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Dave Wixx03-Aug-2009 03:27
Thanks - I'm glad you like the snaps.
A good place to look at camera reviews is
Three cameras that fall into the price range you want is a Canon G10, Nikon P6000 and a Panasonic LX3 (Leica Dlux4 is the same) all with similar specs and price. Whilst you may like my snaps my first piece of advice would be to use whatever camera you prefer and see if the results you get are what you like. What I like may not be what you like, irrespective of what I'm presenting. What you see is not necessarily what the camera gives you.

Any point and shoot has several major disadvantages over a DSLR. First if the speed - if you expect to get a shot of an animal or child doing anything a P&S will mostly be luck where a DSLR gives you far more scope to capture the exact moment, with a lot of luck. Secondly a DSLR has a much larger sensor than a point and shoot, and hence what you capture will be much better, but will also have far more tolerance to low light without needing flash.

Why did I choose a Canon G10? I wanted something that gave me full manual control but was small enough to have with me at all time rather than my camera bag. The G10 has lots of flaws, but if you know them you can work round it or accept it. Very few of the G10 shots I've posted were taken in auto so I have controlled the results to my liking.

Any entry level DSLR will give you far superior results to the Canon G10, but ultimately the downside is the time you will need to get acquainted with what the camera can do. Size will be another consideration. Most kit lenses with a DSLR will have a very narrow range, so you may also find you outgrow that very quickly and will then start to consider expanding your options which will be at some expense.

If I was going to consider replacing my Canon G10 I'd consider an Olympus E620 with two lenses (for the price), but as I already have a large Nikon collection I'd more like buy an Olympus EP1 as a carry around that gets me very close to DSLR performance, but nearer a point and shoot.

Hopefully that helps, but I can expand if you need more info.
sumil8903-Aug-2009 00:04
Thank you!
Actually I am so impressed by your pictures. And want to buy the exact camera that you have taken pictures with. Can you please check this camera's description?
I am new to photography. Can you please check the lens type and stuff. Is Canon G10 worth getting or shall I go for DSLR rather? Any issues with this camera? What other cameras would you suggest? I am concerned about quality. I saw your pictures and they are all gorgeous. So I just need your help buying a camera, bro. My budget is upto $650 USD. Please try your best. Thank you for your time.
Dave Wixx02-Aug-2009 02:35
Ask away.... I can't guarantee any answers but I'll try.
Sumil Shah 02-Aug-2009 02:27
Hi Dave,
Your collection is really awesome. I am looking to buy Canon G10. I have some questions, buddy. Do you think you can help me please? Thanks in advance. Have a good one. :-)
Brayn Mamanua26-Jul-2009 05:02
hi Dave,

I have enjoyed of your gallery, thanks for sharing.

can you help me! how to make a photo appears in my profile besides the country flag?

Steve Nelson31-Oct-2008 04:07
Nice stuff Dave! I recognize alot of the places you've shot. Keep up the good work!

Holocau12-Jul-2008 05:56
I have enjoyed your work very much.
Guest 30-Mar-2008 15:21
Thank you for your comments and help. I really appreciate it coming from you, I showed your work to my family. Thank you again!
Guest 29-Mar-2008 16:11
WOW, your work is truly amazing!
Inga Morozoff27-Mar-2008 02:01
Wonderful galleries Dave!!! Not only for viewing but for studying as well. Definitly some inspriational material amongst your shots.
Ted Chappell16-Feb-2008 20:17
Tena koe Rewi (greetings Dave in Maori).
Your very helpful and appreciated suggestion to my Forum question naturally drew me to your albums.....Wow! I have added you immediately to my favourites and look forward to looking at your fine work in depth.
Many thanks
BleuEvanescence04-Jan-2008 02:26
Your world is incredible...
virginiacoastline03-Jan-2008 19:48
I don't think I like your New Year's resolution . . .but I will patiently await your game of "catch-up" so that you are back posting =)))
Dave Wixx23-Nov-2007 01:19
To the idiot guest who posted "Lighten up Dave!!! There's no need to be so rude on forums." - you consider me rude because I pointed out how you were abusing the forums for your own personal gain and without consideration for the community. I can post your id, but I won't be that rude! Needless to say it seems you are brainless if you think logging off somehow hides your identity. Grow up!!
Guest 20-Nov-2007 18:00
Lighten up Dave!!! There's no need to be so rude on forums.
Jarek M14-Nov-2007 10:20

