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Spiders and Harvestmen (Arachnida) of the FWG

Although most of these photos were taken at FWG, I have filled in with photos taken in other, nearby areas when I don't have a good photo from FWG.

For a complete list of all spiders seen at the FWG, please visit our web site.

Funnel Weavers (Family: Agalenidae)
:: Funnel Weavers (Family: Agalenidae) ::
Orb Weaver spiders (Araneidae)
:: Orb Weaver spiders (Araneidae) ::
Sac Spiders (Family: Clubionidae)
:: Sac Spiders (Family: Clubionidae) ::
Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders  (Family: Linyphiidae)
:: Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders (Family: Linyphiidae) ::
Wolf Spiders (Family: Lycosidae)
:: Wolf Spiders (Family: Lycosidae) ::
Nursery Web Spiders (Family: Pisauridae)
:: Nursery Web Spiders (Family: Pisauridae) ::
Running Crab Spiders (Family:  Philodromidae)
:: Running Crab Spiders (Family: Philodromidae) ::
Jumping spiders (Salticidae)
:: Jumping spiders (Salticidae) ::
Long-jawed Orbweavers (Family: Tetragnathidae)
:: Long-jawed Orbweavers (Family: Tetragnathidae) ::
Cobweb Spiders (Family: Theridiidae)
:: Cobweb Spiders (Family: Theridiidae) ::
Crab Spiders (Thomisidae)
:: Crab Spiders (Thomisidae) ::
Harvestmen (Order: Opiliones)
:: Harvestmen (Order: Opiliones) ::