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Faces of Hong Kong

A visit to the island of Hong Kong, with trips to Kowloon on the mainland. Many areas were densely crowded with people. The markets sold almost anything imaginable. Central Hong Kong, close to the water, was modern, with skyscrapers and expensive stores of well-known international brands. Just a few blocks away, there were small Chinese stores, wholesalers, repair shops, and vending stalls side-by-side, extending far into the city. A market in Kowloon remained in full swing towards midnight. Early one morning I went to Aberdeen, on the south side of Hong Kong island, and was taken around the harbor by a very kind man running a sampan. A short while after the trip, still in a rapture from the amazing views, I suddenly realized that I left a day pack on the boat. When I returned to the dock, the boat was far in the crowded water and I wasn't sure if the pilot could see me waving. But he eventually came over, with his boat full of new customers, and returned my pack. I thanked him in several ways and later wondered how many countries there are where such integrity would prevail.
g1/29/498329/3/139915910.DXDYRDlC.jpg g4/29/498329/3/139915913.imagj76A.jpg g4/29/498329/3/139915915.ONxJdChi.jpg g4/29/498329/3/139915917.CdYRcIJO.jpg
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