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1960's Courtesy of Alvin Lederer

1960's - Bar-B-Q Barn on NW 7th Avenue in North Miami

N. W. 7th Avenue and 117th Street, North Miami

Thank you to Alvin Lederer for contributing this image.

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Ted 01-May-2023 13:16
I remember Ted working the cash register.
I didn't know he passed away. I thought he was alive at that
time and sold it to a middle eastern guy, and it went down hill from there.
The bbq smoked sandwiches were still flavorful under
the new management; but I guest
the new owner didn't get to keep the old sauce recipe.
Guest 24-Dec-2022 15:52
This message is for either Lynn or the person who wrote that Ted was his father. My name is Beth. I am Ted’s daughter. I am 58. I am curious if we are related. Are we half siblings? I don’t remember him having other children but we weren’t close. Or did he perhaps marry your mom and adopt you or raise you. It doesn’t matter to me I am just trying to connect with my history and past. My email is
J 23-Nov-2022 00:31
This was an awesome restaurant and my family visited frequently - my dad also helped with some kitchen repairs in the late 70's/early 80's (he had a business that supported commercial kitchens) - i remember some of the waitresses (Barbara, in particular) and loved their onion rings, fries, and off course all of the BBQ options and sandwiches. Truly a lost treasure in Miami of the 'old days'.
Guest 07-Mar-2022 00:05
Yes a lot of this sounds familiar. I was born in 86 and I do know that my dad didn’t have anything to do with the sale but I remember him helping Betty run it for a while and then abruptly stopped. Would love to connect to learn more. I couldn’t find you on Facebook or if it was the right person so please message me. Jordan Odette
Guest 22-Feb-2022 17:58
I did know his sister but not we'll as she lived in New York from what I remember. You may have heard her jewelry was stolen while in a pouch on her lap as they just flew in and were putting gas in the car on the corner of the Barn.. You must be referring to prior when Ted was alive. Yes, they did help run the restaurant. However, they stopped working there prior to Ted's death as there was a falling out between Ted and every one else, including your dad. When Ted died on Mother's Day in 1996, I closed the doors as the finances were in shambles. Probably why there was a falling out. Your dad had absolutely nothing to do with the sale. Betty owned 45% and Ted owned 55%. I found the buyer, hired the lawyer to draw up the contract, etc. Betty did nothing other than collect her check at the closing. Larry Singh reopened the restaurant and I even worked there for a while. Not sure who told you that they ran the restaurant after Ted's death, but that is absolutely not true. .I have never met you as you were probably not even born in 1996. I don't want to post too much stuff. If you want more info, I would be happy to fill in any gaps in the back history. Please reach me on FB Messenger. I actually packed up Ted's pictures, diplomas, etc and mailed them to his daughter...Beth something. He had 2 daughters but he was estranged with them for years. Their step father raised them and they both resented him for not paying child support nor their college at Tulane. She was the only one who attended his funeral. Then she promptly asked for the silver flatware Betty had gifted to me! Yes, she did own the strip mall next door. Don't know what happened to that as Ted had no ownership and just collected rent for Betty.
Jordan 06-Feb-2022 22:01
Lynn, who are you referring to when you say facts are wrong - which comment? I can assure you that teddy was my great uncle. His sister was my grandmother and their mother was Betty (my great grandmother). My father and uncle did help Betty run the restaurant - the one in North Miami - I think that’s where it was. Betty also owned the little strip mall next to the barn.
Lynn 25-Jan-2022 17:53
Who are you? Again, you have posted a lot of incorrect information about Barbeque Barn. I think I would know when Ted Goldberg died and what happened to the restaurant as I was married to him at the time of his death. Betty and I sold it in 1996 to crook Larry Singh. The restaurant was closed between Ted's death and the sale to Larry. I don't know who your father is but I do absolutely know your father did not help Betty run the restaurant until the sale. I was the only person in possession of the keys. I was the person who found the buyer, hired the lawyers to write the contract, etc. Get your facts straight. The sale is in Public Records.
Guest 09-Dec-2021 00:41
Wow a lot of people here are claiming to be related to Betty, which if it’s true it means you’re also related to me!
Guest 27-Oct-2021 15:57
Totally not true your dad helped sell the restaurant when Betty died. Look in Public Records. The restaurant was sold by Betty and me in 1997, long before she died. Again. Who are you who claims to know so much but none is true.
Guest 27-Oct-2021 15:51
Who are you claiming to be the family of the Goldbergs? Betty was my mother in law. Ted was my husband. Get your facts straight. The restaurant was closed after Ted's death until we sold it.
Lynn D Sunday 27-Oct-2021 15:48
That is not true. I am Ted's widow. When he died on Mother's Day in 1996, the restaurant closed. Ted owned 60% while my mother in law, owned 40%. We sold the restaurant to Larry Singh. He was a crook as he failed us with funds he swindled from another lady who was going to be an investor. I do not know this person claiming the restaurant was running with her dad after Ted died. All I can say is I inherited his portion upon his death. The restaurant did not do well under Larry Sing's direction and subsequently closed.
bizzylizzy 30-Sep-2021 15:57
I miss Bar BQ Barn so much. I literally ate lunch everyday there for years. I remember getting my last delicious bb sandwich with that sauce that was incredibly delicious shortly before they closed and I realized then that the best BB in South Florida was gone forever. If anyone has a recipe for that sauce please let me know.
Jordan Odette 25-Jul-2021 13:34
My family owned this restaurant! Betty & Louis Goldberg were my great grandparents. Teddy was their son and my great uncle, and when teddy passed away my dad & uncle ran the joint for their grandma (my great grandma). I remember sitting in the office and in the back booths eating ribs and the best key lime pie in the world!! I also remember when my dad helped his dad sell the restaurant after Betty passed away. Sad to see it go but it stayed open for a while under new ownership but sadly was never the same.
Margaret Thomas Rathfon 07-Mar-2021 02:10
