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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1960 to 1969 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1962 - Aerial view of Haulover beach county park, Haulover Inlet, Bal Harbour, Surfside and Miami Beach
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1962 Florida State Archives

1962 - Aerial view of Haulover beach county park, Haulover Inlet, Bal Harbour, Surfside and Miami Beach

Haulover Beach, Dade County, Florida

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Don Boyd29-Oct-2013 02:06
Guest, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you on your visit back to Haulover. The crook must have been watching from a distance and saw you and your sister put your handbags in the trunk. It happens all over South Florida but it also happens in many other locales such as the beaches of Hawaii, despite warning signs telling folks not to leave valuables in their cars. One of the many reasons I'm glad that I lived when I did is that when we were teens and young, people could leave their cars unlocked with the windows down and nothing would ever be stolen and there was far more respect for the property of others.

That's great for the Haitian Sunny Isles police officer to help you out. I'm glad to hear that there are still some decent cops out there on our streets. : )

Where did you live in Hialeah? Did you go to Hialeah High or not?

Guest 28-Oct-2013 18:54
I lived in Hialeah from 1961 to 1967 and always enjoyed being at Haulover with family and with boyfriends. In January of 2012 my sister and I were visiting my son in Sanibel and decided to drive over to Miami and wallow in nostalgia. (we live in Richmond and Baton Rouge now). At the end of a really nice day we thought we would go see Haulover and then head back to Sanibel. It was late enough that the parking attendant had gone and my sister opened the trunk of her car and we threw our handbags in. (Really dumb, but I thought we would just walk to the end of the wall and look at the beach and get back in the car) Well, the water looked so beautiful we decided to go put our feet in it. When we came back to the parking lot the window in her car was smashed, our bags were gone, and the thief was in such a hurry that he left his baseball cap on the floor board. A very nice Sunny Isles police officer gave us $10 to pay the tolls to get back on Sanibel Island. He wanted to give us more so that we could buy something to eat but we told him we had lost our appetite. BTW, he was a Haitian immigrant.
Larry 23-Oct-2012 18:34
My dad and I spend many a Sunday fishing on those boats in the 1970's It was our bonding time. I don't live in Miami anymore but my Mom does and I recently took my boys fishing one one of the boats which I think was around when I was young.
mikeb 24-Apr-2011 04:18
I can't thank you enough for your information on Capt. Roger Kuhn, as I will remember Him and my Shark still hanging on my wall forever. May He rest in peace knowing he has gained respect from many anglers, especially me. Thanks Again,
Guest 19-Jan-2011 06:41
Roger Kuhn was my mother's brother. He had a twin Ronald. Both are now gone. Cancer.

My dad was Capt. Jack Stone. The best damn fisherman to ever haunt the Miami waterways. He was the youngest man to ever get a Capt. license. He still has two unbroken world records. He used to win every damn tournament he ever fished in with a woman, Susan Higgs as angler. In the 50s and 60s my pops, and that women, kicked the crap out of every man that dropped a line in the water.

Now they are all gone, and nearly all forgotten.

I've tried to get these guys, especially my father in the IGFA Hall of Fame. They have not accepted him

How can there even be a hall of fame without Capt. Jack Stone.

Haulover did finally honor some of our families with a couple bronze placards, my grandfather and great grandfather are named on those markers.

