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Jon 27-Nov-2015 10:41

I also have a Yashinon DX 1.4 The serial number is 54112582. Would you know which year it was made?

Kind Regards
Jon Cox
Yu-Lin Chan02-Dec-2013 18:33
Hi Rainer,

Thank you for your invitation! I will surely take up the offer if I ever visit Germany.

Gut Licht!
Rainer 26-Nov-2013 15:49
Hello Chan,
whenever You are in Germany, e. g. nearby Cologne, don't miss to visit me. I love Your work and I'm quite sure we will have a lot to talk, to drink - and to photograph of course. Seems I owe some lenses You dont have... maybe two or three.
Yours Rainer
By the way: In Germany photographers wish "Gut Licht!"
Nicholas 29-May-2013 11:21
Nice and informative blog Yu Lin .
I am getting a contax carl zeiss CY 85mm f1.4 and contax carl zeiss 50mm f 1.4 to be used on canon 6D body. WHich is the best way to to go about it with the least problems , Leitax mount or just photodiox adapters with AF from e bay will do. Your inputs and experience will be great for me .
Peter Zetner25-Jan-2013 20:55
Hi Yu-Lin. I'm really enjoying your Lens Bubbles blog and your continuing exploration of lenses (and gear, in general). Very informative! Cheers. Peter.
Ben OH 22-Jan-2012 15:54
I think I will stick with Zeiss but don't know which planar to get. I will need one for each 50/85/135.
Do you think zeiss lens with C/Y mount is better than QBM mount? C/Y and QBM lens seems affordable on bay.
What's your experience with those two mounts?
Yu-Lin Chan22-Jan-2012 05:13
Hi Ben,

My favourite portrait lens is the EF 85mm f1.2L II, bar none. Leica-R 90mm f2 is also one of my favourite. Most of my adapters are the cheapest you could find on eBay. The most expensive one is the fotodiox Pro Contax to EFS adapter. This was the only adapter that could focus to infinity with many of my Contax lenses. I never had a 40D so I can't recommand a split screen for you, but for my 5D, it was the EE-S, and the 1-series, it was the EC-L cross split (all time favourite).
Ben OH 22-Jan-2012 03:51
I really like the photo you took using rolli-50/1,4 and contax-35/2.8 .
What kind of adapter you use for those mounts for the Canon camera you use? What focusing screen is the best for crop body like Canon 40D.
Ben, OH 22-Jan-2012 01:24
Thank you for your commets.
I also heared positive comments to OM 35/2. That's a good one. I will also try Tak 55/1.8 and the original 50/1.4 soon.
Leica-R 35/f2 also my favourite. I think that's the best 35 with zeiss 35.
One more question, What 'THE' portrait lens for you? For me that's would be FA 77/f1.9 limited.
Happy holiday.
Ben, OH 22-Jan-2012 00:29
Thank you for your commets.
I also heared positive comments to OM 35/2. That's a good one. I will also try Tak 55/1.8 and the original 50/1.4 soon.
Leica-R 35/f2 also my favourite. I think that's the best 35 with zeiss 35.
One more question, What 'THE' portrait lens for you? For me that's would be FA 77/f1.9 limited.
Happy holiday.
Yu-Lin Chan21-Jan-2012 16:30

I still have a few Takumar lenses: 85/1.8, 17/4, 35/3.5, 28/3.5, 55/1.8. Some of these lenses are hard to let go. I swapped the Tak 35/2 with a friend for the OM 35/2. I prefer the OM. It's a tad sharper than Tak version. For some reason, the Tak 35/2 didn't strike that fire in me like other Takumar lenses. I even preferred the Minolta MC 35mm f1.8 over the Tak 35/2. My favourite 35mm lens is the Canon 35mm f1.4L and the Leica-R Summicron 35mm f2. On the Canon 55mm f1.2 ssc, it's one of my favourite. I have a blog on this and other Canon f1.2 lenses you can check out:
Guest 21-Jan-2012 04:24
I just went through your galleries again and saw the Tek 85/f1.8 . I have to say the boceh of that lens is as good as 135L if not better.
Benjamin , OH 21-Jan-2012 03:51
I'm surprised you decide to sell all your Taks other than 85/f1.8 . I can't understand why you sell SMC 35/f2, that's a rare lens and reviewed as good as Zeisse 35/f2. May be not that sharp.
You also mentioned Tek 85/f1.8 is as good as Leica 90, Is that really good? Never saw your Tek 85 picture.
Also could you recommend a sharp/fast 35/f2 and 50/f1.4 or 55/f1.4 lens for canon body, I can use adaptor for manual fucus but I'd like to hear from you about 55/f1.2ssd, a very interesting lens indeed.
Happy new year.
Yu-Lin Chan27-Nov-2011 18:10