OK everyone. Let's put our heads and memories together. Their sauce was 'TO DIE FOR". My email is Does anyone know somebody who works at the Herald? Let's ask them for help in running down a cook who worked there. I'd like to relive at least one of my very favorite foods from the 60's. I moved from Hialeah to Biscayne Gardens around 1970, many nights on the way home I'd be stopping at BBQ Barn for take out. Oh, that sauce can't be the only lost recipe people would like to bring back! I'll check this site often after today to see what you all can come up with!!!
Jorge 26-Feb-2021 21:51
K s pizza was around 9 or 10 ave on 119 st. The owner Marsaud was originally at Mary's Italian Restaurant and started his own business early 1970 then moved to 135 st and 7 ave. I was the pizza man at Mary's early 1970s
Guest 28-Jan-2021 23:52
Sauce lives on at Kellers BBQ in Orlando, FL. They slice pork sandwiches too. None of that pulled pork 🤮. The only thing missing is the onion rings. There are two locations and we travel over there whenever we can. It is worth the drive!
Guest 18-Dec-2020 00:53
Unfortunately my father Ted Goldberg the owner died in 1996, my mother was forced to sell. We had 2 locations, North Miami on 7 ave and also Bird Road which is now Shortys on Bird Road and the turnpike... Between Hurricane Andrew and construction on Bird Road we were forced to shut down #2 in 1993. Larry Singh bought #1 in 1997 and unfortunately the restaurant didnt stay in business very long. Im 37 now and still remember our great sauce, making meals on the huge onion rings, key lime pies and spending every weekend with him learning the business. Good times...
Guest 05-Sep-2020 17:36
I ate here often when i was a kid in the 80s and 90s. Best BBQ ever! Miss that sauce. I see by the other comments that the recipe is probably lost forever. To anyone who ate here and remembers it, we need to try to reproduce it. To my recollection it was mustardy, on the tangy vinegar side, some sort of brown sugar sweetness but not much. Had a smokiness but not like the commercial junk. It was on the orange side colorwise but also light brown, so probably little to no tomato content. I have a smoker and love to tinker with sauces. I will play around and try to make something similar. Will post after a while with a rough draft. Lets see if we can nail it! -Eric
Guest 05-Jul-2020 23:19
I remember the jukebox and as a kid rode my bike over with my tape recorder to tape a song. I loved this place. The BBQ was best in South Florida. Great memories.
Guest 04-Jun-2020 01:53
My family owned the restaurant. I spent lots of time there and have the fondest memories of the cooks, waitresses and the lady who worked at the cash register. She was so sweet. Let me rearrange the candy and gum every weekend. I can picture the man who worked the pit. The greatest group of people. Wish I had the recipe for the sauce.
Greg 12-May-2020 21:42
Eileen Whiteway might (6 comments down). She worked there in 1960 she says.
Guest 12-May-2020 08:05
Does anyone have a recipe for the BBQ Barn BBQ sauce.. ?
Guest 28-Apr-2020 13:28
I remember Billies because i lived next door in the Tudor House. The owner Gene and his German Shepard Billie used to take me out bone fishing in the "flats" in Biscayne bar near the 36th st causway on the beach side.
I even remember one of the chefs, Armando. And that's the "Billies" story. I was 12 years old and befriended one of the waitresses sons as well. As clear as day. 1960
Eileen, please contact me
I remember Billies because i lived next door in the Tudor House. The owner Gene and his German Shepard Billie used to take me out bone fishing in the "flats" in Biscayne bar near the 36th st causway on the beach side.
I even remember one of the chefs, Armando.And that's the "Billies" story. I was 12 years old and befriended one of the waitresses sons as well. As clear as day. 1960
Eileen, please contact me....
Guest 28-Apr-2020 00:50
Eileen also worked at Billy's on 79th st causway Miami side across from Mike Gordons...
Guest 25-Apr-2020 22:51
This is the BBQ Barn that was located @ 9800 nw 27th Ave, now Truck Depot.
Guest 11-Apr-2020 18:54
Eileen Whiteway
Waitress here 1960
Leighton 04-Apr-2020 00:41
Building is gone (for an Advance Auto Parts store), but across 117th, is still a structure which resembles it closely. I imagine that they were built at the same time.
Guest 13-Nov-2019 23:59
Me too
Guest 27-Oct-2019 17:59
I worked there in 1960...Louis Goldberg was owner,. His son was called "Teddy". He had a manager/cook who manned the deep pit his name was Clayton..wish I could remember his last name...I will be 80 next year and he was older...probably not around anymore..but would love to know what happened to him...great memories......Loved their sauce..would do anything HAH! to have that recipe!
Cara 04-Jul-2019 19:51
My mom, aunt, and grandmother were waitresses there. I miss the sauce and the real pit bar b que. They worked at the original location on 7th. In fact the wooden sign next to the door that was in the shape of a barn with the hours was made by my dad and pained by my mom.
Guest 29-Oct-2017 16:27
Yes, Mark, it's an auto parts store now. It was closed in May 2004. I worked there for some time and tremendously enjoyed the chopped pork sandwich, the corn off the cob with extra butter and a sprinkle of salt, the baby back ribs, the mozzarella sticks, the fried shrimp and wings, the mashed potatoes, the cole slaw, the refillable drinks, root beer is my favorite, the toasted garlic bread. Yumm! Once a customer asked for chicken ribs lol. And oh yes, the sauce, must have the sauce! I, myself lost touch with the family as they moved from where they lived. Some fun days there. Sad to have left, sad also for them to have left but they have moved on to other business.
Rachelle 09-Jun-2017 01:14
I loved this place! Was sad to see it close down. Their homemade onion rings and that BBQ sauce! No other place can ever compare. The last time I was there they told me they were closing for renovations and they never opened their doors again.
Penny 12-Apr-2017 12:14
We had one in Ft. Lauderdale, the BEST ham and bar-b-que sauce I've ever had. I've been searching for the recipe ever since and cannot find it. It was awesome!!
Linda 01-Jun-2016 14:26
Oh what memories, I left Miami in the early 60's, but gosh do I remember eating there so many times with my family. Best B'que & sauce that I have ever eaten ! I was 15 yrs. old when I left Miami. Strange how some things stick with you !
Guest 06-May-2016 22:15
Bar-B-Que Barn was the best I've ever tasted. My mom and dad use to take all our visiting relatives there from all over the US and everyone loved the food! Best sauce, Best onion rings, Best barrel pickles ever....and Best Key Lime Pie!! What a great place , what great memories!! Jeanne F.
Don Boyd20-Oct-2015 04:51
Vicki Jo, thank you for the information on K's Pizza. I've added them to the list of restaurants gone but not forgotten. That page is at:

Guest 19-Oct-2015 19:42
My Pi Pizza was on N. Miami Beach and I've never had better garlic bread. I always wondered how they got the cheese in the middle of the bread! That was at least 30 years ago! But the BBQ Barn sauce. I want to open a BBQ Restaurant and I can taste it and smell it but can't put my finger on the ingredients of the sauce.
Guest 19-Oct-2015 19:37
Don K's was in the 70's by the way.
Guest 19-Oct-2015 19:37
K's Pizza was right around BBQ Barn. They had the best pizza. I was a little girl but my mother could eat a whole large pizza on her own. The way they prepared the bell peppers on the pizza was like nothing I've ever had since. Wish I could tell you the exact street.
Don Boyd18-Oct-2015 01:40
No, Vicki Jo, tell us more about K's Pizza, like where it was for starters. What years was it in operation? Any details would be greatly appreciated.

Vicki Jo 17-Oct-2015 18:06
I was just looking up the BBQ Barn, telling my husband that there is no sauce like it!!! I grew up there. Remember K's Pizza?
Sue Newman 16-Aug-2015 22:52
We lived in Lake Worth, but when we headed south we always ate here, my mother would purchase the sauce by the gallon before we would leave there, she would freeze it in smaller jars and give it out at Christmas and Birthdays.

If I close my eyes I can still smell the smokers cooking and omg taste that sauce, would love to get the recipe also.

Thanks Alvin for sharing this photo!
jason 03-Aug-2015 03:14
If anyone finds or has the original sauce recipe please let me know. I grew up down the road and miss it badly. Beef ribs with sauce.
Linda 11-Apr-2015 19:57
I was sitting here thinking about how much I missed the bbq barn sauce so I punched in how to find the owner of a restaurant and I found this site. That was the best bbq I have ever had. I grew up in Miami and ate there a lot. Some one must know how to find out who the owner was so that maybe we could get the recipe or maybe someone who used to work there. Well back to my search, love the photo!
Linda 23-Mar-2014 00:19
Ate here from the time I was a child till just before it closed. The best Bar b que ever! And the onion rings, well I'm sure they will be in heaven... I wish I could make a pork sandwich the way they did and figure out the recipe for their sauce. We used to buy it by the gallon. Makes my moth water just thinking about it...
Mark 05-Jan-2014 07:45
I grew up down the street from the Bar-B-Q Barn. Ate here with my mother once in the mid-70s...last time I ever saw her (she died not long after). Worked here in the 90s briefly while in college. It's an auto parts store now.
Mark W 26-Aug-2013 06:24
Use to eat here after bowling at the bowling palace. This was next to shoe king where I worked in 1970