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1974 MDB&Z

1974 - the Treasury Store at 16051 S. Federal (Dixie) Highway

16051 S. Federal (Dixie) Highway, Dade County, Florida

The Treasury Store chain was owned by the J. C. Penney Company.

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Joe Coppola 18-Jul-2022 21:27
I worked at the treasury store located at 441 and pembroke rd. 1971
Joe Coppola 18-Jul-2022 21:27
I worked at the treasury store located at 441 and pembroke rd. 1971
Guest 05-Jun-2022 20:40
I worked in the ladies dresses and fittingroom from 1972-1975. I think the managers were Ora Sutton and Francis.Nicely run store. Nice people to work with/for.
Tony 22-May-2020 16:08
I remember Mr. Lively! If he saw you standing in the same place more than a minute of two he would sneak up behind you, grab your elbow and say "What are you doing now?"

I started working there in 1978 as a "Shortage Control" employee but also spent much of my time as a relief employee so that people could take their breaks. I remember Norma from the snack bar, the ladies in the cafeteria and in particular the gal that managed it. She was so very nice to everyone! Awesome french fries! I dated one of the cashiers there for about a year. Didn't seem like it then, but those were some great times! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Tola 18-May-2018 23:22
I worked at the Treasury from 1972 to 1981. the store manager was a man named named Mr.Lively. Just prior to the store closing he was transferred to a J.C. Penny store and the assistant Manager named Spellman was promoted to store manager. I met my present wife at this store in 1975, her name is Kathy. In my final days working here in 1981 I was the head of stock in the Sporting goods department, Hector Gomez was my manager. I have lot of fond memories of the The Treasury. If anyone visits this site please leave a note. My name is Tola.
Guest 28-Nov-2017 04:01
hi I remember the great treasury store as akid and as ayoung woman with kids great kind things and I miss yous all from easter bunni to great life love from lisa in utah
Tom Witherspoon 23-Feb-2015 19:31
Wow another one for the retail time machine. I worked at the Treasury in Hialeah on west 49th street in the Jewelry Dept. My compardre Izzy Lopez was the jewelry dept. manager there and needed help part-time (a second set of supervisory eyes) for the holidays and two years later I was still there. I was working at Zayre full-time and managed to squeeze out a few extra hours to help him out. There was an assistant manager Gomez (Go-Go Gomez) that ended up working with me at Zayre after the Treasury closed. Fond memories of working there.
Don Boyd06-Oct-2014 07:21
Estela, no no no, there was never a Sears at the Hollywood Fashion Center. The area Sears was at Hollywood Mall and is now a Target. The Hollywood Fashion Center's anchor stores were Jordan Marsh on the end of the wing running east-west, J. C. Penney in the middle south and east of the east-west leg and the north-south leg, Burdine's at the west end of the east-west leg and at the north end of the north-south leg, and Richard's at the south end of the north-south leg. Sears built a new store at the Pembroke Lakes Mall and closed the Hollywood Mall store.

The Treasury Store was south of Westland Mall on the south side of W. 49th Street. I can't remember what it is now but it was recently discussed on one of the Facebook groups.

Estela 06-Oct-2014 03:57
Correction: the Sears store I'm talking about is the one that was located on Hollywood Blvd off SR 441 at the Hollywood Fashion Mall. Target did replace Sears at the Hollywood Mall and I shop there all the time.
Estela 06-Oct-2014 03:51
Sad to report that the old Sears store at Hollywood Mall was torn down a few months ago to make way for a new Wal-Mart. But regarding the Treasury store in Hialeah, was that store located across from Westland Mall on the south side of W 49th St where there is a Marshall's store now?? Music Land? I remember the Spec's Record store.
Janet Hill Kasavage 04-Aug-2012 22:12
I worked at The Treasury from 1973-1977. I worked in the Houseware Department, managed by Dan White. I have such great memories from working here. It was definately a cutting-edge store, with the grocery in the back and all. Good times, good friends and a time in my life when I needed just that!
Timothy Cromer 21-Jun-2011 19:58
I managed the record dept. inside of a Treasure Store in Hialeah in 1978 & 79. The company I worked for was Music Land Record shops. I was transfered from Orlando to Cutler Ridge in 1978 to open our store in the 'new' Cutler Ridge Mall. Then later I was transfered to the Hialeah Treasury where Music Land (owned by Miami based record distributor Pickwick Int'l. Anyone recall that Treasury, I seem to recall it was near where the 1st ever Miami drug shoot out occured at a near by Liquor Store.
Don Boyd26-Jun-2010 00:33
There was never a Treasury store at Hollywood Mall. After Sears vacated Hollywood Mall on September 27, 1992, Target signed the lease in November 1992. The closest Treasury store was a new, stand-alone, store and it was located on the southeast corner of US 441 (State Road 7/SW 60th Avenue) and Pembroke Road and it opened in the early 1970's. This was south of the new Hollywood Fashion Center that opened in the early 1970's on the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and US 441 (State Road 7/SW 60th Avenue).

