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The car cemetery

Out in the middle of nowhere, on a swamp out in the forest is the amazing scrap yard of Kyrkö, which is somewhat like a cult place for car enthusiasts of the old school. Between trees, partially overgrown or sunken down in the swamp, hundreds of more or less decomposed car wrecks, mainly from the 1950s and 60s, are scattered around.

The scrap yard was owned by a seemingly eccentric guy, Mr Åke Danielsson. He went into the scrap business after WWII, as his previous venture of peat processing at the site went out of business. He lived in a in a small cabin on the site, surrounded by wrecks, scrap and other odd junk. As Mr Danielsson got older (he was born in 1914), the yard was finally was abandoned in 1991. When Mr Danielsson passed away in 1999, there was some debacle over the future of the yard, and the local county was somewhat hesitant over "inheriting the problem", including the costs involved in cleaning up the site. However, the nostalgia wing won, and the place is now protected in a state of "as is" for a foreseeable future.
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