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holly 14-May-2018 15:25
Hi I had an ingrown toenail (I cracked it and pulled a small triangular piece off not knowing that was a no-no) and dr surgically cut off the entire side of the nail and then burnt the nail bed so it doesn't grow back permentally!. It all happened so fast and he just did that without giving me any other option! I play pickleball and can't put a sneaker on yet! I am so bummed. My cousin who is also a podiatrist said it takes 3-6 weeks!! The weather is warmer now so I can get away with flip flops but I fear I will never be able to wear a shoe or sneaker! It has been 2 weeks so far and this is taking really long! I hope the dr did the right thing permanently killing my nail on the side? He said otherwise it would happen again! This is my first experience with an ingrown nail. now my other big toe is slightly showing signs in the corner. I don't want to have this again. I know my new found sport in my secure Nike court sneakers has triggered this. New bigger ones are sitting waiting to be used again? I need some encouragement here, please!
Terence 07-Mar-2014 03:19
I know this is an old page, but I appreciate the info on the toenail surgery. I'm considering it for my small toes because they are misshapen and tend toward fungal growth and my second (index?) toes because they are considerably longer than the others and I often lose them anyway from running and other sports. I'm just starting to think about it and not really committed yet, but your pics help reassure me that it's a possibility.
George 14-Aug-2010 06:06
A very innovative approach to the subject. Thank you.
Daniel 01-Apr-2010 04:19
Daniel Continued.
The toenail has already started to grow back. Luckily my matrix was not damaged. Funny part of your nail is called the Matrix.
Daniel 01-Apr-2010 04:17
After toenail removal Surgery Don't use Epsom Salt that will burn. I've been soaking my feet In Iodine Solution and warm water nightly and its been working fine. The Doctor Recommended Xeroform by Kendal/Tyco which has been working great. My matrix has grown back and I hope and believe the toenail is next. Of course I have know way of actually knowing except just by watching the toe and seeing the progress. I would advise to just keep your toe clean always. The pain and swelling are slowly going away. Keep your toes clean and shoes off when your at home. It helps to get the fresh air on them.
Guest 27-Feb-2010 06:50
Hi Linda. Had an MRI scan that showed that I had inflammation in the plantar fat pad. I have been given heel cups and they are working as the pain is going away.
Liz 08-Feb-2010 05:30
Hi. I found your taping method for posterior tibial tendonitis really helpful. I just wish my physio had shown me this when I hurt my foot four weeks ago. She suggested orthotics but they were too painful. I will be seeing a specialist tomorrow at a foot and ankle clinic. Will let you know what he says. Many thanks for sharing your taping method.
Jane 06-Nov-2009 02:59
I had my 2 big toenails removed 1 week ago. I fell and had a open fracture on the right one and pulled the toenail loose, the left one just pulled loose, but I have had both removed numerous times since the 1970's. I had the left removed permanently this time, the right one he can't do for another 3 weeks, he had to remove it temporaly because another one was growing under it but in 3 weeks he will remove it permanently because of the open fracture. He doesn't want to put the acid on it. He is a foot and ankle specialist. The one that is temporally is almost well but the left one that is permanent is hurting pretty bad but not everyday. I soak it 2 x a day in epson salt, then put neosporin and cloth latex free bandaids. He does not want it to get air because that will cause a scab and does not want it to scab. He wants it to heal smooth and pretty and pink. If it scabs it will not be smooth and he reshaped the nail beds. He is a great Dr. I have wore my regular shoes since the 2nd day when I could go to the bad aids. The right one doesn't even have to be bandaged now but the left one is still draining and I still have to keep it soaked, ointment and bandaid, if I want it to heal proper. Some days the pain is worse, I really don't know why. I did have to take antibiodicts for a week. I do think he know what he is doing but after I soak in the salt especially if I guess at the salt and don't measure maybe put too much salt it causes it to hurt worse. Do what your Dr. says and I do believe it will be good. I had a total left knee replacement in June so as far as pain this is a piece of cake. For the girls out there UGG boots are the most confortable to wear. I walked all over the mall Tuesday and that was 1 week after. Get some UGG's. Good luck to all. I had bad ingrown nails for years before I fell so I am glad to finally get this done. You just reach a point that pretty pedicures are just not worth the pain I was going through, I am just hoping though that they will look pretty good he says they will so I am going to trust him.
Rolf 09-Jun-2009 11:05
Hi Linda,

thank you for that nice pics. I am Rolf from Germany and you give me a lot of inspiration. Is it possible to get an autograph from you?
Adam 24-Dec-2008 17:46
Hello, I just saw a picture of your toenail surgery on google images. Here's my situation. A week ago I dropped a 40lb dumbbell on my big toe which almost completely broke off the toenail. Fortunatelty, I only had a slight fracture at the tip. Howvever, the doctor supposedly reattached the loose part of the nail to the bed with stitches and sutures. I guess the question is how long were you uncomfortable after the surgery?
France 18-Dec-2008 16:47
Hello Ibliss. I am about to have both my big toenails remove permanently and I was wondering if you have to live with some "inconvenients" now? For example, someone told me that my toes would freeze very quickly going outside in cold weather (I live in Canada. Do you know if some kind of skin grows on the it with time? Does the "undernail" stay sore for a long time?
lbliss27-Nov-2008 06:21
I'm sorry, Scott, I don't have any GPS data from the course. You might want to try emailing the RD to see if he can help. Good luck. It's a great course!
Scott Martinez 26-Nov-2008 23:41
Hi, do you have Spokane River Run 50K data from a garmin that I can use to create a map of the course?

