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1962 - Jahn's Ice Cream, Sherman's Dresses and Beachwear, Supreme Gifts, and Angelo's Italian Restaurant, Sunny Isles

17262 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, Florida

Jahn's had another restaurant on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and both locations were a great place to take your favorite girl for ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, etc. They were very popular with high school kids in the mid 60's.

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Guest 07-Jan-2022 13:58
Alison I’m Fifis daughter would love to see your pictures and connect with you. 305-951-3506
Steven Green 28-Jun-2016 02:30
Grew up in Brooklyn, five blocks from Jahn's on Nostrand Ave. Moved to Miami and went to high school about five blocks from Jahn's on Miracle Mile. What did I know? I thought they were like McDonald's and were everywhere.
Allison 01-Apr-2016 07:31
I worked at Jahn's on Miracle Mile after school when I was in high school (1970's). I was there as it started to get run down, shortly before it went out of business. I was a waitress there and have a handful of pictures. When I was there the managers were Carlos & Donna. The dishwasher was named Tulio. I believe I worked with Fifi and I might even have a picture of her too. When I was there we had a rodent problem and the place was going downhill. I remember serving tons of "Kitchen Sinks"... but I used to tell people it was better to order individual sundaes because the Kitchen Sink would arrive at the table with all of the hot fudge, hot caramel, etc. having melted most of the ice cream and it would be a gloppy mess when people spooned it into individual dishes. I remember the great vintage working juke box they had, the black & white sodas, egg creams, milk shakes & banana splits. It was a fun job for a teenager. Good times.
Carol Shea 28-Jan-2014 21:55
Class of 1963 North Miami H.S....had so much fun with friends at this great ice cream spot...someone commented on The Kitchen Sink....had forgotten the name but am glad someone remembered and posted here. I had been asking a couple friends about the hot spot drive in with curb service around North Miami. I think it was Corky's...would love to see a picture other then in my memories. Lots of cool cars driving around, sometimes you would park and order something. What would we do without Google! How wonderful to be able to access such a wealth of information after just a few keystrokes.
Joe Dowell 14-Aug-2013 14:11
I was an usher at the Miracle theater on Miracle Mile in the mid-sixties and went to Gables High. Anyone remember when an usher used to show you to your seat with a flashlight?

I have trying to get in touch with Rod Moffett, friend of mine from Gables. If anyone knows his email address plz contact me:

Joe Dowell
Guest 02-Jun-2013 06:55
Remember Jahn's Jahn & Jahn's Jane?
Carolyn 26-Jan-2013 18:20
My dad worked for Prudential Insurance and he would win vacations. Hollywood, FL was the place we went several times...staying at the Diplomat and then having wonderful meals at The Rascal House and Icecream at Jahns. Wonderful, wonderful memories of my family. Does anyone remember the blue icecream containers? I can still taste the "jimmies". Oh to have some of those times back.
Carmel 13-Nov-2012 03:58
My Mom Fifi worked the Counter at Jahns in Coral Gables for 20 years!! I used to go there when I was little with my sister and brother on holidays to watch the parades, we would take the bus from Bird road into the Gables Terminal and walk over 1 block to Miricle Mile. I would help her bus the counter. I later started working there myself when I was 13 as a PT waitress on weekends. I started FT my senior year in the work program at SW HighSchool in 1977! I ended up working from 13 to 17 years of age, I loved working in the Gables and I made so many friends that worked on the Mile over the years!

