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1960s Courtesy of Red Coach Grill Fan

1960's - the Red Coach Grill, 1455 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

1455 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida

Thank you to Red Coach Grill Fan for contributing this great image of the Red Coach Grill that was just south of the great Jordan Marsh department store on Biscayne and 15th Street. The photograph is on a postcard copyrighted by Win Sommerfeld, Sommerfeld Photo Film, Auburn, MA, date unknown.

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Guest 15-Dec-2020 16:22
Dad's company supplied South Florida with fish and seafood. We would visit his customers regularly. I was very young the last time I was here and I swiped a tablespoon (which I still have) with Red Coach Grill engraved on it.
Heidi 04-Jun-2020 18:37
So happy to see this! We lived on the Venetian Causeway, shopped at Jordan Marsh frequently, and loved having dinner here. I remember enjoying everything, but my favorite was the Swiss Chocolate Pie!
Bill 11-Sep-2019 01:35
I took my gf, wife, ex wife, there on our first date. same night, went to see Laurence of Arabia fell asleep half way through the movie.

I could not recall exactly the location, but my office is just two block away next to the causeway Recall it was a pretty nice place.
Cindy Franklin 09-Aug-2018 12:47
My mother worked here. I still have the red coach pin she wore.
DONA 29-May-2018 15:45
Guest 30-Apr-2018 20:42
Wonderful memories of very special dinners there in the late 40's with my parents. I was so happy to find this picture.
Guest 21-Jan-2018 06:30
I worked at the Red Coach Grill 1978-79 as a waitress. I think it had recently been purchased by the Howard Johnson chain. It had been the place to go in Miami, with many famous people, including presidents that visited. Can’t remember anyone but Louisa, who was in her 80’s and had been there for years. She came in on the bus from Coconut Grove, where she lived in a small house, a few nights a week to see her “special customers.” I would drive her home on occasion and hear stories about all the special people that would come to the Grill. I think I probably have this postcard somewhere too. They used to be out by the cash registers.
Neil Medney07-Nov-2017 17:33
So glad I stumbled upon this! My grandparents, Charlie and Sophie Medney, ate at the Red Coach twice a week for well over a decade in the '60s and '70s. My family would join them when we were in Miami every winter and Easter/Passover vacation when I was growing up. Like others here, I remember the Shirley Temples and the Swiss Chocolate Pie. What I remember most fondly, though, is the incredibly sweet and funny waitress, Doris. For most of the time my grandparents ate there, Doris was their waitress and friend. Their table was always ready, and my grandfather's 1st drink was always waiting. For my grandmother, they always had her favorite peppermint ice cream on hand, which, if I remember correctly, wasn't even on the menu. Although my family was only usually there twice a year, Doris always remembered our names and treated us as if we were there as much as my grandparents. She was a true treasure, and I can still picture her and hear her voice to this day. Thank you for posting this and stirring up such awesome memories!
Debbie 03-Oct-2017 02:22
My grandfather,Sven Lundquist, was the chef at this Red Coach for many years. It was so nice to see him mentioned in previous posts. I remember as a little girl getting dressed up, going to dinner and sitting at the bar with a Shirley Temple cocktail.
Burt 06-Feb-2017 08:09
I remember going there as a kid in the 60's with my family. I don't remember much about the food except for dessert, the do-it-yourself sundae. They'd bring the ice cream and bowls with hot fudge, nuts and other choices to put on the ice cream. What more could a kid ask for?
Don Boyd08-Jan-2017 17:33
Susan, you might want to do Google and Bing search engine inquiries using search phrases like "Red Coach Grill recipes," "Swiss Chocolate Pie recipes," "Red Coach Grill Swiss Chocolate Pie recipes", etc. Don't just rely on the top search results, scroll down for a page or two of search results and you may just stumble across a site with what you want to find. That's the only way I can think of to find what you want.

Susan 07-Jan-2017 22:21
I grew up on the Beach and coming over to eat at The Red Coach with my parents was the most special time. We all loved it--the food and the ambience. Does anybody know if it's possible to find recipes for things on that menu? What I remember is something called Swiss Chocolate Pie. I'm probably addicted to it since I still to this day remember it. Any thoughts?
Don Boyd23-Dec-2016 19:03
Scott, thank you for posting. There are many people out there with great memories of the Red Coach Grill but unfortunately most of them are getting up there in age and many have already passed away.

Thank you to everyone else who has commented under this photo and other photos of the Red Coach Grill on this site. Your comments add a lot to the photos and they help this site's viewers gain some more knowledge about the restaurant and the people who worked there, like the great bartender who passed away and had the largest funeral procession Mr. Renne had ever seen in Miami. And the heartfelt comments made by Salim who held his first job in this country at the Red Coach and remembered eight names of people he worked with.

