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1966 - Zayre discount store at 13501 South Dixie Highway, Dade County

Dade County, Florida

Was this when Zayre was in financial difficulty? The Kash & Karry sign was not the normal signage at the store entrance.

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Chuck Edmundson 04-May-2017 18:30
As someone who lived only a couple of blocks away from where you think this picture is. it is not the right Zayre's. I worked there over a couple Xmas', 24/7 shifts and remember Shopper Cart Wind Surfing in the parking lot during Hurricane Besty in Late Summer 1965. Not much of the facade visible, but that "Kash & Karry" just doesn't ring true. Nice to remember all of other good times near by like the Suniland, Jailai/Bowling Alley and Golf hangouts all within a couple hundred feet - all gone now! Thanks for the memories, even if it the wrong location - it definitly is a Zayre
Guest 20-Sep-2016 21:41
Bought my first christmas ornaments here in the mid 1980's.....$1.99 & $2.99 for a box of 12 glass colored ornaments.
Still have 2-3 boxes of them (about 1/2 of what we originally bought)
Treat them like gold, but every year another one gets broken
Sandy Levy 31-May-2015 16:39
Cindy Dorfeld Bruckman, I remember Howard Dorfeld as well as Mr. Galkin at the Zayre located on Coral Way and SW 87 Ave. I worked in the indoor automotive department in the mid 1960's and I remember your Dad as being a very nice guy! Sandy Levy, Miami
Estela 06-Oct-2014 03:12
I remember the Zayre's store on W 49th St (aka NW 103rd St in Dade County) between 6th and 8th Ave in Hialeah. My parents shopped there all the time. It was later replaced by a Mervyn's store and now it's a Kohl's. Also, wasn't the large snake outside of the Serpentarium donated to a local high school, South Miami High School (Cobras)??
Cindy Dorfeld Bruckman 01-Oct-2014 21:06
My dad (Howard Dorfeld) started out at the Westchester store but was the manager of this store (Dixie Highwat) from the mid 60s - early 70s. I remember when I was a kid, I was in some Easter fashion shows there and lost my first tooth there and interrupted my dad in his office while he was having a management meeting just to show him!!! I think the assistant manager at the time was Mr. Stern. There was a yummy"snack bar"there, and I remember this nice black woman at the front service desk, possibly Eula Mae???

Each summer they would provide toys and giveaways as a sponsor at the summer movie programs at the Suniland theater. I have very vivid memories of my dad giving away a bike to a lucky kid each summer until Zayre's was bought out and new management was brought in.
guest 17-Apr-2014 06:16

I worked for a year at Zayres in the Ladies dept in 1968-69..My parents had previously rented a house on a road behind the store area in 1959, while our new house was being built in Perrine..The Golf Course across Hwy 1, was a tomato field and we'd watch the pickers out in the fog, as we waited for the Palmetto High school bus in front of a fruit stand..
Guest 08-Oct-2013 17:14
Zayre's was on Hallandale Beach Boulevard(my Zayre's was0- Grandma took me there all the time! She would smoke cigarettes in the ails-yes, it was allowed back then!!
jmore 19-Jul-2013 04:32
the oversize snake that was in front of the serpentarium
was moved to the owners farm/home in naples fl
I found out about his death in the Miami herald
newspaper few month ago and the snake was mention
Carmen Zamudio 06-Apr-2012 20:29
Zayre on Hallandale Beach Blvd, Fl was my first Customer Service job. Tom Witherspoon was my store manager... I remember alot of good people who worked there.
Stan Loomis 31-Jul-2011 14:49
I started at Zayre (698) in Lighthouse Point, Fl in 1970 and transferred to the Zayre store on Andrews Ave in Oakland Park, Fl in 1975. I started in receiving unloading trucks and ended up as Group Manager of Hardlines. Worked with nine different Store Managers. Mr. Cowan, Mr.Robert German, Mr. Chuck Bratzke, Mr. Milt Poe, Mr. Jim Porter, Mr. Sid Harrison, Ms. Pat Jacks, Mr. David Breslow and Mr. Victor Petassi. There were quite a few Assistant Managers - Bob Timberlake, Bob Cannon, Harold Datz and Ryan Sipler. Joe Florio. Joan Donaldson, and a couple more.
Worked with a lot of good people. Too many to name. We worked hard, but for the most part enjoyed what we were doing. For some it was just a job and others were trying to make a career of it.
Just saw a name that brought back memeries - Tom Witherspoon, we worked at the Zayre (690) store on Andrews Ave. He was Group Operations Manager and I was Group Hardlines Manager. He was still there when I left in July 1977.
A few of the Regional people were George Mover (Regional Mgr), Mort Cole (District Mgr), Pete Jensen (District Mgr), Mr McNeely (District Mgr), Steve Briar (Personell), Ken Horne (Personel), Dick Grillo (Regional Appliance Mgr), Mary Jean Fork (Housewares/Hardware),
Mr. Sherman (Health and Beauty Aids), Mr Carlos Cabrera, Pat Fitzsimmons (Sporting Goods), Gert (Preprint/Inventory), Mr.Rudy Rodriguez (Auditor),