Im still in touch with one of the waitresses who worked with my Mom, Kathy. Back in the day it was a blast to work there..I loved the icecream sundaes, shakes and of cource the kitchen sink!!! Many fond memories of those days! Anyone out their remember my Mom or me ( Carmel ). How about the cooks, Ralph, David or Carlos. Waitress as we were called back then..Fifi, Mary, Barbie, Rosie..who else??? Look me up om Facebook: Carmel Fife Pivacco
Guest 22-Jul-2011 08:32
Jahn's sweet memories! Kitchen sinks galore. We had a gang of church kids that went there regularly in the early 60's. Great pictures and fond memories.
Charlene (born and bred in Miami. Still live in Ft. Laud.)
Ben 06-Dec-2010 22:51
Was this near the Rascal Hous? We ate at both of them in the early 60's while down from Pa. on vavation.
Missing 1950's Miami Beach 26-Apr-2010 17:39
The Miami Mishmash was a sundae of pistachio ice cream with pineapple topping and of course with whipped cream and also a little umbrella. Those were good days.
Guest 05-Mar-2010 01:56
Hello folks. I worked at Jahns on Miracle Mile for 3 year in the late 60's. I was in High School and at Miami Dade College. I did multiple jos, but my favorite was working behind the ice cream counter. It was a great job and the hang-out place after the high school football games or movies. Jonas, the owner always had a cigar hanging out of his mouth. I have great memories and I would love to hear about yours Jay at
Don Boyd22-Jan-2010 14:40
Good memories, Rod. I just got my first SS check in September so we're close in age. So many people remember Jahn's and almost all of them have good memories.

Rod Moffett 22-Jan-2010 12:13
While I was in high school (Gables 1966) I worked after school at Jahns on Miracle Mile. I was the busboy, not too glamorous, but it put a little money in my pocket. The hours were pretty hard, I was the last to leave after the restaurant was swept and mopped, and then I'd walk home about a mile and a half and finally get to bed about 1230. Boy, I really envied the guys behind the counter who made the sundaes. They were older, college age I guess, and they all seemed so cool like Fonzie! Until I read the article about the last Jahns closing in New York I didn't know it was a chain, I thought the one on Miracle Mile was all there was. Hard to believe that was almost 50 years ago. I just got my first Social Security check!!
Patricia 04-Sep-2009 18:12
Hello Nick, I remember the Miami Mishmash! It's so good to see your fond memories of Jahn's. During the fifties and sixties, my family would vacation in North Miami Beach, "motel row", across the street from Jahn's, and we had many good times there. You might like to check out the "Robbin's Memories of Hialeah, Dade etc" located here! Bye for now.
Nick Newbold 30-Aug-2009 21:38
Oh yeah! Nobodies mentioned the "Miami Mishmash". In the 50's a goup of us Southwest Mimai high kids went to the store on the beach for this humongous treat. I do believe that it was bigger than the "Kitchen Sink". Of course it would take the whole group to pay for one and we'd sit there long time with everyone partaking of the Mishmash. It became easier after they opened the one in the Gables but I can't remember if it was '58 or '59 that they opened there.
Don Boyd17-May-2008 02:47
Funny we are talking about Jaxson's (in business now for 52 years) and today the Miami Herald had an article about them being in the final four ice cream shops in the country in an ABC "Good Morning America" contest for the country's best ice cream. The article is located at

Don Boyd16-May-2008 03:21
Hi Jo-anne - it is Jaxson's and it is still there and thriving beyond belief. At night, from what I've observed when we've been there, there is usually a line on the sideway waiting to get in and a lengthy line in the parking lot for takeout ice cream concoctions. It's over 50 years old as I recall. But it is in Dania Beach, which is not too close to Hallandale.

Jo-Anne Kirby 15-May-2008 21:48
Hey Don there was a Jaxon's (I think the spelling is correct) on Federal Highway just south of Dania Beach Blvd. and it was styled after Jahn's. I don't know if it is still there.
Don Boyd09-May-2008 07:37
I believe that was mistake on the part of the writer. I've never heard of a Jahn's anywhere in South Florida except for the Coral Gables and Sunny Isles shops. This website has the details on the last remaining Jahn's in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. It does not mention Hallandale as having been a Jahn's location. Check it out at:

Patricia 08-May-2008 18:01
Is there a Jahn's located in Hallandale at this time? The last time I was in North Miami Beach area was 1994 and the wonderful Jahn's on Collins Ave was gone. You are very lucky to be living in that beautiful unique area, I longed to live in the area all my life!
Guest 03-May-2008 04:25
My friends and I spent many happy occasions at the Jahn's in Coral Gables during the early 60's. Oh how we laughed ourselves silly trying to eat every last spoonful of "The Kitchen Sink." When I had kids the CG Jahn's was closed but I had moved to North Miami anyway so took them to the Jahn's in Hallandale -- and now my kids are taking their kids. The challenge remains to eat "The Kitchen Sink."
Patricia 28-Mar-2008 17:21
Just looking at this photo brings tears to my eyes, those days vacationing in North Miami Beach were the Best. My sister and I would go to this Jahn's in the afternoon after a day at the pool and ocean and we would sit at the counter and have the best sundaes! Sometimes we'd have the fried chicken in the basket, the thin red plastic basket with the paper liner and we would sit in the booths. I can not get enough of memories and pictures of the wonderful years of Collins Ave during the 50's and 60's.
Guest 12-Feb-2008 07:04
I remember the little umbrellas stuck that you could open and close. bought some cool record albums at the Book Worm nearby... E. Chern
Keith QuattlebaumDCPC 10-Feb-2008 22:57
I would live at Jahns during 1966-1970 it was the place to pick up chicks my friends and I yes I will name names Louie Simpson,Ron Strong, Jerry Richardson, Howie Oberman and John Mislow would all get lucky sooner or later. The waitress were always fun and the food was always great. I would order a BLT and a egg creme for 89cents and still had difficulty paying for it. We would also go to the Castaways and wait outside the dressing rooms for the gogo girls to come out. That was such an innocent time.
Guest 10-Feb-2008 01:39
I was the night busboy at Jahns in Coral Gables in 1965 and 1966, while I was a senior at Gables High. It was tough, clearing tables and then cleaning up after the restaurant closed and then I would walk home and get there around 12:30 or 1:00. Up early to get to school the next morning, try to stay awake all day, then back to work in the afternoon. I considered the job to be an improvement over my previous one, a stockboy at Woolworths on MIracle Mile. I'm 60 now and I miss those days very much.
Guest 31-Jan-2008 20:19
"The Kitchen Sink" --incredible!!
Martha 24-Jan-2008 15:50
I waitressed at Jahn's the summer of 1969 right before my Senior year in HS. Can't really remember the names of the other waitresses - there was an older woman who had been there many years who nearly always worked the table in the front known as "The Clock" because it was under a big huge clock. I do know that the guy behind the counter making all the ice cream concoctions was was Alan Rosenberg - his sister and I later became friends and college roomates. And yes, the Kitchen Sink had sparklers and came in a huge bit bowl, punch bowl size. It was always great fun to have a table order one.

Guest 08-Jan-2008 22:21
Jahn's had the best banana splits I've ever had! I took my future wife here after seeing "Ride the Wild Surf" in the mid 60s. It was a real experience to go to Jahn's and see people ordering The Kitchen Sink.
Dave the Guest
Therese Scheid 13-Jul-2007 02:44


My mom worked at Jahn's and I too remember the 'kitchen sink" Didn't it have sparklers on it? Also the great roast beef sandwiches. Does anyone remember the waitress names? My mom worked there in the late 60's.

Also in that area there was a Neisner's dime store. It was my very first office job after graduating.
Guest 21-Jun-2007 22:19
i learned what a 2 cents plain was here its a glass of seltzer
waiters worn 1900's clothing and when the kitchen sink (the size of a punch bowl)was being delivered they would ring the bells clang clang
Bob MHS Class of 51 17-Jun-2007 22:51
Enjoyed ice cream here and the one in Coral Gables. One in Coral Gables closed years ago and now is John Martins an irish pub. However the same tile floor is there
Linda B 16-Jun-2007 01:09
How I loved the "Kitchen Sink" at Jahn's! Remember??
Guest 22-May-2007 02:19
OH MY!! the memories I have Jahn's. All of the picture's in this "Gallery" have just taken us down memory lane. I am now in Texas and miss "Old" south FL