scott 23-Dec-2016 14:04
I am the grandson of Arthur thacher, the vice president of red coach. its nice to see something of the restaurant still remains, even if just memories.
Carmella 10-Aug-2016 20:17
Fond memories of the red coach while on vacation around ‘77 and staying at Versailles Hotel on Maimi Beach, my friend Sheila and myself discovered this wonderful place and regardless of a few other restaurants spots we tried we loved the red coach, out of the three weeks we were on vacation we went there almost every evening for dinner…
Don Willis 10-Feb-2016 17:05
Neil Shelley 11-Jun-2015 13:47
I remember that we always dressed-up to eat there suits and ties and ladies in there best summer dresses.. the prime rib was always great, and my favorite side were the onion rings paper thin ringlets , came to the table wrapped in linen napkins. there's no style in dinning out anymore.
Micharl Renne 16-Feb-2015 22:02
Old age memory loss will not ket me remember the name of the GREAT Bartender who had served time for stock fraud before going to work at the Red Coach for many years in the fifties and sixties, I DO remember he new everyone of consequence by their first name (lawyers, politicians,judges, business tycoons ( Ted Baker for one) what they drank and they would all sit at that giant bar in the back and kibitz with him (including me) I was a stock broker then. I also remember that when he died he had the largest funeral procession I have ever seen before or since with the who's who of Miami in attendance. Not bad for a mere bartender I'd say
James Clements 24-Nov-2013 02:47
Great memories and pic, of course that is the Jordan Marsh store to the North of the restaurant. 04-Feb-2013 00:13
Thank you Don Boyd for bringing back the memories that I cherish every moment of it.
Red coach grill was my first job in this country
I worked there as an assistant pantry man, I
Learnt so much about America and the American lifestyle to me it was an institution
So much to write about that place but I would
Like to mention the names of some most wonderful, kind compationate people
I have ever met. Mr. Gaulic (Gen.mgr.)
Swen lundquist ( the chef ) bud( the cook )
Arthur the head pantry man, Leo the grill man
Linda, charline, Nancy and Ms.Khomeini the
Waitresses and so many more. I wish them
all best of luck, health and happiness and for
Those who are not among us a very special
Place in Paradise.
Guest 03-Feb-2013 22:54
Abid Ali
Guest 15-Jul-2011 13:48
I have many fond memories of the Miami Red Coach Grill and the people that worked there. It was my first job out of college. John Foley hired me as an assistant manager in 1976. Natalie was the hostess and Bud was the chef, John Bielecki was the other assistant manager. I also worked in Orlando and was the manager in Ft. Lauderdale when the restaurant closed because of a fire. The food, the service, and the people were outstanding and the prime rib was the best I ever had.
Glenn 11-Jul-2011 22:25
My Dad loved this restaurant and took the family there frequently. I always like going as did my brother.
Mike 08-Apr-2011 12:46
I was a young lawyer in 1972 . Our office was at 19 West Flagler Street. Once a month we had a firm meeting. Afterwards we would go out to eat as a group. I remember like it was yesterday going to the Red Coach for my first time and falling in love with the place. The ambience, the decor and the food. The expression" they don't make them like they used to" is so appropriate when talking about the Red Coach Grill
Guest 17-Mar-2011 16:57
My stepfather was a manager there in the 70's, John Foley. My favorite was rare prime rib.
Hill 16-Apr-2010 14:39
My dad would take us there. First time I ever had Duck. Great place.
Melissa Y. 04-Feb-2010 14:35
The best!!! my brother's wedding reception was there. we would go almost every friday nite with my grandmother....then it burned down. they had the best prime rib in the world. my mother would always order her favorite drink, a "pink squirrel" -- have no idea what it contained tho!
Guest 17-Nov-2009 20:22
i am sure when we ate there they had an incredible cheese spread that accompanied crackers, would like that receipe now. also hot indian pudding with ice cream for dessert, yummm
Don Boyd31-Oct-2009 14:03
Bob, I thank you for writing in and telling us of your experience and memories at the Red Coach Grill. My aunt and her boss used to dine there at lunch when his company used to be a couple of miles away in the 50's and 60's and they always had a great meal there. Thank you for providing your e-mail address in case anyone wants to contact you.

Guest 31-Oct-2009 07:14
Bob/s email is
Bob Gagne 31-Oct-2009 07:03
I and my brothers worked at the Coach from 1949 to 1973 / my last job was,tending bar, that is the Miami Coach that I am talking about , the manager was Bill Gawlick and the schef was Sphin Linquist I am 80 years old today and beleive me that was he best restaurant in Miami those day . my name is Bob . I replaced the best bartender ever by the name of Sam Coleman . drop me a line
Guest 22-Sep-2009 18:54
not only was it there before Jordan Marsh was built but they saddened my childhood when they removed the poney rides that were in operation on the site where they built JM!
steve 27-Feb-2009 21:41
although the food was pure americana, of all the restaurants in miami it was our family and i started eating there around 1956, and still to this day talk about how incredible it was. steve
guest 26-Feb-2009 21:11
greatest peking duck around
Jeanne 13-Feb-2009 15:50
Dinner at the Red Coach Grill was my first "real date" with my future husband. I was all of 17. He ordered a filet mignon, and having no idea what that was I ordered fried shrimp - I knew what that was!!
Guest 02-Feb-2009 21:36
When I was a little girl , (no older than five,) in the 1960s, I ate an entire whole lobster here and received a certificate for my efforts that my parents promptly framed! We lived in Indiana and drove to Miami for vacation. Fond memories.
Guest 27-Jan-2009 10:56
the red coach is where i proposed to my wife...........what a great place!!!!!!!
Sam 08-Sep-2008 04:18
I have a Red Coach Grill Menu for sale from the late 50's.

It is in very good condition.
Lee Martines 14-Jun-2008 06:14
This restaurant was at this location before Jordan Marsh was built. We would on occasion eat here after a day of shopping at Sears-Roebuck, which was just a block or so south on Biscayne Boulevard. The Red Coach Grill chain was a more upscale group owned by Howard Johnson's.
Dave 16-May-2008 00:14
That's the old Jordan Marsh Department Store behind the Red Coach Grill. We used to eat there on out outings to the department store.