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Ken Leonard | all galleries >> Galleries >> George Barris "Cruisin' Back to the 50's" Car Show Vol. #1 > 1961 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe - Click on photo for much more info
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May 7, 2005 Copyright 2005 Ken Leonard

1961 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe - Click on photo for much more info

Culver City Civic Center

Nikon Coolpix 8700
1/200s f/7.3 at 10.7mm iso50 full exif

other sizes: small medium large original auto
Guest 02-Aug-2014 19:43
If anyone is still following this thread, my grandpa is selling his 1961 mint all original Fury. Candy apple red with a white hard top. Over 300 trophies won at shows! Call me at 517-392-1599
Steph 26-Jan-2014 07:45
I have some bad news. Yesterday the garage were I kept my 1961 fury in caught on fire.The fire also claimed my 1961 fury. I am looking for another 1 , I prefer a fury 2drht color does not matter, I would like AT, PS, PB and air. I prefer a 318 but a 361 will be fine, I want a good body that has no or very little rust. I am really upset about what happened so any help would be appreciated
Thomas 21-Sep-2011 20:32
I have a 1961 Plymouth Savoy 4 door nothing but surface rust mint green under white top 58,000 original miles some side scrapes from previous 80 plus year old driver i am the third owner 225 six engine with a light knoc . i am presently doing a crank bearing job with a high flow oilpump. need headlight trim rings and under dash part of rearview mirror. car drove good new tranny,brakes,alternator,rebuilt carb. also new tires bought for 1000.00 dollars and drove home.
Steph 14-Sep-2011 21:05
My fathere gave me his 1961 plymouth fury as a birthday present. I forgot to mention that it is a 1 owner car and it still has its original headliner and the dash on the paint is original . It was well taken care of . When purchased it came with newoldstock quarters and a right frontfender. It took 18 monts to restore the car . The car will be seen in a movie called Hell and Mr Fudge. There will be a scene were the car is backing out of a parking space and driving out of a chuch parking lot. I am an extra cast member so I will be the 1 driving the car in this scene. The last fill up I averaged 22.1 mpg This is running 93 octane in the tank .
My father wanted to order a fury 2drht back in 1961 but it was too late in the year so he got 1 that was already instopck which was a belvedere 2dr post
Guest 12-Jun-2011 03:36
effildIncitle 11-Jun-2011 12:29
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.
murph 25-May-2011 01:29
hello out there i also own an airforce blue 1961 plymouth savoy slant 6 push button auto 47 thousand orig miles good and solid love these cars im looking for old stock car,drag race pictures of these cars from back in the day
OTIS ELDRIDGE 24-Mar-2011 06:14
Lincoln 26-Feb-2011 21:30
I have a 1961 Plymouth Fury 4 Door, and I am need of a few body parts. I need pasengers front fender stainless moulding, drivers rear tail light lense, new push buttons for shifter and a steering wheel that is not cracked. If anyone out there can help me find these parts or have any leads to where I can start searching, please contact me at the
e-mail address listed below. Mahalo from Hawaii,
Sincerely Lincoln
E-mail contact
Guest 14-Nov-2010 23:47
Bill Ramlow's email address is: Looking for 1961 Plymouth Fury Convertible. Thanks
Bill Ramlow 14-Nov-2010 23:45
In my "younger" days, I had a 1961 Plymouth Fury Convertible and just loved that car. I would like to get another 1961 Plymouth Fury Convertible ( or 2dr hardtop) in decent shape. IF you know of one, please drop me an email. Thanks, Bill from NY
Guest 28-Oct-2010 19:02
I too am looking for a 61 fury, please let me know if you know of any for sale!
jeff Simpson 22-Aug-2010 18:05

