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cafe18-May-2015 09:44
Nice site updates
perte cheveux17-May-2015 12:00
Je suis impressionnée par vos photos, woow !
( Nita ) Juanita 25-Aug-2010 17:56
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richard 17-Dec-2008 04:54
didn't have a clue who you meant with Erich Mangl, but google helped me out. By the way, this cat is a very healthy one, not starving at all. It's just the angle of the shot...
I've been checking your pictures, and it really stroke me. Here in Holland we have stupid white (wo)men as well, but it seems the right-wing people in your country are much more extreme (and even more stupid). I don't think that if anyone here says that gays should be punished to death, it would be tolerated, not even by our right-wing christian government
Annalyn Khouanerasa 11-Jul-2008 02:14
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Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:34
I think looking through your pictures is time well spent.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:45
Your photos have opened a new way for me to seeing the world.
nightowl13-Feb-2007 16:27
Thanks for the comment on my gallery. You have great galleries! Thanks for sharing.
Guest 28-Aug-2006 02:56
Great galleries you eye for the unusual and your commentry on life and politics in general. Will return to further explore
david procter26-Jul-2006 02:16
Thanks for the comment on my gallery. Your site is mind blowing, i hope as many see it as possible (particularly nice republicans) 04-Jun-2006 12:19
The Site is excellent..!! Wish you all the best..
ernie 13-Dec-2005 15:34
good pictures!
Paul Teixeira19-Nov-2005 21:10
You've got a good eye and a great way of looking at events and people.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Guest 01-Nov-2005 23:18
Hi N,

I didn't have a clue who you meant with Erich Mangl, but google helped me out. By the way, this cat is a very healthy one, not starving at all. It's just the angle of the shot...
I've been checking your pictures, and it really stroke me. Here in Holland we have stupid white (wo)men as well, but it seems the right-wing people in your country are much more extreme (and even more stupid). I don't think that if anyone here says that gays should be punished to death, it would be tolerated, not even by our right-wing christian government.
Michelle Rhea31-Oct-2005 02:52
Nice to see some political art! We need more of that. Thanks for sharing your vision.
Guest 23-Oct-2005 23:46
I think your site is right on! I am on another site and because I gave a neg. comment to one who had posted a shot of Iraqi men behind barbed wire; I was chastised by him for being a quote "Spinless Canadian". He said he was born in Canada and was ashamed of what it had become! Well if it wasn't for a former "Spinless" Canadian and Prime Minister named Lester B. Pearson the world may have ended back during the Suez Canal crisis! Thank god for his insite and the forming of U.N. Peacekeepers!! He can't help it if he's a brainwashed soldier who thinks that what George W. is doing is right. Keep up the fight man!
Plotz 10-Oct-2005 01:15
Thank you so much for your work. The photos tell so much of the story and the sentiments of people who are at these rallies. Anyone who disagrees with these photos as still-life captured is obviously thinking unclearly. This is one side of America, whether or not it is what people like. This message must be projected -- that dissent exists, that Bush's approval rating is less than 35%, and that the masses are willing to mobilize to demonstrate their unhappiness with the current leadership of the nation.
Guest 18-Sep-2005 16:14
Wonderful photography! Thank you for sharing your work.
Valerie 11-Sep-2005 14:59
I am looking for pictures to use in a science exhibition about rice at the New York Botanical Garden. I really like the picture you took of a woman eating rice pudding in her pajama top at a market in the 'Rice is Nice' gallery. I would like to ask your permission to show this picture in a video clip to be displayed in the exhibition. We can cite you as author of the image.. whatever you would like.

Please get back to me at

Valerie Imbruce
Marcos Rodriguez 10-Aug-2005 18:45
Taking mediocre snapshots with a camera and calling it "art" under the disguise of political speech is a disservice to both art and free speech.

For what I can gather you are a Vietnam veteran. If that is the case, I'm truly sorry you had to serve on a political war that was started by the shortsighted and feeble leadership of the JFK administration. Your (to some extend understandable) bitterness, however, is no fountain of wisdom or political insight, and does not convey your opinion with any especial attributes.

You come from a deviant time (the 60's) where people decided maturity would no longer be "hip". That time, however, is fortunately passing by, and acting like a grown up when the circumstances call for it is once again the norm. If aging hippies, John Kerry, the Democratic Party or "The Europeans" are unable to see this, so be it, but speaking as a Mexican citizen who is proud of his Western Civilization, I am very glad that the last, best hope of mankind is under the leadership of George W. Bush on this momentous times, instead of dragging its feet behind some multi-culti ass like Gore, Clinton or Kerry.

Marcos Rodriguez
Leon, Mexico
Guest 07-Aug-2005 04:34
I like your photos... thanks for sharing.
n03-Aug-2005 15:22

Give me an email address (I sent you a message and I'm waiting for a reply) that I can verify and I'll let you post -- and I'll list my Vietnam Vet service record and my combat ribbons. It will also give me an opportunity to meet more formally a fellow vet.

Republican leaders claim to support US servicemen -- then they denigrate policy critics by attacking their combat service records The list is long. Most recently, Paul Hackett's record was attacked.

from the NY Times: "In the final days of the campaign, Ms. Schmidt accused the Hackett campaign of misleading voters by claiming that he would be the first Iraq war veteran to serve in Congress. In fact, the Schmidt campaign said, Representative Mark Steven Kirk, Republican of Illinois, has been serving in the Iraq war as a Navy Reserve officer.