Would like to hear from the people that I worked with back then.
Lots of great memories.

joeshopper 15-May-2011 16:17
The zayres I went to shop at as a tennager was locatedin waltham mass.or nearby.It was a great fun store to shop at.I was wondering if anybody knows the name of the great sounding home speakers they sold there for a while,I think the larger pair which was only about 12"by8" or so but gave great bass and really nice warm sound,I would like to own a pair,does anyone own a pair that they would like to sell?
Guest 23-Apr-2011 15:00
I remember the Zayre on Dixie Highway had a Giant Slide across the street. Does anyone else remember that?
Guest 23-Apr-2011 03:15
As a teenager in the 80's, I think this is where there was a buffalo wing fast food place I worked at. I miss the old Miami.
vicky 11-Mar-2011 18:46
i remember driving state to state and filling my car with 5 dollars.....and with 20 dollars i filled my fridge with i have to pay 50 dollars to fill up my how times have changed...
Hal Axler 26-Feb-2011 10:17
This is not the store at SW 136th and U.S. 1
Guest 09-Dec-2010 20:03
After this Zayre closed, it became Pearl, the artist supply store. Today it is the site of Home Depot. In the '70s mom used to take me to Big Z to get 45 singles for 99¢, even though she hated the store, calling it a "junk shop."
Guest 07-Sep-2010 17:31
I worked at the Zayre on 7th Avenue and NW 111 street in the mid 80's. It was a little rough. But I had the time of my life working there and met really great friends....Jose
Jeff MacBeth 13-Jun-2010 02:58
I worked at the Hialeah Zayre on w 49 st. From 1968 through 1972 in both the sporting goods and Photo departments. I also worked in the crazy Toy Department during the xmas holidays. I remember fighting though the scores of people waiting at the front doors on any Sunday morning just to get into the store before the store opened. I even married my bosses daughter. Pancake house IHOP in the front parking lot and Lums across the street Great memories reading through the comments. I remember the other stores listed because I helped out in other stores in Dade county. Great memories Thanks
Tommy Berg 18-Apr-2010 16:00
I remember the Zayre on Douglas and nw 7th st. Zayre also sold popcorn and jelly-filled doughnuts near the exit by the cash registers. My parents and I went to that shopping center almost every weekend during the early to late 80s while I was a kid. There was a record store right next to it (Lily's records?), the Headhunter unisex barber shop, a movie theater i believe was there, a jewelry repair that my parents used to fix watches at, Murphy's (which had a couple of arcade machines of PacMan and Donkey Kong near the front windows and had a diner, Government Discount, and I believe a Winn Dixie was there also.
After Zayre became Ames, then it became a KMart. Murphy's G.C. later became another discount store (MacFrugal's?).
After 1989 we moved out of the area to Westchester (used to live near and went to Flagler Elem. in the 80s), and years later went by there and noticed they put a McDonald's on the southeast corner of the shopping center parking lot.
Rose 17-Apr-2010 19:36
I remember Zayre's at the Central Shopping Center on Douglas Road and NW 7th street. Before it was Zayre's it was Masters. Zayre's eventually became a K-Mart, which it still is today. Was Central Shopping Center changed to Central Shopping Plaza at some point? Does anyone remember some of the other stores there? Grand Union.. Neisners.. Murphys.. a few I can think of. The Langlois motel was across the street to the east. Flagler Dog Track to the south. I see they've taken down the "Flagler Dog Track" sign now... sad. There was a Pure service station opposite the dog track on the corner. I remember my dad giving me $5 and sending me to the Pure station to fill-up my 68' Camaro. I used to get my photos developed down the street at Tremendous Color. I always got those 5x5's and double prints.
guest 13-Apr-2010 18:27
I lived on nearby 132nd st. when this was a C.M.A. before it was Zayre. I don't ever remember the kash &karry sign. Are you sure of the location?
JC 22-Jan-2010 00:00
Oh my gosh, this was WAAAAYYYY before I remember the same Zayre! I remember in the mid-late 80s when it had those large 3 spires on the top. It had a grungy sports bar in it. Nearby stores were: Pearls, Serpentarium, a grungy arcade and others I can't remember.

