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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Miami Area Tourist and Local ATTRACTIONS Historical Photos Gallery - All Years - click on image to view > 1972 - the entrance to the Crandon Park Zoo on Key Biscayne
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FEB-1972 1972 Dave Kleylein

1972 - the entrance to the Crandon Park Zoo on Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne, Florida

Thank you to former Miamian Dave Kleylein (William Jennings Bryan Elementary, North Miami Junior High, North Miami High, and Norland High Class of 1962) for contributing this image.

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Guest 23-Apr-2011 14:28
I remember some little rides near the zoo. When did the zoo close? I miss those old days of Miami; especially spending time with my Mom and siblings at the Seaquarium.
stewart 15-Aug-2010 17:58
I was hoping that some of you who have had pictutes of this old zoo would post them so the rest of us could view them.
Carla 22-Jul-2010 23:43
What memories. There was never anything more cool than going to the beach AND the park on the same day. I remember the minature train and those noisy machines that made little wax replicas of zoo animals; elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. We used to beg for those as kids-God only knows why?(LOL)
Guest 03-May-2010 18:13
"Does anyone else remember those little 'elephant keys' that some people had (I believe they were yellow). You used them in these little boxes in various areas and I think they were to access some special guided tour or something?"

I remember those elephant keys (early plastic...), they started some electronic narrative about a specific exhibit. Didn't one have to be a member of some club to get one?

I grew up in Coconut Grove in the 50s/60s/, etc. I wonder if I still have my "key"?
Hymnsinger 20-Oct-2008 03:12
I am Harry E. Miller's youngest daughter. He worked in the 330 Building on Brickell Ave for Southern Bell. In 1973/74 I woulds skip school 3 or more days a week (riding the "B' route past my school on Brickell Ave, Academy of the Assumption, lol) and would go to the zoo and the Seaquarium instead. I became a volunteer worker at the zoo, working mostly in the petting zoo, but worming my way into the "kitchen" and helping prepare the residents meals (found a dead bear in the freezer one day!), the reptile house (recovered an escaped 6' European Water Snake in a turtle mote, bit the CRAP outta me!), and became best friends with the vet's daughter. I got to raise a baby possum for release, assist in many exams and surgeries, and he was even kind enough to operate on my pet mouse that developed a tumor on her neck. I got to do the anesthesia! I hate to tell you the fate of all those baby chicks! I was in charge of feeding the petting zoo, including the rescued owl in the barn loft . . . he didn't eat dead meat, lol! Neither did the snakes or other assorted carnivores. Remember the little brown shetland pony? His name was Honeybear and after hours we kids would ride that poor pony all over the zoo! and the goats were SO obnoxious! Oh! We used to ride the tortoises too! They were SO cool! And the otter tank, and the molded plastic models, and the exotic birds . . . I would catch lizards and feed them to the Kookaburra! I haven't thought of this stuff in ages!

I was also often at the Seaquarium where I was so well known that I could come in the employee entrance, and I was allowed to feed many of the animals, including Hugo and Lolita. BTW, Lolita is a stage name. Her real name is Loki (Loki Lu, I think). There is currently a push to have her released after 40 years(!) at the Seaquarium. Because it's a research center, they are not members of, nor bound by the rules of, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Some people have a problem with that, and the size of her tank. Hugo was also a stage name, but it's been so long I don't remember his real name. I do remember the little patch of black on his "chin" though. He was the friendlier of the two. Loki can be dangerous if she's moody. Remember the shark moat?

Those were my most favorite places during some of the most painful years of my life. I think they saved my life actually. As did Mr. Williams, the driver if the "B" route bus. I used to ride with him all over Key Biscayne, all the way around his route. He would call me "Sad Sack," and even sent me a card when I had chicken pox! God bless Mr. Williams. I'll never forget him.
Miguel 11-Feb-2008 05:38
What great times and so cheap too!!
I remember going to the Crandon Park Zoo so many times. I remember the first thing you saw when you went in were the giant Galapagos turtles.
Then the Alligator pit!Where a stupid guy put his infant son and he fell and was killed by the Gators.
After that,the Aviary and so on!!
Man what has happened to Miami?
In the name of progress we have destroyed its rich history!
The Seaquarium is the only structure left.
Guest 10-Feb-2008 23:50
I remember the pot of gold. I also remember the uprights of the bridge (it was to the petting zoo or children's part of the zoo) and how they were like these colorful, different sized wooden 'beads' all stacked on top of each other. It was a really beautiful bridge and I always wished we had a picture of it. We have lots of pics from the zoo but none of that part. And, I believe, on the kid zoo side of the bridge, there was this tall windmill/water pump next the barn that had all the baby chicks. Does anyone else remember those little 'elephant keys' that some people had (I believe they were yellow). You used them in these little boxes in various areas and I think they were to access some special guided tour or something?
Carol 08-Feb-2008 15:54
Do you remember the pot of gold they had at the zoo? It was just before going over a bridge.
David 26-Jan-2008 03:59
While living on Key Biscayne in the early 70's during high school, we spent many afternoons riding our bicycles to Crandon Park Beach and would ride along side the Zoo train, as seen in this photo. The bike trail went beside the zoo and the backside of various animal exhibits was visable. I often wondered what would happen if the lions and tigers escaped.

David Woods