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pooledorothyw22-Jan-2023 16:45
Die Yamaha Virago ist ein japanisches Cruiser-Motorrad. Sie war einer der ersten Cruiser mit V-Twin-Motor auf dem Markt und wurde schnell zu einem Bestseller. Der Virago ist bekannt für seine Zuverlässigkeit, seinen Komfort und seinen Stil. Es ist eine großartige Wahl für Fahrer, die ein Motorrad suchen, das lange Fahrten und Touren bewältigen kann. Per ulteriori informazioni visitate il mio sito web
gabby 12-Mar-2018 02:40
Jm a first time bike owner and know mostly nothing except right is gas left is clutch and right foot is brake and left is gears going all the way down is 1st up one is neutral up again is 2nd and so forth. i need to put a 1981 virago 750 back together and dont know where to start. i need to do the wiring and have an extra used harness that came with the purchase "lucky me".. the previous owner said he had started the wiring on one of the bikes and the other one only needed the start stop switch....... and the rest of the wiring finished...... JEEEEEEZUZ that got left out o the story amongst many other details.... lol all i know is after this ill be knowledgeable enough to work on my
own bikes. however this is my standpoint! any advice and or guidance is appreciated.

Trish 31-Jan-2016 15:36
I am hoping someone can help me out. I have a 1994 Virago 250. I have just started riding recently and have quickly outgrown it. My key fell out half way through the summer and a friend used a screwdriver to bugger the bearings in both the ignition and the gas cap. I have ordered new ones but now I cannot get the gas cap open. Any ideas would be appreciated as I want to get the new ones in asap. Thanks :)
roland 28-Jan-2016 06:07
is it possible to install 1000 cc cylinders & pistons on a 1981 750 virago?
tim 20-Apr-2015 17:14
Does anyone have a number who works on virago xv1100 starter problem?
Guest 02-Jan-2015 00:25
to the person who starts bike and dies soon u put n gear there is a saftey switch in the kick stand might be bad because u ever have it in gear put stand down the bike shuts off also
Mark Walker 25-Mar-2014 01:17
I have a1100 virago turns over but doesn't start I just got it and they said it was a coil how can I tell
Guest 03-Sep-2013 23:30
hi i have a 1982 yahama virago 920 when i push the start button it makes a clicking sound and will not start or turn over please help
Guest 10-Aug-2013 00:01
@ Frank I also hv an 81 750. I run 92 or 93 octane seems to work the best for mine.I do add a summer sta-bil so it keeps the moisture down .the summer is green winter is red. But the ingredients are the same ,lol go figure. Anyway with today's gas everyone should be doing this. It makes a big difference in the performance of all my vehicles including the 81 old boat.OK good luck and enjoy. PS. Vitagos are such an awesome cruiser fast of the line and quick to 85. Just no top end. Who needs to go faster than that anyway. Not me anymore.
george 30-Jul-2013 10:16
i have an 1100 & would like to get more horsepower , as I am rebuilding engine due to a cracked crank , any ideas ?
Hoken 27-May-2013 02:45
David - Check the sensor for the kickstand. There is a sensor that will shut the engine off if the stand is down and you put it in gear.
David 10-May-2013 18:44
I just purchased a 96 Virago 250 and on the way home my wife rear ended me.. :-( This was asked already but couldn't find a response. I replaced the rear fender and tail light assembly and started her up. As soon as I put her in gear she dies and wont start unless I put her back in neutral. After about 6 or 7 times I backed her up and parked it but that that I would try one more time. It worked and took her for a ride. Came back and same issue. The Shift assembly does seem to be higher after the accident so that might of been bent. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Guest 19-Apr-2013 01:11
My husband and I a stroage room full of parts for 85 yamaha and back we r trying to sell there are new and used parts that are anywhere from springs to pistons and lots more if anyone is interested pleaze email me at for more infromation
Guest 07-Mar-2013 21:02
I have a 1985 Virago xv1000 with one of the "new" type TCI (plastic enclosure. Can anyone tell me what the part number is of the transistors in the TCI? My xv1000 was non-running when I got it, and the transistors had been replaced. I haven't been able to find a schematic, I'm at a loss. Thanks