I have a 61 plymouth fury convertable , with 83,000 miles in excellent shape garaged for 30 years,anyone know what its worth??
Dalynn 27-Mar-2010 16:40
PS - regarding my previous post, email any info you may have to
Dalynn 27-Mar-2010 16:39
I recently purchased a '61 Plymouth Belvedere 2dr hardtop with a 413 dropped in from a 62 New Yorker. I would also like to find some production number information - anyone have any info? Mine is a solid original New Mexico car with all good glass, all stainless trim. In old school hot rod form right now with satin black paint and amateur flames painted on the front by the previous owner. Just needs some TLC and looking over to be a solid daily driver. This is going to be a fun hot rod project!
Guest 05-Mar-2010 17:50
anyone have a 2 door 61 for sale in georgia or alabama?
Randy 10-Feb-2010 16:29
Hello can any one ID some long rams? Did they make any alumn. ones Any numes would help cannot imagine any afer market. Thanks Randy
LW 09-Nov-2009 21:41
Any ideas on how much a fully restored 61 2door coupe goes for these days?
jeff spence 06-Nov-2009 03:08
hello my name is jeff i live in willits california i have a 61 fury 2 door hardtop and i need some parts for it i am missing the pot metal chrome pieces that split the spear on the quarter panel i need both sides and also the stainless for rear window email me at
DEBORAH JOHNSON 09-Sep-2009 16:44
Hello all, I live in N.M near Albuquerque. I have a white 4 door 61' Plymouth Fury. She's been sitting for a long time. The body is good, all there, windows and interior are gone. But she's straight. Love to find her a good home. If seriously interested please E me @ Thanks
Steph 20-Jul-2009 04:54
My father bought a 1961 fury 2drht off ebay. The car came with an extra front fender and 2 new quarter panels. The motor and transmission was already rebuilt before he bought it. It took alittle over 2 years to restore the car. I will be inheriting the car. After I get this car I will be adding a CD player and tinting the windows. I will admit I enjoy driving this car . She has the original 318 and pushbutton transmission
Kelly Groves 18-Jul-2009 23:18
Enjoying this web site since I own My Grandpa's 1961 fury conv. It has only 79,538 miles on it and still looks great.He changed it from Yellow with a with top to black with black. It has a 361 cu inch (golden commande 395) in it. The interior is original black carpet white seats and silver and white door panels. I have spent over 10 years bringing the mechanical back to drivable from about 10 years sitting in a barn and have finally been enjoying this summer. It gets many double takes when I'm out in it. I hope to eventually redo the body in the coming years. I am interested in all prod. no.s hardtop conv. etc. I am also interested in liturature, specs and options especially trans. options to better take care of it. And by the way Jeff with green and white 61 hardtop in Hemmings june 06 I am from Indpls. In. and have family in Portland In. and I think I saw your fury pull out of a Dairy Queen or something, loved it. Would you like to meet and show cars to each other sometime. By the way I plan on being in Berne swiss days Sat June 25. I Love 61 Furys If anyone dosen't think so check out my email: I would greatly Appreciate any help thank you.
nick d. 27-Jun-2009 02:01
hi fellas i have a 61 fury with a sonoramic commando that i am restoring.does anyone know the production on them.
Guest 16-May-2009 03:41
I am searching to locate and purchase the original vehicle from the series "Car 54 Where are you?". Any leads - please email
Rob T. 04-May-2009 05:24
Hi I have a story about the '61 Plymouth Golden Commando I now own. First, it was designed for the Wisconsin State patrol as a pursuit car but not taken due to budget cut backs. It came with the sonoramic cross ram engine in a plain white two door car. The car came with no power steering or pwr brakes as the police did not feel that the driver truly felt the car with those options. The car did not come with anything pwr or even a radio. Cops had it hard in those days. From what I am told, old police cars are rare but pursuit are non existent due to the way these cars were driven. This makes it a lone survivor. My grandfather bought the car as a Sunday go to meetin' car and the only real miles of the now current approx 37000mi came from coming up to Canada to visit us. It was willed to my father in 1980 and then to me in 2001. The car is still in rust-free condition and due to the heavy vynl seatcovers which came on the car from the dealer, no human has ever sat on the front passenger or back seat material. It does have the rectangular steering whell, push button trans and liquid fill speedo and specially ordered tube type AM radio. Grandpa did change the tires after he bought the car because he didn't like the ones it came with. He also took off the dual crossram intake because it was too hard to set-up. He had the dealer put on a single four and the only air cleaner he could get was off the 360, which says 395 on it. This through me off when I originally looked at the car. Unfortunately he sold the entire crossram set-up with linkage and air breathers for $80.00. I have aquired the manifold but am still in search of the rest of the set-up.

