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Angela Gillen 12-Sep-2015 14:51
Yesterday my team, Team RWB, ran a 9-11 Flag Relay from Pensacola to Ft Walton Beach. In Navarre your wife met us and presented me with one of your calendars. It was an honor to meet and speak with your wife. The images in the calendar are beautiful. Thank you so very much for all you do!
Guest 02-Nov-2014 19:43
Kenny, do you have a picture of Clyde W. Nelson on his boat. I am his son. Thankyou.
jimmy chavers 27-Aug-2012 22:01
great pictures kenny ! ROLL TIODE ROLL !!
Guest 16-Jul-2012 14:56
Really miss updated pictures from the bridge. It was so nice to log on each day and see beautiful Navarre as it looked at that moment. Hope the camera or problem can be repaired.
Peggy Medford 11-Jun-2012 01:16
My family has been to Navarre Beach twice and looking forward to another visit this summer. I am an amateur photographer but really enjoy taking picture at the beach. The last times I have ruined several point and shoot cameras. I now have a Canon T1I and I would love to take it for better pictures. So you have any suggestions about using it on the beach and if you don't recommend it what would you recommend for some good family action pictures and beach scenes? Thank you! I really have enjoyed all your photos!
Sonja Morel 08-Mar-2012 14:25
Best regards and compliments from France! I'm Sonja, 45years old and German. My husband is French and we live in France with our 2 kids and..guess what: On march 6th 1999 we've got married on the Navarre Beach!! Unforgettable! My husband asked me 3 days before if I wanted to get married to him. This was our 1st visit in Navarre Beach-sooo beautiful. My beloved aunt and oncle Bob (he's american) both live in Navarre Beach and have been our witnesses. It took us 6 years until our marriage has been valid in France.. Since after that georgeous day we've been back to visit in 2008, 2011 and Feb2012. Too bad that our hotel where we spent our marriage night and that gift shop don't exist any more-taken away by the hurricane.. It's a pleasure looking at your wonderful pictures and of course I bought some of your calendars. The pelican on the pier made our stay last month perfect.
Meilleures voeux de France!
Gail Lock White 11-Jan-2011 20:17
Hey Kenny, I just got an e mail from Grant (Bunky) Urquart from my class at Banks. He lives in your area. I sent him a link to your site. We are getting ready to have our 50th high school reunion in June!Hope all is well with you!
Joan 19-Feb-2010 19:08
Really missing current pictures of the bridge. I log on about every day to see beautiful Navarre Beach. thank you for this website that allows those of us who love Navarre to visit by computer when we can't in person. Your photos are simply spectacular.
Guest 30-Jul-2009 04:29
Can I purchase some photos (to make blank notecards for my personal use)? Thanks, Kelley (
Guest 28-Jul-2009 23:42
Awesome photos!!
Guest 14-May-2009 01:31

You Rock! Thanks for showing off our area brilliantly!

Guest 23-Apr-2009 14:07
Kenny, Chris Oppold lookin forward to going through the gallery you've put together. Plus, now I have someone to ask for input on shooting! Looking forward to sharing ideas with you in the future.
Barb Koontz 12-Apr-2009 17:41
Hi Kenny, my name is Barb Koontz. My daughter and son-in-law live next door to you at Pier 23, (Taylor's) not one of your favorite places....ha ha!! My daughter told me about your website and I think it is absolutely wonderful. Your photos are heavenly. I will be in Navarre for 16 days starting Apr. 25th. Do you have photos in your home or are they just presented in your gallery online? Also, I LOVE YOUR HOME. When I was there last June and first saw took my breath away.
Edith 28-Aug-2008 05:00
Hello ~ I'm Edie Berger. It's nice to meet you, Kenny. Your pictures take me to my heaven on earth. I'd love to have one of your beauties over my bed. Do you sell your prints? If yes, any suggestions on the best size to hang over a kingsized bed - kinda like a headboard? I visist your online gallery often just to see Navarre.
Nancy 25-Aug-2008 19:55
Want you to know how much I appreciate your beautiful photos, and the webcam of the beach. During the workday, I take a 5 minute vacation on your website.
David Jones 27-Mar-2008 05:23
Nice gallery of images of navarre beach. I'm looking for places to take photos of models and your pictures have given me some ideas for locations. I too am an avid photographer. For views of my images please visit
Guest 26-Dec-2007 04:15
I am new to your gallery. Spectacular is the only word I can say. What is your favorite lens or lenses that you use on your Nikon? Have you tried the new D300?
Thank you. Larry McMichael
yoram shpirer15-Apr-2007 22:07
I'm glad I came across your galleries; you have some superb Birds shots. Definitely added to my favorites list!
Regards Yoram
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:24
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Paige Willman 10-Oct-2006 01:24
Just wanted to tell you how much we love your website. We've been coming to Navarre for about 12 years. We come the beginning of June. We normaly stay at the front units of Sugar Beach, obviousely not the past couple of years. Any progress you can show us of Sugar beach's front units would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paige Willman, Cincinnati, Ohio
George McMichael 16-Sep-2006 16:57
Just finished looking at your new site and, as usual for you, it is OUTSTANDING! Keep up the GREAT work (and when are you gonna take some sunset pictures)?
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xsrdqe rhzyiuodw 22-Aug-2006 12:29
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Kenny Wilder27-Jun-2006 12:07