Jack Stone -
Rita Hamway 09-Dec-2010 19:04
My great Uncle, George Hamway, owned the Popeye and my cousin Billy was the captain I spent many days fishing on that boat. What great memories!
George 15-Oct-2010 09:52
Dave---we need to catch up sometime and we are always family! You can reach me at -- hope all is good.
mike b. 30-Sep-2010 04:38
It was July 28, 1979, I was shark fishing aboard the "Miss Chief II" out of Haulover Marina, I was 15 years old. The captain was Roger Kuhn, and the shark I caught that day is hanging on my wall as I write this note. One of the most exciting days of my life, I will never forget, and I still could not thank him enough! Anyone have any information on Roger or his son, who I fished with on one of my many trips on that vessel, please contact me. I also fished the party boats there, Mucho-K, New Popeye, etc., but nothing will beat that day!!! -- MIKE
Dave D 24-Sep-2010 04:02
was the last post from George Jr.? My father,brothers and I ,all worked on the Mucho-k, as well as some relatives from "up north"in the late 50's and up to the 70's. My dad wrote the advertising brochure used for many years, and are part of the family ,though distantly related. I remember the "Mystery" Capt. Elliot Carpenter, "Popeye" Capt Billy Hamway "Cap Rudy" George Rudy, "Hurricane"Christ Chris . a big kingfish you caught when you were about 7 or 8 too
Guest 09-Jun-2010 03:30
My family has run party fishing boats out of Haulover since the 1940's. The business was started by my grandfather (who passed away before I was born) and has been run by my dad since 1957. I am no longer in South Florida but love seeing all these wonderful vintage photos and reading the memories we all share. I'll bet some of you remember some of the old party boats we had such as the "Popeye," "Mystery," and "Cap-Rudy." We still have boats named the "Hurricane" and "Mucho-K"---names which go back many, many years at Haulover.
Don Boyd11-May-2008 03:02
I'm sorry but it was an unintentional oversight. It is now added. I always thought Bal Harbour was beautiful when passing through it, especially the old Balmoral Hotel.

guest 10-May-2008 23:11
Bal Harbour is suspciously missing from the comments. Before traveling south from Haulover Park to Surfside, one must have had to pass through the Village of Bal Harbour. The bad rap that Bal Harbour had ( and well deserved), perhaps is the reason that there are no photos or mention of the infamous place. However, it would be a bonus to include something indicating the place existed at least in someones good or bad menories.
Guest 03-May-2008 14:14
I almost forgot Haulover and the surrounding area looking like the photograph with no condos. My family spent many happy hours in and around Haulover in the early 60's, 70's ... Remember Lighthouse restaurant? We went there to watch hurricane's ocean arrival (timed so we could get home safely before the winds really kicked up). We boated in the bay and referred to water skiing as "trolling for sharks" as an incentive to stay up. Haulover Cut used to eat BIG boats occasionally. We saw a 38' boat after it crashed into the jetty and became hung up on the rocks. Someone mentioned "Beer Can Island" and I wonder if they ever lit a bon fire at night, sitting watching the city lights? What about watching fireworks over the bay? Do they still have them from FIU's north campus?
Guest 30-Apr-2008 02:27
I was born in North Miami Beach, I remember Haulover well. I played on the beaches as a child, my dad and his brothers ran boats out the old Castaways boat docks in Sunny Isles. I often got to out with them. As children we came almost every night to see what was caught aboard those boats. Doris Barnes took so many photos of all of us...she died a few years back.
Guest 20-Jan-2008 22:44
I have a picture that appeared in the Sunday magazine of the Herald of my brother and I sitting astride the world war II cannon waving small American flags for the 4th of July.
ron gwynn 20-Jan-2008 03:35
My grandfather was born in North Miami in 1902 and he told me many stories about Haulover. Used to be a dirt road that led out there and he took my grandmother there on their first date in 1918 and she said that they had to walk through the woods to get to the beach and they built a fire just before dark. I Have grown up in Miami and the old days must have been unreal. My Great Grandfather came up to miami in 1895 from Key West and he died here in North Miami. What a beautiful place it was.............Ron Gwynn
TonyR 02-Nov-2007 22:57
I went back there last August, and it was a shock to see that area without the pier.
B. Lewis 02-Jul-2007 21:56
I have fond memories of my family spending our Sundays at the beach here. It used to be a dime in the early 60's to park and walk under the tunnel to the beach. Later the parking was 25 cents and then $1.00. We used drive up 167th Street to the beach and it seems that we had to wait forever for the bridge to open while the big boats were cruising through the Intercoastal. Later they built a taller bridge to solve that problem. In the 70's we had a boat and would launch at the boat launch near Haulover and we used to cruise up the Intercoastal and park it at Beer Can Island or go through Haulover Cut to the Ocean. Those were the great days..The Castways, the Newport (with the Pub restaurant) and the motels. NO CONDOs