Here are some interesting facts that I have picked up regarding this car. This was rated as the ulgliest car made in America in 1961 as it was the first of it's line to change from the vertical fins to the horizontal. This was also called the meanest looking car by another magasine for it's front grill appearance. This was the first production car in North America to use an alternator instead of the generator. It was proven by driving the car from coast to coast without a battery. This is the car that Richard Petty drove the first time he beat his father Lee Petty. This is the car used in the Leave it to Beaver sitcom and Car 54 Where Are You. This is the engine that was the prelude to the Wedge and the Hemi as the powerhouse of the Mopar Line.

I hope to some day find the missing parts I need for the intake and put her back on the road again. For now she sits in a special storage until I can fire her up again. They tell me parts are findable at a price which right now is out of reach due to all I've had to put into the business. keep those tires smokin'. Rob

Guest 30-Apr-2009 22:59
Guest 30-Mar-2009 11:57
hello... im after some parts for my '61 suburban... so if any of use have an early 60's chrysler corp wagon your parting please email me....
cheers adriana
gene 06-Feb-2009 14:29
had a 61 hardtop wid a 383 and 3-sp on the coluum- 1 of the best cars i ever had- thats a slick ride u have there- mine was white wid a red accent
Guest 13-Jan-2009 04:36
Hi guest from Jan 9 '09 ... I would like to talk to you about the sonoramic car .... please email me at thanks, Aarin
Guest 09-Jan-2009 03:48
I have a 61 fury sonoramic commando
mirrormatic01-Nov-2008 17:36
i have a fury 4door hardtop,golden commando,i'd like to sell,or trade towards a sonoramic 61 with the dual carb crossrams
adriana 27-Aug-2008 01:30
jeff, where did you list the items and pics for sale? what model was the car- sedan, coupe, wagon? my email address is if you want to email me some pics id be interested and id help you identify the car for you, cheers adriana
jeff 26-Aug-2008 12:49
Hi, I am researching a car my father in law sent to iron, I tried to stop him but I pulled parts off it, wish I had more time and I listed them on ebay, I pulled the back window, front window chrome, tail panel plymouth emblem, hood plymouth emblem, grill center, wing windows, pass side chrome tail light ass., mirrors and rear pass sail panel windows, posted a pic of the car on its way to its demise, hope these parts help somebody, I think I started them out cheap enough.....jeff
John 09-Aug-2008 10:30
Have you noticed Mr. Cleaver's '61 Plymouth when Beaver and Gilbert accidently let it drift into the middle of the street? It had that incredibly cool steering wheel that is clear with silver glitter in the outer rim and it's retangular!
I wonder why that car is a hardtop but there were odd black strips in the place between the front and rear side glass that were about an inch behind where a pillar would go. I am guessing it is something the studio had put in the car for some reason that I am curious about. Maybe the caretakers from Chrysler put them in as I expect people from Chrysler were on the set to tend to the cars for things like the shot inwhich the car's driver's door was removed to get a close-up of the Beav at the wheel which was oddly suspended and detached as the Beav moved it back and fourth more than it could if it were connected.
Leave It To Beaver is a great show!
Guest 31-Jul-2008 13:34
TO Randall.

I´own a fury from 1961 with 4 doors. So yes you are right. They are out there. Mine is a 4 dore with hardtop. Also called a Callifornia hardtop. So i have no doorpillars. I think i looks absolutly fantastic when i cruise along with all my windows down :)