Anybody have pictures Zayres during that time, or other areas of Miami in the early 80s-mid90s?? Thanks to whoever posted this pic. Brings back SO many memories!!
James Stevenson 06-Aug-2009 18:56
My mom would take me to the Zayres in Westchester, Miami, in the late 60's, and I have memories of getting "lost" in the store, start crying my eyes out, then someone would bring me to the front where they would make an announcement that there was a lost child and someone needed to come claim him!! Anyway, back then, Coral Way still had the long east-west canal running along side of it, before it and every living creature in it was cemented over by the roadway expansion. Good ole Miami when people still spoke English *sigh*
Bud 11-May-2009 20:38
There were a few Zayres in Northeastern Illinois. Some old-type with the glowing orange letter signs were in the northern Chicago suburbs. Since it was the only real department store in my hometown, kids would show up on the first day of school in the same jackets and corduroys. In winter, everyone had the same "Matt Andrews"green rubber boots and caps. You had to get out to the malls to look different; you were doomed if you "Zayred it". Zayre could also be a very negative place to shop. Lots of security and fake two-way mirrors. Very negative and paranoid at times. They opened with a bang in 1972 and went under in the late 1980s. Ames was slightly more upscale but didn't last.
Roxanne 08-Mar-2009 06:08
I have not so good memories about Zayre. I lived in Charlotte, NC and we had on on South Boulevard. It was where my mom and I often shopped. I remember going there and being 12 or 13 which would age this at 1974-1975. I was apprehended by 2 plain clothed security officers who said I tried to shoplift something, put it in my big pocketbook and then changed my mind and took it out - never leaving the store with anything. They stopped me and my mom when we left the store and I was formally writtten up, pictures taken, etc. but was not arrested because of my age. Funny thing is I never stole anything nor did I even put it in my pocketbook to try to steal it. They were lying! My mom didn't believe me. I didn't go back into the store after that. - Roxanne
Guest 04-Mar-2009 03:26
My dad would always take me to Zayres at the end of the summer to get my school supplies. Those were the good ole days!
Bob Bride 02-Mar-2009 21:29
Ah, Zayre. Had to go into Perrine before it opened. Used to dive for golf balls in the waterways at Colonial Palms (and get chased out). Worked at Jefferson's Stres down the road late 60's, early 70. We (Jefferson's) had the best record (L.P.) selection of any place in Dade County.
Italo 08-Jan-2009 02:28
We had a Zayre here in Revere, MA, for years. It did have that cozy, old-school department store feel about it, could get everything and anything there. I recall that for some years when I was in high school in the late '70s, they used to have a 24-hour open shopping period the weekend or the couple of days before friends and I used to go in there after going out, like at 2-3 am in the morning, check out the characters (like us!) out shopping and rummaging through stuff. Probably would get mugged trying to have, or having that today. But mindless fun like that was fun at that time -- no more. Zayre was a place the family went to shop, spread out, and meet again at the front of the store or the registers when you were done.
James Monday 25-Oct-2008 03:49
My dad used to let me test tv tubes in the tube tester at the front of the store at the NMB location. I used to get into trouble climbing the honeycomb brick facade at the front of the store. I bought my first set of tires from the tire store in NE corner in 1976 for my AMC Gremlin. Also used to ride my banana seat bike down to Family Drugs and buy comic books in the early 70's. No big deal then but wow, I wish I could go back to the good ol' days!
Marilyn10-Oct-2008 14:02
Good God- I remember Zayre. We had one up here in Sanford too. Closed in the late 80s and the vacant building was bulldozed in recent years to make way for a huge overpass, but what a memory! :)
Don Boyd09-Sep-2008 04:19
I don't believe so - that land was always undeveloped until the stadium was built. There was a Zayre's on the east side of 441 just south of the county line and above 183rd Street.

Steve 09-Sep-2008 03:55
Wasn't there a Zayre on University near where Pro Player Stadium is now? We would drive from Miramar south in University to 183rd and then turn east to go to my aunt/uncle in Norland.
Don Boyd25-Jul-2008 15:33
Thank you Wally for your memories of the North Dade Zayre's - pretty funny stuff and I had forgotten about the flashing letters. We had a Zayre's on Palm Springs Mile in Hialeah with huge glass windows the width of the store and as kids we always shopped there because the prices were better than anywhere else, something like WalMart today.