You will find more shells at Navarre Beach than any beach in northwest Florida.
Kenny Wilder27-Jun-2006 12:06

My (2) live cams are located in the Belle Mer, which is about 6/10 of a mile west of the Regency.
Tom Dagnan 24-Jun-2006 14:38
I only discovered Nabarre Beach a few months ago and almost imediately reserved a condo at the Regency. Since then I have watched with a great deal of interest at the rebuilding of the beach. Your cameras are wonderful! I keep trying to figure out just where the Regency is located and wonder if that is where your cameras are? Thanks again for the pics.
Guest 12-Jun-2006 21:45
Kenny, I was just wondering about shells. Are there any on the beach? I have never been to Navarre. Thanks
Bill Taylor 11-May-2006 15:25
Kenny, I just can't pass up the chance to add a comment concerning the forum postings on the PNJ forum concerning the turtle kills. I am not a member of the forums but read them
to keep up with the area'a current events. Having scanned thru them and saw the repeatedly bickering back and forth for and against the stoppage of the beach renourishment program, it's a shame some people wear blinders and can't see the big picture. Surely we're saddened by the loss of those turtles, but I just don't see their
extinction coming about in 2 or 3 months worth of sand dredging which needs to happen. Many people there lost everything just like a lot of people over here in LA but are overcoming extreme odds and are coming back. Please continue to be the strong advocate for the restoration as you are. Know it or not, you have many,many supporters behind you from this area. Thanks for listening. The Robo-Cam shots continue to be awesome.
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 05-May-2006 11:30
Kenny, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you that the pictures from the Robo Cam is just awesome. I again thank you for your service to the community and look forward to many days of watching the beach restoration and the beautiful beaches till we
can come again.
Bill - BR
Kenny Wilder04-May-2006 12:46
When my website opens up are you able to view the web cam (live images) at the bottom of the page? If not, this may be your problem. As stated at the very bottom of the page you will need to install Java in order to view my web cams. Just click on the FREE link on my site or copy and paste the link below.

If you are able to see the web cam upon opening my site, but want to know how to switch from the Robo Cam #1 to the Stationary Cam # 2 following the instructions below.

1. Go to the text box that says “Navarre Beach Cams”.
2. If you want to view the Robo Cam click on the wording “Navarre Beach Robo Cam #1”.
3. If you want to view the Stationary Cam click on the wording “Navarre Beach Stationary Cam #2”.
4. To switch back to other Cam, just click on the Cam # that you want to view.