I think for image quality and adaptability, nothing beats the Sony NEX bodies, and they are relatively inexpensive. I checked out the TV projection lens and it's way too large to be practical. It might be good, but it's huge compared to the camera.
Guest 22-Nov-2011 22:53
Chan, Before I build a real camera, can you suggest a Webcam or old digicam that can be hacked for old lenses, some of which have a short throw from final element to focal plane? I grew up (age 12) with a Voigtlander Prominent f/1.4 Nokton, still love my Nikon F with a 55mm f/1.2 (Nikkor-S Auto s/n185403). Digital cameras (Canon Powershot A710IS etc) give me new freedom to catch photos, but everything is wide angle, everything is an all-in-focus snapshot. I have 3 B&L Super Cinephore lenses, a Rodenstock Heligon, I'd love to play with them. But you can play too! This $8 lens on Electronic Goldmine has the most severely aspheric optical elements I've ever seen: oops, no hyperlinks. The site is Search to product no. G1596, "Large TV Projection Lens". Yes, the key aspherics are plastic, but they are antireflection coated! The lens is probably under f/1.0. People throw these lenses away -- we need you.
McLean, VA
Yu-Lin Chan22-Sep-2011 02:11
Boris. I am glad you find it useful.
Boris18-Sep-2011 04:11
Yu-Lin, it is very interesting to see capability of old lens. Thank you for sharing and sorting by lenses.
Yu-Lin Chan16-Jul-2011 02:36

I think you are out of luck. The Navitar 50mm f0.95 has a very short flange and even if you could get it mounted on your 550D, it probably can't focus pass 2 feet. Best used on NEX or Micro 4/3 cameras.

Good Luck
Valentine Steenkamp 02-Apr-2011 17:08
Thank you for the info of late Isaac Morkel. He was my cousin and we grew up together in Cape Town South Africa. Isaac left for Canada at a very young age during the apartheid years late 1960s he is sadly missed.
Dominic Chan 17-Mar-2011 23:28
Hi Mr. Chan

I got couples of old lens from my dad and would like to use that on digital cameras. I'm not sure what type of adapter to buy. Is there adapter for Olympus Pen-1 cameras on these lens, Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Curtagon f4:/28mm and Xenon f:1.9 50mm. Would you give me advise.
Thank you
Dominic Chan
Dominic Chan 17-Mar-2011 23:25
Hi Mr. Chan

I got couples of old lens from my dad and would like to use that on digital cameras. I'm not sure what type of adapter to buy. Is there adapter for Olympus Pen-1 cameras on these lens, Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Curtagon f4:/28mm and Xenon f:1.9 50mm. Would you give me advise.
Thank you
Dominic Chan
Bernard ROUX 12-Dec-2010 16:35
Dear Mr Chan,
Thanks to a gloomy Sunday afternoon, you give me through my random websurf the opportunity to dream along your wonderful pictures.
And I am proud, as Managing Director of Kinoptik, to read your enthusiastic comments about our professional lenses.
Please feel free to contact me at any time at, we will see together which type of partnership we could build around outstanding quality combined with your expertise.

Best regards,

Bernard Roux

Yu-Lin Chan13-Nov-2010 16:24

I have had only two FD to MFT adapters, and one of them only used briefly. The one I use regularly is one made by a Polish seller on eBay. Sorry forgot his eBay name. This one is very precise on infinity focus. Most Chinese made ones usually focuses pass infinity, to account for few lenses that were not calibrated. My 55mm f1.2 FL lens is one of these that could not focus to infinity with the Polish adapter, but ok with the Chinese one. So, there is good and bad being a precise adapter.

