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1950's Courtesy of Dave

1950's - Menu for the Hurricane Harbor Lounge, 24 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne

24 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, Florida

Thanks to Dave for providing this image for our nostalgia. That $2.95 for a filet seems really cheap but the minimum wage in the mid 60's was $1.25 an hour. That was 2.5 hours of work for a lot of people for a filet with tax and no tip.

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Jeff 06-Dec-2013 06:39
OOPS! It DOES say Key Biscayne by the image, so a slight addendum... and my apologies...

'81' was the routing for Key Biscayne... '881' was for the North Dade area, and that's what I was thinking about when I made the previous post...
Jeff 06-Dec-2013 06:36
This is actually a menu from the 1950s, as the phone number for the restaurant was 4-2211. The '81' prefix was for Routing calls to North Dade.

What's odd is that the 4 exchange later became WI-4 (Wilson 4, or 944) and was primarily for North Miami Beach/Sunny Isles... but the restaurant was clearly in North Miami.

Who knows exactly what the exchange boundaries were for that time? It's hard to say. As our area grew, late 50s phone books would have five, six and seven digit exchanges depending on the size of the exchange such as FRanklin-3-5099, 7-4218 and 82-5655.
brian 26-Feb-2012 22:36
Call me crazy , but for 15 years I have been dragging this picture around that I had come across , The only difference is there is no reprint , wording , etc . Are there reprints that just have the picture ?
glo 22-Oct-2011 15:33
I also have a framed print of the seven dogs urination on a wall with the reorder info just below the dogs. Does anyone have any info on the worth? With so many reprints out there I doubt it's a rareity but it is a unique novelty.
debbie 18-Apr-2011 02:23
I have the picture of the dogs but the cat is actually urinating. I am hoping to retrive the series. does anyone have any info? if so, please email me at
Guest 28-Jul-2010 23:45
I also have a picture of seven dogs urinating on the wall. " reorder from Jamaican Inn's English Pub, Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida 33149."

How old is this print?
Hill 16-Apr-2010 14:35
The Inn would sell the prnts in the small gift store they had there. The English Pub, seperate entrance than the Inn but you could go from one to the other through a door, also had the dogs doing everything from peeing to playing cards and pool! My dad had a picture of the card playing dogs in his office in the old " Lawyers Title Insurance Company" building in downtown Miami. It was next to the DuPont Plaza on the River and faced one of my favorite restaurants, The Red Coach Grille. First time I ever had Duck!
michelle 25-Nov-2009 03:53
Hi Linda, I just found that same picture you described at a thrift store. I am also curious about it. It is hilarious!

S.I., NY
Linda Schaffer 29-Oct-2009 23:07
I have an old framed print of seven dogs standing and urinating on a wall (street sidewalk). I know the artist has done variations on this theme.
The botton of the print says "Taken from the Men's Room of the Jamaica Inn's English Pub on Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida.
Does anyone remember prints like that on the wall or for sale at the Inn? It would have been in the early 60's.
Thank you,
syl 07-Jun-2009 17:53
i had my graduation dinner from coral gables high at hurricane harbor in 1958...the piano player was wonderful and i never forgot those resin-baked idaho potatoes. i would love to know exactly how to make them.

the little place at the jamaica inn...the pub...that was my next adventure...the waitresses wore kilts and the booths were very dark and private...i ordered dinner with my girlfriend and we drank one after another of grasshoppers for dessert. i have never been in such a wonderful pub since then.

if anyone knows the whole deal about making resin-baked potatoes and where to get the proper equipment and resin, i would be most appreciative.

syl from south miami
Dale Reed 03-Feb-2009 02:17
What caught my eye on this menu was the Resin Baked Idaho Potato. We used to cook them at home back in the 50s and 60s. My Dad got the Resin at the Hardware store in Coral Gables on Coral Way near Sears. They were great, nut like flavor the meat of the potato was almost like crystals. Man I wish I could find a source for that Resin, I still have some in the bottom of my cast iron kettle but not enough to cook even one anymore. I have to say back in the day I think we used to call it Rosin.

I took my girlfriend Donna Stelzer to Black Cesar’s Forge for dinner it was way over my pay grade but that day I had proposed and she had accepted my ring. It was my time to celebrate. The restaurant had an actual wine cellar underground and although we were served there, we had no wine because we were still under age. We had a great Stake dinner and Resin Baked potatoes. We went out back to watch them cook in a giant black cast iron pot when they floated to the top they were done were done. They were then fished out with hooks made from coat hangers and placed on sheets of brown paper and quickly wrapped before the Resin could harden. The server would cut them in two at the table and serve the meat of the potato offering you chives, butter and sour cream as toppings.

My young X lover is now on her third mirage or so, none of them to me, she broke the engagement two weeks after receiving my ring and shortly before the senior prom totally ended our relationship. We have met three times since then and I admit there is still a small place in my heart for her but I’m happily married now for 35 years to my Swedish borne wife. I’m still looking for that Resin Baked Potato so she can experience what I liked so much.
Don Boyd25-Mar-2008 16:31
Joanne, I just added a nice postcard image of the Jamaica Inn that you might enjoy. I scanned it from an old postcard.

Don Boyd24-Mar-2008 14:01
Joanne, thank you very much for your very descriptive memories of the Jamaica Inn and the folks you remember. Perhaps someday we'll get a Jamaica Inn photo to put up on the site.

Joanne Keough Baribeau 24-Mar-2008 13:43
Coming from New England, Jamaica Inn was just the greates restaurant I had ever seen-I remember the "only bread tree" (from Mutiny on the Bounty fame) raised in USA I went there with my parents , from Boston, their friends (who made Moosehead furniture from Monson Maine) and with my future husband from Maine. The prices were reasonable, the food delicious but I remember the most, the ambiance, the great piano player, Henri Cabue, who played by the hour, no sheet music, just the most beautiful songs of the day, in fact I had a 331/3 record that I played over and over until it melted and warped in a heat wave one summer. Great place, awesome memories-I was disappointed not to find it when I returned for my son's graduation from the University of Miami many years later. (95)
Henri Cabue had a sister who played at "The Top of the Columbus" and if you were lucky enough to be there-Henri would come in after the dinner hours and play duets with her-now that was an unadvertised treat for the ears-believe me-Joanne
Guest 21-Feb-2008 14:10
In the 50's and 60's, my family used to go to The Flame for a steak dinner. I believe it was in South Miami.
Don Boyd27-Jun-2007 00:00
I remember the Jamaica Inn very well though I never dined there. It had an excellent reputation at the time from what I read and heard from others. You just assume it will be there forever and 'poof', it's gone. Don
Dave 26-Jun-2007 21:15
Don: You are 100% correct. The prices were kind of steep for the mid-60s. I remember that the place to go eat prime rib on Saturday nights in Key Biscayne was the Jamaica Inn that was very elegant and had an indoor waterfall. Do you remember it? I think their prices were not much more than this. Regards, Dave