I hope it helped you.
Scruffy from Denmark
adriana 29-Jul-2008 06:27
hey bill. i have a book that has production numbers in it... will have to find it again, and let you know the title, although it would be out of print and probably hard to find... i have heaps of sales literature and magazines featuring the '61 plymouths, you learn more and more from everything you read, so one book is not enough... i reakon i have a roadtest for a 61 2-door wagon, ill have to find it and scan it for ya, happy wagoning to you likewise! cheers adriana
ps. if theres anyone else out there with a '61 wagon, email me... or even if you are in need of information for '61 plymouths of any model!
BillBill 27-Jul-2008 23:52
Hey, thanks for the info Adriana, I would like to know the location of that information if it is accessible on the web. As far as keeping it original, I mentioned putting something stronger under the hood, and maybe a little more fun to drive. The old six runs O.K. but isn't very powerful. The body has all the class it needs, so there,s no need to alter the appearance, it's pretty cool just the way it is. Although, being a two door wagon, what a cool (el camino) it would make.I still need misc. parts, front turn lenses, couple headlight rings, etc. Keep posting, and Happy Wagoning! Bill
curt oliver 03-Jul-2008 21:50
i need some trim for a 61 4 door wagon. any parts cars out there?

adriana 23-May-2008 10:04
hello bill. there were 2,464 2door deluxe suburbans produced in '61 (where as 12,980 4door deluxe wagons were produced). a basic factory 2door slant 6 wagon cost $2602 and a V8 cost $2721. they were actually cheaper than the 4-door deluxe wagons. but your right there arent many left these days, and are quiet rare, just like the 4door hardtops sedans are. i do have the breakdown production numbers some where, where they tell you exactly how many were produced with certain engine or transmission types, as soon as i locate it, i'll let you know! good luck with your resto ahead. being a rare car, try and keep it as original as possible, please! cheers adriana
Guest 06-May-2008 16:50
I love the '61's. They're so cool. I also have a '61 Suburban. The one I have is a 2dr. The 2dr. wagons only came in the base model (deluxe) similar to the savoy trim package, kind of plain Jane. Mine has a slant six 3sp. standard that I am planning to upgrade to a 413 and 833 4sp. I don't believe there were many 2dr. wagons produced in '61 and from the info I have gathered so far, only about 1,400 or so. Does anyone have any more on the production numbers for the 2dr. wagons? I would welcome any comments or suggestions on the '61's or just any chit-chat if you like. Email me at Thanks, Bill
Guest 19-Mar-2008 18:47
I have a '61 Sport Suburban and would love to stay in contact with all of those who have '61 wagons. EMail: Send pics!
Guest 07-Mar-2008 19:45
adriana send me a pic if you can to my email would love to see it ,vaughan,
adriana 07-Mar-2008 04:20
adriana here! i finally got a '61 suburban!! im importing it from the states to australia, she'll be the only one over here in australia. cant wait till she arrives!!
Guest 05-Mar-2008 09:19
love this stuff!, i have a 61 suburban deluxe in new zealand , it has been here since brand new, came in as a hearse, probaly only 61 wagon that left the states and it is my baby.vaughan,
Guest 28-Feb-2008 05:08
if anyone has any pics of there '61 suburbans, would you please be able to email them to me, i am trying to decide what colour to paint mine, and would like some examples to see what colours look nice on an actual car. cheers
randy 23-Feb-2008 14:48
Randy,I have a 1961 fury coupe 100% complete ready for resto.318 poly have dual quad intake man. for it.Its silver/black top,its complete love it.But would part with it for 8000.oo Pain an suffering.It has all the trim square steering wheel (bad shape) but restorable.Does any one have any idea of how many were produced? Any info on the61 fury club would be nice.The sale on my fury is for serious fury lovers its not junk but in need of resto.Would sell only to finish my 66 barracuda. Thanks All Randy
Max 17-Jan-2008 16:20
In 1961, when I was in high school, my Dad bought a 1961 2-door white Savoy with blue interior and 3-speed on the column. It had a 361 commando engine and I think the rear gears were 2.91's [does that sound right] That car could fly. In town, you couldn't drive in 3rd gear; it'd lope too much. I'm lucky to be alive no thanks to that car. But I enjoyed every minute of it.
Would very much like to find another one, but the Savoys, let alone a '61, rarely come up for sale.
Graeme 15-Jan-2008 22:16
Hey Terry, feel free to contact me, . There's a few more 61's in New Zealand than you might think!
adriana 06-Jan-2008 04:03
please if anyone has a '61 plymouth that they wish to sell.... EMAIL ME!!! any model, any condition considered!! cheers adriana

