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MAY 13

FLASH HEAD -- for those tired of dealing with cumbersome flash
brackets. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. Not
recommended as a shower cap. Speak to your local priest before
using during Catholic wedding ceremonies. Avoid use on golf
courses during thunderstorms. In studies, some photographers
reported becoming "light-headed"; others reported a persistent
buzzing in the ears. Belt battery case and fashionable
matching imitation-duct-tape camera bag sold separately.

other sizes: small medium original auto
Cindy23-Jun-2006 23:38
LMAO. Great sense of humor. Love it.
Beryl Hauri-Gersch22-May-2006 11:35
Very funny!
Jessica McCollum10-Apr-2006 23:48
Has to be one of the funniest most creative photos I have ever seen. Great job!!!
Guest 14-Feb-2006 10:37
James Lundy31-Aug-2004 01:50
Snapping Turtle12-Jul-2004 01:48
All hail to the king of the flash mounts! Clever ;-)
Guest 24-May-2004 06:41
Hahaha... what a BRIGHT idea! What did you feel when you removef the tape from your head??
John Buffin20-May-2004 03:19
Excellent concept shot...and not an entirely bad idea...=)
Shaun Lowe19-May-2004 04:02
Ahh ahahahaha. Just hilarious. Mostly because I can
identify with it in a way.
Guest 17-May-2004 21:22
ROTFL! Where DO you come up with these ideas??? LOL This is RICH!
Guest 17-May-2004 04:51
LOL, a funny one!
Guest 17-May-2004 01:08
i can't figure out which is funniest, the getup, the narrative, or the look on your face. had to come back again today for another look and laugh. lol
Jarrett16-May-2004 01:46
Karen Leaf15-May-2004 03:39
Funniest thing I seen in a while! Do you find yourself trying to get your eyes to focus all the time from the excessive flash? I can't stop laughing.
Guest 14-May-2004 06:55
OMG! How did I miss this!! DORK!! LOL!! Are you bald now??? Talk about WAXING!!!
Guest 14-May-2004 04:19
LOL, Dork was the first word that came to mind as I sat here giggling!
Too funny, I love it! I just hope that you didn't lose too much hair :^D
Digital Rebels14-May-2004 02:10
Pretty good one!!
JP Morgan 13-May-2004 22:45
I don't even think that the Flo-bee could cure that one!
Guest 13-May-2004 19:35
really cute.. at least I'll get a good nights sleep tonight.. Rafi
Jvan Photography13-May-2004 17:11
OMGosh!! Is all I can say :-)
Rick Lewis13-May-2004 14:52
Ok....ok...I can't stop laughing. Excellent.
Faye White13-May-2004 14:46
Too funny!!! Great image!
Robin Reid13-May-2004 13:22
Absolutely hilarious! You have a devious (and I may say so) slightly demented mind. A total HOOT.
Pall Gudjonsson13-May-2004 13:14
I guess you patent application is already in the mail :-)
Love this - keep on keeping us smiling, we all need it .
Joseph Levy13-May-2004 13:06
I thohugt I was the only one that dose this! Fight on my Brother!!
Gary Blanchette13-May-2004 13:06
All I've got to say is... Hahahahahahaha!!! (Does it work?)
Guest 13-May-2004 12:55
I never would have thought you were a flasher! But here it is... living proof! Funny..... soooo fuunnnyyy! oh and please tell me you didn't duct tape your hair!
Guest 13-May-2004 12:52
LOL! You are crazy!
Jill13-May-2004 11:50
Tape included? Different colors? Has to match what I am wearing.
Guest 13-May-2004 09:09
Sitting here at work laughing so hard! (People here wonder what´s wrong wiht me)
You LIGHT up my day!!
Guest 13-May-2004 08:46
is it flashhead or pothead?? Or both? Good shot.
Guest 13-May-2004 06:09
Oh man youre creative!
christianl13-May-2004 05:45
Valeska13-May-2004 05:08
Whow this is very funny or is it real?
Karthik Raja13-May-2004 04:58
This is damn funny.. and i also like the tone of this picture... It is so well composed...
Guest 13-May-2004 04:49
LOL - I have to get another falsh gun and some gaffer tape and try it for myself!
Guest 13-May-2004 04:44
OMG I needed your set up at a recent event...
That is too funny.
jude13-May-2004 04:28
Too damn funny!
Guest 13-May-2004 04:23
very goog !!! :-))
Ray :)13-May-2004 03:42
...but are all three units synchronised?
Blayne 13-May-2004 03:41
Comes equipped with 'fully functioning' swivel head...for bounce flash you only need stare at the ceiling!
Jude Marion13-May-2004 03:32
LOL Very funny!
Herb 13-May-2004 03:26
Cool dude.
Guest 13-May-2004 03:20
Very cute CJ, always the imaginative one aren't you :]
Guest 13-May-2004 03:18
Another bright idea CJ.
Guest 13-May-2004 03:08
Nice... Very illuminating!
Guest 13-May-2004 03:05
I think I've seen this setup on ebay!
You're way way crazy! (which is a compliment, honest!)
Guest 13-May-2004 03:00
You are such a dork! I love this! Very creative and funny! DUDE...NICE! :-)
Carmen13-May-2004 02:58
Gives new meaning to the word "hot flash". Isn't that a little warm? And do we get the "duct tape extraction" picture tomorrow? Ouch. :-) Neat picture.
Guest 13-May-2004 02:57
tell me this isn't serious? i would die w/ tape in my hair! lol
Joseph Tidwell13-May-2004 02:56
LOL! Nice head hear CJ. Great picture too.