Wally 25-Jul-2008 05:24
Our neighborhood Zayre was at the intersection of US441 and Ives Dairy Road (NW 199 Street) in North Dade! We lived about one block north of Miami-Norland Junior High from 1968 to 1980 and that put us about 1.5 miles from that Zayre and the Grand Union grocery store that was adjacent to it on the north. Snake Creek canal ran east-to-west just 100 yds. to the north of the GU! Ranch House restaurant was directly across 441 to the west, as was the Li'l General convenience store and the Sub Center that's still there today! Lots of memories of breakfast with my Dad on Saturday mornings from age 8 to my early teens at that Ranch House! Just me and Dad sneaking out early on weekends for pancakes and chocolate milk before a day of fishing or spring training MLB in the early seventies. Bought the Doobie Brothers LP "Takin' It To The Streets" on vinyl back in 1976 at that Zayre store and I still have it today! I remember chatting with WPLG weatherman Walter Cronise who was buying fishing rods and tackle at the big Z back then as well! Former Miami Dolphin Garo Yepremian had to endure this annoying eleven year old as Garo tried to buy golfballs on one occaision in the early seventies as I recall! All the big stars shopped at our Zayre store! Somewhere around 1975 I recall classmate Pam Procyck (the most beautiful girl ever to walk this Earth!) was over in the bathing suit dept. with her big sister Sharon trying on bikinis for Haulover Beach purposes! To my sheer terror she spotted me, shouted my name to get my attention, then ran over to me in the orange and pink bikini and jumped in my arms to greet this teen boy of 14! She was only 13 herself and had no idea the thermo-nuclear effect she had on me in the summer of 1975! Just for reference purposes, she was sort of a combination of Natalie Wood and Susan Saint James but much cuter!! I'm 47 now and still think she was sent from Heaven just to make me glad I got eyes! PS-Does everybody remember the giant Zayre neon sign on the front of every store? It was very memorable! At night it would flash in a certain sequence, the name slowly growing one letter at a time! "Z" "A" "Y" "R" "E" then "ZAYRE" and again "ZAYRE" and continue that pattern of flashing red neon until sun-up! PSS-Pam married John Allen after High School and I wish them all the best! John you lucky dog!
jcblanco2212-Jun-2008 20:41
There's nary a Cuban-American kid born between 1965 and 1973 more or less, who doesn't remember their parents clipping the coupons from the Sunday paper in the morning to head to Zayres later that day. If I recall correctly, Sunday mornings is when the weekly sale would start.
Guest 12-May-2008 17:05
those was the days.....zayres hold lots of memories for me no matter what you needed and when you needed it you could always find it at zayre and at a reasonable price ........linda washington
Steve 19-Mar-2008 02:00
I grew up in this store but completely blocked from memory the way it looked. Wow! I remember Masters and CMA as well. One favorite pasttime was going into the Colonial Palms lobby and look for change in the vending machines. We used to find a lot, at least it seemed like a lot to a kid on his bike.
The Zayre location is now Home Depot and Office Max.
Tom Witherspoon 11-Mar-2008 01:09
I started working for Zayre in 1971 in the HBA dept. and ended up making retail a career. I still run into customers and ex-coworkers. I ran into Frank Fernandez and Carlos Cabrera just a few weeks ago one at the store that I manage now and the other at an art show in Miami Beach. Eighteen years connects you with a lot of people. Zayre was a great place to work as I remember.
ENRIQUE LOPEZ 02-Mar-2008 03:37
CCarlos Cabreraarl 27-Feb-2008 17:43
My first job when I came to USA, was at Zayre in 1961, 87th ave and Coral Way. By 1966 Zayre
bought out Masters, one of them this location (originally CMA). I was sent to this store to help with the Grabd Opening. Zayre tried to sell groceries by bringing in Kash 'N Carry from the Tampa area in a partnership that didn't last long.
johnp 19-Feb-2008 23:24
egads! CMA I remember it... two friends of mine used to go in and switch price tags on the model airplanes and get a huge model for about $2.95 or something like that. CMA the prelude to all the big discount stores. Colonial Palms, learned to play there, played with friends there (twins) in high school. used to play at night sometimes too. That goes back aways... graduated palmetto in 69.
Miguel 11-Feb-2008 05:14
I don't remember this one. But since 1969 I was a faithful shopper(along with my parents and grandmother)of the ZAYRE on NW 7 Street and 37th Avenue(Now a Kmart).
What long lines at the Cash register! It seemed like no matter how much fun you had going to the different departments in the Store it all dissapeared when you reached that cash register!
I bought my first Halloween costume in 1969 at ZAYRE, All kidding aside,what great memories does this site bring back!
Guest 09-Feb-2008 20:20
Same guy as last guy... btw I did know you Gary...we went to school together.. and had a number of the same classes.. we had VERY different friends though... I hung with the "freaks"... I was a closeted honor student...
Guest 09-Feb-2008 20:16
GOD HOW I HATED THIS PLACE!!! When I was in elementary school before my very thin days of highschool... I was "husky".. as in go to the "husky" aka FAT ASS dept. and Zayres had one BUT so did Burdines.. I prefered BURDINES thank you! The brand name was freakin BILLY BEST... GOD how horrible. My mother bought all my tubby clothes there!!!! Thank God by the time I got to high school I had a job and a slim figure.... Well at least I still have a job!! LOL... Thank you mother for saving all those pennies so I could go to law school.. I DO truly mean that.. but BILLY BEST dear God!!!! I must admit i DID buy record albums here as they were cheaper.. my friend and his brother got caught shoplifting something like 10 albums in a brown paper bag.. I was always a good student but not known for hanging out with the brightest friends!!!
Gary Kilbride 07-Feb-2008 08:26
Colonial Palms was my favorite course for a year or two when I was in my early teens. That's when executive courses were popping up all over the place in southwest Miami -- Kendale Country Club, Hidden Valley, Kendale Lakes West, along with Colonial Palms. They were par 60 courses, 12 par 3s mixed with 6 generally short par 4s. Not anything close to 6700 yards. More like 3000.

