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1950's thru 80's Courtesy of George W. Young

1950's thru 1980's - George's Super Sub Shop at 4580 SW 8th Street (Tamiami Trail), Miami

4580 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida

Favorite customer George W. Young says it was no contest, they had the best subs in town. Thank you George for contributing this image and the two news articles about the closing of the sub shop in the 1980's.

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Guest 23-Mar-2022 13:29
This was my absolute favorite restaurant growing up!!!
Jeff 24-Nov-2016 03:16
Reading all of these comments about George's Subs, one jumped out at me from Kim in 2010:

Guest 15-Jun-2010 16:02
Ate at George's often when I was at UM from 1970-1974, not only were the 9A's legendary, they were affordable on a college student's budget. Years later a George's opened on West Dixie Highway In North Miami at the old Dixie Diner, the menu was the same, but the flavor was definitely lacking. That particular restaurant became a Cuban place called El Minute(sp). I left Dade in 2005 - Don't know what happened to it after that. Kim

I believe she is referring to "El Minuto del Ray" on the Northeast corner of the intersection at NE 16th Avenue and West Dixie Hwy. It started out as the Kwicky Drive-In, owned by Bart Bournie. About six months later, Bournie was struck and killed by a car.

For many years this was one of the locations of the Lion's Share Sub Shops, so I presume that George's was there in the early 1970s. Anyone know for sure?
Cliff 07-Nov-2016 18:28
I ate there for nearly 20 years. No sub shop since has come close and I have been looking for more than another 20 years. Double steak, double cheese with a sauce that has plenty of onions. Needed about 10 napkins, and two days to work it off but man was it worth it.
Guest 16-Aug-2016 21:51
The sub shop was a hole in the wall shop, originally at or around 36th ave and sw 8th street. Don't know the exact date that it move to the old Sweden House restaurant building at 4580 8th. It was around since the 50's but not all the years at 4850.
Guest 09-Aug-2016 00:45
Georges is the best in the world. We would say they had the freshest meat in town because they were near a graveyard. Lighten up a majority of us joked .I met a friend about 5 yrs ago and she remembers them too. Both our eyes glaze over and our tongues hang out. Wish they were still there. Taste difference champagne to selzer water. Luv them
Guest 17-Mar-2016 18:47

Yes, the subs were great, but as a typical kid growing up in Miami I loved burgers and pizza. George's offered burgers and pizza, too. These were great, but it was tough to decide which to order. George to the rescue! George's had on their menu a pizza burger. A simple item, but OMG was it sooo good. A thick, juicy burger covered in melted mozzarella cheese, smothered in a delicious pizza sauce on a toasty bun. My mouth is watering up just thinking about it. Although I enjoyed many of George's offerings, that pizza burger was my favorite.
Corlt1 08-Aug-2015 16:53
I used to visit George's with my father as a kid and I remember asking what type of onions they used for those great rings. They said that they were, "Bermunda" onions.
C.W. Dischert 25-Nov-2014 15:44
Best sub shop in Miami of all times. Ate at George's from the late 50s as a young child and until closing in the 80s. I have never been able to find another sub shop like George's in modern time. The current sub shops place see through meat on a big roll and call it a sub. I miss George's.
Guest 16-Aug-2014 21:40
I lived a few blocks away on Pizarro Street. My grandmother used to give me money & I would go as a 10 yr. old kid to get the foot long hot dogs, the onion rings, the steak subs, the ice cream sundaes, the meatball subs and play Bee Gees music on the Juke Box. I felt like a big guy there. I have never tasted anything this good ever again! Wish it was still around. Carlos
Don Boyd04-Jun-2014 03:39
Judging from all the comments over the years about George's I would say that it was the best restaurant in town because no other individual restaurant on this site has so many comments. I still regret never dining there, darn it. : (

