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19th January 2004 - The heart of our home

I am just about the messiest cook ever….I simply can’t keep anything I cook in its pan or mixing bowl or whatever. Every evening after I start cooking, the kitchen starts to resemble the scene of a war. There is stuff everywhere. Last night, David said ‘I know you don’t like your new food processor much but did it really deserve that?’ after popping into the kitchen to see it (and me) splattered with tinned tomatoes along with the wall behind it and a liberal splat all over the work surface too. I was making my own special spicy base sauce for home made pizza (tonight’s supper) – you can’t hurry the flavour mingling process that goes along with a good pizza sauce.

Rosie, my little girl, wedges herself between my knees and the work surface and everything that drops off is hoovered up by her in an instant….well, except for lettuce, tomatoes and chilli. Isn’t it funny how dogs will eat salad off your plate if they think they can get away with it but not off the floor? Contrary pair! They will both happily ‘clean’ the plates after supper, even if we’ve had salad yet won’t touch it in the kitchen.

Archie once ate a whole ˝ lb of butter off the work surface, tinfoil and all. Fairly obviously his stomach objected big time. Bless him, he’s such a spooked dog (from his previous life) that he’s terrified to put a foot wrong, even though we’ve never raised a finger to him. It makes him do strange things that if you weren’t laughing, your heart would break with sadness because of his obvious terror. On this occasion, he was so worried about being sick in the house while we were out, he found the darkest corner he could and puked up ˝ lb butter and bile into it. Unfortunately for us, it was right beside the central heating pipes and so when we came home, you can imagine the smell!!! Archie was beside himself with misery thinking he was going to get another kicking or be kicked out again we think! Poor soul. It’s so heartbreaking.

They never cease to amaze me with the things they risk for food. Archie was hungry for a long time before he knew me (more of his story another day) and so I can see why he will scavenge if he gets the chance – he even emptied the compost bin last week before I took it up the garden to go on the main compost heap. But Rosie? She’s never wanted for anything in her short life. Why does she do it? One day, I had to go out for an hour after getting home from work. I cooked supper (a fiery chilli) and left it on a very low heat on the stove while I went and did my errand. When I arrived home, Rosie had eaten a crescent shape of the chilli out of the pan (as much as she could reach…she’s very small for a border), while it was actually still cooking. She must have burned her tongue and lips yet showed no ill effects or remorse.

I didn’t really intend this entry to end up about gutsy dogs, it kind of just happened – ah well, the story of my own triumphs and disasters in the kitchen will just have to wait for another day.

I just wanted today’s pic to be this rather nice view of part of the new kitchen (still not finished ten months on and it’s my fault because I don’t have time) after Jo has done her magic and before I have time to mess it up.

Canon PowerShot G3
15s f/8.0 at 7.2mm full exif

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mikiruaq21-Jan-2004 05:52
A super spotless kitchen! Can't imagine it being messy. I noticed the vegetarian cookbook on the shelf. We have a few of those on our shelf too.
Linda Alstead20-Jan-2004 21:52
You see, I believe cooking is like lovemaking - it should be entered into with abandon or not at all!!
Guest 20-Jan-2004 20:59
The kitchen looks lovely... and I can't believe it could ever be this clean!!! I remember many a time when you would be icing a Christmas cake at one end of the kitchen, and manage to coat the kettle at the other!!!!

Another way we are so different! I have to put everything in the dishwasher as soon as I have used it and the only time the walls ever get splattered is if I forget I haven't got the lid on my new smoothie maker (see, it wasn't a waste of money, we use it EVERY day!), as I did last week! I'm still finding splatters of chocolate milkshake on the ceiling, walls, tiles, floor, etc.... you'd be SO proud of your little sis!!!
Guest 20-Jan-2004 20:25
Great shot of the kitchen and nice story too. We often complain of having two holes in our backs when we are in the kitchen from having the "other woman" watching intently what we're doing wondering if there's any chance that what we're making/cooking/cutting etc is liable to end up in her direction. Bearing in mind Rosies' tale we are constantly amazed at the variety of things Tips' will eat. Oh yes and our food is much better than hers anyday!
Guest 20-Jan-2004 03:12
OMG, Kitchen envy in an unnatural way!!!!!!!
David Mingay19-Jan-2004 23:19
Oi! That's my butter dish!
Beth 19-Jan-2004 22:55
Simply stunning...
Pall Gudjonsson19-Jan-2004 20:14
Immaculate kitchen - immaculate photo !
Jill19-Jan-2004 20:03
Just as I imagined your kitchen to be. Immaculate now! I am one of those cooks too...everywhere a mess..dogs under my feet waiting for what I shall drop next.

Love the tile work and lighting. And look at all those cookbooks...perfect kitchen!
Ian Chappell19-Jan-2004 19:58
I'm on the floor laughing at this one Linda, you paint such a good picture with words... and pretty deft with the camera too!!