I can still picture every hole on Colonial Palms. My favorites were the mini-dogleg short par 4s, like #9 and #13. They actually had a tall fence guarding the dogleg on #13, plus the tee box on the par 3 14th.

Maybe the most fun hole was #10, a sharp dogleg left par 4 from an elevated tee. Hot shots could try to fly two formidable wide trees to threaten the green. The conventional route played safe to the right, but there was potential to fan into the driving range.

Holes 4-8 were interesting short par 3s that went primarily back and forth, crammed into small space near a canal. On weekends there would normally be an old guy who was missing both arms, selling golf balls from just outside the fence near the #8 tee.

Chuck Zink had an annual junior golf tournament at Colonial Palms in the '70s. Divided by age bracket and it was one of the top junior events at the time. I really screwed up one year, I think 1972. I shot 64 the first day, decent. I was in contention in my bracket. Second day I bombed to 68. I assumed I was out of it. The top 4 were paired together for the final third round and I was trailing in maybe 6th of 7th place. After another 64 my parents drove me home. Literally months later I picked up an issue of Florida Golfer magazine. The Skipper Chuck golf results were included, with my name in 3rd place. That meant a trophy. I was stunned. My dad called the course and they remembered the incident. The 4th place kid was awarded my trophy when I didn't show up at the award ceremony.

Oh yeah, there's an unspoken truth in my family about my dad's only lifetime hole-in-one, which came at the first hole at Colonial Palms early on a Saturday morning. He shanked his tee shot, to the right and almost on the 9th green. The mulligan soared toward the green but was difficult to see in the morning sun. While my dad was retrieving his opening shank, I strode toward the back of the green and my ball, when I happened to peak into the hole and there was his ball. And really a pathetic ball. One of those early Japanese types with a dull cover and almost no feel to it. A glorified sponge. Unbelievable. My dad is an eager player but admittedly a hacker. I've still never managed an ace but he has the little Colonial Palms Hole-In-One trophy in his den, the ball in the middle of the opening.

I think Colonial Palms closed in '83. I seem to remember an article from the Herald golf writer at the time, praising the course and its history when it was about to be closed. Frankly, the lighting was never decent. The short par 3s could be covered adequately but they cut corners and costs on the longer holes and you almost had to hit the ball into the lighted areas to feel confident. It was particularly absurd on #17, a relatively longish par 3 with a couple of lights near the green but plenty of opportunity to get lost if you didn't make it that far.