If none of the above works for you it would be advisable to contact someone with good computer skills to assist you. Please let me know when you are able to view the Cams.
Bill Taylor 04-May-2006 11:41
Kenny, I am sorry to contact you again about this, but I need your help as my ignorance is showing. I go to your web-page ( where it shows access to your
galleries, ads and has the fixed web-cam view on the tower, but for the life of me, I don't see the "Cams Box" icon you're refering me to go to the Robo Cam. Can you please
set me straight to the right area. Thanks again for your continued contribution.
Thanks, Bill Taylor, Baton Rouge-silent pb observer
Kenny Wilder02-May-2006 01:45

It is real easy. Just view the Cams box and click on Robo Cam #1 or for a stationary view click on Cam #2.
Bill Taylor 01-May-2006 15:42
Hey Kenny, I am a long-time follower of your work even since I found your web-site after Ivan came. I am from Baton Rouge, La. and along with other close friends visited your Navarre Beach area, Fort Pickes, and Pensacola on a yearly basis being avid campers. Since most of the camping areas were knocked out by Ivan, I have relied on your Forum to keep up to date on the beach renovation. I have really enjoyed viewing your photo gallery and try to visit it daily to see what's new with the re-building and all. I would like to inquire about your "new" web-cam that you recently installed that gives many different views. I go to your web-site at but only am able to connect to your wed-cam on the tower looking west and do not see then new one. Can I inquire as to how I can connect to it? Thanks so much for your contribution to your area's environment preservation. 26-Apr-2006 19:42
online directory main
Lennie Accardo 18-Apr-2006 11:38
Live in New Orleans and own at Navarre Towers. Hope to change that around soon. You're doing a great service to people who would rather be in Navarre. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Looking forward to your new webcam. Thanks again.
James Bennett 12-Apr-2006 16:44

I am located in the Green Zone, Baghdad Iraq. I am from Milton and have been over here for one year now as a civillian firefighter. I just found your web site and web cam today. Watching your webcam will make some of the bad days here a little eaiser to get through. James Bennett
YANKEEBOB 07-Apr-2006 02:18
have always enjoyed your photos and your equipment must be of the highest quality.
Vicki S. 06-Apr-2006 13:54
Love you pictures and now your webcam!
Guest 17-Feb-2006 07:54
Kenny, I have enjoyed your photos on PNJ and PBT websites, and now have found and bookmarked your own site! True artistry and beauty. Thank you for sharing.
George M 25-Jan-2006 16:28
Just got done looking at your pictures and they are awesome! Much better than most Nikon pictures I've seen (must be the photographer)! Keep up the GREAT work? By the way, are you planning on selling any of your pictures? I think you could make some money on them!
Bill Lovvorn 05-Jan-2006 16:10
Kenny, I have really enjoyed your photos and would like your permission to use the "Sunrise" picture on my web site. I have not seen a better water scape.

As you may know we have a place over at Beach Coloyn and were former residents of Bel Mer. We wish we had stayed.

Let me know.
Penny and A.J. Bellard 08-Nov-2005 13:01

I have been a silent observer of PNJ Navarre beach forum since the day Ivan hit. Navarre beach is my most favorite spot in the whole world as we have vacationed there since I was 15 years old. Suffice to say I am now over 40. Your pictures are the best and the forum helped me stay sane with the information it provided over the last year +. I will save your website as a favorite and hope to continue to enjoy the pictures you take of my beach. Maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to live there.

Thanks for all the sights!
Shawn Smolinski 15-Sep-2005 11:51
I am an old friend of Tim Partin's. My name is Shawn Smolinski, and I currently live in Michigan. I was looking at the devastation of southern areas and saw his name on your forum. Does anyone know if this person is alright?
Brian Martin 30-Aug-2005 18:39

As an owner of a 1st floor unit in Navarre Towers who is 600 miles away, I am VERY thankful of your efforts in posting your photos and comments about Navarre Beach. Both NT and NB are my escape from the stresses of life and as odd as it may seem, I wish I was there to see the damange 1st hand, but am Thankful for your site and gallery. I'll offer you a glass of some Charcoal Filtered Kentucky Spring Water over ice when this is all over.
Jim Adams 29-Aug-2005 23:14
Kenny, As an owner in 7900 block of Gulf Blvd on the beach side I appreciate your pictures of Hurricane damage. You are a great photographer as well as having great pictures!
Harry and Mary Riley 29-Aug-2005 21:48
Hi Kenny,

Hope one of these days you run out of Hurricanes to record.........nice job, great coverage.....
Sue Larson 13-Jul-2005 03:03
Great Job Kenny as usual. Look forward to us all being together once again.