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1965 - New England Oyster House restaurant at 16915 S. Federal Highway, Perrine

16915 S. Federal Highway (US 1), Dade County, Florida

According to a letter filed at the time requesting zoning approval to enclose the jalousie window area of the above restaurant, the company (Florida Oyster Company), located at 768 Dania Beach Bouevard, Dania (phone FR3-5307 Dade or JA2-1469 Broward) had New England Oyster Houses at the following locations, in addition to the above location, at the time:

280 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables
3906 NW 36th Street, Miami
12727 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami
760 Dania Beach Boulevard, Dania
900 SW 24th Street (Rt. 84), Ft. Lauderdale
2860 East Sunrise Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
3100 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach
1701 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton
7400 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach
7230 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

I'm fairly sure that more locations were added, including one on W. 49th Street (Palm Springs Mile) in Hialeah, for the rest of the 60's and into the 70's. At some point in the mid-70's the Red Lobster chain expanded into South Florida from upstate and had to have been a factor in the New England Oyster Houses losing market share and eventually disappearing.

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Leighton 04-Oct-2020 23:58
Now the site of South Motors Infiniti.
Jean Nardi 17-Jan-2017 00:01
I worked at the 36 street location in the early 80's. Was Miss New England Oyster House lol. Best waiter ever, Luther, trained me. Best waiter I ever met.
Jack 20-Aug-2015 18:53
That's were my mother was a waitress with Norma and Joe my mother was Mary 12
Carlos 06-Mar-2015 18:49
I worked as a busboy, doing buffet lunch and lastly the Raw bar from 1968 to December 1970 at the NW 36 St place, manager was Joe Boucher and assistant was Richard, Barmaid Betty, Barman Lenny and Roger Chapelin kitchen Mark Garabedian waitresses Joan, Norma, Anny, "my little baby bumble bee" (don't remember her name), Alice and in food preparation Ramon Santos, Angelito and a lot of names that escape from my mind. Great memories, nice days (especially when you are in your early twenties) going after hours to the lounge in front of the Hialeah Hospital to drink and dance.
Guest 18-Aug-2014 19:42
Berandette: I was one of the Purchasing Agents in the Dania distribution in the 70's. Does anyone know what happened to the workers in the Commissary? Loffler thought since 90% of the workers were from Cuba no one could figure out their pay so he cheated them, is that what happened? Yes, I worked 5.5 days a week and all holidays with no extra pay, except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Jack 23-Apr-2014 18:35
I worked for NEOH starting in 1976. The corporate headquarters and distribution center were behind the Dania, FL location. I remember the dumpster was full of shredded paper one morning - to later learn they destroyed their labor records electing to pay fines instead of wages they legally owed. The company was corrupt. VP often came in the restaurant looking for fat, young waitresses he could hit on. Distribution Director was son in law to President Loffler. Director's assistant was his boyfriend. Rotten company treated employees like garbage - replaceable garbage.
Guest 21-Apr-2014 21:47
I worked at NEOH first in early 70's then again late 70's. Mgr. trainee, asst mgr, mgr. at N. Palm Bch, W. Palm Bch, Lantana, and Pompano Bch. Brutal hours as everyone has said. Once worked open to close (14 hrs plus) for nearly a month with no days off... serious burnout. The owner (Loeffler?) only spent money on the dining rooms - waterfalls, etc. Wouldn't spend a nickel on kitchen equipment. Not sure why they went under (lol) but I'm sure RL was one reason.
Guest 08-Feb-2014 04:26
I worked as a busboy, waiter, then bartender at the NEOH on Hollywood Boulevard back in the 1980's. To date, it is (was) one of my favorite seafood restaurants ever.
Guest 18-Nov-2013 04:27
Wow! I worked at the NE oyster house on Biscayne blvd. in Miami(1984) I loved that place!!!
Guest 01-Nov-2013 10:02
Worked at NE on 36 street for 10 years between 70-80 Really good food Many things you could not get any where else.
dave 10-Oct-2013 20:49
I have come across an old menu that my parents had from perhaps late 50's or 60's. It reads "The Lobster House" Perrine, Florida Phone Perrine 3531". Prices range from cocktails from 40 to 50 cents, Sirloin Steak dinner, potatoes and gravy for 75 cents, Champagne cocktail at 50 cents. Oh, Broiled lobster tails, dressing, drawn butter and salad bowl for $1.00. Would like to sell it. Any ideas? Thanks.
bill 21-Jul-2013 18:52
I worked for NEOH '76-'77 as a mgmt trainee and asst mgr. and kept moving around W.Palm, Boca, Lantana, Perrine, Ft Lauderdale, Miami. finally got too burnt out-- 60 hour weeks and no time off, and upper management who didn't give two hoots about their employees.
Don Boyd14-Apr-2013 05:31
Joe, congratulations on your 39th Anniversary. I'm sorry that the restaurant hasn't been around for a long time. Regarding time and where it went, I think we're all still 18 and wondering what the hell happened. : ) Enjoy the rest of your lives together!

