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Dave 21-Oct-2012 23:43
Was looking up the Kalaupapa airport and found your pictures. Your island hopping flight was almost exactly the same as the one I took in 1996, renting a 152 from the same FBO. We had perfect weather. That plane crash at Kalaupapa was an old twin Beech that came in slow, low and heavy in the mid-80's. A local said the pilot walked away. He was carrying plumbing supplies and there are pipes and fittings still there. Looks like the wreckage will be there a few more years.
Ayla Bicoy 25-Jul-2012 04:31

In your gallery of South/East Molokai you have a picture of a huge blue boat sitting on 50-gal drums in a yard with the caption "Will she ever float again?"

It's my grandpas boat, her name is True Love (VII). And yes, she did, and she is still being used to take the grandkids and great-grandkids on trips around Molokai and across the channel.

Just thought you should know.
Elfie Rainals 11-Aug-2011 02:28
I have the most wonderful painting by Aad van der Hyde and I recently Turned it into a skirt.
Oh, don't worry,I did not cut it up, but just made it into a wrap around.
I bought it 20 years ago at Mo'orea in his Gallery across the Bali High.
I used to be a Tour manager and came often to the Island.
I am sure AAD, does not remember me, but I do remember Him
Guest 20-Dec-2010 12:16
Thanks for these great pictures. I love to see Magnum, too.
Michael from Germany
Richard Derk 30-Aug-2010 18:28
Hi, I am looking for images from Vailima and ran into your gallery. Would it be possible for the Los Angeles Times Travel Section to publish an image or two from your work?
dave from detroit 30-Mar-2010 15:04
great pics have been to islands 3 times but never made it to robins nest.Was supposed to meet tom the first time i visited, but he was finishing up filming the last season on another island week on the week i was there. i did date his god parents daughter for about 3 years thank again
George 25-Dec-2009 06:08
Thanks very much for sharing. We are just back from a trip to Hawaii and enjoy your marvelous pictures. We wish we would have seen your pictures first as it would have inspired us to improve our own photographic efforts and also would have inspired us to add a few placed to our itinerary that we missed.
cits_4_pets24-Aug-2009 16:58
Nice Island galleries. The aerial shots are quite impressive! Enjoyed looking through many of your galleries. Left only a few comments when 1st viewing but wanted to see more of your wonderful just browed & ~ with no comments.
Peter F 22-May-2009 07:05
Thank you for the Magnum PI pictures!
Greg 05-Mar-2009 05:09
Thanks for the Magnum Pics, made it easier to find everything.How long ago did you take the pics? It looked like they were working on parts of the house when we went.
Cy Sawyer 12-Jan-2009 07:39
Thank you for sharing your great pictures with us all! I think you are a wonderful photographer.

As many others, I grew up with magnum PI and love the show. What a great website! Keep it up man.

And I certainly agree with you. It is a terrible shame about the degradation of the boat house on the estate.
enzo perri 28-Oct-2008 08:22
interior main house is real as film?
grazie enzo perri
Robert Dodge 23-Sep-2008 20:32
Great shots! I have been to many a picnic at the Shriner's property next door to the "estate". I always tell the younger kids that this is right next to where they filmed Magnum PI. They just look at me with that "whatever" expression. My son has had his school picnic at the Shriner's property the past six years. Sad to see the home falling apart. As you drive by it on the highway you can tell that the upkeep has fallen behind. I believe the same family owns the property. That tidal pool is amazing with the spectacular views towards Lanikai and Makapu'u.
Ed 23-Jul-2008 15:22
Your Magnum pictures are very awesome in deed. My wife thought my dozen or so of the Anderson Estate were to many. We have made three trips to Hawaii and I am a mega Magnum fan. I have also found a few pictures of Tom Sellecks home in Black Point Diamond Head. I have been by Black Ponit but did not know at the time it was where TS home was located. Do you have any arieals of it?
diane 02-Jun-2008 16:34
totally AWESOME .. thx for the memories and sharing ..
love MAGNUM and what hawaii was (born and raised in hawaii);
whenver i go back i feel disappointed and then i watch MAGUN.