Tony, gpoohba(at)
Charlie 27-Feb-2013 12:30
My grandson has a 1998 Virago 250. The top speed varies on it. One day it may get up to 65, the next day it may only get up to 50 mph. We have cleaned the carb and checked the intake for leaks. Just sitting still and running the bike sounds good and smooth, however, when you open the throttle up all the way, it starts cutting out some. Any suggestions?
Guest 16-Jun-2012 02:18
alot of people forget to open the petcock !!
Guest 12-Apr-2012 22:15
Jack - ether may damage your engine. If you do anything along that line, get some gasoline into the carb intake (where your air cleaner hooks up). If it fires up for a moment and stalls, then it is not getting gas from the tank for some reason or your carb is not taking in the fuel. You could write for a long time about how to problem solve non-starting motors, so all I can do is wish you luck and hopefully you've got it running by now.
Guest 12-Apr-2012 22:11
Jack - No, you don't want to use ether. First, take a spark plug out, put the wire back on the plug and position the sparking end of the plug against the engine cylinder. Crank over the engine, but don't hold onto the plug wire as you may receive electrical shock. With the engine cranking over, is there any spark happening at the tip of the plug? (might be hard to see in bright daylight). If there's spark, put the plug back in. If there's no spark, you'll want to follow up on electrical issues - likely corrosion in contact point areas. If the bike has spark, then you want to look at the gas situation - it's likely that your carb is gummed up (ie sticking float). Make sure you have new gasoline and have some fuel conditioner in it. The conditioner might free things up in the carb, but most likely you'll have to take it apart and clean out all the gum from the ports, float and moveable points. There are many websites with advice on problem solving a bike that doesn't start. Good luck! And of course, if all else fails, take it to a mechanic which is probably the best bet if you don't know anything about bikes or how bikes run.
Jack 09-Apr-2012 00:49
My father-in-law gave me a 1993 yamaha virago 750 with 16000 miles to ride. I rode in sparingly and when my son was born 4 years ago, I have not ridden it. I want to sell it now as it is taking up space. I put a new battery on it, but it won't start. I know nothing about motorcycles. Where is air intake? I am a farm boy used to starting tractors with ether. Will that work. I appreciate any help.
Guest 26-Feb-2012 18:11
Re: rear cylinder not firing, take cdi apart ,flip it over to access soldier ,clean sticky off,look very closely and you'll find cracked joints, re soldiered my 85 virago and runs great now
Guest 17-Feb-2012 12:41
I'm building a 250 Virago bobber and want to run a 21" front wheel. Will other model Virago wheels fit as far as axle size and stuff?
jhardy 21-Dec-2011 05:49
Is this the alan dye that went to sc
Alan Dye 11-Dec-2011 23:35
Will XV110 cylinders and pistons fot a XV920 ?
Mac Gyver 22-Sep-2011 09:09
y search solide rear case (bag) for my xv1100
not in leather

iamudcat11-Sep-2011 13:27
I have a 1984 Yamaha Virago 1000 and i am having a firing problem in back cylinder . Sounds like this is a comon thing with the virago. Does any one know what is going on and how to fix it ????? PLEASE HELP
Joe 06-Aug-2011 20:22
i have a 93 xv1100 and also am having the problem of backfiring as i throttle off. if anyone successfully solves this could you also email me? also seems that the bike runs a bit rich. sometimes dirties the plugs so bad i have to clean them off to ride.
oscar 29-Jun-2011 17:21
need help setting my carburetor air jets on a 85 xv1000 virago.
frank 10-Jun-2011 19:16
just got a 1981 vx750
what petrol should i use
bobby t 05-May-2011 21:51
84 virago 700 turns over but plugs don't fire with cluch & side stand switchs bypassed
zilasben 26-Apr-2011 03:58
the fuse box is up where your neutral light is.
there is 4 philips screws to open it up
Guest 16-Mar-2011 10:04
Hi I have a Virago 125 and the Gear selector broke. Problem is with Japan having these earth Quakes i cant import the part i need. Does anyone know if there is another type of bike that uses similar parts that i can use instead?

