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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1960 to 1969 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1960's - Osteopathic General Hospital in North Miami Beach
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1960's Courtesy of Alvin Lederer

1960's - Osteopathic General Hospital in North Miami Beach

1750 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach, Florida

Thank you to Alvin Lederer for contributing this great old image.

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LAURIA 17-May-2022 18:30
My friend was adopted out of this hospital & SHE was born on 5/5/69 & adopted by the Rothman's & she is looking for her birth family & I am trying to help. Her uncle was DR Paul Glassman and we believe he worked there. Any info plz email me @ Thank you
Guest 05-Aug-2021 14:08
Was adopted out of this hospital as well in Dec 1974. No records, no information either.
Guest 22-May-2021 20:51
Just wanted to say I was born here in September 1963 and WAS NOT put up for adoption.
Guest 19-Mar-2021 03:58
I was born in this hospital july 1963. The person that commented that dr pomerantz was your dad , I may know you.
Andi DeWitte 02-Dec-2020 21:46
I'm trying to find my bio family.Born Jan.4,1968 R.V. Waller was the attendant for my birth. How do I find my records.My name was Debbie Ann at birth and someone gave me that name. If anyone can help me please here is my
Guest 02-May-2020 03:04
My dad was chief of staff here from the time it was built until his death in 1966. He was also its chief anesthesiologist at that time.
I also remember the man that ran the X-Ray development section then, a man whose name was "Sam", and the ER nurse whose name was Mrs. Gross.
My dad's name was Dr. Albert A. Feldman, D.O.
EJ 26-Dec-2019 11:25
I was Born in this Hospital December 1977
And immediately adopted. I have never been able
to even acquire any records from the hospital
Ive been reduced to DNA tests but clearly
Someone gave birth to me and I wasn't her only
Pregnancy but I can't even locate my siblings either.
At this point I'm convinced Im an escaped government experiment since I apparently only exist in documents
With my adoptive parents. (Insert "oh well" emoji here)
Guest 09-Oct-2019 20:39
I was born in this Hospital on November 27th 1979 :)
Guest 11-Mar-2019 20:41
My son was born in this hospital in 1968 and was delivered by Dr Alan Holden. As I recall ,Osteopaths were not able to practice in other hospitals at the time because they were not MD's and had to have thier own hospital.
Guest 31-Jul-2018 19:42
Born here Jan. 8, 1975. Female. My mom was told she was having twins up until AFTER her C-section when she was toId there was just ONE baby! I may have another half of me out there! Anyone?
Guest 19-Jan-2018 23:31
I was born here in 1967 in January 8 . I was adopted from this hospital and have been looking for my birthparents. If there’s any information for the records of adoption for this hospital please call me or email me. My current name is salome breziner. 310-779-1821
Guest 04-Oct-2017 18:39
My daughter was born at this hospital August 2 1974. Was this hospital closed down? I brought her to Miami around 1996 to show her where she was born. I called information and they said they had no listing for that hospital. Now I'm courious again. Where can I find birth records?
Guest 28-Sep-2017 19:49
To those born in mid 70s who need info - I was an ob/gyn nurse at Osteopathic hospital for 6 months 1977/78. The only doctors I remember who delivered babies there were doctors Barkus and Kronstadt.

For the record, they performed more second trimester abortions than live births during this time. Being given life, you were blessed.
Joe D. 23-Sep-2017 17:15
While on vacation in Miami Beach with my parents in 1972 I had to undergo emergency surgery. I was taken very good care of Osteopathic General Hospital in North Miami Beach. As a 10 year old I was very frightened, but the two doctors (I believe they were Dr. Feinstein and Dr. Todaro) and nursing staff were extremely good in making my stay comfortable, and the surgery was a success.
Linda B26-Aug-2017 06:24
Hello, on February 14 of this year, somone commented as a guest, saying that they have a family member who was born in 1963. I was born at Osteopathic General in June of 1963 and adopted by my parents in the Carol City/Opa Locka area. It is not clear whether you are gathering information for a relative or if you are trying to locate a long-lost relative, but if it is the latter I may be her. Since you did not register and commented as a guest, I am not sure how to reach you. I have registered so my contact info is attached to my account. I hope to hear from you.
Don Boyd03-Jul-2017 17:16
North Miami Beach is in Dade County, now known as Miami-Dade County.

