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True bugs (Hemiptera) (10 Sub-galleries)

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Shield bugs (Family:  Acanthosomatidae)
:: Shield bugs (Family: Acanthosomatidae) ::
Broad-headed Bugs (Family:Alydidae)
:: Broad-headed Bugs (Family:Alydidae) ::
Aphids (Superfamily: Aphidoidea)
:: Aphids (Superfamily: Aphidoidea) ::
Giant Water Bugs (Family: Belostomatidae)
:: Giant Water Bugs (Family: Belostomatidae) ::
Stilt Bugs (Family: Berytidae)
:: Stilt Bugs (Family: Berytidae) ::
Spittlebugs (Cercopidae)
:: Spittlebugs (Cercopidae) ::
Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae)
:: Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae) ::
Cicadas (Cicadidae)
:: Cicadas (Cicadidae) ::
Scale Insects (Superfamily: Coccoidea)
:: Scale Insects (Superfamily: Coccoidea) ::
Leaf-footed Bugs (Family: Coreidae)
:: Leaf-footed Bugs (Family: Coreidae) ::
Water Boatmen (Family: Coryixidae)
:: Water Boatmen (Family: Coryixidae) ::
Burrowing Bugs (Family: Cydnidae)
:: Burrowing Bugs (Family: Cydnidae) ::
Planthoppers (Superfamily: Fulgoroidea)
:: Planthoppers (Superfamily: Fulgoroidea) ::
Water Striders (Family: Gerridae)
:: Water Striders (Family: Gerridae) ::
Seed Bugs (Family: Lygaeidae)
:: Seed Bugs (Family: Lygaeidae) ::
Treehoppers (Membracidae)
:: Treehoppers (Membracidae) ::
Plant Bugs (Family: Miridae)
:: Plant Bugs (Family: Miridae) ::
Damsel Bugs (Family: Nabidae)
:: Damsel Bugs (Family: Nabidae) ::
Backswimmers (Family:  Notonectidae)
:: Backswimmers (Family: Notonectidae) ::
True Bugs  (Family: Pachygronthidae)
:: True Bugs (Family: Pachygronthidae) ::
Stinkbugs (Pentatomidae)  (4 Galleries)
:: Stinkbugs (Pentatomidae) (4 Galleries) ::
Assassin Bugs (Family: Reduviidae)
:: Assassin Bugs (Family: Reduviidae) ::
Ambush Bugs (Family: Reduviidae, Subfamily: Phymatinae)
:: Ambush Bugs (Family: Reduviidae, Subfamily: Phymatinae) ::
Scentless Plant Bugs (Family: Rhopalidae)
:: Scentless Plant Bugs (Family: Rhopalidae) ::
Dirt-coloured Seed Bugs (Family: Rhyparochromidae)
:: Dirt-coloured Seed Bugs (Family: Rhyparochromidae) ::
Shield-backed Bugs (Family: Scutelleridae)
:: Shield-backed Bugs (Family: Scutelleridae) ::
Ebony Bugs (Family: Thyreocoridae)
:: Ebony Bugs (Family: Thyreocoridae) ::
Lace Bugs (Tingidae)
:: Lace Bugs (Tingidae) ::
Eastern Box elder bug, left, and milkweed bug, right (Boisea trivittata, and   Lygaeus kalmii)
Eastern Box elder bug, left, and milkweed bug, right (Boisea trivittata, and Lygaeus kalmii)