Joe 13-Apr-2013 20:26
Today, April 13, 2013 my wife of 39 years had our first date and dined at the New England Oyster House on Federal Hwy in Pompano Beach. Wish it was still there to celebrate our first date anniversary of 40 years ago today. Where did the time go?
Donna 14-Feb-2013 20:29
I remember going to the one in North Miami as a treat when my grandparents came to visit us from New York in the 1960's. The best hush puppies ever! I believe it was the kids menu that you could wear as a hat. My Dad would put it on to embarrass us.
Guest 10-Feb-2013 00:08
I would like to know where and what are the old employees doing now, Barbara, Pat (Mother and Daughter), Marilyn, Christine, Felipe (all from Hialeah)
Nancy Potter Black 16-Nov-2012 12:27
Nancy " Potter" Black
I worked at the New England Oyster House in Vero Beach, Florida
May 1972 Does anyone have any pictures.
Fred Pieper 09-May-2012 08:02
I worked at the Dania Beach location in 1980 as an assistant manager. I trained 3 managers but they would not make me one saying I was to young. So I moved on.
The people I worked with were great the company sucked.
Guest 01-Oct-2011 00:48
I worked in the Coral gables store with Bill Andrews. Unfortunately Bill was killed in an auto accident. He was engaged to a beautiful young lady named Leslie. I would nlove to meet up with you if possible.
Carol C 04-May-2011 21:50
While I was attending Miami-Dade Community College up on NW 103 Street and 27th Avenue, we used to go for lunch at The NE Oyster House on 36 Street (loved the free smoked fish that came with the meal), or to The Red Diamond on LeJeune.