Amy Hopkins 03-Jul-2017 13:06
What county is this hospital in?
Matt 22-Feb-2017 01:15
Hi, I was born here in August 1975 and was trying to find birth parents.
I am male.
Don Boyd15-Feb-2017 06:56
I would say the odds are somewhere between slim and none, leaning toward none, if you were to do it yourself. I think the odds may improve if you hire someone who specializes in finding the natural parents and is aware of all the laws involved with the subject, perhaps an attorney. There are probably scam artists working in this field, promising everything and delivering nothing after taking your money so be extremely careful. It's a pretty sorry situation for those of you who are in this bind. The old records have probably been discarded if they were kept at all. You need to find some organizations that have experience in finding natural parents and get some valuable advice from them. Google it ("Organizations specializing in finding natural parents") and see what you come up with.

Guest 15-Feb-2017 05:03
Thanks. It clearly answers my question now that I'm rereading it. Next, and this is just to try to save some time. What are the chances of finding my birth family info if my adoptive parents are the ones on my birth certificate?
Don Boyd14-Feb-2017 10:08
I am very surprised that no one has taken the time to use Google (or Bing or Yahoo or whatever) to do a cursory search using the words "Osteopathic General Hospital in North Miami Beach" in a search to see what comes up. I just did it and one of the results answers the question just posted as to when and why the hospital became part of Nova. It also answers another person's interest in whether this was originally Biscayne Osteopathic Hospital.

Look for this search result if you do the search in Google:
"[PDF]Download - NSUWorks - Nova Southeastern University" - click on it and it will ask you to save the PDF to your PC. You have to download (save) it in order to read it.

Guest 14-Feb-2017 05:43
Has anyone found any information at all? I believe a family member of mine was born here and immediately adopted out in 1963. Her family was supposedly from Opa Locka.

The address listed here is for the Nova University Health Center, but I'm not sure when it was closed or handed over.
Guest 08-Feb-2017 17:44
In the mid-1960s I worked in the supply room with Miss Juno and my mother was the director of nurses, Rae Koshar,, RN.
That was before she moved on; going on to be the director of nurses at Royal Glades convalescent home on old Dixie Highway.
Rae then moved on to Greynolds Park convalescent home, which they recently demolished for a new apartment building.
My mother, Rae, passed away about a year ago - just short of her 92nd birthday.
Alan Koshar, Miami, Florida
Guest 30-Jan-2017 05:09
Does anyone know if this indeed was biscayne osteopathic hospital previously? I'm told I was born there in 1960 and immediately adopted, with my adoptive parents on my birth certificate. If I'm not mistaken, this address is now part of Nova. If anybody could point me in the right direction it would be great to at least know for sure where I was born. Thanks.
virginia 15-Nov-2016 00:24
virginia from before. any info.
virginia 15-Nov-2016 00:23
I think this is the hospital that first was on Biscayne Blvd. called Biscayne Osteopathic Hospital. I was born there a twin of new resident from Cuba. in May 1958, my mom had a c-section that was not needed, i was her second pregnancy. We were twins. My mom's OB was a Dr. Derry. He wouldn't see me 9yrs. later when I insisted to go confront him. Mom said she was under for a while and they told her she had only one child. not true. I was told the hospital closed around 1959-60. It might be the same hospital.
Audrey Thomas 21-Oct-2016 00:24
does anyone know when this hospital was closed, or renamed, and where are the records of birth. i am trying to help my boyfriend locate documents showing he was born there in 1966.... email
Guest 13-May-2016 15:37
My daughter was born there in 1980 thru the clinic across the street .Dr Puritt and Dr Barkus assited
Guest 05-Apr-2016 18:55
My father, Dr. Pomerantz of Park Medical Center w/ Dr. Pappas, was one of the founders of this hospital. Fittingly, I was born there in 1963. :-)
Susan Falvo Hauter 05-Apr-2016 02:30
Dr. Zedeck, you were my doctor from the time I was 5 up to the time I left for Florida State University! You and Dr. Oaklander were fresh out of med school, and your office was on 183rd Street and NW 7th Avenue. This is such a treat to see you on this post!!
Dr. Zedeck 29-Mar-2016 15:18
I interned at OGH in 1962-63. It was a great teaching hospital and a time when physicians were in charge of health care, not accountants. I was Chief of Staff in later years.
Murray Zedeck DO
Guest 27-Feb-2016 18:30
Whete are the records stored for that hospital now? Nova southeastern has an Educational/ School there nowadays! I just want to know what happened to my Babies remains? Shirley
Guest 27-Feb-2016 18:26
I had twins there in July, 1975. One was stillborn. I was never afforded my Babies remains to have a funeral. It did shows up on the Birth Certificate of my child that was born alive. But, no other documentation or a Death Certificate acknowledging my child even having existed was recorded by the hospital. I asked why and was never given an answer! Did they dispose or donate my babies remains? I have cried with heartbreak for 40 years! Shirley
Don Boyd20-Mar-2015 22:39
I don't know the answer to the adoption rates you see in the comments but it was not a psychiatric hospital. It was an alternative medicine Osteopathic hospital, which is considerably different than your run of the mill hospital. See this link for far more information about Osteopathy:

guest 20-Mar-2015 20:28
What this a psychiatric hospital or regular hospital? Why was everyone adopted?
andrea deutsch 14-Jan-2015 19:38
I was also born at this hospital Sept 5th 1966, and adopted. Anyone know where the records are?
guest 13-Nov-2014 03:12
Im not questioning if I was born at this hospital , but im questioning my birth parents, the mother who raised me began telling me I was adopted, but then stopped. She wont acknowledge the conversation and I have broken my ties. There has never been an emotional bond. Searching for answers and birth records. I was born sept 5 1966, female. I will look back at this site periodically , thank you.
Ben 24-Sep-2014 17:04
I was a volunteer there. I was 13 when I started, even though you had to be 14 to visit patients. I lied about my age. I worked there until I was about 16 and got my DL. I did though receive a little pin that rewarded my 400 hours of service. Great times!!
Kenny J 23-Sep-2014 19:44
Have a gran daughter born at this hospital June 24 1978.Her birth mother was just 14 and was from Belle Glade however we do not know her name! Anyone out there please contact me if you can help.My email
Thank you, Kenny J
Ian Ross L 27-Aug-2014 20:13
Born there on either Oct 27 or 28, 1967...and put up for adoption.
Birth mom Joan Donnelly/Donnelley of Opa Locka, FL
Still searching
Micki 20-Feb-2014 03:36
I was born there in 1973 and also put up for adoption......
Guest 14-Aug-2013 22:09
Does anyone know where the birth records from this hospital are maintained?
Guest 27-Mar-2013 02:44
We "Volunteens" for Mrs. Sophie Schwartz at OGH answered the phones at the Information Desk, ran errands for the Nurses Stations, helped serve meals to the patients and help feed them if necessary. We attended North Miami Beach Senior High School. Fond memories and a wonderful learning experience!
Guest 27-Mar-2013 01:48
I was a Teen Volunteer (called a Volunteen) in 1972-1973-ish. We worked for Mrs. Sophie Schwartz, Director of Volunteers! We wore yellow and white striped uniforms with a white blouse underneath.
Guest 23-Feb-2013 03:22
How exciting to find this! I was born at OGH in 1974. I was put up for adoption and found this during my search. Thank you!
Guest 10-Jan-2013 03:28
My sister and I were the first set of twins born in this hospital in 1962.
Guest 12-Nov-2012 17:20
I was the first male RN at OGH in the mid 70s...I worked in the ER with Mrs. Gross, LPN, and worked ICU, medicine and surgery ward, with, then an intern, Dr. Alan Stein, D.O. It was one of the best places I've ever worked...Chuck
Wally Roberts 23-Jul-2012 05:37
My son was born there while on leave going to Germany on Dec 27th 1975.
Guest 04-Mar-2012 02:36
My daughter was born there on Feb. 25, 1975
Guest 29-Jan-2012 01:33
I was born there in 1962. It's good being to see where you were born. Thanks for the photo..
Ellen 06-Sep-2011 22:17
I used to work here in the late 60's. My daughter was born here in 1973 (Robert Collins, DO delivered her). Good memories.
Guest 11-Aug-2011 01:32
This is pretty cool. I was born there in 1971.
DRQ 20-Oct-2010 19:31
I worked at Osteopathic in 1970-71 in respirtory therapy with Ms Wilson. That was some time back then. It was the beginning of my medical experience. Dr Keith Quattlebaum
Julie 06-Aug-2010 01:38
I was born in this Hospital 45 years ago. I am so glad I came across this. I was always interested in knowing where I was born. Thank you!