nick 02-Jun-2014 15:39
I still think about this place after 22 years!
Guest 02-Dec-2013 02:56
As Victor said they used to be at corner of 49 Ave and SW 8th Street in a round type bldg, went there when I was 13 or 14. 1963 Grad
Jorge 24-May-2013 19:59
If I remember correctly the bldg was purchased by the cemetery it was adjacent to for office space. The subs were awesome, I had one of their t-shirts.
Guest 25-Apr-2013 17:06
My sister used to work there in the late 70s.
Guest 03-Aug-2012 21:41
They were the best ever i ues to there all the time with my mom. Still can't find any sub like it.So im guessing they are not there any longer?
Guest 01-Jan-2012 05:59
I loved the cold cut subs with the thinly sliced onions! George's
Subs are the ones that I judge all others by. I still haven't found
One that even comes close!
Guest 30-Jun-2011 02:47
Always ordered the UM Special, onion rings and a shake. As good as the food was, the waitresses were even better. They were there forever. No George's, no Ludway, and no Bill & Ted's. Sad but we are left with some great memories.
Guest 09-Aug-2010 20:53
I lived on those subs for years, both at the 8th street and North Miami locations. I heard Gordon moved to Lubbock Texas.
Guest 15-Jun-2010 16:02
Ate at George's often when I was at UM from 1970-1974, not only were the 9A's legendary, they were affordable on a college student's budget. Years later a George's opened on West Dixie Highway In North Miami at the old Dixie Diner, the menu was the same, but the flavor was definitely lacking. That particular restaurant became a Cuban place called El Minute(sp). I left Dade in 2005 - Don't know what happened to it after that. Kim
Guest 27-Jul-2009 06:40
9A, order of onion rings, large coke. I lived on 8th street around 30 ave. Dad would come home with super subs from the original location. Would take dates to the 45 ave location.
Lisa Hoffman Davidson 21-Feb-2009 14:05
Hi, this is to anyone living near George's Sub Shop. My late husband, Bruce Hoffman, used to live on S.W. 44th Court and 5th? Are there any friends of Bruce's out there on this forum? I miss old Miami.
Roland 30-Jan-2009 00:19
They were the best subs I ever had! I wish I could find a place in the South Florida area that serve similar style subs. Does anyone know of any?

And what about the bread they used? They were indeed the best!!
Guest 31-Dec-2008 21:03
Geroge's Steak Supreme Royal.........the best sub ever made!
Ed Pomerantz
Charles Knight 27-Dec-2008 07:10
Dennis, your mother "Cheyenne" served there for quite some time as a young woman.
Don Boyd18-Dec-2008 20:04
4580 SW 8th Street - just found it in the news article about it being bought out for office space (see other photos of the article).

Bill Fuller 29-Nov-2008 07:43
Which building was George's Subs in? Does anyone know the business address?
Dennis Herin 21-Oct-2008 01:32
My Grandmother worked there form any years and even though I was very young I do recall the ham & cheese sub as the best I have ever had before and since. The owners and workers were great and I remember how they all wore different color t-shirts with the same logo of course. There was just something about the little sub shop that has made it stick in mind some 32 or so years since my last sub!! How ironic that my uncle Charles Knight also commented on George's and I'm not sure we have ever even spoken about the place!! I wish I go back just one more time!!
Charles Kight 06-Oct-2008 19:53
My mother was a waitress there for twenty some years, my first job was as a busboy there in the late sixties. The original location was about 10 or twelve blocks west on the south side of Tamiami. The original owners (Mr. and Mrs. L we called them) were truly wonderful people,they sold to two couples in the early seventies and I'll be darned if I can remember their names but they were all wonderful as well. They caried on the tradition of great food in a great family atmospere. I think about it often, loved the 9a and pizza burger!
Guest 23-Sep-2008 22:11
What a memory. The best subs, and onion rings in town. Don't forget the vanilla or cherry cokes. Even got a bigger surprise seeing Neil Russillo write a comment about his girlfriend living down the street from George's....especially when I was that girlfriend. Wow.
Armando 31-Aug-2008 16:32
Truely the best subs. Can't seem to duplicate the flavor even with the newest craze of 'Toasty'. Nothing has come close to George's Subs.
During our Christmas sales rush working at Leon's Wine & Liq. Center on 69 ave & 8 St - we would order subs for the entire store every other day and never got tired of them. We also loved Gold Star Deli at 62 ave & 8 st and Gwen's Place on 67 ave & 10 st. By the way, Leon's is still open, run by 3rd generation.
Howard Levine. 305-261-0221
Don Boyd31-Aug-2008 04:04
Thanks Barry, and others who have raved about George's. You make me extremely hungry when I read your comments, and jealous in that I was never fortunate enough to experience their delicious subs.