As for the enlarging lens, it's basically a trial and error. You adjust the lens using spacers until infinity focus is obtained. The Nikon 50mm f1.8 is one of the sharpest lenses out there, and I had one once, but didn't keep it. I prefer German lenses. Good luck.
Yu-Lin Chan13-Nov-2010 16:18

You can use your TB-100 on your Rebel. I used it before on my original Rebel 300D, but just in case, you should get a safe-sync, which acts as a bridge and lowers the trigger voltage to about 5V to 6V. You can check trigger voltage on the flash using a volt meter. Also, you can only use it as manual flash, in manual mode. It's not as complicated as you think. Just set the output level on your TB-100, put your shutter speed to around 1/100-1/200 of a second, and adjust aperture until you get proper exposure. Good luck.
Guest 12-Nov-2010 08:19
Hello Mr Chan,
If I may ask you for your help? I have a Canon Rebel SXi and just wondering if I can use my Dad's external Flash (Image TB-100) with it? I am very new to the photography world and not sure if by using the flash will do more bad than good to my camera. The flash works with my camera but not sure if it will be safe in a long term use.

Kind regards,
vicente machado 09-Oct-2010 20:45
I appreciated your comments.
Thank you by the informal way of treating technical features on lens subject.
Keep on.
Guest 03-Oct-2010 14:54
Dear Mr. Chan,
Thanks for your valuable experience and opinion!
You are so great!!!!!
Yu-Lin Chan18-Sep-2010 23:35

I wrote up a quick summary of what I know about IR here: Hope you find it helpful.
Guest 18-Sep-2010 16:22
Mr. Chan,

I like your pictures a lot, espeically infrared photos. Would you please share with us your experience with it? I notice you using Canon 20d. Did you have it converted by the professional or yourself? Have you tried infrared with filters only? What camera allow us to do infrared with filter only? Thank you.
Yu-Lin Chan15-Sep-2010 17:23

Thank you for visiting my galleries and your compliments to my pictures.

All of the Lieca lenses I have tried are very sharp and contrasty, and I am sure yours are just as good, if not better. No knowing how you setup your camera or your workflow, I will tell you how I usually process my photos.

When possible, install a split screen for the camera. Currently I have a EC-L cross split screen installed on my 1D Mark IIn. This is one of the best screens to use for manual focus lenses. If you don't have this installed, you should consider it. It helps with critical focus, especially when shooting at large aperture. You mentioned that your pictures are not sharp, not sure if this is due to camera shake or lens or focusing. I would imagine it would be camera shake. The rule of thumb for shutter speed is 1/(focal length). If you are using a 35mm lens, your shutter speed should not be lower than 1/35 of a second. you should test the lens with a tripod and some static objects first to make sure it's not the lens.

I ALWAYS shoot RAW, or RAW+JPEG. Jpegs from camera always have that muddy, unsharp characteristics with artifacts from compression. For best results and potential, shoot RAW and process the RAW file in Photoshop or Lightroom. I only use Photoshop for RAW conversion. As for processing, if I find the colour a little dull, I would boost the saturation/contrast a bit, but that's usually not necessary.

Composition also plays a role in overall aesthetic of the pictures. There are many books and web site devoted this this subject. What I normally do is to try different angles/compositions/depth of field etc, and see what makes the picture look better. If you do this often, you will soon find what you need to do automatically.

Subject matter should also be taken into account. I shoot everything, as you can see from my galleries. Even the most boring subject can be different if you look at them with different angles/time of day (lighting)/white balance can all affect how something looks/feels. Experiment, shoot anything, but try to be different.

Also, sharpness is subjective. Your 1DS II and the R35/2 and 35-70 should be very good combination. If you have any sample pictures I can look at, please provide a link.

I hope this help at least a bit.


SC 14-Sep-2010 07:22
Hi Mr. Chan,
Your photos are excellent and attractive. As influence by your photos, I have bought an old mannul Leica R lens 35mm f2.0 and R 35-70mm f3.5 E67 recently. I am also using canon DSLR (1DsII) But, the quality of the images (especially the sharpness and saturation)(no adjustment of the camera settings and photoshop processing), I have taken are far below the standard that you have posted. Of course, my technic must be worser than you. But, could you share experience/technic to me so that I could get a good quality photos likes yours.
Best regards,
Yu-Lin Chan01-Aug-2010 02:22
Hi Jean,

This Sima lens will work with ANY DSLR with the right T-Mount. There is a T-Mount adapter for pratically every modern camera mount that ever existed.