But in an interview, Mr. Kirk said he had not gone to Iraq for the military, and instead worked one weekend a month in an intelligence unit at the Pentagon. Mr. Hackett spent seven months in Iraq leading a civil affairs unit in Ramadi and Fallujah before returning to Ohio in March."

Why personal attacks? I believe it's because (they and you) can't support their policy.

If you support the war so much, go over to Iraq. Being a member of the 101st Keyboardists here on PBase and attacking me -- a Vietnam Vet who served honorably -- is not supporting the US troops.
OtisUSMC 03-Aug-2005 06:26
"Let's have it: branch of service, division, battalion, company, MOS, the time period you were there, and the RVN province you were in."

The question is "Who are YOU?"
You weren't being truthful about serving., were you? Have any opinion you want; think anything you want; advocate whatever you want; just don't lie about serving in our country's military (in a war no less)to try to bolster your argument. I did, and it angers me that people say "I served" when I know damn well they didn't.

My "data":
L/Cpl, 0311, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 9th MEB, I Corps, March 1968-April 1969

And no I am not posting under other names. I may be a troll, but I am an old troll now, just surfin'. I can't remember how I even found Pbase. As for registering, I'm not a photographer and my snapshots with an instamatic no one would care to see. Yours are wonderful. They sure got me pissed off. Nice photos, subjects sucked. I've been through the mill in my time here and abroad and when people bash this country of ours it really gets me. Guys I knew died for this country, and these people bash it. It's the best on earth. But you do what you want, I'll not bother you no more. We did what we did so you can do what you do. Love, Otis
snorkey02-Aug-2005 23:46
Hate is the answer.At least that seems to be the message of all your un patriotic subjects. Michael Moore and Al Franken are very proud that you and the taliban of liberal loonies are out making fools of themselves. However why does your tail wag behind these fat millionaires?
Charlie 20-Jul-2005 20:53
Hi kayakbiker, I work for an NGO (based in Canada), and I'd like to enquire about using some of your photos (of people with food/farmers/the land) to brighten up our new website (in development). Can you please email me if there is any chance we can use your photos (with each one credited to you of course). Thanks-Charlie of
Warren 18-Apr-2005 21:50
good day eh! just saying hello and that i really liked your work. I linked here looking for cock fighting to show my kids and seen all your other photo's, very good.
from your friend from the Great White North "Canada" take care and keep it up!
Cherilyn 26-Mar-2005 09:35

I saw your images today and usually I do not seek out contributers, but your work is quite amazing and I must say, I'm very impressed!

I am seeking photography submissions for the next issue of Surface Online Art Magazine. The deadline is "April 15th" 2005. The theme is "The Rise and Fall of God and Evil". I'd like it if you'd submit no more than 5 pieces to our magazine. The set must have a title. Also, a title for each piece.

There is no payment for your submissions, but you will have a chance to showcase your work in our growing magazine. Please send submissions to me at:

Also, please include a small bio and link with your work. If you haven't any ideas for this issue, perhaps a future theme? Check our submission guidelines for themes that are coming up. :) I could also have another peek at your work and help you chose.

Thank you,
Cherilyn Ferroggiaro
Photography Editor The Surface Online
Arts Magazine and Gallery
Che guevara for ever 16-Feb-2005 15:30
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here, most people are anti-american. I don't understand why. I have nothing against US, anyway, I think that all rich countries are making money by takin advance from all poor countries, this is ovbious. Argentina is a very rich country, very very rich, but the goverment is full of fuckin' people who also want to make money, by forcing the middle class. I'm sorry, my english it's not perfect. If we could make our own goverment, if we could take our own desitions, without any pression from your goverment, we could also be a main country, by the way, we were a main country last century, specially during the world war 2, but we spend more money making look Buenos Aires like Paris, that thinking how we could grow us country. Le belle epoque. Now, we are in crisis, and only a miracle can turn the hole thing, so, fuck bush. (nothing against american people, I love new york, lol)
Guest 05-Nov-2004 02:30
4 More Years...Move to Canada? get in line now !!!!!
Tami24-Sep-2004 01:54
n -

Thanks of the comment in my gallery. You have really nice work here.

Guest 16-Sep-2004 00:04

I love your website-great work! I saw similar anti-bush grafiti in Buenos Aires recently. Check out my website to see the similarities
Guest 15-Sep-2004 20:23

I enjoyed viewing your galleries-captivating images! I was just in Buenos Aires and spent several days taking photographs of grafiti and protests. Your Anti-Bush grafiti reminded me of the majority of the photos I took...the world really despises the US (and with good reason!) Take a look if you get a chance:

Vincent Belford10-Sep-2004 11:12
A couple of points:
I like your work. Your galleries are examples of excellent photo reportage.
While I most certainly appreciate exceptional photo reportage whatever the point of view, I get a little tired of all the long-winded polemical pros on pbase.
This is a photo site and I wish all sides of the spectrum would keep the blather down to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking.
Just a question, why don’t you use your name on the site?
Vince B.
Guest 01-Sep-2004 04:04
Another ignorant person. You'll learn some day my friend. Great photos that really cover the event and mood! Enjoyed your work.
Guest 07-Feb-2004 21:53
GO GEORGE BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bush/Cheney 2004 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!