Barry Ferrari 31-Aug-2008 00:47
I grew up on SW 4th St and 44th Avenue, barely a 1/2 mile from George's. Started eating at George's in early 60's and was a fan till the day it closed. Mary was our waitress, she worked there for at least 15-20 years (I remember visiting her once after she left and got married, hope she had a great life) and my friends and I spent many long evenings in there eating and acting the fool. The number 9 was steak and cheese, 9a was double steak and cheese, and available with meat sauce or lettuce and tomato. We all always ordered it with both. I think the Number 8 was the UofM special with Ham, Cappicola, Salami, Provolone and L&T with the Italian O&V special sauce. It too was very tasty and could be special ordered toasted, a real delight. Onion rings of course and their Milkshakes which were the best I have ever had anywhere. When this place closed, we lost a national treasure. Too bad, at least we can remember and feel some comfort knowing we ate somewhere very special and millions never got to experience what we did.
Allen Solomon 22-Jul-2008 02:47
I worked at Gordys in Gainesville and managed Tampa and Kendall store in the early 80s. I worked with, and fell in love with Ethel. I called her Mom! Belle, if you ever read this, I loved you guys! Allen S. in Jacksonville Beach. PS. My dad had the Thoroughbred Luncheonette in Haileah in the late 50s/early 60s.
Evan 24-Jun-2008 09:08
When Georges closed, my family bought out the equipment and my brother and I were planning to resurrect the place. Sadly, after cleaning all the equipment, looking for locations, and realizing we had no idea what we were doing, we gave up. My father used the slicers to make sandwiches at our watson island bait and tackle shop, but that about it. I can tell you what I know of the secrets of Georges, which pertain to what I believe to be the most unique of the sandwiches, The Super Sub. Of course the onion rings, soups, salads and more were awesome, but the super sub was in another dimension. The original George had a son who had a place in Tampa called Gordys which used to have a reasonable fabrication, but that slowly morphed into an ordinary pizza place and sports bar attached and the super sub disappeared to history.
The onions: We found out that the onions were all sweet onions. I didn't believe this since Vidalias, which were the only sweets around then are not available year round.
The Dressing: The amazing dressing, which gave the light and delicious flavor was merely White Vinegar, Generic Salad Oil and garlic powder. I think this is the key to everything. That and the spinkle of oregano on top.
So from memory, and I don't remember the exact cold cuts, here is how I believe you can put together a copycat sub.
Get a nice big sub roll, generic ham, mortadella, salami and provolone.
Put one thin layer of each cold cut down with cheese as the top layer. This is key to prevent soggy bread.
Place tomatoes and thinly shredded lettuce on that, sprinkle with dressing.
Place another layer of cold cuts, once again with cheese on top.
Pat down cold cut layer, add remarkably large quantity of very thinly sliced vidalia onions, sprinkle with oregano. I think letting the sliced onions sit for a bit after slicing helped their subtle flavor.
Stick a fork in it and cut in half. You will need the fork to shove down the filling so you can close the sandwich and pick it up.
Serve with a tub of pepperocini. One bite sub, one bite pepperocini.
Gary Pales 05-Apr-2008 12:06
I used to train and workout at the Miami Health Studios gym and going down the road for a steak and cheese with meat sauce-double meat and cheese and an order of their onion rings was the standard, great memories.
Victor Mc 04-Apr-2008 13:08
The original was at 8th & 49th. After graduating from MHS 63' and attending MDJC I went there every Sat. night. In that neighborhood there were people that attened MHS and Gables. I started hanging around with these guys that went to Gables. We have just recently all contacted each other. We now call ourselves the Boys on the Block. On Sat nights we would all meet at the Sub Shop after our dates. This went on for over a year.
Don Gwinn 03-Mar-2008 00:08
It was the best. In the 1960's my girlfriend now my wife of forty years we ate there
every friday night and had the steak sub. They would pull out the middle of the bread so the steak and sauce wouldn't fall out. That place was just great to all the kids that went to Coral Park High because there younger sister went there. Marcy was her name.
DEBBIE 01-Mar-2008 17:05
Guest 23-Feb-2008 18:32
35 years later, I still remember 9A with meat sauce. Add a half order of onion rings and life was great. What memories.
Guest 13-Feb-2008 21:02
Georgie's was the best. I used to go there before it moved to the location next to the cemetary. The best onion rings and UM special and a steak sub. A milk shake. Heaven. They do not make them like he did anymore anywhere that I have found. I am sad it is gone but I have wonderful memories .
Guest 10-Feb-2008 14:52
The onion rings there were fantastic. So big! I'm now going to search the Internet to find a recipe and make some for my family; I can only hope they'll be even half as good. Georges was such a landmark, not only for Miami but also for my life, that I'm sad to realize that it is gone. I wish I could turn back the clock.
caviarman03-Feb-2008 13:09
Grew up eating there when it was at 49 ave and SW 8 street across from the Spot lounge. 1/2 #1 and the hot dog. Long dog grilled, bun split on the top and grilled, mustard, relish and onions. Trying for 50 years to find the same sub BUT to no avail. When they closed the 47 ave store his son opened Gordy's in Miller Square in Kendall, pretty close but not the same. The closest I have found was in Paris. All the same except no seasoning or dressing.