Using the lens is very simple. It's just like a normal manual focus lens. You can put the camera in Aperture Priority or M mode for Canon, and for Pentax, use M mode and the green button. Sorry I don't know what mode to use for other cameras, but it will work.

Good luck and happy shooting!
Jean 31-Jul-2010 17:24
Hi Mr.Chan
Iam especially interested in your great images done with the Sima lens. Terrific stuff! I bought the Sima on eBay 5 yrs ago and never got around to using it ( MY BAD!) and realized I had never even bought the T-mount for my Nikon bodies.I was still using film at the time.

Can you tell me if it works well with a DSLR or if the Sima is really good just with film? I am now locating the T-mount and will give it a try. As a beginner with this thing, where might I locate basics for use with DSLR?
Best regards,
Guest 09-Jul-2010 11:10
Dear Yu-Lin Chan, the comment below concerning your wife has been drawn to my attention. I have been informed that a young maliscious member of my photography class made this comment, whilst we were viewing examples of your photographs. I run a free of charge course for young photography enthuiasts. The student has been asked to leave the course, as I deem this sort of behaviour to be wholly unacceptable, and I echo the sentiments you have expressed. Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of him. Kind Regards.
Yu-Lin Chan09-Jul-2010 00:14
To the person who says my wife is really ugly, I feel sorry for you. Your life must be filled with tragic event that have made you the person you are. You are a coward that hides behind the screen and type something that you think can hurt people. Sorry but it does not work. My wife is the most beautiful person in my eyes, regardless what you say. I suggest you seek professional help before it's too late.
Guest 08-Jul-2010 23:05
Yu-Lin Chan13-May-2010 22:18
Ng. Please check your e-mail.
Ng 13-May-2010 07:24
Hi Mr Chan,

i share your indulgence but nothing compared to the vast beautiful array of gems you have.

Just got a piece of second-hand lens from ebay last evening,and May i seek your expert opinion on this Switar Macro 75mm F1.9 lens please:
1) Am NOT able to focus this lens any closer than 3 feet ? i have queried the eBayer last evening and they claimed that the "Macro" is in name only but not really a Macro lens ! is this correct?
2) Like some lens, Contax 35-70, to activate the macro function one need to turn the lens at max 35mm-end and twist the lens anti-clockwise to enter the macro mode. So i wonder if there are some peculiar functions in the Switar Macro i need to follow to activate this mode?
3) I was told by another ebay-seller that this superb lens is capable of focussing to about 1" ! so, my ebayer might be hiding something and sold me a dude lens ?

sorry with all the questions and look forward to your kind assistance.

have a good day.

Barry Brown 20-Dec-2009 19:29
I have been using lenses like you describe since the fifties. I am a long time filmmaker and photographer. We now work in HD making feature length docs. I have 7 Cine Kodak Ektar NEW lenses from 1965, for my 16 mm Kodak Special II. They all have dried grease that makes them hard to focus. Do you know anyone who can disassemble and replace grease. Diaphragms work and all surfaces are like new. All have rare Kodak lens caps.
Yu-Lin Chan23-Nov-2009 05:23

For me, image stabilization helps, but not essential. I have been using SLRs for the last 25 years so I am used to not having IS to help me. But, if given a choice, I would take it, of course. The reason I chose the G1, partly because EP-1 was not out yet when I bought my G1, partly due to its amazing electronic view finder. The high Resolution finder makes it extremely easy to focus manual lenses. In fact, it's easier than on an SLR with a split screen. I briefly handled the EP-1 but sorry to say, I don't find it easy to use with manual focus lenses, especially longer/heavier lenses. However, this might be just a me used to the viewfinder. You may find it perfectly find using the LCD at the back to compose and take pictures.

Sorry not much help here, but the best thing is to try both and see which you like better.

