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Karl R. Josker | all galleries >> Buffalo >> The Schools Of Buffalo > Burgard High School
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19-AUG-2003 Karl R. Josker

Burgard High School

400 Kensington Ave. Buffalo

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Floyd P Jones 30-Aug-2017 02:10
I graduated in 1964, I learned so much from the Automotive Class. I worked in a plant for 3 years saved my money opened my own shop. It set me up for my future, I retired at 52 and still enjoy repairing anything. Recently Slot Machines and flat screen tv's. Go Buldogs!
Bob 31-Jan-2014 13:44
Graduated in 64 in Printing, after tough years of learning, I finally made it. I could always appreciate the teachers I had for the most part, especially my shop teachers Mr Kot (ex Marine & nicest guy), Mr Puccio & Mr Walczak (who replaced Mr Johnson, a grouch, lol). Wish I had paid more attention back then in studies tho, missed out on a lot of History especially.
phil zybala 15-Mar-2013 04:59
phil zybala class of 77, freshman year there was some racial tensions and fights. by the time i graduated everyone was pretty cool. loved shop class, its what got me through high school. bob your everywhere.
Lawrence Sardes 11-Jun-2011 13:41
Was a great school gratuated in 1950,teachers wre great,and all kids were great no problems,if there was Mr Roberts would take care of them.Im looking for a 1950 year book
Rusinski 29-May-2009 05:28
Sausage, that was Kathy Gordon that got cut, it wasn't by an ex BF it was just someone that wanted to make a name. Kathy and I were good friends all thru our Burgard days.As for the "gun" being pulled, it was actually a knife on Mr. Hackney, in auto shop class.

Hmmmm class of '88
jiri 09-Oct-2008 19:37
i graduated in 1988 it was a very tough school to complete,i will never forget Mr Roberts,i owe my present life standard to Mr fleck,Mr guerrilla sorry for the misspell,gave me a prospectus on the world and life that will be with me till i die,how could on forget Mr visone,thanks for your time and hard work
ReporterFullOfIt 24-Jun-2008 01:09
This school is not closing, as the Buffalo Bills just donated $25,000 for a new workout room. I doubt a school would close that just got that infusion of free cash.
Enerio 10-Jun-2008 02:03
I went to Burgard from 95 to 96. It sounds like most of you had good experiences. But when I was there it was horrible. Allot of white kids had escorts, allot of fights. My locker was vandalized several times and I was stripped searched by the security guards because I was confused with a drug dealer. I felt really bad for the teachers because students where very rude. My parents took me out after two years of frustration. I can see why it will be closed.

Snyder20-Mar-2008 16:01
I graduated in 1981 and I also remember fond memories of Burgard. Those were the days and I would love to go back to them.
I can see Mr. Guerrilla left a few bruises on more people than myself. He was teaching European Cultures and I can remember him blasting a shot to my ribs and laugh about it. I hated him.
I can remember after school shop where we would be riding Pete Flecks and Sedita's sleds thru out the school property.
My favorite teachers were Fleck,Lis,Radzca,Scarpace,Catalano and Visone. Anyone remember the trips to Washington D.C. and the parties in the rooms? I sure would like to meet up with some of the guys from 1981. At least the ones who kept themselves out of jail and did something with there lives.
Sausage 03-Mar-2008 18:50
I graduated there in 1987. During my freshman year I remember a girl being chased to the third floor by her crazy boyfriend and him catching her and cutting her neck before security grabbed him. Then there was the time this kid Marcus brought a gun to shop class and started waving it around because someone made from of his Jheri curls. God! The mess those things made. I think every time some kid with those greasy curls leaned his head back on a chalkboard they rendered it as useless as a bay after an oil spill.
Good 'ol Mr. Guerillia (possibly misspelled) if you couldn't give him an answer he'd pound it out of your chest. Mr. Buckwald is probably the only shop teacher to teach a mechanics class without allowing students to use tools. That explains why I use scissors as pliers, a rock as a hammer, and a butter knife to tighten screws. Let me ask this to the older graduates...Has the gym always smelled like Doritos soaked in vinegar?
Reporter 16-Feb-2008 20:22
As of June, 2008 this school will be closed permanently due to extremely low test scores with no improvement over the past 10 years, low graduation rates, and vandalizing this recently renovated school.
Guest 07-Nov-2007 00:51
I graduated in 51 in printing. I used to drive Mr. Weiss crazy when I put a piece of dry ice under a quater on my desk. It gave a piercing squeel and before he could find out where it was coming from the ice evaporated and there was nothing to connect me to it. The teachers were great and so were most of the students. You always got that 2% of bads, now you get 2% of goods.
Paul 22-Oct-2007 20:42
I graduated in 89, was a tough school then but alot of fun. Great athletics (basketball) and school was fun.
Q.H. 14-Oct-2007 23:09
I feel bad for good old Burgard. Rated number 129 out of 129 high schools in Western New York. Kids just don't care anymore. Scores not even hitting 3% of the school passing regents. It is a very tough school also. If anyone is wondering, the site for Burgard is buffaloschools . com/burgard
dave schreiber 08-Sep-2007 19:02
graduated 66 remember tough teachers preparing the boys for nam. mr.garealia(spelling is prob. wrong)history i think & also coach bball. a REAL HARD CORE-BLACK BELT,ETC. & HE ROUGHED up a few guys in class a native american teach in the weather roberts,mr taylor(auto body)i was in drafting when kennedy was shot
PORSCHEA HOLLIE 27-Aug-2007 20:04
Bob Calvaneso 25-Aug-2007 17:16
Your name sounds familar, but I graduated in 1977. The teacher you are thinking of is Mr. Vizone, he was a tough teacher in the b lunch period.
Tony Zizzo 20-Aug-2007 19:16
My last year as a Burgard Bull Dog was in 1975. The teachers and times were great. That right front door in the pic was the door that everyone used to skip out of school due to it would lead you to the street behind so no one in the school can see you leaveing. Shop class was the best. You could really show off your car during class. Remember the transmission shop teacher Mr. Fleck. Ever morning he would round up some guys and drive the streets looking for school skippers and bring them back. You know I wonder if they ever bilt the pool in the middle of the school where that big hole was. The bus trips every year to Toronto. The big jet engines in the hall on the 3ed floor that we had to work on. We use to hide out in the tower above the 3ed floor. Back them the square slices of pizza for lunch were not that bad. And who can't forget the first day of freshmen year when they would be waiting for you outside with eggs. If you lived on the North side can you remember that long ride on the Metro bus down Filmore Ave. Would O do it all over again you ask , your damn right. God I miss it. There was an old teacher in the drawing class and his last name started with a V. Does anyone remember him or his name? To all my old friends, I miss u guys and feel free to drop a e-mail.
Gordon 11-May-2007 20:42
Also graduated in 1953 Truck and Bus. Remember teachers Mr Tilley, Mr Roberts, Mr Doan, Mr Decker, Mr Endres, and the swimming pool that was never built in the middle of the building.
Truck and Bus 14-Aug-2006 18:15
Graduated in '53. The building still looks very nice. AHh, those were the days, my friends. William Kamprath was principal, Joseph Crotty, Asst. Principal. Teachers Margaret Heaps, Mr Bingert, Mr Brinkworth, et. al.