guest 23-Jan-2008 01:58
I just googled George's Super Sub Shop and found this site. My husband and I every now and then crave one of the subs, italian and ham & cheese. We have NEVER found one that compares. Every Friday night my husband would bring me one to Naples. Would pay for the secret to the flavors. It would be a shame to never experience those flavors again.
Rob 11-Jan-2008 14:27
They were the best subs EVER!!!
Michelle McLaren 08-Dec-2007 01:09
Oh how I miss George's Super Sub Shop!! 9A with meat sauce...there is just nothing like it! I grew up just down the street in Coral Gables (Gables High 1979) and my family had dinner at George's every Friday night. It was so sad when it closed down. Every person I ever brought there loved it. Thanks for the memories.
Ellen 13-Oct-2007 00:06
I couldn't figure out how a restaurant sandwiched (pun intended) between a cemetary and a funeral home was so successful. Then I ate there. WOW!
Guest 05-Oct-2007 04:46
Is Gordy's still open and if so were the recipes "passed down?" Didn't realize how much we missed George's 9A and now we're really hungry for one!
J L Brewer 04-Oct-2007 04:07
I was hoping that George's was still around. I had never had a Sub Sandwich and
was taken there for lunch in 1980. I can still remember how much I liked the Sub
sandwich. and the rustic, tropical look nestled next to a cemetery.
I guess that is one place I can mark off my list of places to visit in South Florida.
Sign me a saddened Midwesterner.
Alex Gallardo 03-Sep-2007 16:10
Born (73) and raised right off 8th and 47th, grandfather bought cemetary plots at Graceland and always told us that he did it so he could have a George's sub whenever he was hungry, too bad when he passed in 98 the place was long gone!
Guest 22-Aug-2007 03:02
Oh.....George's Subs...what a memory...I can close my eyes and remember that steak and cheese sub (no onions for me, just lettuce) -- and I haven't lived in Miami for over 25 years!! But every time I came down to visit my family, one of the first stops was to George's...I'd give anything to have one of those again...
Guest 10-Aug-2007 02:25
Ahhh, George's Sub Shop, one of my fond memories of good ol' Miami! My brother, Wayne, & I always begged Dad to order from George's! Born in Victoria Hospital, I grew up on 51 Ave one block from Flagler Street. Saw the post from Neil Russillo...Been a few years but hello to Neil from fellow Stingaree and Essex Little Sister, Debbie Braziel Welling (Miami High 1969), and Essex Chaplain, Rick Welling (Gables High 1967) Yes, I actually married a Cavalier!
bryan 10-Aug-2007 01:54
how great it is to see the menu from Georges. i was raised in miami and went to georges often. the best is that when each of my brothers got a job, our first paycheck we took the family to georges for dinner. what a great time. the best onion rings in, in, in, well in anywhere. they dont make them like that any more
Guest 21-Jun-2007 02:42
Wow, I remeber it well! As a young kid, we lived down 47th ave. It was alway a special dinner when my Dad said "lets go to the Sub Shop for some Italian subs." Are they still open?
Neil Russillo 12-Jun-2007 23:31
Had a girlfriend that lived up the street from George's, 9a, gosh can't believe someone remembered that but yeah that's what I ordered too. Mostly late 60's
Guest 10-Jun-2007 19:49
Hinky ( Ethel),
George's was a weekend necessity around my house. Loved their meatball Sub. Yummy!!!
Jeff Koe 29-May-2007 22:49
I used to eat George's subs once a week from '69 till final closing. Never had a bad sub! Loved the tuna, wish I had the receipe! and remember the fries and onion rings? best casual eating in Miami for many years...........sad the tradition didnt carry on
Bill Parks 28-May-2007 02:03
On the last day they were open, I went to get my my last 9A. Unfortunately they were locking the doors as I drove up. I spoke to a man who I think was the son of George. I begged him to re-open at another location. He said he was thinking of doing that. I guess he never did it. That 9A must have been the best sandwich ever if so many of us remember it.
Cheri 21-May-2007 12:20
Steak and onions - with that sauce!!!!! the best - in all these years - haven't found
one to compare!!! - those were the days!
Wendy 20-May-2007 21:25
I still only eat my subs with meat sauce, but none compare
Belle Levison Mata 20-May-2007 17:41
What a wonderful memory--Gordon and I went on to create Gordys in Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa. Ethel and George (Mom and Pop) would have been so proud to see this. It is true--"There are subs and there are subs, but none compared"
George Young 16-May-2007 20:55
I must have eaten at George's for 20 years or so. I never ordered anything but a #8, the UM Special. When I find something I like, I stick with it. When the owner retired, he tried to get his son to keep it going, but to no avail. He sold the building to the cemetary next door. Too bad. You can search the rest of your life, but I doubt you'll find a sub as good as Georges.
Larry Dries 09-May-2007 22:00
I remember ordering a #9A with meat sauce and fries and a coke....and later on onion rings and a beer. No other sub shop anywhere has come close to his quality and consistent's a shame he doesn't open up another shop....I likve in N Lauderdale but I'll drive 100 miles for another 9A....larry
stuart 25-Apr-2007 10:43
used to order the 9a (double steak sub)