OH MY GOD ! just beautiful thomas !
ps : do you know if magnum gives autographs if we write him ?
Eve 13-Jan-2008 07:48
Very, very nice website. Thank you for sharing your great pictures and comments, and information. I was surfing the web looking for pictures of Robin's Estate... and ended up on your Magnum pages (I'm a fan)! I didn't expect to be so lucky! Never been to Hawaii... Would love to go. I dream of islands and sunsets and beautiful exotic flowers. My husband and I are planning a little escape as soon as we can, with our son. I will definitely use your website as a reference. Aloha!
Guest 22-Nov-2007 00:35
The islands really do look magnificent from above. Hope you take more photos from the sky in the future!
Chris O'Hara 08-Oct-2007 18:02
Thomas, great shots of the "Robin Masters'" estate. I wonder did they make the guest house look as if it was to the right of the house? I remember Magnum always pulling up to the house and running to the right into the guest house. Also, in the pilot episode, he is looking across the yard with binoculars at two girls in bikinis swimming in the tidal pool. I've been to O'ahu twice and to the estate twice, but I never noticed the guest house, "boat house," there. Great shots. Anyway, I just wanted your take on that. I guess it was just camera tricks. Also, how much do you think that house would go for in what seems to be the owners constant state of repair?
Guest 14-Jun-2007 03:58
Pure display of talent.
Thomas on Islands30-May-2007 19:21
Duly noted! Azalea it is, I am sure that you correct, considering your level of expertise in Hawaiian flora. We saw the magnificent collection of Hawaiian flowers in one of your galleries.
Selvin Chance30-May-2007 02:08
Enjoyed your Big Island photos. Minor correction for your photos taken at Akaka Falls. You have a white flower and a purple flower listed as orchids. The purple flower is actually an azalea. The white flower is a climbing vine whose name evades me right now.

Aloha and thanks for sharing your great shots.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:18
Stellar job! Can I get your signature?
Rhino 27-Sep-2006 00:18
My name is Ryan Nassau and I currently attend Harvard Law School. I know my boyfriend will enjoy these photos when I show them to him.
Selvin Chance03-Sep-2006 08:38
Thanks for visiting my Samoa gallery. I had not been to Samoa for almost 10 years just like yourself so I too was surpised by the many changes. The Rainmaker is under renovation deservedly so. The canneries have had to reduce their output because of the reduced catches. They still smell.
Like you I was relieved that a new hotel had been built. About two trips ago right after Ofu smashed into the islands I had the pleasure of staying at a small hotel near the airport, needless to say it was an experience. The FEMA folks had completely booked all rooms ate the Rainmaker.
The Clarion is well appointed, relatively near the airport, and by Samoa standards excellent. It's within walking distance of a few restaurants and also near MacDonald's and KFC if you are so inclined.
Sadie Thompson restaurant is still very good and the Koreans have made many inroads into the local retail market.
After a long hiatus in some ways it was a pleasure returning to see some of my old acquaintances.
Guest 29-Aug-2006 01:18
What is the history of the estate? Who built it and when?
George Polos 29-Jul-2006 13:21

Thank you for posting (and hosting) these wonderful photographs. For those of us who love the Islands but live elsewhere it is great fun to be able to view your collection. It restores our souls and love for the Islands.


George & Teri
Knoxville, TN
Susan 27-Jul-2006 04:23
Enjoyed a lot!
linsell.saelua 22-Jun-2006 06:55
thank you for the beautiful pictures of hawaii;AWESOME..
well i visit hawaii in the summer 2000,for only 6 weeks,well planning to
visit more AWESOME places that i haven't visit this year....
tanks again for the lovely pic's of the beautyful island of HAWII....