Guest 19-Dec-2007 01:57
i have 8 61 plymouths, rick
Mr. Neutron 18-Dec-2007 20:35
If anyone knows of or puts together a '61 Plymouth Club, let me know, I'm the proud second owner of a green Suburban. Poly 318 recently rebuilt with 4bbl and 3 speed (note to those thinking about working on their Polys . . . the block and crank in 1961 is different than later years. I found out the hard way when I bought a 1965 poly to replace the original motor in my wagon; ended up taking both motors to a machine shop and using the good parts off of the '65 and rebuilding the '61 block). I have pictures of the differences and of my sweet ride (named QE3) - just ask:
Terry 17-Dec-2007 00:15
Hey Graham, up there in auckland I would like to hook up somehow with you cause we have the same Plymouth except mine's the Belvedere.

Cheers Kiwi
adriana 09-Dec-2007 13:52
hello, adriana again. still looking for a '61 plymouth. would prefer a coupe or wagon, but would settle for a 4 door. im in australia but dont mind where the car comes from. if you've got a lead for me it would be greatly appreciated.... cheers adriana
BILL 04-Dec-2007 03:45

Don 12-Nov-2007 19:19
I have a 1961 Plymouth Savoy 4dr sedan..inheritted it from my dad..has 57,000 orig miles and original paint.(could use a paint job). The car sits most of the time but when we start starts on the first try and just purrs like a kitten! Trying to find someone who is into old cars who could advise approximate value.
Ken Leonard29-Oct-2007 20:39
PLease note: No for sale ads permitted here. I just had to delete another. Do not tempt me to take down this gallery completely.