Thanks in advance. e-mail is
Jean 16-Mar-2011 10:03
Hi I have a Virago 125 and the Gear selector broke. Problem is with Japan having these earth Quakes i cant import the part i need. Does anyone know if there is another type of bike that uses similar parts that i can use instead?

Thanks in advance.
Zander 17-Sep-2010 06:38
Does any one Know where I can find a Virago 535 Front rim in good condition?
I Have searched High and low Junkyards, Ebay, craiglist, Back page,ect....
Ive come up empty handed so far.
Yamaha makes the rim and spokes still but not the hub for some reason.
Any suggestions.
Read a comment made by SIMON- The clicking you hear when you turn the key is the fuel pump priming the lines.
pete 17-Aug-2010 14:17
hi all wonder if you could help me find my fuse box (not the main fuse under the seat) i have a xv1100 1998 and can't find the fuses anywhere
many thanks pete
Guest 10-Aug-2010 14:03
Repairing a 1983 920 with my son. Need a few small info pieces. What is the final shaft drive oil type and capacity? What is the engine oil capacity? We reomved the flywheel to get the starter gear rebuilt and the 6 springs with the pins fell out. Trying to find a picture of how the springs lie in the back of the gear. Do they lie on thier side along side the lug on the gear drive or stand on end pushing between the 2 gear faces? Any help would be great. Thanks Tim
Guest 19-Jul-2010 03:32
I have a 91 Virago 750. When I start it up then downshift into 1st from nuetral it's stalls. I use the choke to warm the engine up for a min, then slowly kill the choke, let idle for 2 more min, then shift into 1st and it dies. And it won't start in 1st even with the clutch in. I'm thinking it might be a kickstand kill switch malfunction. Any ideas????
Guest 18-Jul-2010 23:50
I have a 91 Virago 750. When I start it up then downshift into 1st from nuetral it's stalls. I use the choke to warm the engine up for a min, then slowly kill the choke, let idle for 2 more min, then shift into 1st and it dies. And it won't start in 1st even with the clutch in. I'm thinking it might be a kickstand kill switch malfunction. Any ideas????
Paul 15-Jul-2010 17:10
Hello. I aquired an 83 750 midnight virago with 8000 miles that sat for a few years. I removed the carbs and had them serviced at a very reputable shop. I reinstalled them and started the bike,it ran decent for maybe 2 minutes then didnt really even want to idle. I replaced the coil for the front cylinder as it was much warmer than the other. Now sometimes it runs great and i will ride 3 or 4 miles with no issue and sometimes it all of a sudden will be dead when i hit the throttle and i pull over and it will barely idle then it gets hauled home, other times i start it and i have the same problem just sitting there. I also have had an intermittant problem that when i put it in first gear it kills but i can use second to take off in. I wondered if it could be related as i dont think any of this is fuel related but electrical. Thank you.
Walter 12-Jul-2010 15:39
hi, own a virago 750 xv from '81 .. trying to dig up a workhandbook, can anyone help me? please mail to dark_midget at

thnx in advance!
lady e 01-Jul-2010 13:07
Can you help please - virago 1100 xj early 90's, how do you adjust the revs ?- too low revs when idling & Cutting out
Leo Pusateri 26-May-2010 16:43
Hi John--there is no fuel indicator on a Virago except for the trip meter. I usually re-fill my tank at around 100 miles on my 535, which gets 47mpg on avg. If you have an 1100, you'll probably get closer to 37 mpg.
markwyant16-May-2010 15:22
I have a 1981 virago 750. It sat up for a while and gas gunked up carbs. I got kits and changed the float valves, main jetss and pilot jets. The kits came with pilot screws and I changed them and screwed them in all the way. Engine will only run on spray start. Carb bowls have fuel and floats are working. Looked in book and said that pilot screws are factory adjusted and not to adjust them. Is there a rough adjustment I can use like all the way in and out 2 turns or something like that? Do you think the pilot screws are the problem?
Guest 14-Apr-2010 13:36
this is to john about the petrol warning light its in the botton of the rev counter at the bottom and the wiring for it semsor is on the right hand of the petrol tank just above the air filter ( vx 1000 1985 )9-4-2010 ,
Sarp 10-Apr-2010 13:13
Hi John,

please send me an e-mail sagnak007 at gmail dot com. I will then send you the service manual. Guys I own a 1985 XV1000 and I am not able to find where the regulator/rectifier is. THe manual shows somewhere behind the left gas tank under the seat. I could not get the small tank out and I am not sure if I should be trying it at all. Please help, if possible with pictures, I am so annoyed that I can't find a workaround.