Linsell & Rosemarie..
Guest 12-Jun-2006 07:34
Leatrice 22-Apr-2006 23:15
just AWESOME photos to keep the memories of MAGNUM PI
in the hearts of everyone who truly loves these shows.

thx you thomas for all your hard work ! i really want to visit robin's nest the next time. i can keep looking at these photos over and over again !!
do you live in hawaii thomas ? mahalo !
Julie 07-Apr-2006 03:01
Found your pictures looking for Magnum P.I. on the web. Love those pictures and others. I am a big fan of Hawaii and the tv show.
Ute Hoelscher 12-Mar-2006 12:12
Great site! I have lived in Hawaii for 7 years, also as a pilot flying over the islands and I truely enjoy the pictures! Thanks for putting them on the web. I have used them for a talk "Flying in Hawaii" and I relived many great adventures.
Mahalo and Aloha
Richard Haas 04-Dec-2005 15:54
Could you please contact me . Thanks in advance
Guest 26-Oct-2005 05:15
Nice aerial photos. I also have photos from I took from the beach side. Sometime around 1986-'89. Couldn't see the streetside gate. Overgrown with Ivy. Also had no problem walking along the beach in the afternoon. A friend and I happened to rent a red Ferrari which made nice prop for others to take their pictures with.
muller jean francois 21-Sep-2005 18:48
hi very nice pic from.
Mike 06-Aug-2005 05:10
I like many others grew up watching Magnum, P.I. and feel a great sense of familiarity with the show. The show promoted a sence of honor that seems lacking from today's T.V.
Seeing your photos and watching the MPI DVDs takes me back to a very special place. I would like to corospond with you via email as I have an interest in purchasing copies of the Magnum P.I. related photos.
Anthony King 16-Jul-2005 09:04
Thank you for sharing the pictures of "Robin's Nest." After reading a few of the entries I would like to make a few comments. Yes, all beaches in Hawaii are public, access maybe a problem. As for the tidal pool, yeppers last I heard you can take a dip. No, the estate does not give tours to the public since it is a private residence. PLEASE, respect all signs and do not attempt to enter the grounds! Remember, it is someone's home. I know the vast majority of fans are very respectful and courtous, but remember it only takes a few to muck it up for everyone! My ten year old daughter loves the theme song and she wants to view all the episodes with me. Also, if you look carefully in the first season DVD set, you will see the gate house. It wasn't until I viewed the DVD set that I first noticed the gate house, you know "hide in plain sight" theory, lol.
Guest 12-Jul-2005 22:02
Very nice. Thanks for sharing
ilias 29-Jun-2005 15:27
sousour 28-Jun-2005 21:32
Thanks for sharing those pictures....I thought I was magum for 10 minutes while looking at them. Great job.
Kevin 15-Apr-2005 05:15
This site is way too cool!

I first found it looking for Magnum PI (and so far you have the best Magnum PI photos out there) and then I started looking at the rest of the photos.

My wife and I have been to O’ahu a few times and to the Big Island Hawai’I just this last Feb 05 (we stayed 7 days in Volcanoes National Park and toured the island in a car), your photos brought back a lot of cherished memories (we have photos but a different perspective is quite nice) and thanks to your photos, a new desire to visit the other islands.

Very good photos, Thanks.

Kevin & Carolyn
Nick 22-Jan-2005 08:11
Thank for Sharing.
Guest 07-Nov-2004 04:57
very nice work.

Thomas on Islands23-Jun-2004 06:16
Funny, we spoke about this with my wife recently! How the fashion
has changed! In Europe men wear much smaller trunks, which Americans
call "speedos," am I correct? Personally I dislike the contemporary
knee long trunks. They are very awkward, they take huge amount of
sand and they are heavy. But, the "short shorts" allegedly insult
the religious feelings and perception of decency in contemporary
Dan 19-Jun-2004 23:02

Just wonderful pictures of Hawaii. Thank you so much for sharing. You have a wonderful eye. I would have loved to see a couple pictures of the plane you were flying too (maybe missed them?) I use to fly C 152 & 172's. I have sent these links to everyone I know who shares our love for Hawaii.

Thanks for the picture of the "stable" buy the gate. I had no idea! They did a great job of hiding that for all those years of filming. I am enjoying watching Magnum on the Hallmark channel with my 24 yr old daughter. She laughs at all the "short" shorts and phoofy hair!

