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please print Marsha

see inspiring nature photoprahy and lighthouse images and pictures of the little white church eaton n.h. new hampshire and
photos of portland head light cape elizabeth maine on donald verger website where his images can be purchased securely online..


11x14 watercolor paper
395DSC09895.jpg The Little White Church Eaton NH see them all, have you a fave, a need to make a postcard 566DSC09907st.jpg The Little White Church in the FALL Eaton NH  ... see them all at... 37DSC00201.jpg59 42DSC00224.jpg72
DSC06932.jpg DSC06455.jpg first vapor of late summer/fall in maine... 50 degrees... drove to find a spot DSC06003 SUNSET ELM Lois and i were out shooting... i just put this up quickly with help for the framing from pbaser... 1707IRELAND FLOWERS   DSC00448.jpg upon seeing us stop in the mini... a women poked her head out from the peat fired home
3786328! BROODING moments of light at the Nubble, once again my daughters birthday!!!!... very different moment below, DSCO 9107 DSC03436sf.jpg DSC03981.jpg Wild Sky at Portland Head Light one of 600 as i ran all around the lighthouse following the clouds, see.. DSC09166.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM AND self portrait... also see a fleeting moon at...
DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! NOR EASTER BEARS DOWN ON NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE ... maybe the best moment of 4,000 clicks over 2 days 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432 DSC09908wow.jpg DAWN'S MAGIC GLOW at Portland Head Light by donald verger maine lighthouses
DAWN EARLY LIGHT at portland head light, my first finisded panorama 3/20/07 DSC00053jpg...THE GRAND LADY AWAITS SUNRISE AND A NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  best, don DSC00797.jpg DSC00183.jpg Ferry's Journey Ends
DSC00414.jpg as it was... right out of the camera... PROMIS OF PEACE Portland head light PRE Dawn! :))) DSC00428.jpg :))))))) pre dawn magic at portland head light DSC00113jpg   TINY DETAIL FROM HUGE BARN/HOME HISTORICAL SOCIETY BUILDINGS SEEN DRIVING BY... JAY, MAINE DSC04716.jpg SKY! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 6
DSC03396.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger AFTER THE STORM LIGHTHOUSES DSC00300.jpg BLUE BRAIDED SKY OVER PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC00066wow.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 4 sunsets DSC03408.jpg days end Portland Head Light lighthouses by donald verger september 29
DSC00533x600 BRIDGING THE DARKNESS.. WITH LIGHT!   LIGHTHOUSES PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 29 DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25 00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15 jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger
09902 ANGLER FISHES THE DAWN... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE by donald verger, can you see the angler? SEPTEMBER 11th... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... a new dawn AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos 87MEANDERING FENCE AND SHADOW PLAY...PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger please comment your fave!
204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow SLEEPING PUMKINS Karen Montanaro
DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see RAVENS FLIGHT below zero wedding flower! for Jack and Norma 3257August0060jpg... note 1/06///3194 this pink a blue shot is one of my very favorites!
1056<26GREEN TO BLUE 5360jpg 5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $ overlooked image... Pohnpei, Micronesia from Black Coral Island... jpg 5311 whitend?*...#5 this is one noah whiten by mistake
jpg5549? HAPPY//2565 BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN! 24 :) 34b 244m191for look up challenge...thanks Jola!  WHITE MOUNTAIN HUT SKY...  looking up! at Crawford Notch, NH   AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg
2674Little White Church Eaton NH 4218  ...MAGIC DAWN jpg8303? fog and vapor over maine lake at sunrise 2771alternate///2718 10561FLOWER DANCE
12112SPIRIT purchase this and other photographs and postcards from my website 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below 3529THE COVER?  #3 for id y2250///3421 4140jpg Lines of man/women...lines of nature... share the morning light...DSCN0698.JPG
2379*726164  84.  117..DSCN5128.JPG new one 60 2202Today's dawn... for my friend, Niall   5131.JPG Hope.........DSCN9998_1.JPG 4930*PEACE..9% of moon illuminated.