lbliss19-Nov-2008 05:42
Hi "E"!!! Of course I remember you!! I'll drop you an email...
lbliss19-Nov-2008 05:40
Hi Amy, Sorry about your pes trouble. I am a doctor and couldn't figure out what was going on myself. I saw an orthopedist, dermatologist, and Sports Medicine doc. Nobody could tell me what was going on. Even the MRI findings were blamed on my running despite not having run for many months. The docs wanted to help, but nobody had any answers and I was getting progressively worse. I was very frustrated. I did my own research and was going to consult with a plastic surgeon in NY who specialized in steroid atrophy (don't remember the name) but just decided to have a local surgeon remove crystals, which you could still see!, because I thought my body was having a foreign body reaction to them. Only after that and subsequent physical therapy did I get better. It remains a bit of a mystery to me. Feel free to take the pictures and best of luck with your diagnosis and recovery.
Gary 09-Aug-2008 01:32
Hi there...I stumbled onto your galleries by accident, and killed a good part of an hour enjoying them. The ybring back lots of memories, as a former ultra runner, mountaineer, climber and photographer. I am actually a Spokane based sports photographer, and would love to get a chance to shoot with you at some point, if you have an interest.
Richard 04-May-2008 09:29
I just had all ten...yes 10...toe nails removed at the same time. Best thing I've ever done for them dogs. I'm a rock climber and have always had toenail issues. If you have a chance, do it.
lbliss05-Jan-2008 04:09
Hi Alex,
No, sorry, I don't have Beat's email. Wish I could help.
Guest 03-Jan-2008 22:47
Hi Lisa,

I saw someone in your gallery that I have met once, a long time ago, Beat Jegerlehner, and I haven't been in contact with for a while...I was wondering if maybe by any chance you have his e-mail address.


Alex (
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:54
I'm go glad that I stumbled upon your collection of pictures. They're fantastic.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:11
Your photos have left an impression on me and that's a rare thing.
lbliss05-Dec-2006 05:19
Hi Matthew,

I forwarded your note to Ian so he can contact you. Glad you found him here.

Guest 04-Dec-2006 14:52
Hi Lisa,

I am trying to get in contact with Ian Stevens from Chicago, who I see you have some pictures of on your site. He and I grew up in the same village in rural england, and I am trying tog et back in contact with him. Do you happen to have his e-mail address by any chance?

If so, please send me a note at

Matthew Shadbolt
Mario Lacerda 19-Nov-2006 18:08
Hello Dr. Lisa,
I would like to talk with you.....
Remember me yet? Mario from Brazil.

Nequin, Noel 04-Oct-2006 12:08
Hi, Lisa: Are we seeing you at the marathon this month? I'll be in my formal best (again).
Noel 04-Jun-2006 12:44
Sehr nützlich, informativ und anschaulich!
kristin 18-Oct-2005 03:32
Hi Lisa, from Central Oregon! :) Awesome pics! Thanks for taking photos of the race and results at javalina too... congrats to david!!! i think you may have just tipped the scales for me to toss my name into the lottery hat at ws100 for next year... wheeee! you rock, girl! :)
Steve Heaps 12-Jul-2005 04:24
Karen and I invite you and David to run in the first Uncle Joe 50 Km Ultramarathon on Sept. 10, 2005, 60 miles north of Spokane near Bead Lake. For more details, see Steve Heaps
Claude 17-Apr-2005 19:43
Hey Lisa -- Like your site. I am surfing the web trying to get info about permanent big toe nail removal so your pics were great. Very graphic. I have some questions about the procedure and your feelings about it after living w the results for awhile. Could you email me if you get the time? I just played bball yesterday for an hour and a half or so and got one foot stepped on and the other banged the front of my shoe both nails were bleeding and seem to have come away from the nail bed. This is not the first time I am sick of it. Hope to hear from you.
Jerry 06-Apr-2005 15:41
Lisa, i loved your galleries as much as I loved your visit to Chicago for the 50K. All the races are fun, but this one was the best one yet. I'm not sure I have ever had as much fun. I especially liked how everyone cheered me in at the finish like the Jerry Springer cheer, "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry". What fun. Thanks again for preserving some of those memories on your website and I hope you find the other ones soon. You are a such a gift to the world, thanks for sharing!

Guest 30-Mar-2005 00:16
Im a distance runner who is greatly inspired by your efforts in running badwater and hope to someday join you in the race and wear that prestigous belt buckle with the rest.
Rich Limacher 12-Aug-2004 16:08
BELOW !!!!!!!!!!

( O_O )

(NOT "above"!)
Rich Limacher 12-Aug-2004 16:05
What happened to my Subject line?
(goofy software anyway:(
Here's the title which WOULD HAVE HELPED to make my comment above make sense:

"This Is The Stuff Of Which Dreams Are Made"

Rich Limacher 12-Aug-2004 16:01
(OK, weird dreams, bordering on nightmare, but some of us sleep-deprived people would love to be dreaming this just the same)

Lisa, Dave, et al.: YOU FOLKS ROCK!!! Congratulations on actually going and doing and FINISHING something that too many of us want but so few get. Well, I'm inspired. Of course, I'll never in a billion years finish in THIRD PLACE (Lisa! Wow!), but maybe--if I do 49 minutes daily in a sauna set between 159 and 169 degrees, along with crunches and leg lifts therein--I'll be ready in a few years to try running in the desert... in the winter!

Love y'all & jealous as hell,
Rich in Chicago in AUGUST '04 (where it's 50 degrees)