John 09-Apr-2010 02:16
I just took ownership of a 1985 Virago XV1000 but don't have an owner's manual. Could someone please tell me how you can tell when you are low on gas? Is there an idiot light for this and which one is it? I know there is a blue light for high beam and turn orange for turn signals. I am not sure what the red light represents but I assume it's for oil. Can anyone clarify these for me?
Thanks, John
bernie 17-Mar-2010 17:14
( virago xv1100 1994 )
hi can you help :when i engage my from brake the pistons would'nt retract back to release the pads so it was locking on, i striped them still could'nt fix the prob so renewed the master cylinder componets problem fixed after out for a ride 71 miles later the problem came back i can't figure it out.bleeding them release's the piston's temp. please help
Ben 26-Jan-2010 11:36
Hi. I own a 1982 VX750SE, and the problem i now have is that my mixture control valve is shot and yamaha have stopped making this part. is this vital or can i just block the tubes off? and if it is important, is there something else i can use?
liz 24-Jan-2010 16:16
hi, i have a 1999 virago xv125s and i am experiencing problems with it. it seems that whenever it rains the bike misfires and looses power causing the bike to come to a complete stop. I was wondering whether you have experienced this problem before? and if so how do you fix it? i have had a play around with the bike and i did an experiment. i sprayed water around different parts of the bike and i found that when the water went near the caburetor and the inlet manifold the bike started to misfire and loose power. so i have taken the carburetor off and the inlet manifold and found that the o rings that seal the manifold are perished do you think this might be the problem? and also do you know of anything else that it could be that is causing my bike to play up?
Guest 15-Oct-2009 00:53
Hi, I'm thinking about converting my Virago 125 into a 250, first of all - is it possible? And can I just put a 250cc engine into the frame or would I need to make other adaptions? Thanks for your time
brian 07-Aug-2009 16:04
put two up or one heavy person on my bike and on pull off and change gears sounds if the clutch is trying to catch up ,once it does pulls like norm same dropping down a gear over take feels like its slippin to catch up engine revs away bike goes no faster anyone help i thought it might be diaphram spring ?? all suggestions welcome
Brian dine 06-Aug-2009 11:13
hi,is it true that an 1100cc engine can fit in my 1984 virago of 750cc?I am desperately looking for a new or reconditioned 750 or 1100 cc engine
Guest 03-Jul-2009 07:56
Hi,could someone tell me where the oil drain plug on virago 535/1991 is located?
Thanx a bunch!
Guest 03-Jul-2009 07:55
Hi,could someone tell me where the oil drain plug on virago 535/1991 is located?
Thanx a bunch!
jim 03-Jul-2009 02:17
I am having charging problems on my 86 1100 Virago 1100.
How do I test the rectifier to see if is ok or not?
Also a wire that comes from the stator and connects to the
rectifier is melted at the connector. Could a bad stator or
rectifier cause this?

Thanks Jim
shiftdown25-Jun-2009 19:01
I have just purchased a 1984 Yamaha Virago 1000. 44,500 kms on it. What do I have to do to ensure that the forks are working properly?
You can email me directly at: In subject line: Virago. thanks
Alex 16-Jun-2009 20:05
I have a 1995 1100 Virago and would like to put a heel/tow shifter on it, but have been unable to find anything - any thoughts on this?
Simon 08-Jun-2009 16:47
I have a 1996 Virago 535: when I put on the keys and turn the switch to run a clicking is heard. I've checked the battery, it was down to 50%. The horn also won't work. Is this a short circuit problem - causing the battery to wear?
iamflagman01-Aug-2008 07:08
I know that there are a lot of you folks that have been asking questions about your Viragos here on my "VIRAGO TIPS AND TRICKS" photo web site and sometimes I can answer them for you, but there are a few excellent Virago type forums out there on the Internet that can be a better source of information than I can be, so my suggestion is to ask your question on one, or better yet all of these forums listed below;