Several years ago I drove to the area. You can still wander behind the region where the course was and walk through someone's lawn to get a peak at the old layout. I stood near the long canal that went to the right of #3 and then was in play on many of the holes from #4 through #12.
Bill Williams 05-Feb-2008 21:16
Loved Zares. Bill Williams Palmetto class of 73. Lived in Nashville since 73. These pics sure bring back wonderful memories.
Rob 05-Feb-2008 21:03
I made my first movie from a roll of super-8 film a friend stole from Zayre's. We rode our bikes there all the time in 1966-68. Burger King was next door. Suniland Park was (is) a few blocks away.

I lived on Old Cutler Road, with the twin lakes at SW 72 avenue and 136 street just behind. All the kids in our neighborhood has boats, most we built ourselves. I had plans from an issue of Popular Science for building a small hydroplane. It cost me $13 for the marine plywood, the brass nails and the epoxy glue. It was real fast. We could travel all the way to Jefferson's at SW 104th and US1, or all the way south to the bridge at Old Cutler and SW 170 St, past Snowden's. Gas cost about 19 cents a gallon. We could go all day for less than 50 cents.
John 13-Jan-2008 23:26
Colonial Palms Golf Course was billed as the world's largest "lighted" golf course. The sign out front and off U.S. 1 said so. It was somewhere around 6700 yards +/- long.
John 13-Jan-2008 01:38
All, After reading a few of your threads, there is no doubt I probably know a few of you. I too lived in that area (131st) when CMA was there and before Zayre's took over. I practically grew up in the woods behind CMA moving over toward 132nd St and spent most of my time around Suniland Park playing ball. I played gooney golf occasionally and dove for golf balls in the canal next to Colonial......til they snagged us. I met Bob Griese and ate lunch w/ him at the BK on 132 St and U.S. 1 in 67 or 68 I think.
jaci 07-Jan-2008 00:55
wow i use to work there part time.... loved shopping there better!!
Guest 16-Dec-2007 04:08
This land was owned and developed by Spector & Sons who leased it to Zayres.
Guest 07-Oct-2007 12:40
Before this was a Zayre, it was called CMA-the Consumer's Mart of America.
Joanne 24-Aug-2007 13:53
My Dad taught me how to swing a club at Colonial Palms driving range. The putt-putt place was called "Goony Golf" with the huge dinosaur out front. While I lived in this area houses were steadily being built behind Zayre's and the golf course. That was the mid to late '60's.
c 22-Aug-2007 17:55
I remember 136th street being a sandy dirt road stopping right before the back of where the parking lot would be for Zayres, and Colonial golf course on the left. My cousin's house was the only house behind the shopping area on 136 st. Nothing but woods and we had the best times playing in them.
Joanne 09-Aug-2007 18:27
I used to frequent this store by bike almost every weekend. We'd go here, then take the back roads up to Suniland Park
Ralph Rivera 04-Aug-2007 01:52
Holy cow! Was this the Zayre's right across from an empty field that later on was the "Falls" shopping center? Briarwood apartments was across the street as well, next to the empty field? A roller rink nearby as well where I got my first kiss from a girl I met there. . . .I bought my very first record album at that Zayre's in the late 1970's -- Boston's first album. There was a canal nearby I used to fish in and a railroad bridge crossed over it. Do I have the right store?
JJS 22-Jul-2007 23:29
What a flashback!!..I'll never forget being chased thru all of those cars in the parking lot by a security guard, after shoplifting a piece of candy.....all the way to Colonial Palms golf course!!!..PHS '80
Guest 27-Jun-2007 05:55
Anybody remember Colonial Palms golf course next to Zayer's!!
Sharon H. 26-Jun-2007 13:47
I still have fabric that I bought at this Zayre's. Hated to see it close! Sharon Copple senior class of Miami Palmetto Senior High, 1969!
Tyler Penny 16-Jun-2007 12:36
I believe there was a Master's membership store in that building prior to Zayre's moving in. Zayre was there until the mid 80's, since I bought my first computer hutch there, when they were closing out to become an Ames' store. I remember when two crooks brazenly walked out of Master's carrying a canoe and nobody stopped them. Then the idiots decided to go back to get the oars and got caught.
Guest 31-May-2007 03:51
I worked part-time at this Zayre Store in the Sporting Goods Department during my
Senior Year at Palmetto High School (1964). David Congdon (deceased) also worked in the same department. Alan Ogus, Ph.D. Alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona
GUEST 28-May-2007 16:30
Guest 17-May-2007 14:22
I remember Zayre's being there as late as the mid-80's. Back then there was a golf course with a putt-putt on the other side of Howard Dr (with a big orange monster perched out in front), and across South Dixie there was a roller rink and a bowling alley. All gone now.