schmeggie-egg!!!!
Guest 12-Dec-2004 21:39
Nice one!! Eggie Schmeggie!!! I had eggs for breakfast....with a bagel. it was good. I am still hungry!
Guest 12-Dec-2004 21:33
Lovely warm colors! Nicely done!
Josy's Pics12-Dec-2004 21:15
Great image... what a nice and warm color. Nice work!
jude12-Dec-2004 20:59
Very nice warm colors.. good clarity as well. When I did my photo of the wine glass I actually had to borrow one of my daughter's. I had broke my last glass (had broke them all.. one by one).. and I was goign to do not only a broken egg but the vestiges of a broken glass too. Unfortunately, someone who will remain nameless thought my broken glass was not of any photographic value.. hmmmm..
Guest 12-Dec-2004 20:46
It's fantastic, Linda! And your photography skills get better and better everyday. You have a great eye, like DM says, for things that aren't there. The colors and contrasts of this one are excellent. 3500 calendars! WOW Congrats!