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The Many Faces of Humankind

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Bai elder Dali China .jpg Bai woman in market place purchasing bowls Dali China .jpg Bai woman in market place with carrying basket .jpg Boys in Dali China .jpg Dai man using a leaf as traditional instrument for music Kumming, China. Elder men in Dali China .jpg
Three boys eating chips Dali China Two elder woman Dali China .jpg Elder in Dali, China Elder herdsman in mountains at Tiger Leaping Gorge China .jpg Legless and hunting through the garbage and still smiling. 4974.jpg Old woman in marketplace.jpg
Elder women in Dali China talking about? .jpg Bai woman who fishes with cormorants.jpg Arc welding while the helper is watching without eye protection. Jishou City, China. Butcher in outdoor market. Jishou City China. .jpg Children from Ping Shan Po Days end after working on a temple for worship near Ping Shan Po
Children playing with a dying duck in Birdflu territory.  Ping shan Po winter 2005-2006 Day worker. Jishou City China. .jpg Elder after a long day working in a hilltop structure for worship. Near Ping Shan Po Shopping. Downtown Jishou City China. .jpg Smiling elder. Jishou City China. .jpg Day workers.  Jishou City China. .jpg
World turned upside down. Jishou City, China. Elders smoking on a sunny day Dali, China. Mill for separating and bagging seed Dali, China. Miao Drum Princess. Dehang, China. Elder during work with pyracantha. Horseneck, China. Two women discussing . . . .  Jishou City, China.
Miao Elder in Horseneck, China. Two girls telling a secret, Ping Shan Po Elder near lake Zai Long, Wuling Mts, Hunan Province, China. Childs eyes. Jishou City China. Are you talking to me? Jishou City, China. Not quite a face in the crowd. Jishou City, China.
Basket maker. Dehang Village, China. Women in traditional Miao dress. Dehang Village, China. Child being held by mother. Jishou City, China Girl washing clothes in rice paddy, Ping Shan Po Village Tujia elder farmer, Ping Shan Po Village On a back alley in Shanghai.
Elder in a back alley, Hongkou District, Huoshan neighborhood. A lovely person to meet. Hongkou District, Huoshan neighborhood. Worker at drum ceremony, Dehang Village, China Young boy and puppies A great guy. Protecting his head from the sun and the hot season has not yet begun.
Young boy from outdoor market. In the market Good ole home rolled cigarette but I don't think he will be any better off. Elder in Jishou City, Hunan Province, China I don't know. Stone cutter for gravestones
Carving a grave marker. Wuan Kou Town, Guizhou Province, China Tujia Elder, Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Hunan Province, China Tujia elder. Yuanjajie, Hunan Province, China Tujia elder. Yuanjajie, Hunan Province, China Yuan Kou, Guizhou Province, China. Yuan Kou, Guizhou Province, China.
Bringing in vegetables from the field, Panzai, Guizhou Province, China Selling roosters, Guizhou Province, China Miao elder, Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Miao baby, Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Miao Elder, Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China
Hmong Spring Festival celebration in Panzhai, January 2006, Guizhou Province, China Hmong (Miao) mourning period. Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Hmong (Miao) mourning period. Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Rabbit ears. Panzhai, Guizhou Province, China Making dough. Wangcun Village, Hunan Province, China. Talking about Buddhism. Wuling Mts., Hunan, China
Two women relaxing in the shade on a hot and humid day. Ping Shan Po Village, Wuling Mts, Hunan, China Working the fields. A day at school with a stranger. Going home after working in the fields. Stopping from field work to speak with us and to sing. Hand of security.
Floating on air. Child-sitting-in-chair-.jpg Father and child. Not so happy during school. Two boys. Curious kids.
Shading herself with a towel, this elderly woman ate her evening meal. On closer observation I noticed she was very blind. Schoolyard kids. Gao Shan, a high mountain village, Hunan Province, China. Young agriculturist. He was very kind and showed us a shortcut back to the road. Young mother and child with traditional Miao headwear. Buddhist monk using a reference book for fortunes. Eating a bit of lunch.
Resting after working in a hillside community doing construction. Young girl. Playing and relaxing. Mother and child. Cleaning and peeling potoatoes. Mother and child.
Taking a break. Veiw from the school. Traditional white headdress of the Miao Her son was for sale. Market day 2 Market day 6
Reflection or not. Market day 31 Young girl at outdoor market. #1 Young girl in market. #2 Young girl #3. Young girl in marketplace. #4
Granddaughter. Staying out of the rain. Selling the vegetables she grows. 78 years old. #2 Selling produce. The eyes of youth.
A strong disagreement not often seen on the open forum. Sidewalk selling of produce and a friendly smile. Sitting by the fire as the rain falls. Visiting with her baby. Saying goodbye. Hmong elder cleaning rice she has grown and sells.
Captured laugh. Road worker #1. Sitting. Rolled and ready. Two people. Rolling one.
An elder grandfather working wood. #1 In another home a blanket we gave to a poor and needy family. Blind. Mr. Wu Aunt #1 and nephew and the family guard dog and I do mean guard dog. Using all of her strength and wanting no help, she got out of bed to greet us on our second visit.
Market day 3 Market day 4 Market day 11 Market day 14 Market day 15 Market day 16
Maket day 17 Market day 18 Going for a ride in a 3 wheeler. Mother and child. Running on empty Trapped #1
Second look. #2 Squeezeum Tire recycler. Hmong elder working on his roof. Got doors. Nanhua Village in Guizhou Province: Traditional silver work
Nanhua Village: Hmong girl in traditional dress Boy at recycling center. Jishou City, China. Recycling center. Workers. Jishou City, China. Working at the recycling center. Jishou City, China. Unlit cigarette. Recycling center.
A hot a humid day for a small girl. She found relief by sitting in a hat in the shade. Waving goodbye. Sewing on the dragon tail for new years. Pan Zhai Village, Guizhou, China Day laborers waiting for work. Day lober Day labor
Waiting for a sale. Not in the card game. Remote village, China. 2006 Hmong elder in a high mountain village near Gao Shan, Hunan Province, China. Bright sun. Near Gao Shan, Hunan Province, China This isn't what he wants.
Children gathered by a store. Hmong elder feeding her chickens. A smoke. Got it. Dong timber land owner. Timber worker. Chaiyuan, Jinping county, Guizhou Province, China
Waiting on the rain. Timber worker. Playing the lushen.
A couple of days firewood. baby-eyes.jpg
on the streets of Katmandu, Nepal, a homeless child. 2006
Katmandu, Nepal Nepal Kam elder. Kam female elder Kam female elder Kam child.
Three young Kam children. Male Kam elder. Kam child and grandmother. Kam child. 60 plus years of marriage.
_MG_4785-Hmong-.jpg Fiji IMG_4303.jpg