Ray 03-Oct-2007 17:07
Hi- looking for a 61 Plymouth Wagon Parts car? Google 61 Plymouth Wagon Funeral Car- there's a nice black one for $800.00- Good Luck! YES I would be interested in starting a 61 Plymouth club! Thanks, Ray
Todd 01-Oct-2007 02:58
Nice car. I am looking for a 61 Plymouth parts car, wagon if possible. I am located in Oklahoma, any leads appreciated.
Bill 11-Sep-2007 23:00
Hey, beautiful car. I recently picked up a '61 2dr. wagon in. The 2dr. wagon was produced only with the base trim package like the savoy, but it's a 2dr. just the same. Mine came with a slant 6 and standard transmission (three on the tree). It's pretty solid, but I need some misc. parts for it such as pass. front fender, headlight panel etc. for passenger front. It took a hit there sometime in the past just above the bumper. If you have parts or a parts car, (any model) please contact me. (218)259-5265 Thanks, Bill
Graeme 06-Sep-2007 02:35
Nice to see so many people who appreciate the "solid beauty" of the '61 Fury- my dream American classic! I'm fortunate enough to have secured one myself, the car is now a resident of Auckland, New Zealand, imported by me from Tucson, Arizona. It is a matching-number '61 Fury 2-door Hardtop with 318 4bbl, pushbutton Torqueflite, factory air-conditioning, power steer, power windows, power seat, factory AM radio, tinted glass and I believe power door locks (although these are not operational). The car is finished in white over white with turquoise and blue interior. Needs a full resto but pretty straight and very rust-free- the floors are all good! Hardest part is finding parts here in NZ- a few Belvedere sedans were sold here new in right-hand-drive form- but getting trim and frontal parts is almost impossible. Plan is not to restore the car but to bring back to life as an "aged cruiser" complete with paint fade and the odd ding. Exener's last stand is alive and well at the bottom end of the world!
Guest 27-Aug-2007 02:30
Brings back some good memories. A '61' Plymouth, one of the best cars I ever owned. It was the first really good car I had ever bought. I was 18 and bought it used in 1966. The dealer told me it was a police package car. It was black with a blue interior, very basic, but punch down on the gas pedal, and for a big car, it could fly. I was able to make believers of alot of Ford and Chevy owners of what a Mopar could do. Contrary to many views, I think the '61' is a great looking car with a grill that says to Ford and Chevy, "give me some homage or I will chew you up." I wish I had it now. The '61' Plymouth was and is a great car!!!
Ronny P. 25-Aug-2007 21:01
Hey there guys & gals!
Reading the comments and pics posted here brings back long ago and very fond memories. I remember growing up, my dad and granddad always had a Mopar around. The first car I remember was a tan & white 1961 Plymouth Fury 4door(old Illinois State Police livery) that my dad owned and my uncle drove sometimes. I remember holding on trying to keep from tumbling into the back seat when they mashed the loud pedal, lol! Uncle said it had a 383 with a 4bbl carb and was more than fast enough as he remembers "tickling" 130 mph in that brute. He also made a little money on the snookering the unaware during impromptu drag races..."man, whatya gonna do wit' dat big ol' car?" Hmmmm... i thought it was pretty hard to miss the angry snoring from under the hood (unconfirmed rumor that ISP spec was for a pretty hot cam... I shudder to think what the 413 specs were as that 383 was ferocious). I do remember a good chirp from the tires as the trans hit 2nd gear. Grandad had a 1963 Savoy that was white on powder blue. Since Dad was a cop, I was always around various Mopars so the marque is dear to my heart. Good idea and good job guys, keep it up... oh and if I would stumble over a nice 61 coupe?? Heh Heh... wanna race? =>
randy 23-Aug-2007 22:24
Randy S.,I just bought 61 Fury 2 door coupe its sick 318. going to 440 it have a set of sono. long rams .The fury will stay the same just modifing the drive train and chassis.I to have a curiousity of how many were prod. and how many are regis.?
Jeff 30-Jul-2007 23:44
I own a 61Fury 2drht,it's green with a white top.It was on the cover of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine back in June 2006.I had a 61Fury way back in 1963 when I was nineteen,it was lavender metalic,it came from the factory with 413 crossram with a 3speed stick transmission,which I later changed to a torqueflight,wish Ihad that one back! But I love the one I have now.I'm glad to see and hear that there are still a lot of people out there keeping them alive,best of luck to all of you--JEFF--
adriana 27-Jul-2007 06:57
hey im adriana., and i live in australia! i just adore the '61 plymouths. i've been trying to find one.... i have collected the brochures, ads, plymouth traveller magazines, models, etc. but if any one knows of a '61 plymouth in australia, please let me know.... would prefer a wagon, but any model will do.... cheers
Bill Wilkinson 07-Jul-2007 03:14
So I thought that having been a Chevy owner for many different makes, models and years having much else was not really of interest. Until I ran across a young fella just back from college. Seems that his grandpa left him a 1961 Belvedere 2 door coupe in pretty much original condition and he needed some cash. I went to a semi covered storage facility and there was this straight clean old car. The young man discribed the car as one that he drove during high school several years ago, parked it becasue the radiator had a hole in it and it had not moved since 2001. From the green mold growing on top of it, I was not sure what it was, other than it was straight and all of the crome was there. I put it on a trailer, hauled it home and took a hose and a lot of car wash to it. To my supprise it was really clean and straight. I put a new battery in it, checked the fluids and supprise, started like it was running yesterday, not 6 years ago. He was right about the radiator, a pressure test has led to the removal with a trip to Performance Radiator in the morning. Not sure what the end result will actually be, however, by the time I'm done with new paint and alot of crome polishing I think I might even keep it with my other Chevy's. I must admit that I'm not real up on the difference between the fury and the belvedere, mine looks just like the one in the pic above. ???????????
Rick 07-Jul-2007 01:00
Hello all,

My name is Rick and I too own a 61 Fury (I am the 2nd owner) I brought the car from the orginal owner (drove from San Diego to Placerville to get it) the car is all orginal with the fastback top and 383 Commando engine .

I will be starting on the car next month and plan to build a real nice web site posting pics and comments on the car. I will keep all posted.

