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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Miami Area HOTELS and MOTELS Historical Photos Gallery - All Years - click on image to view > 1961 - the Skyways Motel at 2373 NW 42 Avenue (LeJeune Road), Miami
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1961 - the Skyways Motel at 2373 NW 42 Avenue (LeJeune Road), Miami

2373 NW 42 Avenue (LeJeune Road), Miami, Florida

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Glenn 12-Aug-2017 02:21
Man, if you wanted to show someone a guaranteed good time, Ronnie's was it. Yea, the shaker cans on every table really got people into it, right? I always waited for them to start playing When the Saints Go Marching In, and for someone to yell out "Who wants to play the trombone?" Meeeee! I'd get up there and blow like an idiot, cause I didn't know a thing about playing the trombone. But man was it fun. That wall of instruments was one helluva great idea. I've always wanted to duplicate it somewhere. Maybe one day I will.....
IVAN Borak 02-Jul-2017 14:54


joey feltman 02-Feb-2017 16:20
Joey Feltman, Food and Beverage Director....SkyWays Motel and Marco Polo Hotel.
Manny Melamed was the greatest to me. He gave me my beginning in leasing out restaurants in Miami and Miami Beach hotels. My humble thanks to him and his family. Ronnie's lounge was the best and no one came close to the fun and welcomed joy we all felt working around there. Joey Feltman
Bebe Black 22-Sep-2014 00:13
Mike -- I remember your dad, Jimmy. David Glass was on site owner then. CarlAbbott,my husband, went with your Mom & Dad, Carl & I and Davie & his wife to a big charity shindig at Fontainbleau courtesy of Bennie Gaines -- also an owner, as I recall. Jack Benny & Martha Raye were some of the performers that nite. My name then was Bebe Abbott & you must have played with John & Sammy & Louis.
Mike McKenna 10-Aug-2014 22:49
I remember the Skyways in the sixties. My father (Jim) worked there as the Manager. I remember the Hanger Lounge with the Four Bits (nice guys). I would visit there and play with Carl Abbott's sons and David Glass' Grandsons.
Guest 04-Aug-2014 21:43
i got busted for weed there....loved that place
Ivette Cardoso 27-Jul-2014 07:05
Boy do I feel old! I attended Ronnie's Lounge across from MIA with my parents from time to time. At one point or another, we'd all end up on stage playing an instrument. It's sad to see that except for a couple of articles from the '70s and '80s, there's no other mention of him and his lounge. I sent a shout out to Mr. Leonard via Internet about a year ago, and never got a I know why. Sadly, Ronnie passed away June 7, 2013 (if you Google Ronald S. Leonard obituary, there's confirmation that it's him). I'm currently working on my memoir, and plan to include mention of him and his fabulous lounge. I know my parents are attending Ronnie's Lounge in Heaven! Thank you for the great memories...gone, but never forgotten. x0x0x0x0
Richard Ruest01-Jul-2014 17:44
My father disappeared from the Skyway Hotel in November of 1979. His name was Richard Ruest. Does anyone have any information regarding him or the case??? Does anyone remember the case? Please contact me at or leave a message. I am trying to get newspaper articles as well as any information.
Sandy 11-May-2014 02:40
I will never forget Ronnie's. It was first at a hotel at Miami Beach then went to the Skyways. My entire family went. My brother would even get on stage to play the drums. Soooooo many great memories, soooo many friends. I still think of them often. Whatever happened to Ronnie and my favorite waitress Joy. Great part of my life.
Guest 31-Dec-2013 16:52
I remember Ronnie's Lounge very well. I used to work for Eastern Airlines at MIA back in the mid 70's and would go there every Sunday night for a few drinks. Ronnie's had old soda cans filled with un-popped popcorn on all of the tables and everyone would shake those cans in time to the music. I recall back then there was a four piece band that worked there on Sundays called Blue Sky. Does anybody else remember them? They had a female electric guitarist that was fantastic. Ronnie's had old soda cans filled with un-popped popcorn on all of the tables and everyone would shake those cans in time to the music. We always had so much fun running up a huge bar tab and flirting with the incoming flight attendants. Those were the days !
Rob 14-Jan-2013 14:04
WOW! talk about memories. My mom was a 'maid' (housekeeper) there at the Skyway back in the mid 60's. I was in 5th grade and would go with my mom to work whenever I was out of school or not feeling well to be in school. Mom couldn't afford childcare so she brought me to work. I remember her doing the rooms while I sat and watched TV in a 'check-out' room. I also recalled striking up a really great conversation with a guest about astronauts and why they had to be quarantined when they got back from space. He was actually a NASA engineer.