2145is thistoo subtle? Jan? 2404DSCN3846.JPG  WINTER APPLES peace 435DSCN4857.JPG
March DSCN5373 2087January 3036... WINTER QUIET 2219...thisis 9981 AND i think 9982! is better! because of branch reach and deeper color
1427October... Barn Cat  journey home.  St J' Academy;;; ps this image is a fave of mine.. languised on pbase... WINTER SERENITY 7119MAGIC LIGHT 25 Below  image 4134
December 11th, 2002 1943revisted this old shot in lawrence massachusetts............DSCN1144.JPG 2952))2493alternate y2111///2863 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine
FIRE DAWN dscn1666 -1 ANGEL 2660*687.337-0925_1.JPG 248/323///2596 INSPIRED by Gary Becker's incredible TRAINBITS gallery                     DSCN1284.JPG
see new gallery BITS...DSCN1288.JPG 156the whole BIT             ..........................................DSCN1100.JPG May 3rd, 2005, above lake thompson YOUNG LOVE!.............................same color pallete as yesterdays PAD.   DSCN0992.JPG
154DSCN4441.JPG/22 i loved the motion and the light and sound, came out of the phili train 63...Gary Becker/train bits... has me seeing differently... see gall  bits..DSCN4716_1.JPG 29/self portrait... same shack as yest... found this on the side.....DSCN4736_1.JPG
2006*April**525page 121SEARCHING FOR SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT..162.66DSCN4774.JPG MayDSCN1335 2949GREEN LACE/2858//2861///2862
31DSCN1011.JPG...103 1290..TRANQUILITY 34maine magic.DSCN0468.JPG...34x42 88the SANGO RIVER QUEEN naples maine...88DSCN9371.JPG47/58
66...HOPE...+65 WIZARD OF OZ'S BROOM jpeg 6599? each day a gift WINTER'S WOOD PILE
ARMS...  ps... my pad yesterday is an image from dec 18 last year... old but a favorite!!! 1092February... RED and White.1036//1038///1038 DSCN9504.JPG my last 2 pads are of this dawn, which do you think is best?... DSCN0074.JPG/685//693///696  Which do you like better... this new image, a bit dark... or if you go
412DSCN9906fireydawn.jpg 732DSCN9906.jpg/657//660///661 HAPPY NEW YEAR! A DAWN USHERING A YEAR OF PEACE! DSCN5242takingabow.jpg found while fastly following a fire engine! 1529/590#4 printed in my living room!
1272/394..#1 conversion 1225/331SEE my profile image and the AMAZING GRACE Gallery at... #3 See all the images...
1071see the series gathered together here on pad= picture a day gallery and... KOOLAID.... please send me your email address...THIS HAS BEEN A LOST IMAGE FOR ME... BUT was just  FOUND 192GREETINGS62/91/97/101 FROM POHNPEI, MICRONESIA! 194SURPRISE IN THE TREE GIRL!!!//69/121//126
231b116BANANA TREE GIRL DREAM/33//63//68///68 maybe my very favorite image! a surprise dream in the tree 328n205..lateTAKING CARE! a peaceful 11/51/67/68/77 moment in Pohnpei, Micronesia where my son  teaches H.S. These three children are the ones i walked behind in a Pohnpei giant rainfall... and 173mquit work... MAKE PEACE
DSC04979harryeyes.jpg HARRY at PORTLAND STREET DINER... my show goes up on these... 182m43DANCE OF BLUES... an old image from trip to my sister Linda in Michigan... overlooked 353m105DSC02434BESTROOSTERKASELELIA.jpg I WAS DRAWN TO THE FAR AWAY BLUE!!! amid... rubble... 213n92DSC04743_2PAULSBREADOFLIFEANDART.jpg
1808DSC04907PANSIELINE.jpg 279''275;67//66xxx49..My morning today!//36(39///42) PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, MAINE PLAY BALL! POHNPEI, 8/39/52 MICRONESIA... SEE THEM ALL AT... 265DSC03042Pohnpei.jpg4/56/88/107 purchase photographs from my website linked below
surpriseonwaytopohnpei.jpg25/52/58 2055Pohnpeian Flower!39/57/71 ... see a now growing gallery from Pohnpei at... 219*children on Pohnpei! Micronesia52/97/104 Pohnpei Micronesia as seen from Black Coral Island
POHNPEI,  SEEN FROM BLACK CORAL ISLAND TROPICS THUNDERHEAD DSC02112.JPG57/x/80/84 DSC02513.JPG 34/51/56 163posted from Pohnpei,71/88/92/96 Micronesia by satalitte dish... see my pad= one pic a day
DSCN0497_1.JPG +74 2693A ROSE for my daughter CAROLYN!!!! DSCN0096greenyellow.jpg A quiet little overlooked soft and darkish take on colors... DSCN9543_1favorite barn.jpg I will put all my images of this barn in a new gallery
tranquility.jpg DSCN5572.jpg//242 LUPINES AWAIT THE DAWN... please comment of this one or my profile 5568jpg..THE SUN GREETS THE MAINE LUPINES//43///63. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! EVERYONE! 29DSC06909.jpgaddedlateby20 please help me pick the best lighthouse shots
25;DSC06907.jpg this one shows the keepers little white transport basket.. whichof these is your fav??? 42DSC06891.jpgpadded i got soaked yesterday... wish i had an umbrella holder...please help me pick one or two... glittering like salt.... see... DSC00661.jpg
DSC07201.jpg  live light 16DSC07462.jpg DSC08037.jpg lonely quiet and blue with red of light and red of the biggest light reflected... hand held, stupid