And yes I would love to start a car club (count me in)
Guest 26-Jun-2007 08:07
Javier L Morton 14-Jun-2007 16:25
We have a 4 door Plymouth Fury here in Mexico city, I think Its the only one in the holw country. We dont have much information of the Fury. This car was broght forom Europe, the mexican ambasador in Amsterdam boght this car in Amsterdam and in 1981 was imported to Mexico City.
How ccan I send a picture so you can see it?
Kate 21-May-2007 19:47
My Grandpa just gave me his 1961 Fury and I wanted to do a little homework on it before I started fixing it up. Any history on the car? (like how many were made and other interesting things)and what they are worth now? Or any other suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
RICK 16-May-2007 01:55
scott 14-May-2007 19:39
I own a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door in good condition, it's salmon pink with a white roof. It's nice to see there is still a few others still out there.
Silvio Rivas 07-May-2007 20:25
I would like to by a plymouth 1961 automathic exctly like the one in the picture please let me know hwo much it is
Shawn Fechter 01-Apr-2007 03:39
Shawn Fechter Clarinda Iowa
This fall I bought a 1961 Plymouth Savoy 4 door. This vechile sat in a barn for about 25 years. It was coved in about 1 inch of dust, good thing it saved the paint. It has 67,000 miles on it and is in out standing condition. Still had the window sticker and owners manual, like new. Not to sure how the slant 6 will work out as I have done not anything about getting it started. Damn winter! Also it's a three on the tree. Anyway I just wanted to add my car to group.
Guest 30-Mar-2007 19:21
To Randall (from Jan. 2 posting):

I recently purchased a 1961 Plymouth 4-Door Fury Sedan. It has a 318 engine and some extras (and is badly in need of love!). Did you buy the 61' that you mentioned for $7000?

Also, I need some side trim & back trim for my 61'. Does anybody have any suggestions?

And, lastly, would any of you who have 61' Plymouths out there be interested in starting an informal 61' Plymouth Club? (The 1959 Plymouths have a large club -

mike parsons 14-Mar-2007 16:59
To Mark Jackson: I have a few front and side pieces of chrome for a 1961 2 door plymouth. I also have a speedometer cluster and original radio, battery tray. I have a 1961 plymouth fury convertible streetrod for sale for $35,000.00
mark jackson 13-Mar-2007 07:20
would like to know if any side, front and rear trim is avaliable for 61 2 door. magic picks of this really cool old bird,is it possible to contact any 61 owners.
Mike Parsons 10-Mar-2007 15:40
I have a 1961 plymouth fury convertible, extra sharp with late model running gear. A real streetrod cruiser with custom wheels. Super Nice !!
Guest 02-Feb-2007 23:46
I'm looking for a 1961 Plymouth Fury Coupe if you know of any please contact me.
Randall 02-Jan-2007 09:31
I Met a guy who is asking $7000 for a 1961 "Plymouth Fury". The problem is that it's a four door. I can't find any 61 four doors anywhere but it must be a 61 because the front of the car looks exactly like the picture above. I am forced to beleive that the car was various bread and butter version that somehow got Fury emblems put on it by mistake or where change by one of its owners. It has a 318, original and good condition. It came from the western U.S. and was said to have been purchased by the current owner from a man who inhereted an elderly ladys' estate.
Jack 03-Sep-2006 14:45
Could this car be purchased?
Wayne Colby 29-Jul-2006 06:16
thanks for the bit of history and comments. I just acquired this same model in plain white, has the 383 engine, 2 door like yours, and am learning more about it. Fortunately this one has been in the garage all it's life, so original all the way, am currently trying to locate 3 headlight bezels to replace dented ones, otherwise in pretty good shape.
It will be fun to cruise around in.

Your's certainly a beauty!!!
Joe Godec 06-Apr-2006 22:34
Not initially, but later in the model year, Plymouth also offered the 413 in single 4V carb form (350 H.P.) and with ram-induction 2X4V (375 H.P. -- the 300F and G engine).
I had a 2X4V carbureted '60 Fury from 1960 to 1964 and have another one now. I am always ready to talk about those big-tailed beasts with the cross-ram engines to anyone intersted in them.
Guest 31-Mar-2006 03:06
My dad was always a Plymouth man-he actually traded a beautiful white '58 2 dr hardtop for an ugly green '61 4 dr sedan so we had the best and the worst of Plymouth
Rick Johnson 27-May-2005 17:21
1961 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe. A face that only a mother could love. This is one of those cars that appeals to collectors because of its uniqueness in style. The '61 Plymouth was certainly a bizarre blend of styling cues. Noted Auto Enthusiast and author Richard M. Langworth characterized the '61 and its controversial grille as looking like " the Insect That Ate Tokyo". Likewise, Motor Trend magazine said the car "spawned a whole new generation of Japanese sci-fi monsters". Indeed when I pulled out my '61 Plymouth Sales Brochure as part of research for this history and comment, I thought whomever wrote the text describing the car must be from Outer Space:
"....Plymouth's new styling is a harmony of motion, momentarily stilled on sleek steel and bright aluminum. And when you see it on the street-man, oh man-here's a car to make heads turn in any neighborhood. Yes, the solid beauty of Plymouth is, in itself, enough to make you eager to buy it but, when you discover the sound engineering behind that beauty, wild horses won't keep you from your nearesr dealer." Heads will turn alright. I feel like I am reading science fiction instead of a sales brochure.