I am 53 now and my mom has passed, but it is nice to visit Memory Lane.
Sherri 21-Nov-2011 01:32
love the picture Don..thanks! my parents owned the hotel ( it was changed to a hotel) & we even lived there for a number of years. My Dad, Manny Melamed did own the hotel from about 1974 til 1988 ..
Guest 02-Nov-2011 02:05
I worked at the Miami Skyways Motel around 1970-71 for a rental car company and we had a desk just inside those double doors you see on the picture.
It was a great place to work, the staff were great as well.
I am wondering? did a Manny Melamed own the hotel at that time.
Don Boyd16-Mar-2011 03:53
Jo Anne, thank you for writing and for your memories. Lums introduced Ollie Burgers in the early 70's (or was it the late 60's) as I recall but they were in addition to their regular burgers which could have been called Lumsburgers? Congrats on your long marriage!

jo ann 16-Mar-2011 02:55
Can't believe I found this site. Miami was the best in 1968. I was an Eastern Flight Attendent living in the Virginia Gardens Apts..trained at the Miami Springs Villas. I met my husband of 42 years there(yep, still together) ....and we spent many times listening to the Rhodes Brothers at Big Daddy's!!! Wow, I haven't thought about this is years....there was Lums too, was it lumbergers???? Glad the Rhodes Brothers were so successful.... I remember good tunes and lots trumpets!!!!!
Don Boyd26-Feb-2011 04:51
John, thank you very much for writing in and for your comments. So many people loved you guys and will never forget you. Y'all were part of the many good memories of Miami that people have from the 60's and 70's.

Thanks again!

John Rhodes 26-Feb-2011 01:29
Don, I just discovered your web site. So Coooooool. This is John Rhodes of the Rhodes Brothers. So many great memories in that era. I can not express the joy we had during those days. I know every town talks about the old days and how good things were. BUT Miami in those days was without a doubt the talk of the town from New York to LA and everything inbetween. Thanks for keeping the memories alive. And thank you Miami from the Rhodes Brothers. The spirit is still alive.
Don Boyd20-Jan-2011 12:12
Lisa, more people would probably see your question if you also posted it at the bottom of the "Theatres & Drive-In Theatres" gallery at:

There are far more viewers of the gallery pages than one individual photo like this one in a gallery.

Lisa Hoffman 20-Jan-2011 02:36
Does anyone have a photo of the LeJeune Drive In formerly on LeJeune Road?

Thank you.
Don Boyd28-Nov-2010 16:52
For those of you who remember the fabulous Rhodes Brothers, Eddie Rhodes opened his new Eddie Rhodes Riverside Grille at 78 Canal Street in Miami Springs on November 19, 2010. I went by to take some photos and I met Eddie and he would love to have you drop by for some good times. It is located just northwest of the bridge that crosses the Miami Canal from Hialeah Drive (NW 54th Street) into Miami Springs. For more information, see:

Dave Collis 11-Oct-2010 20:25
An old friend reminded me of Ronnies conga line,where patrons would march around playing old musical instruments, that Ronnie would provide,and take the line into the lobby and out into the street ! LOL Fun time s back in the mid 70s
I also remember Ronnie loved Disney world, and would organize group trips there. D.C.
Good Times 17-Jun-2010 20:44
My most memorable moments were of the Loredo Bar B Que
In addition to the good food, they use to host the Professional Wrestlers that would come down to wrestle at the Miami Beach Convention Center (Florida Championship wrestling).
Ric Flair, Kevin Sullivan, Andre the Giant-All the Greats were there.
I remember Roberto Durran use to party at Ronnies back when he was at his prime.
Guest 09-May-2010 06:17
My first time in Miami was in '83, due to a missed connecting flight at the airport. The Airline put us up at the Skyways Motel. I still have a t-shirt from the "Ronnie's at the Skyways" lounge.
Donna 23-Jan-2010 04:43
Wow, what memories! My mother and I both worked at the Skyways in the early 70's. I don't remember the Rhodes Brothers, but when I saw one comment regarding the Four Bits a light came on! They had a female drummer that did an amazing job on the drum solo for Wipeout. Those were the days.
Guest 07-Dec-2009 22:48
I worked at Ronnies Lounge in the late "70's ... I believe Ronnie's last name was Leonard.
Guest 21-Oct-2009 01:56
My uncle own the miami skyways motel,their were great memories
Guest 18-Jul-2009 00:01
Does anyone know the last name of Ronnie who ws at the Skyways in the 70s? He called it Ronnie's Lounge.
Don Boyd08-Jul-2009 04:32
Guest, thanks for the update on the brothers. I saw them perform a couple of times in the 70's at their club at the Merchandise Mart and everyone had a great time. Let us know when your site is up so we can give you a link on this site.