Official Virago Owners Club Forum;

The Yamaha Virago Mailing List and Archives;

Yahoo! VOC; Forum;

John Finn

mike 23-Jul-2008 14:03
i have a xv1100 with a bad tci box.{i think}backfires when idling after warmup. can i replace it with one from a 750,920,1000.
Marc 23-Jun-2008 23:51
How do i find TDC on an 1982 Virago xv920j? I need to adjust the valaves and i've only adjusted them on cars before. i removed the side cover, but do i put it on the "t" line or the "f" line or the blank line? Thanks for any help.
Marc 23-Jun-2008 23:50
How do i find TDC on an 1982 Virago xv920j? I need to adjust the valaves and i've only adjusted them on cars before. i removed the side cover, but do i put it on the "t" line or the "f" line or the blank line? Thanks for any help.
Curt 18-Jun-2008 21:04
I have a 1985 xv700 and I want to change the fork seals, but I don't have a clue where to start. I noticed at the top of my forks there needs to be a very large star bit to unscrew it. I don't know if that would even be necessary, but where would i get a bit that big? Is there a process that I could go through to do this without paying the big bucks? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
Iman 14-Jun-2008 20:13
Hi, I have a 1985 Virago 700. I would like to increase the air flow to my carbs. Any ideas?
Thank you
John C. 28-Nov-2007 05:34
Colyn- When I put pipes and stage 1 jets and needles in my XV1100 I had to adjust the needles that came with the jet kit down 1 notch from the recommended setting. They spec'd the #4 slot...I had to use #3 to get rid of the backfire and adjust the pilot screws out a total of 2 turns in the front and 2 1/2 turns on the back cylinder. Bikeneeds to at running temperature to make the adjustments and then you take what you get at cold engine temps during warmup period. Some idle adjustment is needed too. Make sure your throttle cables have appropriate slack. Go to and read his carb articles on the Virago
John C. 28-Nov-2007 05:23
Joe, The air pressure on the front forks is usually between 9 and 18 psi. I like rididng with 12 psi in my XV1100. Use your air compressor with the regulator set at no more than 20 psi to fill them...quick bursts of air. When you check pressure with your pressure gauge you will lose about 2 psi each time you check them.
Joe 10-Nov-2007 15:25
I need the Air Preassure specs on my 94 1100 Virago front forks. i just bought it and don't want to blow the seals.

Colyn James 22-Oct-2007 19:39
Hi< ihave aVirago XV1100 with after market pipes i think they are jardine slashbacks the motor backfires a lot when i throttle off,as any one encountered this problem and cured it,can you tell me what adjustments to make to carbs,at the moment settings are pilot jet No1 60 pilot jet No2 140 main jet front 125 rear 122.5 do i have to alter needle.
regards Colyn
Guest 02-Sep-2007 16:17
Please help I need the specs to adjust my values on a 1984 virago 1000. Can any one help me? Joseph
Rob 02-Aug-2007 08:33
Danny- awesome question, i'm having the same problem with my 89 FZR 600. Its sounds like a timing problem because it's backfiring through the carbs. If your question is answered please drop me an email.
danny 08-Jul-2007 19:57
i'm having trouble with my carbs on my 99 535. the bike sat for a while before i bought it and now theres a sputter at low rpms as if its backfiring through the carbs. i thought that it might be bad gas or my low speed jet. i just cant figure it out. any ideas? please contact me.
erik rodriguez 12-Apr-2007 02:15
great site my question..ihave a 1985 700 virago im looking to to change the rear fender but i don't know what otherfender could be used to do this i was told that a honda rebel 450 fender would fit but im not sure and i dont want to spend a bunch of$$$ and not be able to fit the fender has anybody here done this or any help would be welcomed.
wayne 11-Mar-2007 19:53
hi could anyone help with a gear box problem on a yamaha 535 is there any forum site you could help me with thanks again