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Eilat Underwater World

Pictures of the underwater world of Eilat taken in 2003-4.
Cute Risbecia Nudibranch Chromodoris Africana Nudibranch Chromodoris Hamiltoni Nudibranch Hypselodoris Infucata Nudibranch Ruppell's Wart Slug
Chromodoris Quadricolor Nudibranch Chromodoris Quadricolor Nudibranch Hypselodoris maridadilus Chromodoris Quadricolor Nudibranch Hypselodoris Infucata Nudibranch
Marioniopsis cf levis Chelidonura livida Common Lionfish Common Lionfish Juvenile Emperor Angelfish
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish Yellow Mouth Moray Yellow Mouth Moray in a cleaning station Peppered Moray Unidentified Moray Eel
Peppered Moray Juvenile Moray Eel Peppered Moray Cave Sweeper soft Coral
Corals Corals Brittlestar Tube Worm Tube Worm
Tube Worm Tube Worms Octopus Hawksbill Sea Turtule Blue Spotted Stingray
Painted Anglerfish Anemone Shrimp Durban Dancing Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp at work Henderson Shrimp
Banded Boxer Shrimp Brownish Coral Crab Bubble Coral Shrimp Spiny spider crab Spiny spider crab
Spiny spider crab Anemone partner shrimp Anemone partner shrimp Bruun's cleaning partner shrimp P4020931cr.jpg
Squat Lobster on a soft cotal Shade of a diver Coral Grouper Blenny Tube Worm
Crown of Thorns Starfish Crown of Thorns Starfish Flat Worm Flat Worm Christmass Tree Worm
Puffer fish Brittlestar on a soft coral Walkman Scorpionfish Glass Fish Octopus
Lionfish Head P7160937rc.jpg P7160963ccr.jpg