Guest 08-Jul-2009 01:35
The Rhodes Brothers are alive and well with the exception of Ruey Rhodes who passed away too young in 1984. John is my father. He recently moved to the Charlotte NC area. My uncle Tom is living in the Deland FL area and uncle Eddie is living in Miami. It's been a couple of years since they have done a show, but they are still involved in music. Some older albums can be found on eBay. I have been scanning old photos and newspaper articles that I hope to post on a Rhodes Brothers site. I was a little kid that used to run around the Merchandise Mart back in the early 70s. Great times.
Diane 14-Dec-2008 14:49
Can anyone tell me the name of the club in South Daytona that the Rhode's Brothers are singing at????? I'm trying to locate them, my sister used to go every week to see them in Miami and her 60th Birthday is coming up and I'd like to surprise her.
Guest 11-Nov-2008 06:36
eddie is managing a moose lodge in kendall somewhere!
Guest 11-Nov-2008 06:34
i lived with the eddie tom and john 4 about a year while they were the F &B manegers and i was managing the restaurnt while they were putting on shows at the miami springs golf and county club!
Don Boyd07-Sep-2008 20:26
Sure, if you have it scanned send it to me via e-mail ( and I put it up. Thanks!

Duane 07-Sep-2008 19:42
I found a 1975 Rhodes Brothers EXPO DOLLAR from Lauderdale.
Would you like to post the pic?
Steven 18-Aug-2008 02:51
My parents loved the Rhodes Bros! I remember them getting dressed up and going to see them when I was a kid...i thought it was all so glamorous! I wish I still had their records!
guest 26-Jul-2008 14:30
John Rhodes is ALIVE & WELL! He recently opened a pub on US1 in South Daytona, and is singing there! Very cool!
Jerry Smith 30-May-2008 14:27
I worked the door and bar at the Rhodes Bros club in the middle 70's.They were the very best.
Guest 30-May-2008 14:17
John lives in the middle of stste
Guest 28-May-2008 02:46
Check the Elks club on sunset and 107 ave. They occasionally perform there. I've also seen them perform at the golf course (country club) on Curtis Pky in Miami Springs.
Rick Jones 28-Apr-2008 18:54
As a kid, I grew up with the Rhodes Brothers across the street from me in Columbus, OH. They moved to Coral Gables toward the end of the 60's. We used to go see them perform. Do you know if Tom, Ed or John are still alive? Are they still in the Miami area?
Guest 22-Mar-2008 03:34
The Skyways was home to Ronnie's lounge in the 70's & 80's.
IDOLA ALBRECHT 21-Mar-2008 07:49
Guest 17-Mar-2008 18:00
The Rhodes Brothers opened their own club in the Miami Merchandise Mart back in the early 70s. It was huge and always packed. Their show was awesome - very talented guys.
Guest 17-Mar-2008 17:58
The Briarwood Singers used to sing here too, and the Impact of Brass.
Guest 07-Mar-2008 21:11
The Rhodes Bro performed at the Carillon Hotel
Guest 06-Feb-2008 19:34
Bebe - The Skyways was right across LeJeune from the Airport. Its various facilities were given airport related names -- the Hanger Lounge, the Runway (walkway to lounge.) Eastern stewardesses in training stayed there. How could one forget the Four Bits or Phil Reudy or John LaSalle performing in the Hanger Lounge?
Guest 27-Jan-2008 01:01
The bowling alley was at the Crossaways Airport Inn across the street on LeJeune Road about a half mile South of where the Miami Skyways Motel was.
Let's not forget The Airliner as well...lots of great local and national jazz acts
I KNOW I'm correct on this one Don.
All of these buildings are gone to make way for the new Intermodal transportation center.
JT 31-Dec-2007 17:16
I remember seeing the Rhodes Bros. at a Miami Beach Hotel in 1971 or 1972. Can't remember which one.
martha Pierson 22-Dec-2007 05:31
The bowling alley was the Airport Lanes.
Davino/Dave 19-Dec-2007 03:44
Guest, Yes, there was a bowling alley/ pool hall in the back. I too have forgotten the name... Anybody out there remember??
Don Boyd18-Oct-2007 03:17
Good memory on the Rhodes Brothers. I only remembered them from the Radisson Mart on the south side of the airport if that's what it was when they were there. Don
Guest 17-Oct-2007 23:47
How about the Rhodes Brothers, they were there for years and very good.
Guest 28-Sep-2007 03:47
I think this is where The Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan got their start!!
guest 21-Aug-2007 00:23
Wasn't there a bowling alley, forgot the name, in back of this motel?