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Yes. PBase offers support for third-party statistics services. Please see Other Statistics Services for more information.

You can currently print your images with or without a frame. Framed images also include matting.

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In order to link subgalleries, go to the Advanced Settings page in the gallery which you want to link from. Select the check box to use Linked Subgalleries Click Update For example: Say you have an Italy gallery. Within the Italy gallery, you have subgalleries for various Italian cities. It would be nice if people could jump directly from the Venice subgallery to the Bologna subgallery without having to go back through the main Italy gallery to get there. The solution is to use linked subgalleries.... (more)

To keep track of the amount of traffic you are receiving on your pages, we have supplied hit counters. These hit counters are only viewable by you and are not available to other users when viewing your pages. Gallery Hit Counts To find out how many page views your gallery has had, select the gallery and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left, you will see the hit counter which looks like "## pageviews since DD-Month-YY" (The date is the creation date of that particular gallery).... (more)

Your profile page displays information such as name, email address and a personal URL. This information can be modified on the Account Page. Get there by clicking the "edit your account settings" link on your profile page. Personal Information See a user's name, email, URL, country, and profile portrait. Statistics View statistics about how many galleries, images, and page views the user has. The page view count is updated once a day when you view your own profile page. You can also... (more)

The statistics are updated once a day around 2AM UTC., Google Analytics, Extreme Tracking

The statistics on the profile page are updated once a day when you view your own profile page. So, it may take some time to see results of adding/removing images and receiving page views.

You can configure your PBase account settings to add tracking for third party statistics services to your images and galleries. Currently, we support, Google Analytics, and eXTReMe Tracking. If there is another service you would like to use, please let us know about it by emailing Once you have your account with your preferred tracking service, just go to your account settings and enter the appropriate information for the tracker you are using. As soon as you hit the Update button on your account page, you could see the code appearing at the bottom of your galleries and image pages if you were to view the page html. StatCounter Once you have your account, look at the code supplied by StatCounter on their control page. It will look something like this: <!-- Start of StatCounter Code --> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- var sc_project=212793; var sc_partition=27; var sc_security="4438a2eb"; //--> On your account page, you will enter the three variables: Project, Partition, and Security. For the above example code, on the PBase account settings page, you'd fill in 212793 for Project, 27 for Partition, and 4438a2eb for Security. NOTE: These numbers are just an example. You should use the values provided to you by Google Analytics Google Analytics uses a Uacct name which will look similar to: UA-2309823-1 Note that with Google Analytics, it will take... (more)

The PBase Statistics Pages show you how many times your pages have been viewed in the past 30 days. You will notice three links at the top of each stats page labeled: aggregate, hourly and root. These links will navigate you to the different views of the PBase Statistics Page that are described below, with root taking you to the gallery stats page of your root gallery. On the right side you will notice a link that says direct links, this link is explained at the... (more)

Data about your disk usage, page views, etc.

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