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Colorful spirals

A 3D Mandelbrot set image created with FractalWorks, a free, high performance fractal renderer for Macintosh computers. You can download fractalworks and try it yourself at the FractalWorks download site.

Plot information:

Fractal type: mandelbrot
Plot size (w,h): 1000, 1000
Maximum iterations: 31000
Center Point (real, imaginary): -1.254050229426, -0.024511402957822 i
Plot Width (real): 3.49E-12

If you have FractalWorks version 0.6.0 or later, you can recreate this plot by copying the link below to the clipboard, then selecting "New Fractal from URL in clipboard" in FractalWorks:

Fractalworks plot Colorful spirals

other sizes: small medium large original auto