Thanks again.

dave 24-May-2004 16:44
Oh, just found the magnum estate photos. Amazing! I think I can get there now..hehe..woohooo, cant wait.
Dave 24-May-2004 16:18
Can anyone access the tidal pool to take a short swim on Robins nest? Arent the HI beaches public domain? Does this estate offer any type of tours?? Im heading there this fall and might as well try.

Thanks for any help.
Qian 05-Dec-2003 20:22
Thomas: Those are wonderful photos! My husband and I
love Hawaiian islands, we have visited Oahu and Maui,
and will definitely visit it more. --Qian
Thomas on Islands04-Jul-2003 04:17
This is the first "witness account" of someone involved
during the production of the series. I really appreciate
sharing you memories with us!
Carla 26-Jun-2003 03:46
I just wanted to thank you for some of the best photos Ive seen in awhile, God I miss that place, I was friends with some of the cast members and remember the lagoon quite well as several got to clean it after "the big blow" it really happened look at your magnum episodes people there is no 4/14/83 I know quite well why. the hurricane was real and forced all filming inside the estate it did not stop for quite awhile. it took awhile for the ESTATE to look like her old self with all the water etc. but they did it with style and filming resumed about a week later.

Thanks for the great memories it renewed!
Alice 09-May-2003 03:17
Hey! Jenny on the block! Your photo's look impressive and I particularly like the dolphins. I love the Na Pali coast scenic shots. I called a friend and tried to give her Thomas's website, but she already had the goisland link. I have information on local island food. Will give that to you later.
Dana Waldlman 08-Jan-2003 20:23
Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your offer. I accept your kind offer. I am going to wait to find out which episodes Magnum Memorabilia can copy for me. David is sending me an application and can do a couple of them also. Then I will re-contact you and see which ones you would be willing to do also.

It is a strange thing; I wrote the post and re-checked it a few days later but somehow it is no longer on the forum. I am going to re-post it.

Thanks for the info about the A&E forum. One of the members of the forum seemed to think it would be discontinued. That's why I thought it might be discontinued. Hopefully A&E will not discontinue it.

In the prior message I left for you in this guestbook, I asked if you have ever lived in HI? You seem to have a lot of knowledge about HI.

You can contact me at or in the discussion group (DLW)


Dana Waldman

dana 06-Dec-2002 03:31
It is good that Clinton did apologize and I agree with you that we should promote the Hawaiian culture. It seems like there is alot of beauty in it. We can all learn from each other's cultures -- take and enjoy the beauty of the different cultures.

I don't know alot about the Hawaiian history, but it is true the rulers should have been aware of the shifts in power. You are right, at least the overthrow was peaceful. To me, the story is still a sad one.

You seem to know alot about HI, did you live there? or were you rasied there at some time of your life?

Thomas on Islands05-Dec-2002 02:36
First in Clinton's time the US government has issued a formal apology to
the Hawaiian people. Of course now everybody born and raised on the Islands
is in a sense a local Hawaiian of a specific ethnic group. We cannot undo
what happened in the past. History does not "unwind," but we should do more
to promote native Hawaiians in their own country.

The story about Liliuokalani is very sad, but the fact is that the Hawaiian
rulers remained almost blind to the rapid decline of native Hawaiian population
and the resulting shift of powers. Especially Liliuokalani was seemingly fully
oblivious to the balance of power in her own country. To the defense of Sanford
Dole we should note the a relatively peaceful transition of power. No violence
or cruelty or genocide was recorded.
Dana Waldman 03-Dec-2002 08:27
Since we returned from HI, we have seen several interesting shows on the history of HI. It was a very sad history of how the U.S. plantation owner's overthrew the HI monarchy and imprisoned the Queen. Then they took the rights away from the Haiwiian people and they tried to erase all of the Hawaiian culture and history. They sold all the palace's furnishings and treasures trying to make sure all evidence would be erased.

At that point, they made the Iolani's Palace the government's offices and destroyed the beauty of it.

Today, it is wonderful to see the culture being celebrated again and the monuments being restored!

I don't know if you saw or knew about the history, but I thought you might find this interesting.