I was driving home last month from my mom's house in Homestead and recognized the old Par-Tee Lounge on South Dixie, although it's something else now. I'm sure the interior smells like cigarettes and beer from the past 50 years! It was wonderful to grow up in South Miami during the late 50s and the 60s. Does anyone remember when someone put a manequin's leg with red paint all over it in the mouth of the revolving shark at the entrance to the Rickenbacker Causeway? Football games in the "Garbage Bowl" on Coral Way? Stopping by to pick up a huge bag of burgers and fries from Royal Castle on the way to the games - 15 cents for a burger and cents for the fries. Gables beating Southwest every Thanksgiving (that was fun at our house - my brother and I went to Gables and my sister went to Southwest - we tortured her over it every year).
Sheryl 13-Sep-2010 12:55
I just returned home from a visit at my in laws who live in the chicago area but used to vacation on St. Pete beach for years from the 60's through the 80's. We found a New England Oyster House menu in their stash of memorabilia, OMG, the prices would just kill you! You could get a cocktail for under a buck, Domestic Beer .85 cents and Imported .95!
There is not one meal over 4.50! unbelievable
Eric Austin 26-Jan-2010 21:01
I used to go to the one in Hialeah w/ my Grandparents in the early 70's. Gosh I loved the clam chowder and flounder too! It was actually next to the Firestone tire shop at the east end of Westland Mall right on 49th, a couple of miles west of Palm Springs Mile. Why it is gone I'll never know. Thanks for a great memory!
Tosto 04-Jul-2009 14:30
Great Pictures!! My grandfather had a lawnmower shop on N.W. 79th. street for years before moving to 17th. avenue in the early '60s. While at the 79th. street address (1950's?) he took a large model ship in lieu of money for services rendered. My grandfather supposedly sold the ship to the Chesapeake Restaurant on 36th. street for $300.00. I am looking at an old photo of the ship, in front of his lawnmower shop (it is noted that it came from the Carl Fisher house).
lance butler 11-Feb-2009 18:46
when I was a young man in sarasota my sister was friends with the owners kids.and I use to cut there grass I belive the owners name was Smithers and his daughter name was suzie. I was a great time to live in sarasota I would love to see the smithers agian
linda 18-Nov-2008 14:45
I was just in Miami a few weeks ago and was trying to jog everyone's memories about this place. "Come on, it was right near the Moose Lodge where Calico Corners was!" I love your site. This is bringing back serious memories. I'm going to pull out some of my dad's old slides. I'm sure I can find some gems for you.
Debbie Beam15-Nov-2008 06:54
I was born in Homestead Fl. and my Dad had a TV and Appliance Store named Snyders Sales and Service. My Dads favorite thing was to take us out to eat on Sundays because he worked 12-14 hour days, six days a week. My sister and I would get so excited trying out new Restraunts and the New England Oyster House in Perrine was one of our favorites. I just wish that I could have a copy of the menu's for all of these great Restaurants. Kids today will never the experience the great food we had. Most food in restaurants today is horrible and over priced
Debbie Beam15-Nov-2008 06:49
I was born in Homestead Fl. and my Dad had a TV and Appliance Store named Snyders Sales and Service. My Dads favorite thing was to take us out to eat on Sundays because he worked 12-14 hour days, six days a week. My sister and I would get so excited trying out new Restraunts and the New England Oyster House in Perrine was one of our favorites. I just wish that I could have a copy of the menu's for all of these great Restaurants. Kids today will never the experience the great food we had. Most food in restaurants today is horrible and over priced
Maryanne 16-Oct-2008 04:04
I cannot believe I found your site! I have the most wonderful childhood memories going to the New England Oyster House in North Miami with my Mother and Grandmother, at least twice a month. I remember the wonderful coleslaw served in big silver buckets, and my all-time favorite (found NOWHERE elese) was the HUGE platter of fried smelts. The waitress showed me how to eat them the first time we ordered, and I wish I could find them today. Thanks for the memories! Maryanne
William Elliott 26-Jul-2008 09:09
As a GI at Eielson AFB Alaska Apr 1962/Oct 1963 for nine months I worked part/tx RIDDLE AIR as mech/fueler/preheat/service/A/C and on num/occasions flew w/crew 10 miles abv artic circle to DEW LINE remote radar site UTOPIA,landed uphill,took off down hill on mountain side. A/C were C-46's(N43N N44C N45M),delvr 1850 gal diesel fuel in lrg rubber blatter tied dn to a/c floor.Treated kindly by all ,who I admired greatly.Crew--Capt's Ray Pope-Joe Boobinick and Joe Thomas,Co-pilot Chuck Sanderfer.Was tx of my life I cherish to this day.I was 21yrs then.Saw Boobinick/Thomas yrs latr at AIRPT's CMH & SFO.
Don Boyd15-Jul-2008 19:25
Oldngray (aren't we all?), why don't you tell us about your experiences with Riddle and/or Airlift, like what years you worked there, what you did, anything about the company, etc.? We need to preserve some historical anecdotes for others to read in the future.

Oldngray 15-Jul-2008 13:39
Wow, have not seen or talked to anyone about Riddle since maybe 1970 or so, and of course it was then Airlift. We used to visit the bar at the Chesapeake for the 35 cent beer and free smoked King. Best I ever had.
John Conklin 01-Jul-2008 01:00
I worked for the seafood company for a couple of years (1977 - 1978), starting as a Mgt trainee in Tampa, and within one year I moved up to store manager in the same restaurant I started in. I was asked to rotate to a different restaurant almost every month and worked in a total of 11 restaurants. At the time there were I believe 18 restaurants, some were money makers and others didn't do so well. The prices were good, but the ownership and senior management didn't care for the customers or the employees, only the bottom line. It didn't take too long before I was completely burned out, working 70 hours a week for $ 200 a week. So I ventured off to work in the military and after 20 years I look back and am so happy I made the decision to move on. But honestly, I much prefer to eat at a seafood restaurant than work at one.
Don Boyd14-Jun-2008 05:08
Lee, thank you for posting under numerous photos - I really do appreciate hearing your memories and I'm sure others do too.