Thanks for visiting my gallery and your comments,

tyree05-Aug-2007 01:24
great work, I love the variety of subjects. it looks like you are really enjoying Colorado. I can't wait to get back the Springs area.
Guest 15-Jul-2007 22:06
Hi Dave
Thank you so much for your comments on my work,which is even more appreciated because I know how busy you are!As a wonderful SIL,I would rather you spent the extra time giving that Melissa and Beth another cuddle!!!Take care - Life Is Good***
Guest 10-Jul-2007 19:33
Great galleries you have. Perfect post-processing!. I really appreciate it.
Best regards
Robyco20-Jun-2007 06:50
Saw a picture in your gallerie and looked for some more.....
Wooow so many great shots.... i put you in my favorite list and in this way will not miss your shots. You a really good and i want to learn....
So i will be back !!!
Guest 10-Jun-2007 11:17
Hi Dave
Thanks so much for all your detailed comments on my pictures which are really appreciated.Also my very sincere thanks for making possible so many of the shots.Without you generous time and driving I would not have seen half the sights of your wonderful adopted country! Keep taking those wonderful shots of yours!Many,like your new Sand Dunes gallery, bring back fond memories of a great visit! Take care David.
Barry S Moore17-May-2007 12:08
Great work. impressive. and I'll revisit the galleries for a closer look over the next few months.

Best wishes Barry
Massimiliano Farinetti04-May-2007 21:33
Thanks a lot for all your comments
Tim van Woensel20-Apr-2007 19:47
Hi Dave,

You have a beautiful and large number of galleries. Keep up the good work and keep shooting!

Guest 19-Apr-2007 06:02
Dear Dave,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Guest 13-Apr-2007 16:15
Hi Dave, your work (to me) looks like that of a very well qualified professional and I think your digital bastardization is superb.
Maaike Huizer24-Mar-2007 08:14
Hi Dave,
Haven't had time to thank you for all your nice comments on my pictures. So now: thanks!!!! Hope you come back and leave - if you like - a message in my guestbook.
I will come back to your galleries. They are great.
Guest 26-Feb-2007 20:24
Hi Dave
Thanks for all those very kind comments made about my images - I really do appreciate
your input.Take care and best wishes!
Guest 14-Jan-2007 22:28
Thank you for your detailed comment. I really appreciate it. I will have another look at the horizon. It was taken with a very wide angle lens and the perspective probably does need correcting. It was also done as a multi exposure shot too I think
Guest 14-Jan-2007 03:00
Thank you very much for your fun comment on my Thursday Challenge shot!
Guest 13-Jan-2007 03:25
hi there I found one of your questions about optimizing your d70 take alook at the link I posted in your tread just in case you need some help I love your gallery and personally think you're amazing and got it going on good luck and keep it up

Enrico Martinuzzi05-Jan-2007 09:36
Hi D.J.
You have an amazing collection of pictures of beatiful places. Thanks for sharing!
Guest 26-Nov-2006 14:40
Thanks D J
Guest 17-Nov-2006 15:35
You've got some really excellent work here.
We're residents of Firestone, Colorado (30 miles north of Denver) and I still find myself searching for those places in Colorado I haven't had the chance to see yet.
A couple of (what I think) are important places missing from your galleries.
a) Garden of the Gods
b) Hanging lake

If you want to see something really cool, go to Colorado Springs. Head for 7 falls. Park your car at the base parking lot (before you enter the falls area). If you are facing the falls road, make a left (walking). You will head toward a residential area where some guy built some incredibly large wind mills for his wife. He is dead, the city fought to have most of them moved to New Mexico, etc. When I say large, I am talking 30 feet or larger of metal birds that flap their wings, etc. Haven't been there in 2 years but really cool stuff.

