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Viking trefoil brooch, 43 mm, Yorkshire, 10th century. Gotland drum or box brooch with single piece construction and interlace designs in panels with minor remaining gilding, 43 mm. Gotland animal-head brooch, ca 10th-11th century, 46 mm. Gotland copper alloy bear-head brooch with clear snout and ears, 46 mm.
Lozenge brooch, Borre style, 9th C, gilt copper alloy with tinned reverse. Thorpe Bassett, North Yorkshire. 33 mm Borre-style brooch with interlace snakes off each corner of the central square, 9th Century, from Thetford, Norfolk. Domed brooch with three Borre-style bear heads, 25 mm, copper alloy with remnants of gilding, 10th century. Borre bear head design drawing
Two birds (ravens?) on 79 mm 10th Century cast bronze elliptical tortoise brooch, reportedly Alnwick, Northumbria, UK. Mammen style brooch, 10th century, 26x24mm, Cambridgeshire. One of 5 known, two being in the Ashmolean. Jellinge-style brooch, 29 mm, showing two barred S-shaped ribbon animals with gripping paws. Found Shingham, Norfolk. Cockerel brooch, copper alloy, 45 mm, 9th-10th century, found near Bawtry, Nottinghamshire (within the Danelaw).
Viking Age (10th-11th C) gilt cloisonné enamel (blue and green) disc brooch, 38 mm. Suffolk. Viking age large crossbow fibula, poppy head terminals and stylised animal head, 105 mm. 8th-10th Century. Curonian, Baltic. Viking age decorated pennanular brooch, 35 mm wide, 11th-12th C, Ladoga on the Russian trade route. Pennanular brooch NW Russia, 11th-12th C.
Viking age pennanular brooch, 42 mm wide, with polyhedral terminals and both linear and stamped decoration, Baltic. Viking Age pennanular brooch, with poppy seed terminals, probably 11th century (Kulakov 2012). 11 cm gold-inlaid iron ring pin, 10th-11th century, said to be Kievan Rus'. Viking Age decorated pennanular bronze ornament, 65 mm wide, 9th-10th century. Baltic.