Good luck.
Lonny Matsuda 22-Nov-2009 15:33
Great photos and thank you for sharing about older lenses to use with the G1. The question I have for you is since the Panasonic G1 is lacking in-body image stabilization do you use a tripod when shooting your photos? And did you choose the Panasonic G1 over the Olympus EP-1 even though the Olympus offers in-body image stabilization? I'm trying to decide whether to go with the Panasonic GF1 or the Olympus EP1 while planning to use manual lens.
Thank you,
Lonny from USA
Guest 20-Nov-2009 09:19
Hi Yu-Lin Chan! Your pics are spectacular! All the more so since so many of them have been taken with some classic old manual focus glass. I would like to invite you to come visit us over at You'll find many like-minded folks there, and you will be a very welcome addition to our community.
Guest 20-Nov-2009 06:26
Hi Yu-Lin Chan! Your pics are spectacular! All the more so since so many of them have been taken with some classic old manual focus glass. I would like to invite you to come visit us over at You'll find many like-minded folks there, and you will be a very welcome addition to our community.
pens2009 05-Nov-2009 01:05
hi these are awsome pics. I have a canon xsi and I bought a 500sp mirror lens for it but I need help with the settings can you help?
hui zhao 21-Jul-2009 15:42

Great pictures! This is Sithbj from Xiteck. I believe you have an account there as well, for you have shown the space coner for me.

Doder 28-Jun-2009 17:33
Great gallery! You are a gifted guy :)
Perfect job done with all exotic primes!
Cheers from Poland!

domnikowolny account on flickr
Yu-Lin Chan09-Apr-2009 14:02

Thanks for your kind words. I sometime do add a bit of contrast and saturation to my pictures, but not excessively.

As for your question regarding the enlarging lenses, I use existing lens barrels to "host" the enlarging lenses. Check out some of the enlarging galleries for details on how to do this.
Yu-Lin Chan22-Mar-2009 21:40
Hi Xavier,

Congratulations on your CZJ 200mm f2.8! This is one of my favourite lenses which I will never part with.

I have 4 or 5 M42 to EOS adapters and they all focus to infinity without any problems. Some actually focus PAST infinity and it's sometimes hard to know unless you have the split screen installed. The only worry you may have is the evenness of the adapter. If it's slightly warped, you may notice one side of the picture is sharper than the other. Since they are so cheap, I would buy a few to try use the one that gives you the best pictures from testing.

Your 40D should make focus much easier since it has live view.

Good luck
xavier janssoone 21-Mar-2009 16:54
Hi yu-Lin Chan
I,m from Quebec and you seem to be the best reference to my need!!
I came back from Argentina with a beautifull Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 200mm 2.8 MC, like yours, and i would like to fit it on my digital Canon 40D.
Wich adaptors do i need? every M42 adaptors will works well?
Thanks for your help!!
Yu-Lin Chan13-Jan-2009 19:48

There are certain adapters that need very precise machining to achieve infinity focus. For example, Contax/Yashica mount. I had 3 of these adapters, but only the Fotodiox Pro adapter can focus the lenses to infinity (the cheap Fotodiox does not). For most other mounts, I don't think it's that critial because the adapters can be made thicker. Most of my adapters are cheap ones made in China and they all can focus to inifinity. The only exception is the Fotodiox Pro Contax adapter.

My son has a 30D with the 17-85mm kit lens. This lens really deserves better recognition than most people give it. True, distortion correction is not very good, but it is very sharp and the IS is definitely a plus. I am no lens snob, as I have some of Canon's best prims, but I won't hesitate to buy this lens. The 50mm f1.8 II lens is also a decent lens, except it's build quality and focus accuracy. I find it can not get consistently accurate focusing. Other than that, it's a great lens for the money.

I do not like zoom lenses much, so I can really recommend other travel zoom lenses other than the 17-85mm. If I must choose, I would buy the 70-200mm f4 IS. I had the 70-200mm f4 non-IS for a while and I liked its optical quality and light weight. The IS version should only be better. For wide angle zooms, the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 is also a great lens, but it's a bit pricey. So, I think 17-55mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, and the 70-200mm f4 IS would be a good kit.

Hope that helps.
Bllacky 09-Jan-2009 09:01
Hi I'm a college student now and i just found out the possibility to use old manual lens on my canon 40D today by watching your web-site.
Can you give me some basic knowledge for buying adopters for those lenses on my camera (maybe give me some web-sites that i can read through.)
I'm so impressed by your collection of lenses.
Now i have a Canon 17-85mm kit lens and 50mm f1.8. Can you give me some suggestions as to which lenses you recommend me to buy as a traveler's lens, because i really want to update my zoom lens.
Thanks a lot.
Yu-Lin Chan01-Aug-2008 23:14
Betty Boop Fan,

I am sorry to hear your loss. I hope she (or one of her other replicas) will reunite with you.


