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What is cell spacing?
This controls the minimum pixels between thumbnails. The default is 20.

Edit Gallery Page
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Make sure you are properly logged in. Go to and then login again with your username and password.

This is a label for identifying a gallery. It can consist only of lowercase letters, digits, and underscores. (birds,birds2,birds_3)
This name is used as part of your gallery's permanent URL (
While it is possible, try to avoid changing this, because any links on other web sites to this gallery will break.

After creating your gallery, you can describe it with a title. For example, if you have a gallery consisting of photos from your trip to Spain, you may want to entitle the gallery "Spain".
The title is usually a very short description of the gallery. It is also used in the web page's title.

After giving your album a title, you may also want to describe it. For example, if you entitled your album "Spain" you may want to give it a description such as "Spring Break in Spain- 2004", or something even more specific. You can put as little or as much detail in your description as you like.

If this is not checked, your description will be automatically formatted.
Specifically, there will be BR tags inserted wherever you had a linefeed so that your description won't be all run together.
If you want to control any formatting yourself with your own html, then check this to prevent automatic formatting substitutions.
Just uncheck this box if you want to have the auto-formatting take effect.

By selecting your location, other users will be able to search for your gallery by location.
For example, if you select Spain as the location, when other users go to the World Database, and click on Spain, you gallery will appear and others will be able to browse it.

If this option is checked, then image titles will be displayed beneath thumbnails when viewing the gallery.
If it is unchecked, only the thumbnails will be displayed.

If you check the box marked "this gallery can be viewed by anyone", the gallery will be listed in its parent gallery.
If yo uncheck this box, the gallery will not be listed with the contents of its parent gallery, but if anyone goes directly to the gallery URL, they will see the gallery contents normally.
When you make a gallery non-public, any subgalleries it contains are still public until you edit them and explicitly make them non-public as well.

The number of columns in a gallery controls how many columns of thumbnails to display. The default is 4. You can change this value any way you like.

The table width setting controls what percent of the browser window to fill. 100% is the default.
Set it to 0% to push the thumbnails closer together.
*Greater than 100% is not recommended.

This controls the minimum pixels between thumbnails. The default is 20.

Cell padding controls the number of pixels of space around thumbnails. The default is 20.

A gallery can be broken into multiple pages, which is useful if there are many images in one gallery.
Choose the number of images you want per page next to the "multi-page gallery" option, or leave blank to have all images on one page. This will insert Page Breaks at the appropriate locations when you choose to update the gallery.

Yes. You can choose your background colors.
Basic colors like black, blue, red, orange, magenta, etc., can be entered next to the "background color" box, or for more control, you can use the RGB hex triplet formula.

Yes. Basic colors like black, blue, red, orange, magenta, etc., can be entered next to the "text color" box, or for more control, you can use the RGB hex triplet formula.

This allows you to automatically process new uploads to the gallery.
You can select no change, delete originals, or recompress originals.

To delete an entire gallery, you must edit the gallery you wish to delete, make sure it is empty, and click the "Delete This Gallery" button.
You cannot delete a gallery that still contains images or other galleries. You must first remove all contents from the gallery and then delete it.

When editing a gallery, you have the option to Create a New Gallery. After naming the new gallery, you have an option to Create the Gallery at Root level. This is the default, but by unchecking that box, your new gallery will appear within your current gallery. For example: Let's say you want to create a "flowers" gallery in your root gallery and have galleries for "daisies", "roses", and "marigolds" inside of the "flowers" gallery. Edit your root gallery. Scroll down to the "Create a new gallery...... (more)

When editing a gallery, if you want the new images to be seen at the beginning of the gallery instead of the end, click on the "sequencing" tab.
Beside "Images" there are two options: you may either add new images to the beginning of the gallery, or add new images to the end of the gallery.
Click the circle next to "add new images to the beginning of the gallery".
Click the "Update Placement Settings" button.

You can choose which format you want to use to display your gallery titles when the gallery is displayed as a subgallery of its parent.
To change the gallery delimiter:
- Go to your profile page.
- Click on "edit your account settings".
- Scroll down to the "Account Settings" section.
- Select the Gallery Title Delimiter that you like from the dropdown menu.
- Click the Update button.

You can create a new gallery from your profile page.
To create a new gallery, first give it a name.
If you want this gallery to be created at the root level, leave the box checked; if you want this new gallery to appear in the existing gallery, uncheck the box.
After you click the "New Gallery" button, you can upload photos into your new gallery.

On your account settings page, under the Options tab, you will see an Edit Gallery Statistics setting. If you check this checkbox, when you go to the original edit gallery page, you will see more details for each image or subgallery in that gallery, including hitcounts, original dimensions, and original file size. This information can be useful to have sometimes, but it slows down the edit gallery page considerably. If you do not need to see the extra information on a regular basis,... (more)

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