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Published Specimens

Several specimens from these collections have been published:
as new species (Anglopterum magnificum, Boreopeltis smithi, Burmacyrtus rusmithi, Nectocotis rusmithi, Meniscopsia beebei, Scolytonema dominicana, Dakorhachis thambus), and as illustrations in journals and books.
Several others are in the process of being described. This has been a wonderful by-product of publicly sharing the images.
Numerous specimens have been donated to public institutions in Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

The fluorite specimens shown here are published in The Mineralogical Record 2021, 52 (2), 159-166.
Meniscopsia beebei in Robison & Babcock 2011. Beckwithia typa, 3 cm complete. Weeks Formation, Upper Middle Cambrian, Millard County, Utah, USA. Pseudarctolepis sharpi 6 cm. Wheeler Shale, Middle Cambrian, Millard County, Utah. Fine 8 mm bivalved arthropod, Anabarochilina australis (Hinz-Schallreuter), Middle-Upper Cambrian Marjum Formation, Millard Co. Coleicarpus sprinklei, a 45 mm solutan.
Dakorhachis thambus Cruziana omanicus, Cambrian, Huqf, Oman. Width of traces about 4 cm. Cruziana semiplicata, Cambrian, Huqf, Oman. width 3 cm. 22 mm Triarthrus with limbs and antennae in Fossilien (2008) and Bonino & Kier (2010). Rhenops sp, 45 mm ventral view, complete with limbs and antennae. Hunsrueckschiefer, L Devonian, Bundenbach, Germany.
Chotecops ferdinandi, 55 mm complete with limbs and antennae. Hunsrueckschiefer, L Devonian, Bundenbach, Germany. Plectodiscus discoideus, 5 cm, Bundenbach Vachonisia rogeri, Hunsruck Slate, Bundenbach. In: Oltmann 2006, 2007 Mimestaster hexagonalis, Hunsruck Slate, Bundenbach. In: Hohenstein 2004, Fig. 4. HRS_Furcaster_5.jpg
Palaeocucumaria hunsrueckiana Lehman 1958, 80 mm long Conularia Anglopterum magnificum, 105 mm insect wing, in Prokop, Smith et al. (2006). Anglopterum magnificum, detail of wing. Westhaughton Maiocercus celticus, complete 4cm arachnid. Westphalian A, Crock Hey opencast, in Smith (2007), GEA
Phalangiotarbid, Mesotarbus peteri, Lancashire Scorpion, Lancashire Lancs Smithixerxes RS_24.jpg Euproops rotundatus with encrusting microconchids. 40 mm wide, Crock Hey Open Cast, Wigan, Lancashire, England.
Cyclus johnsoni. Upper Carboniferous. Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. 2.5 cm wide carapace Insect nymph, probably palaeodictyopteran. Westphalian A, Westhoughton, Lancashire, England, UK. Burmacyrtus rusmithi in Grimaldi & Hauser 2011 Burmacyrtus rusmithi Boreopeltis smithi Fuchs et al. 2009
Octopus showing exceptional preservation of internal anatomy. 55 mm. Cenomanian, Hjula, Lebanon. Drawing of octopus showing exceptional preservation of internal anatomy. Styletoctopus inksac and gills Poinar 2011 Dominican amber platypodid with nematodes in: Poinar 2011.
Scolytonema dominicana (Poinar 2011). Metasequoia leafy shoot with opposing leaflets (see Grimaldi et al. 2002), 24 mm long. Exquisitely preserved 10 mm feather with preserved terminations in 15 mm amber specimen. Fangs, eyes and cephalothorax (with white stripes) of araneaeid spider, filling 16 mm burmite amber. Detail of the front four eyes of the araneaeid spider. Minute pyrite crystals are present in the centre of each eye.
Cricket in Burmese amber. Bivalve CT4.jpg Micro CT image of Paleolignopholas kachinensis Micro CT image of Paleolignopholas kachinensis crypts Rusmithia gorochovi, tribe Rusmithini, Kaliningrad Eocene amber
Spectacular warrior termite, Arceotermes sp., ventral view, 7 mm long Termite, Arceotermes sp., dorsal view Published cassiterite pseudomorph after Carlsbad twinned orthoclase, 37 mm long. 1828 find, Wheal Coates, St Agnes, Cornwall. Gold in quartz, Clogau St Davids Mine, Bontddu, Dolgellau Gold Belt, Gwynedd, Wales, 20 x 12 x 12 mm Calcite twin, 44 mm, Wheal Wrey, St Ive, Cornwall. Published specimen.
Torbernite, crystals to 5 mm on 5 cm matrix. Published specimen. Wheal Jane sphalerite, published on pg 25 in Lapis  Volume 45, Nr. 7-8 (August 2020) The Heuland/Robertson zoned prismatic siderite with pinacoids, Wheal Maudlin, 1818-1819 find, ex Heuland. Published specimen. Penetration twin of complex fluorite crystals (icositetrahedron, dodecahedron, cube). Smoky Hawk Mine, Colorado. 17 mm group. Fluorite spinel penetration twin around [111], 30 mm. Erongo, Namibia.
Fluorite penetration twin, 37 mm across, Blackdene Mine, Weardale, Co Duram, UK. ex Arthur Scoble Pseudohexagonal fluorite gem complex penetration twin, 47 mm across. Chumar Bakhoor, Hunza Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan. Pseudohexagonal fluorite penetration twin, 18 mm twin. Naica, Mexico. Cube, dodecahedron and icositetrahedron faces visible. Fluorite spinel twin, 2 cm on 7 cm specimen. Composition plane horizontal. Naica,Chihuahua, Mexico. Pseudohexagonal fluorite penetration twin of cube-octahedra, 11 cm. Erongo, Namibia. Twin domains highlighted.
Purple to green zoned fluorite in 18 mm interpenetrant twin, Blue Circle Quarry, Eastgate, Weardale, Co Durham. Fluorite twin, 65 mm, hexoctahedral and shallow tetrahexahedral faces are seen. Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, Co Durham. Kėsterite twin, 14 mm. Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co., Mianyang Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. Lapis, 2019, November, page 31 Liroconite crystals to 6 mm on limonite matrix, Wheal Gorland, St. Day, Cornwall. Published specimen. Liroconite detail with crystals to 6 mm. Published in Lapis 7-8/2020 pg 25.
Twinned sphalerite (Fe-rich) to 3cm with pyrite and quartz, 23 cm. 600' level, Wheal Jane, Cornwall. Published specimen. Spinel Star of David Mogok, 7 mm Danburite, beautiful honey yellow gem crystal with complex termination. 26 mm long, one of my favourite crystals from here.