Guest 23-Jun-2010 20:00
Does anyone know the dates when The Treasury at the Hollywood Mall (FL) was open, or when it closed? Thanks.
Guest 03-Apr-2010 13:44
I used to work in the TV department at this Treasury in the early 70's. I remember all the cafeteria ladies coming out on break to watch the latest episode of "All My Children", every afternoon at 1 P.M.
Greg27-Mar-2010 14:34
I grew up on 87th Avenue off of 168th Street. Moved into a brand new Jennings-built home in 1972 when I was seven. Went to the original Perrine Elementary on the Dixie across from the Burger King. I remember what a privilege it was to be allowed to ride my bike to the Treasury. I bought my fish, fish food, film, toys, etc. there. There was a pinball machine right inside the front entrance by some clothes racks; if you tilted the machine when the last two digits of the score were "90", you got a free game. Remember the snack bar up front by the registers?
GUEST 07-Mar-2010 00:04
I remember when this store opened it was beautiful inside,myself and a frien got in BIG trouble in there over a bag of fritos, oh was I in trouble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy 16-Nov-2009 08:55
Forgot to mention besides that great Treasury discount and the car battery that wouldn't die, some folks mentioned CMA- that was just north of County Line Road on 441 in Hollywood. I remember when they first opened the store. It was like a glamourous Hollywood event with the huge searchlights and prizes. As I remembered they didn't stay open for but a year or two.

One more thing, nearby on 441 was one of the original Mcdonalds. It had the little speedy guy on the sign and the huge lit arches that went all the way to the ground.
Guest 16-Nov-2009 08:47
I worked at JCP in the Hollywood Fashion Center and remember very well the big discount we got at the Treasury. Everything that my parents needed it was off to the Treasury to buy just like a decade before that it was my brother's discount from Richards. One day my father said he needed a new battery for the family car. We bought a top of the line battery for 25 bucks that had a life time warranty. Well my father had a way of stretching a dollar. When the Treasury was no more and JCP went out of the auto service business, they transfered the warranty to Firestone. No kidding, before my father died he had gotten 10 new batteries under that warranty! I had long moved away from home when I was talking to him on the phone one day and he told me the manager at Firestone told he he just couldn't get any more batteries!
lillibb 03-Aug-2009 21:52
I worked at the Treasury, boy that was 35 yrs ago. The food in the cafeteria was great, I always remember the food, lol. It seemed like alot of excutives worked there and I got the feeling they were just trying the market. I was one of the Operators and while I worked there I experienced a caller saying he had planted a bomb in the store. The fire department was called in but the store remained open.
Guest 30-Apr-2009 15:13
JC Penney execs were ahead of their time. This Treasury store had a grocery store attached, sort of like today's SuperTargets or Super Wal-Marts. Alas, the grocery part closed in the late 1970s.
Guest 04-Mar-2009 03:28
We lived within a stones throw of this Treasury store, just off of Colonial Drive (SW 160th Street). Loved the toy department!
Juan 04-Jan-2009 00:13
Several of these were divided up and converted to Service Merchandise, Marshalls, and the Home Depot. Certainly the one on 49th Street, but at least also one in Hollywood on S.R. 7.
Don Boyd20-Dec-2008 03:57
Good observation. The one on W. 49th Street in Hialeah was that street's first Home Depot for years before they built a new store further to the east.

Ray20-Dec-2008 03:32
From the very distinctive roof, I think some of these stores became early Home Depots.
Monica D. 16-Nov-2008 17:21
My husband used to work for J.C. Penney's and we could get a discount at the Treasury!
Alfonso Salgado 01-Oct-2008 02:23