I presume you were in that group of Riddle employees that you mention. Can you offer us some memories of working at Riddle and anywhere else you worked? You can send them to me in an e-mail ( and I'd be glad to post them in a separate gallery.


Lee Martines 14-Jun-2008 05:04
The Chesapeake House was one of the favorite restaurants for lunch among the group of workers at Riddle Airlines on the west end of the airport. Their oysters were excellent, being procured from the Chincoteague area of Virginia. Occasionally, one would find a small, tear-drop shaped pearl in them, although the cooking would ruin the finish.
Don Boyd19-May-2008 01:58
Correct, the Old Chesapeake became one of the New England Oyster Houses but I'm pretty sure it retained the original name too. It's the one listed as 3906 NW 36th Street on the list of restaurants in the chain locally.

Jason 19-May-2008 00:41
There was a New England Oyster House in Homestead. We folks took me there at least once a month when I was growing up in the 1980s. I'm guessing the place closed down around 1986. I have one of their menus.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the old Chesapeake restaurant on 36th street eventually turn into an Oyster House? That's before my time, but my dad remembers it.
Candy 17-Apr-2008 12:03
Oh, my, my. Talk about memory lane. My dad, Don Potter, was the Beverage Supervisor for New England Oyster House and I used to get to visit all the different locations throughout the state. I remember this one, especially. I talked to John Carlone about 1 1/2 yrs. ago - he was the Food and Beverage Director at that time. I hated fish so my dad would pay me 25 cents a bone if I found one! Thank you for the memories!
WilW 09-Apr-2008 20:55
Mom and Dad took us to the West Palm Beach location. I remember they would bring out cole slaw for the table in a silver champagne bucket with tongs. I loved that slaw.
Ray 26-Mar-2008 02:54
See how the windows on the left part of the building are angled in? When I saw this, it looked familiar. Now I think I remember where else there's something like this... the Mutineer bar/restaurant down in Florida City, also on US1 (Federal Highway back then). Makes me wonder if it was once a New England Oyster House. Or maybe one place borrowed the idea from the other.

Ever notice how many buildings STILL show their original use? How many times have you passed by some store and immediately recognized the angled roof as a Farm Store? Or the steep roof of a former IHOP? Even some Pizza Huts are easy to see. I'm sure we could think of more. Way back when some architect did a good job of developing a long lasting unique look. Even some Royal castles can still be seen.

Unfortunately, today's styles are too bland and too easy to tear down. Some day people will look back and wonder how we could have been so selfish as to tear down all this history to put up yet another strip mall.
Steve 19-Mar-2008 01:44
This was my dad's favorite restaurant in the 60s. I used to order the steamed clams off the appetizer section of the menu. When this place closed, I was really sad.
Guest Again 06-Feb-2008 18:39
Curt, the one in South Miami was at US1 and Red Road, I think; in front of the Holsum Bakery facing Red Road. We used to go after church also.
Tony C. 05-Feb-2008 22:58
This place was great as a kid. I remember the mural on the wall of the men fishing. Fascinating to a child. There was another location down in, I think, Naranja on the right going south.
Robert Burr 05-Feb-2008 20:30
As a young kind, my dad was notoriously cheap. We went to a nice restaurant only once a year. It was always this New England Oyster House in Perrine. I always tried to order lobster. Dad always laughed.
curt 25-Jan-2008 04:11
There was also a location in South Miami on US1 and I beleive 78th st (not sure on the cross street) Right across from South Miami Hospital. I used to go there after church with my grand parents.
jaci 07-Jan-2008 00:42
my goodness remember the new englad oyster house.... this is just so great!!!!!
gail 01-Dec-2007 08:02
I would love to see the new england oyster house near the miami jai-lai fronton. This is the one which had pictures of famous movie stars on the wall and a big fish tank with a piranha fish in it. Plus all these crazy mirrors which mad you fat, tall, short etc. Would love to see old pictures of the Miami Jai-lai fronton as well. and all the buildings which surrounded the fronton. I believe a real fancy bar right across the street from the fronton. Nw 37th ave and 36 street
Guest 16-Oct-2007 07:45
Between 1970 and 1973 we would occasionally go to the New England Oyster House on the Intercostal in Vero Beach (after we moved out of Dade Co.). It was great!