When we vacationed in HI, many things were even expensive for us. Before we went on vacation we ordered the HI Entertainment Book and also got other coupons which helped. But (especially)as a family or even as a couple the admission prices for things and food in grocers are very expensive! We would have liked to have done more on our own(one night we had a babysitter whom we had pre-arranged), but found that most of the Luau's were very expensive and other things were too!

I am looking forward to viewing more of the galleries of yours. I just viewed the one's pertaining to Oahu, Polynesian Ctr. and Magnum. I told my husband about your site (that it is a great site about HI!) and plan on showing him your photos. Also the other islands and volcanoes or craters will be especially interesting to my boys! They love science. In fact, I have formed the Science Club at their school and we just did studied and did experiments about volcanoes.

Thanks again for your your great site!

Dana Waldman

P.S. I hope I didn't ramble on too much!
Thomas on Islands26-Nov-2002 02:55

thanks for the nice words. Many of your question are answered
direct in the gallery description, or they are in the images.

The address of the Estate is... Waimanalo, HI 96795! Image 28-06 shows the vicinity
of the Sea Life Park and the Research Pier. The Estate is right behind, see for example
the image 28-09.

More interesting information, far more than I know, may be obtained from the
newsgroup, where I frequently post. Even Jeff "Mac" MacKay posts
there on occasion! This group existed long before A&E began to air Magnum P.I.
and introduced its own discussion groups.

I value very much your remark about poverty on Hawaii, which you made in the other
message. I share this observation. Only sensitive people who are willing to see that
the "Paradise" has its dark sides may in fact help to make Hawaii a better place for
its inhabitants. We expect to see the smiling and dancing Polynesians every evening
on the Luau and forget frequently how hard they work for the low pay. Juvik+Juvik
Atlas of Hawaii speaks of an average annual income being as low as $24K on some of
the islands! Somehow the billions of tourism revenue is not being split to brotherly...
Many visitors make the long flight only because they will see the Hawaiians! A Hotel
and a beach is partly just yet another Hotel.

dana waldman 24-Nov-2002 09:48
After looking at thte Robin's Nest estate, I also looked at your Polynesian Ctr. and Oahu galleries. They are wonderful! You are a very talented photographer.

When we were in Oahu, we did the things that our 3 children would enjoy. They are 11, 9 and 5 years old(5 yr old still naps). Some of the things we would have done if we were by ourselves, like the hike to Diamond Head, we weren't able to do. It was fun to see some of these things we did not do this time. Someday, either when our children are older or if we take a vacation by ourselves, we will visit again.

One thing we saw, that no one seem to talk about is there is quite a lot of poverty there.
If people are not well off, it must be very hard to live because everything is so expensive.

One thing I noticed in the Robin's Nest photo, on the right, in front of the guest house are either one or more builldings. What are they?

Thanks again. These photos are magnificent. I am going to show this sight to my husband who will enjoy them also.

Dana Waldman
dana waldman 24-Nov-2002 08:48
My family and I were just in Oahu and it was beautiful (Oct. 19, 2002) for the 1st time. It was wonderful! I wanted to see the view of the Robin's Nest (Anderson's), but we couldn't find it. These pictures were great! I am definitely a Magnum fan. I enjoy the discussion board and occassionally post (DLW).

On the estate, where is the entrance? Is it a wide gate? Is Robin's Estate by the Sea World? What part of Oahu is the estate?

If you have time, I would enjoy knowing the answers. You can either post the answers on the board or to my e-mail.


piic 22-Nov-2002 18:54

Your photos of Hawaii are wonderful. The shots of Robin's Nest are great
fun for us fans.
Thank you so much.
Martin eden 23-Aug-2002 19:33
Absolutely the best site on the Internet to see the Hawaiian Islands up front. It may take a while to view all of the photos, but you'll have a lasting impression as to what the islands has to offer. Ah, yes! Let Thomas be your travel guide!

Thanks Thomas,

Martin Eden
Ken Five 22-Aug-2002 04:43
Thank you for the beautiful pictures; they are awesome.
I have a real love for Hawaii, as I was born and raised there.