Emad Omar14-Oct-2006 18:49
I have finally got around your gallery - it is awesome
You have a good collection of pictures here!
And You have a real talent
please check out my gallery
Debbie B.05-Oct-2006 02:12
DJ, Thank you for the nice comment on my Elk image. He was so pretty and fun to hear when he was bugling.
Guest 02-Oct-2006 11:54
Good morning DJ, The picture in question was taken near the small town of Poney, Montana,
In the mid to late 1800s it was a mining town of nearly 4000 strong, now it has a full time residence of less than 100. Gold quickley played out and the miners left for other strikes.....
Reflections by Ruth23-Sep-2006 18:02
Wonderful photography. What a cool logo, now why didnt I think of that considering I am known for my reflections :))
Guest 03-Sep-2006 07:30
It's been a while since you left a comment for me but I do appreciate you checking out my galleries. Your work is very diverse and you seem to shoot all types of different subjects and scenes fantastically. Thanks for sharing your work and I will keep checking back for more. Cheers, Arrian
Guest 30-Jul-2006 14:24
Thanks for your input, I was thinking the same thing..
Guest 10-Jul-2006 02:03
Your pictures are super, would visit again.
Guest 27-Jun-2006 23:53

Very nice Mammatus Clouds.
Guest 26-Jun-2006 16:08
Thanks D J..!
csmallari25-Jun-2006 23:24
Thank you so much for dropping by my PAD gallery. Thank you too for taking the time to leave the nice comments. Have a wonderful day :-)
Jen Bixler20-Jun-2006 04:14
I like your message on your profile page!
Guy Dube15-May-2006 13:31
I want to thank you for your comment for my picture "Black Mirror", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guest 15-May-2006 09:37
Thank you for your nice comment
You have great landscapes, love it
Doug Kessler15-May-2006 02:58
You take some amazing shots of some of the most beautiful country on earth. I'm glad you are in the Pbase community. I will return often to see what you've seen.
Mario Weusten19-Apr-2006 15:11
thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving a comment......

Gr Mario
Guest 19-Apr-2006 03:32
Thanks for the comment. Really enjoyed your gallery. It just goes to show, you don't have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. You have several here.
Guest 17-Apr-2006 09:37
WOW! Amazing galleries! Great landscapes! And thanks for your comment!
Guest 17-Apr-2006 07:18
Guest 17-Apr-2006 00:59
Thanks for your comment on my Death Valley picture. Please stop by my galleries again whenever you have time. Any comments (especially constructive comments) will be greatly appreciated.

jypsee29-Mar-2006 23:28
I loved your comment today on the GBH juvenile; sooo true!!
Sue Robertson23-Mar-2006 22:59
Thanks for your comment on my boat shed photo. I will try to increase the saturation as you suggested, see what happens. I enjoyed a little stroll through your galleries. The sky gallery is fantastic.

Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik18-Mar-2006 05:39
Hi, thanks for your nice comment on the owl pic. Really enjoyed going thru your galleries, as it's been too long since we've seen these fabulous places. You're lucky to live out west! Lloyd and Sandy
Guest 15-Mar-2006 02:19
Thanks for stopping by and for the comments...I am from Colorado (Grnad Junction). There is some great wilderness there. I live in Nevada now, but travel to Colorado at least 3 times a year...thanks again...Guy
Dave Wixx15-Mar-2006 01:49
And I do appreciate the fact that I am very lucky. We're enjoying it while it lasts, which could be a few more years or the rest of our lives.
Guest 14-Mar-2006 19:37
Thanks for dropping by,

You are lucky to have so much fantastic scenery within driving range! You have done well to see so much. Colorado is definately on my list of places to explore.

Regards John
Marcia Colelli14-Mar-2006 12:54
Thank you so much for your comment on my photo. I have enjoyed visiting your galleries, thanks for sharing
Guest 11-Mar-2006 04:05
It's great how you've set up your PaD - very cool.
csmallari08-Mar-2006 05:04
Thank you so much for the visit to my gallery and for the nice comments. Browsed your galleries and you have a lot of nice photos too. Have a great day :-)