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Coleoid Cephalopods

The fossil record of coleoid cephalopods includes some spectacular instances of exceptional preservation: the Upper Carboniferous of Mazon Creek, the Lower and Upper Jurassic of England and Germany, the Middle Jurassic of France, and the Upper Cretaceous of Lebanon. A selection of examples is shown in this gallery.

Arms with hooklets preserved, beaks, eyes, ink sacs and gills can all be seen in the images below.
Hematites 94mm, Washington, USA. Aulacoceras sulcatum timorensis, 135 mm, Triassic, Timor, Indonesia Atractites 7cm, Triassic, Nevada, USA Clarkeiteuthis conocauda, complete 20 cm belemnoid with soft body preservation and arm hooklets. Toarcian, Holzmaden, Germany. Cuspiteuthis, Whitby, Yorkshire, UK
Eight-armed vampyropod, Vampyronassa rhodanica juvenile, Callovian, Middle Jurassic, La Voulte, France. La Voulte coleoid in CT image La Voulte coleoid in CT image, underside of the animal La Voulte coleoid in CT image showing tip of beak protruding. View of beaks in longitudinal section. The semicircular structures below relate to the eye, probably orbital cartilage.
Duvalia sp, 54 mm, Upper Jurassic, France Suebibelus pressulus, 9 mm, Upper Jurassic, Sengenthal, Germany Rachiteuthis donavoni, 6 cm lateral view, Cenomanian, Hjoula, Lebanon. Rachiteuthis lateral drawing 7 cm Rachiteuthis donovani, excellent complete vampyropod with worm, possibly showing four fins at left, Hjula, Lebanon
Rachiteuthis donovoni, Hjula, Lebanon Complete 13 cm Dorateuthis syriaca showing arm crown, buccal mass, head, body with fins. Boreopeltis smithi, Cenomanian, Hjoula, Lebanon. Glyphiteuthis abisaadiorum, 75 mm, vampyropod coleoid, Trachyteuthididae, Cenomanian, Hjula, Lebanon. Glyphiteuthis sp, vampyropod coleoid, Trachyteuthididae, Cenomanian, Hjula, Lebanon.
Keuppia levante 75mm with exceptional beak and internal soft part preservation. Hjula Keuppia levante beak Octopus showing exceptional preservation of internal anatomy. 55 mm. Cenomanian, Hjula, Lebanon. Drawing of octopus showing exceptional preservation of internal anatomy. Styletoctopus inksac and gills
Gordoniconus beargulchensis?, 128 mm long, Bear Gulch, Montana. Traces of soft parts are visible in the body chamber.