As it turned out, people stayed away in droves, no wild horses necessary. For the first time since Plymouth's introduction, it's market share was less than 10% of the "Low-Price Three". Just four short years before, with the introduction of the long, low, and finned sleek styled 57's, Plymouth's market share was almost 20%, and Plymouth regained third in the Industry from Buick, a position Buick had held since 1954. But by 1960, Plymouth's tasteful fins had morphed into bizarre creations of monstrous proportions and the sales slide had begun. In 1961, a major facelift removed the fins, except for a mini-fin running down the center of the rear deck of the top of the line Fury models. A single beltline of brightwork ran the length of the car on Fury models with a slight kick-up in the C pillar area. The beltline trim swept around to the front of the car over the dual headlights and well into the latticework grille and back to the headlights. All of this above a big bumper with a toothy center section. Scalloped rear fenders featured elongated bullet housings containing taillights at the end. These bullett housings were chrome on Fury models, and body color on Belvedere and Savoy models, but chrome housings were optional on both. The Fury in Ken's photographs features the rare "Sportone" paint that became an available option at mid-yeay. Sportone placed one color below the beltline, the other above. This example features Twilight Turquiose Metallic over Arctic White.
Inside the car, the influence of the coming space age is evident. Star Trek and Star War Fans would love Chrysler Corporation Cars of this era. Oblong shaped steering wheels with metallic flakes embedded in the plastic steering wheel, ornate dashes with push button transmission controls and heating-ventillation controls, the "Teleview" speedometer and gauges mounted on top of the dash with its "quiet-drive magnetic system with a cable driven annular ceramic magnet with temperature compensation, flux collector, drum-type indicator with sationary non-metallic bearing....etc." Also, reading from the brochure: "Fury interiors feature the Command Seat with the high back that gives the driver extra shoulder support and helps prevent driver fatigue". All this sounds like the Spaceship Enterprise to me!!!!
Under the hood Plymouth buyer had a choice of the base Economy inline 6 cylinder, rated at 145 horsepower, and four V-8 options, including the "Sonoramic Commando 383" developing 330 horsepower with two four barrel carburetors. Wow!!!! a Sonoramic Commando
engine!!!!!! Awesome. And Chrysler did have the best three speed automatic transmission in the business at that time.
In 1961 Plymouth's saviour was the new compact Valiant. But even Valiant's success was not enough to prevent Plymouth sliding from third to seventh in Industry sales. In all fairness, except for the front the car, Plymouth styling was smooth and sleek. Take a look at another of Ken's photos of this car in this gallery, a rear angle view, and you will see what I mean. Not bad at all. He also includes a picture of the unusual speedometer and steering wheel that I described, as well as close ups of the very bizarre grille. Other photos of this car may be seen in at least two of Ken's other galleries. They are all fantastic shots at interesting angles that allow study of the various and unusual styling cues of the car.
Like Oldsmobile, it's hard to believe that Plymouth is now an orphan make. So very many years Plymouth was Chrysler Corporation's bread and butter car, and for much of the thirties, forties, and fifties, it was the third best selling car in America. For most of its years, it was a solid well-engineered car. There were momentary lapses in styling along the way, but there were also times of greatness, including the Furys, Roadrunners and the 'Cudas of the muscle and pony car era. Ken, thanks for sharing your photographs of a very interesting car in Plymouth's history.
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