Guest 01-Aug-2008 01:50
Dear Yu Lin

Thanks for your response......... Betty Boop was there at Marty's and I was the Betty Boop fan who purchased her.............I am sad to say that someone stole her from our place last week...........we live in the country and it hard to believe that she walked away!
I am now "boopless" and very sorry that she has been abducted.

Your pictures are very special to me now and I was delighted to see them posted.

Thanks for capturing that moment in time

Betty Boop Fan
Arthur Sadowsky 01-May-2008 21:29
...I would like to ask you a question regarding your comment "...Took it to Andrei G. and he did an excellent job of cleaning it":

Who's Andrei G., what did he do with lens and how much was it all together?

And are you happy with his work?

My e-mail is

Thank you in advance...
Darryl 20-Feb-2008 04:34
I'm in the market for a 35mm prime. Your comparison is excellent and helped me decide whether it was worth dropping $1K on the L. Differences are subtle, yet significant, depending on what you're shooting. Thanks for all the time saved!
Guest 06-Jan-2008 22:20
gummiebear your missed on the MFF.

Good luck in 2008. Great work as usual.

Guy (walshy)
Matthew Thomas 06-Dec-2007 01:31
Hi, I'm looking for an excellent condition super multi coat 50mm, do you still have one available? Matthew Thomas
Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:11
Pure display of talent.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:45
Your photos are good. I'll be back.
Guest 28-Nov-2006 04:06
Thanks for your nice comment on my guesbook. Honestly, i like your composition. I believe u are a great photograher !

Best Regrads,
Guest 12-Nov-2006 01:29
Thank you for your comments. I'm really inspired by the way you handle colors and so many other photographic essentials. I've got so much to learn. Happy shooting!
Tee 27-Oct-2006 03:21
Hi Yu-Lin,

Just to let you know that I really enjoyed your pictures of Chinese Latern Festival - they are amazing. Awesome work!

Yu-Lin Chan10-Apr-2006 16:57
Hi Bill,

This is a very simple flash and most functions are easy to understand. I have not used it for a while since I got the Vivita AFC880 (Sigma DG500 clone), and most recently a Metz 45-CT 5. The TB-100 is still one of the best flash for the value, although the small flash on mine no longer works, but the main flash still does. I bought this flash new many years ago and never found the need to read the manual. If you have questions, I may be able to answer them.

Mike 23-Dec-2005 00:23
Hey, thanks for all the info on the M42 lenses. Good information for my Pentax DSLR :)
Aynsley 07-Dec-2005 22:41
Hi there,
My name is Aynsley and I am the vice chair of the Task Force to bring Back the Don. We're currently working on a reprint of our map of the Lower Don which includes reference to the Queen Street Bridge. You have a WONDERFUL photo of the bridge, better than any we have personally. Would you be willing to donate that image for the map? You would, of course, get full credit.
Sincerely, Aynsley Morris
Alicia 16-Nov-2005 22:41
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your photographs. They are absolutely wonderful.
Owen Coors09-Aug-2005 03:50
Hi Yu-Lin,
I'm so very glad to have stumbled upon your beautiful work. Your M42 pages really are a gold-mine of information! Thank you for sharing all of this!

Yu-Lin Chan05-Aug-2005 15:55
Hi Tom,

Thanks for visiting my galleries. I bought the cheapest M42-EOS adapter I could find on eBay from a seller in China. It has been working well, except, for most lenses, when mounted, the aperture index is not centered. That does not affect the pictures, of course, it's just not pleasing to look at. M42 is the most adaptable lens to many cameras. I used M42 lenses on a Canon AT-1 with adapter, and it was no problem.
Tom Ko 04-Aug-2005 20:39
Hi Yu-Lin,

Thanks for the info on using M42 lenses on 10d. I also own a 10D. I am in the process of buying some M42 lenses so I can try them on my 10D. Would you give me some advice what M42-EOS adapter is good to use.

By the way, the kids in you photos are very cute.


Guest 29-Dec-2004 23:07
Hi Yu-Lin, I am very impressed with your galleries. You turned ordinary day to day objects into artistic pictures. Look forward to seeing more in the future.
Lesley 10-Aug-2004 01:17
Hi Yu-Lin: Thanks so much for the beautiful prints of the shots of my garden. Great to see them on-line too. Hope I can continue to provide you with subjects for your photos!
Ivan 14-May-2004 23:42
nice page Yu-Lin